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August 12, 2017 18:06

Suburban toilet with his hands

Without such structures as the toilet, in the suburban area is indispensable.Suburban toilet with his hands to make a simple, if you put some effort and effort.The most time-consuming step in the construction of latrines will be excavation, but this work can be done.The aesthetic side of construction - is a side issue, the most important thing - right to organize and create a cesspool reliable basis for elevated structures.

Suburban toilet with his hands

Suburban toilet with his hands

should be noted that some owners of suburban areas do not build a toilet under the rules and dispense conventional bucket, outstretched under the toilet seat.But, anyway, wastes need to do something with, so no capital hole all will not do.Therefore better once to perform all the work properly and for many years not to return to this issue.It is particularly important to make the capital structure in the case where the occupants in the country carried a significant part of the year.

If if not want to spoil the design of ter

ritory of site installation ordinary toilet, it can hide in the far corner of the house, or come up with a design that will fit organically into the landscape structure for it.

Site Selection t ualeta and design

Article Contents

  • 1 Choice toilet seat and its design
  • 2 What will it take to build a toilet
  • 3 device cesspool
  • 4 Erection of house cottage toilet
    • 4.1 Video: manufacturing house - "attics" for suburban toilet
    • 4.2 Video: several options for suburban toilet device
  • 5 Dry closets
  • 6 Biological products for toilets

usually installed in a toilet close to the far boundary of the site, and this is understandable, since even a slight smell, but will be present in the room or near it.But sometimes use another option, setting up the cesspool near the house, and assign a free corner of the house, bringing a wide sewer pipe in a hole for a toilet room.This design is mainly used in cases where water is held in the house, and there are plans to install an isolated containers for collecting waste.

Anyway , should adhere to established standards, sanitary and epidemiological services.They must be observed in order to protect itself, its neighbors and the environment from adverse effects, such as infectious diseases or contamination of soil.

  • If arranged cesspool, it is necessary to arrange on distance, not less than 30 m from water sources, and its depth should not reach the ground waters.
  • If the septic tank will be installed, then its a no closer than 15 m from home.
  • If you plan to use an isolated capacity, which will be cleaned at least fill assenizatorskaya machine, then it can be installed anywhere, as the waste will not flow into the ground.

Isolated capacity - is still and exit in cases where ground water are not too deep and the unit sump dug in the ground, it is impossible.

usually simple pit toilet cottage has an area of ​​about one square meter.If the hole is round off, then its diameter must be equal to, about 1 m .Depth it is 1,5 - 2 m , depending on the depth of groundwater.

After defined location for the hole, you can proceed to the selection of toilet designs.

  • The first thing to consider - is the weight of the structure - it will largely predetermined by the material, which will be used for construction.House itself should not be too heavy , because over time, the ground under the weight of it can sink start and in the end, the building is deformed and damaged.

for building well suited wooden blocks and boards, or thin metal - galvanized profiles and decking.

If you decided to build a toilet booth of logs or bricks, then have to think about the well-fortified foundation.But to build such heavy structure completely useless, since they all will not become warmer light buildings.It is better if there is a need, be insulated space heaters, which are lightweight, such as foam.This building will light and warm , not purged during the cold season, and it will not be too hot in summer.

  • defined the material, you can continue to the size of the booth.

Usually standard toilet has a size of 1 m width , height - 2, 3 m , and the length of the room - 1,3 ÷ 1, 5m .However, these dimensions - not a dogma, and may well vary. In any case, the room should be comfortable to stay in it any family member in the position and standing, and sitting.

What will it take to build a toilet

defined the design and placement of toilets, acquire the necessary materials for its construction.Wooden or metal "house" you can buy ready-made.If we decided to build it yourself, you will need the following materials:

  • boards and blocks of wood.
  • Fasteners - nails and screws.
  • Metal corners to enhance the wood frame construction.
  • door handle, hook or bolt for the door closing.
  • material for roofing - Slate or profiled.
  • Plastic or wooden toilet seat with lid.
  • When need - Foam Article to I'm warming booth, and the material for the internal cladding insulated walls, chipboard, thin board or plywood.

for sump unit should be required:

  • Cement , rubble and sand.
  • reinforcement to strengthen the foundation of the house.
  • Metal mesh-netting for processing by a pit and metal staples or pins for fastening of the grid to the ground.

Another option, instead of a grid and its plastering concrete, can be brick, which draped the walls of the pit.

In addition, the device is often used concrete pit rings have holes in the walls.Many gardeners prefer the old rubber tires of large dimensions.

Setting the concrete rings with perforated walls

Installing concrete rings with perforated walls

Another one, the most environmentally friendly option, could be ready capacity - septic .They are made of different sizes, so you can select, depending on the number of family members and the duration of the period of residence in the country.

Isolated plastic container for toilets

Isolated plastic container for toilets

Of course, in the construction of suburban toilets do without tools , so you need to have the presence of:

  • Hand drill that can help with the digging of the pit.
  • shovels and bayonet spade, with long and short handle.
  • If the soil is rocky on the site, you may need to punch.
  • hammer and screwdriver .
  • sander - «Bulgarian» discs for stone and metal.
  • Jigsaw.
  • layout tools - ruler, tape measure, square, building level, pencil or marker.

country house first building on the site of the toilet, and then other buildings!

recommended to learn step by step the construction of a country house technology, which we have tried to outline in this article - link.

Also recommend that you read about the construction of the arbor with their own hands, building cabins.

device sump

course, always start with marking and digging holes.It will be square or circular in shape, depending on the design chosen.

