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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bath barrel with his hands

dream of a bath in a private home or at the cottage sometimes seems distant as building - troublesome thing, and will need a lot of space.But it turns out, the dream can be realized by constructing one of the compact models of bath-barrels.Bath Barrel with your hands can be made after a careful study of its technology manufacture and very serious approach to work.

Bath barrel with his hands

bath barrel with his hands

Besides that this type of bath is compact and easy to operate - he is capable of its kind to decorate any infield and bring a lot of pleasant moments of relaxation and recuperation, due to the healing properties and aroma of naturaltimber.

volume premises baths - quite small, so it warms up very quickly, which saves fuel or electricity if oven will be heated by her .

Despite the fact that one or more rooms a bath are small, they perfectly placed all necessary for rest and recovery attributes made sure also from tree - is comfortable bench for the steam room and changing room, buckets water.Located place stove with stove and even shower.

best wood for the bath-barrels

Article Contents

  • 1 best wood for the bath-barrels
  • 2 Species-barrel baths
    • 2.1 Traditional bath
    • 2.2 sauna
    • 2.3 Video: what is the barrel sauna
    • 2.4 Japanese bath ofuro
  • 3 Preparation of material for the construction of a bath-barrels
    • 3.1 drainage Organization
  • 4 bath barrel with his hands - steps
    • 4.1 Video: assembly-cask baths
    • 4.2 Video: installation kit, barrel sauna with vertical
    • 4.3 Video: installation of the finished set of bath-barrels horizontal position

to this bath-barrel was comfortable , it is necessary to pay attention to the wood from which it is made.If normal bath can approach almost any material because inside the structure can be further trimmed with a suitable tree, for barrels immediately select it.

Choosing the right timber for the bath - it is very serious

Choosing the right timber for the bath - it is very serious

For example, you can not do it of conifers, as they are rich resinous components, and when heated can give off their active and heated by the resin is able to burn the skin.

  • only coniferous tree that is perfectly suited for bath-barrels, a cedar.It has many healing properties, including aromatherapy .Cedar is remarkable and its technical qualities - it does not warp or crack from the temperature difference, not gives shrinkage , resistant to moisture and defeat microorganisms.In addition, this wood has a wonderful rich texture patterns and color shades that are very important for solving the aesthetic design of the bath.
  • excellent option for the construction of a bath-barrels and oak will, strength and hardness structure which allows the structure to serve for many years.In addition, the moisture tempers oak wood and makes it stronger.But this material - quite expensive, so it is often used only for the manufacture of certain construction elements.

Oak Wood has deep saturated dark shades and different textured pattern.It is just like a cedar, has healing qualities, so suitable for baths in all respects.

  • Lipa - is a traditional material for the construction of baths , since it is able to create in the room and the amazing healing easy microclimate.In the bathhouse, built of lime, were treated with various diseases of the respiratory system, liver and kidneys.this tree Couples can beneficially affect the skin, rejuvenating its and cleaning.

linden wood lends itself well processing and gives shrinkage. Banja , built of lime, warms up quickly and holds heat well.

The main drawback of the structure of lime can be called fragility, because the low density and little resistance to fungal attack leads to rot and damage the wood.

  • More one timber, which was used for the construction of a bath-barrels, is aspen - it is very similar to the characteristics of lime.It has almost the same positive and negative qualities, but a little better tolerate moisture, does not deform and crack less.

Aspen has a low price, so the bath, built of her , can be called a budget option.

  • used for such constructions and other wood - alder , fir or birch , but they are not exactly suitable for the construction of a bath-barrels, so their use should be abandoned.

Species-barrel baths

Bani barrel can be designed in different ways

Bani barrel may be designed differently

Bani barrels can be three different types:

  • Saunas dry pair.For such a good idea to have a bath next to the font with cold water or even a traditional wooden bucket , suspended near the exit of the steam room.
  • traditional Russian sauna with hot and wet steam with a broom.It consists of two rooms - steam and washing.
  • ofuro - Japanese bath-barrel, similar to the font, but has a built-in heater of the furnace.

Traditional bath

This kind of bath is familiar and habitual all .The very pomyvka it consists of two procedures for which two rooms are required:

The general scheme of the Russian bath

general scheme of the Russian bath

  • Steam - is a room that is filled with the steam from the water to splash out on the heated stones.It is better if steam is away from vara of medicinal herbs cleansing .
  • Washing - this room, which take water treatments after a good steam in the steam room.

Since this bath water is used, the barrel must be provided in the design of the floor system in drainage , but that was not her stagnation, the building itself is set with a slight slope.

Russian bath - barrel

Russian bath-barrel

furnace in the bath is installed between two rooms.It certainly must be equipped with a tank where it is heated water - this part of the furnace goes out in the wash.The fresh branch out special mesh with stones, heated by the furnace.

firebox of the furnace goes out in the wash, and it must-isolate to not get burn during washing.The heater must be compact, as in a bath, a barrel is very limited.The walls of heat-resistant material around the stove closed.


Sauna - is a bath with dry steam, and placed it can in the same room.But the tradition after a steam room a must plunge into cold water.If there is no swimming pool or natural body of water , the have build font, otherwise the washing procedure just will not be complete.

Barrel - sauna

Barrel - sauna

sauna-barrel arrange lighter than a traditional bath.For this purpose, the room was sealed, and the walls and floor there were no cracks.Only in the roof or in the wall beneath it is arranged a small hole, which has a special valve that can be closed completely or partially.

Since water in a sauna is virtually absent, making it plums do not need to .The room is set wide enough benches for easy location of visitors, and the furnace heated stove.