1. If it is established two-chamber plastic septic tank, then digs a hole so that the inlet is located right in the toilet stall, as it will be mounted commode.The neck of the second chamber should remain outside the premises - it is necessary for the regular pumping accumulated fecal matter.

One type of two-chamber septic tanks for cottage toilet

One type of two-chamber septic tanks for holiday

toilet tanks come in different forms, and this will depend on the size and shape of the hole.The size of the excavation should be done by 20 - 30 cm longer available capacity as around it should be well compacted soil.

Septic can be more compact

Septic can be more compact and

2. If the pit wall will dispose of concrete or brick, it can be round or square.

Pit square shape

Pit square shape

  • After digging the hole desired depth at its bottom need to arrange drainage of a large gravel, stones, debris bricks
  • Then, walls its hooped with metal mesh-nettingwith a mesh size of 50 × 50 mm.The grid is fixed, driving the GRU nt ck Oba of steel wire or pins.
  • To wall turned out stronger, can be further reinforced with metal wall grid with large cells of 100 × 100 mm.
  • Next, a method for spraying on the wall is applied to a concrete solution which is left to dry completely.The total thickness of the concrete layer should be about 50 ÷ 80 mm.
  • After setting sketched the first layer, the walls plastered to smooth concrete state in the same solution.Plastered pit left to dry.
  • overlapping pit or finished concrete slab, or manufactured locally.It will serve as the foundation for a toilet and a platform around it.
  • placed on the pit board, which should go beyond its limits 700 ÷ 800 mm and to be sunk into the ground up to the same level with the ground.Boards need to be processed antiseptic.This wooden substrate under the funda nt ch olne can be replaced by concrete columns.
Laying reference boards for pouring the foundation

Laying reference boards for pouring the foundation

  • On the surface, leave two holes for the toilet seat and pit holes, which later must be covered cover .Around future openings set formwork.
  • On the whole area of ​​the future of the foundation stretches tight polyethylene film.
  • Top it keeps reinforcing grille , which is in the formwork around the perimeter of the foundation of the future.
Decking , waterproofing, reinforcing the foundations of the future

Decking, waterproofing, reinforcing the foundations of the future

  • height formwork holes should be the same as that of all the formwork foundation.Shuttering boards and serve as beacons in the alignment surface.
  • kneading a concrete solution is poured on the ground, leveled and left to dry.For durability and strength of the outer concrete layer can, after the initial setting, hold « cement » wet surface with dry cement.
The resulting plate and blocked the cesspool , and will become the basis for a toilet house

The resulting plate and blocked the cesspool, and will become the basis for house toilet

  • the Finish area after its full maturity can be install booth toilet.On the opening for evacuation of accumulated waste, it is necessary to arrange the hatch.It can be purchased at the store or make your own. hatch cover should be easily opened and closed .

3. More one option could be a round hole with laid in her car tires.But it should be noted that this type of cesspools not suitable for permanent use. This toilet can be used only in the summer conditions when tenants come only sporadically, for example, on weekends, or very often have pump out the collected waste.

Sump of old tires

Sump of old tires

  • for devices of this type cesspool dug a round pit with 150 ÷ ​​200 mm larger than the diameter of the existing tires.
  • At the bottom of the pit is placed drainage layer drainage thickness 15 -. 20 cm
  • Then right in the middle of the pit stacked tires od on on the other to the ground surface.
  • around tires, as they are poured and compacted laying drainage from gravel and sand.This proce ss etc. gadfly to the top.
  • When the tire is completely packed, around the pit can be arrange a shallow strip foundation.To this end, the perimeter of the future toilet dug a trench depth of about 500 mm, which is filled with concrete.
  • bottom of the trench and compacted poured a layer of sand 50 ÷ 70 mm, which also compacted and closed layer of gravel of the same thickness.It is placed
  • waterproofing of thick polyethylene.
  • Then we can proceed in two ways:

- weld and install reinforcing lattice , mount the formwork 100 ÷ 150 mm high above the ground and then pour concrete solution;

- to lay the foundation of brick and then plastered it with cement.

  • After solidification of the solution to the cement foundation formwork is removed and leveled brick on top.
  • On its surface is laid roofing material, which separates the concrete surface of the wood.
  • on the foundation or set ready to toilet design, or whether it is being built on their own.
Suburban toilet can be installed on the pile or pier foundation

Suburban toilet can be installed on the pile or pier foundation

For ease of construction process on the funda nt CH acala fixed wooden base-frame made of strong bars, and her be mounted other elementsdesign, depending on the selected model built.

4. We should also mention another one way arrangement cesspool - with metal barrels with cropped bottoms.They are placed one on another and the same as in the previous case.Around a pipe tamped gravel mixture or mixture of sand with gravel.

Septic Tank of steel drums - apparently will last a long time

Septic Tank of steel drums - apparently will last a long time

It would seem that a simple method to implement, but it has shortcomings much more than merit.Drums under the aggressive influence of the inside and outside, from the ground, quickly corrode , and will last a very long toilet.

Construction of suburban house toilet

When, and the pit, and the site for installation of toilet facilities are ready, you can proceed to the installation of the house on a pre-compiled schema.

houses for toilet can have many different forms, for example, even in the form of fairy huts. uninitiated not immediately determine what kind of room so perfectly fit into the landscape design of the site.Such a structure is quite possible to perform with his own hands, knowing the scheme of its assembly.

The photo shows an embodiment, partially made of logs , which give this structure decorative, disguise the purpose of construction itself.

The original Mansion - not immediately , and you will understand that this is a toilet

original Mansion - not immediately, and you will understand that this toilet

The scheme provides a framework built log cabin, but instead logs used board.It is clearly seen as going to the wall and climb slopes of the roof.