The interior of the barrel - sauna with electric stove

Interior barrel-sauna with electric stove

on stones sometimes pour a few drops of oil or tincture made on medicinal herbs - so created aromatherapy effect, with which you can carry out prevention and treatment of certain diseases.

Sauna-barrel can be installed both horizontally and vertically.Note that in the horizontal position its floor space increased by almost two times.

Video: What is the barrel sauna

Japanese bath ofuro

ofuro - is a Japanese version of a bath-barrels, and it does have its advantages for the placement andsimplicity its use.

Another kind of Lave barrels : Japanese ofuro

Another type Lave barrels: Japanese ofuro

In this bath-barrels general no roof, in spite of the fact that you can enjoy it all year round.Featuring a

a barrel on a wooden platform inside her arrange all the necessary facilities for the reception procedures - this wooden seat and oven, fenced off by a wooden partition that none of which are in the bath-font I do not get burned.

Inside the ofuro

Inside the ofuro

Japanese wisdom - is an association of land, water, air and fire, which was embodied in bath-ofuro .In this case, the tree symbolizes the earth, oven - fire, water and ambient air to create a complex harmony that has beneficial effects on the health and emotional state of the person taking a bath.

Japanese bath may have an elongated shape and a few other, more secure design combining drums and furnaces.In the bath-barrel can just pass the pipe, warmed from the oven, set next to it.

The stove can be brought to a safe distance

Oven can be brought to a safe distance

However, it should be noted that in this case, the water in bath will be warm for a longer time, and means , will need more fuel to its heat andto maintain the desired temperature.

heals Japanese bath 10 - 20 minutes.Then you need to pound steamed body tough gauntlet, which is similar to a broom in a Russian bath.

Preparation of material for the construction of the barrel-bath

Few know what the wood is better suited for the construction of a bath-barrels - very important to choose and buy a well-prepared, high-quality material.

Boards for baths , barrels must be perfectly adjusted to each other

boards for bath-barrels must be perfectly adjusted to each other

  • If you plan to self-treat the board, you need to select them from the calculation 45 ÷ 50 mm thick and 90 ÷ 95 mm.
  • If the owner does not have its own wood processing equipment, it is best to order the necessary amount of material qualified technician, making drawing and point to it sizes.It should be noted that the production of billets to the barrel-bath - is a very laborious process, since they have to be tailored perfectly to each other.
An exemplary diagram of the bath - barrels

Approximate bath-barrels scheme

  • number boards will depend on the planned diameter of the barrel.To calculate the number, have do drawing to scale, draw a circle and divide accurately it to the width of the board from which the barrel is assembled.The size of the room will depend on the length of the boards.Usually structure length varies from 2.5 to 6 meters, depending on what is planned to be built bath.
  • In addition, the board will be needed, which will be made from "the bottom», ie rear wall and the front barrel its part with opening for the door.
  • needed wooden boards for the supports under the barrel.All
  • structure necessarily contracted by iron bars that look like real hoops on a conventional barrel.
  • room should be closed tightly, so the door and windows must be adjusted very precisely.
  • be required boards for flooring and benches.
Elements of the internal arrangement of the bath - barrels

internal arrangement of elements bath-barrels

  • Required heat-resistant material for thermal insulation of the furnace from a wooden surface - usually used for this Miners .
  • There should be a small window for ventilation.
  • think over, from what and as the chimney pipe is made.
  • finished pipe to drain water, if it is Russian bath, hot water tank, sump, if in the washing room is arranged shower.
  • Roofing material is selected depending on the structure of the roof - it may be a gable roof with roof hard or soft roof, laid directly on top of the house-barrels.
  • used for mounting screws and nails of stainless steel.
It is possible to provide a small porch at the entrance

possible to provide a small veranda on

  • input Besides sauna-barrel may include in its structure a small open veranda at the entrance.also need to provide building material for this element.

drainage Organization

Banja , which uses large amounts of water, the system requires a device its removal.Some believe, that enough to make a hole in the floor , that would liquid dripped and soaked into the ground.However, if the room is used often, high humidity under the structure, can lead to rot and fungus - first unpleasant odor appears, and then the floor will be unreliable and, in the end, just fail .Therefore, it is better to take care of proper drainage device.

As mentioned above, sauna-barrel set with a slight slope back to the water running down to the end of the wash room where the drain in the floor arranged special hole, joined reflux rubu extending into the drain hole.Pipe, decal to the floor, it is necessary to warm, as in the winter from the temperature difference, it may just burst.

I grating on the floor bath - barrels

Grating on the floor bath-barrels

As for lukruglomu floor walking difficult, so the bottom of the bath-barrels arranged grating.On this floor is convenient move on its surface is not delayed water and dry the board on all sides.

bath barrel with his hands - steps

prepare in in ce construction elements according to the drawing, they are treated with antiseptic, dried and start the assembly.

Assembly base barrel

Without a solid foundation, the whole building will unreliable , since it assumes the entire load and maintains the structure of ground.

  • The base consists of two, three four or elements (depending on the total length of the structure) - planks having a width of 300 ÷ 350 mm, and a thickness of 35 - 40 mm.Each of them is marked and cut out recess, repeats in shape and size arc contours assembled cylinder barrels, because in the future on the basis of the board will be fastened the bottom of the structure.
  • cutting out the stand, put them on a specific same distance from each other.The first stand must be under the front door a bath, and the last - under the rear wall.
  • Next , the support necessary to bond with each other in a rigid flat design.

Production of the front and rear walls

  • When stand under the structure is ready, you can start making the back and front of his walls.These parts must be perfectly flat shape.