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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a garage of sandwich panels

good car owner, really loves his car and taking care of it, will make every effort to ensure its « housing ».Long stay car exclusively in outdoor conditions necessarily affect negatively on the state of the housing parts, rubber seals, plastic and fabric trim elements.In addition, the wave on on the street are much more prone to vandalism, burglary, less protected against attempts its theft.

How to make a garage of sandwich panels

How to make a garage of sandwich panels

If the owner of car has become a happy owner of a small area which enough for the construction of the garage, then there is nothing to think - you need to build.And in this case, very often is such that there will be nothing more than a simple, fast and inexpensive, but to do a garage of sandwich panels.

In than benefits from a garage sandwich panels?

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  • 1 What garage advantages of sandwich panels?
    • 1.1 Video: the main characteristics of the sandwich panels
  • 2 Which garage choose to build
  • 3 Getting Started - preparing
    the foundation
  • 4 Mounting garage frame
    • 4.1 Video Editingframework of metal profiles
  • 5 installation of wall and roof sandwich panels
    • 5.1 Video: examples of sandwich panels mounting
    • 5.2 few nuances when working with sandwich panels

ownersCar resorted to a variety of methods to protect their "favorites" from external influence.

Case - awning saves only from precipitation

cover or awning save only

precipitation easiest, but not the best solution - waterproof tents that protect the machine only by precipitation. Often such "cover", on the contrary, stimulate the activation of corrosion processes.Hence, this approach can only be seen as a temporary measure, for example, out of town trips .

Metal prefabricated garage - require bulk insulation works

metal prefab garage - require bulk insulation works

Metal prefabricated garages or self-made a very long time were almost the only option for most car owners.However, the temperature inside of the box in the winter is not very different from the outside, and even the installation of any heating appliances (stoves, electric heaters) does not solve the problem - instantly heat escapes through the cold metal walls.In summer, on sunny days in a garage will be unbearably hot because heated metal surfaces of the roof and walls.So, one way or otherwise, will have think about reliable thermal insulation of the building.

Major garage is not always possible and is not available to everyone

Major garage is not always possible and is not available to everyone

Major garage, built of bricks or other building blocks of a good thermal insulation, provided, of course, is an excellent option.However, this is not all available, due to the complexity and cost of the project.In addition, the frequent situation when allotted territory simply will not be allowed the construction of permanent structures.

Almost all the disadvantages mentioned above deprived garages sandwich panels .

themselves, these panels are "pie" consisting of two metal sheets, between which is a layer of insulation - mineral wool, polyurethane or polystyrene foam.Typically, the outer metal sheet is profiled to enhance the strength of the panel and the inner may be smooth or profiled, for convenience its mounting base to the carcass.

Wall and roof sandwich panels

Wall and roof sandwich panels

In construction are used extensively sandwich panels and outer shells of wood composites or polymers, but in the case vozvedenieya garage is better to give preference to the metal.

Dimensions of metal sandwich panels

Dimensions of metal sandwich panels

Dimensions panels may be different.The one long they can reach or even from 2 to 12 meters.The width is usually - about one meter.The thickness of the layer of insulation is determined that chosen because of the particular climatic conditions of the region.

One type of tool joints of panels

One type interlocks panels

panels are part of the castle, which allows them to provide reliable connection with each other in one plane.

Using the layer of porous material attached panels excellent insulation qualities - a garage will not need additional insulation works.

Video: Highlights sandwich panels

So, what advantages will have a garage of sandwich panels :

  • Even in the extreme cold of space does not erode the heat.Conversely, during the summer in the cool of the garage will be maintained.
  • layer of thermal insulation material gives still and sound-absorbing effect - the sound of the engine or from the work carried out in the garage will not reflux revozhit household or neighbors.
  • Despite its size, panels are comparatively easily , and for the construction of the garage does not require special lifting equipment.At the foundation is not a significant load - that is an opportunity to save at this stage of construction.
  • Building garage can be carried out at any time of the year, it should not take a lot of time (without taking into account foundation works).
  • panels in fireproof safe against harmless from an ecological point of view, multi-layered protective polymer coating metal reliably protects it from corrosion.
  • A variety of sandwich panels shades for the best option, blending in with the rest of the dwelling house and farmstead buildings.Garage itself does not need any additional finishing.
  • Construction of the garage - is much more economical than the capital, and in terms of the cost of construction materials and in questions of overall labor costs.

How to choose a garage for construction

It is clear that the size of the future garage will be limited to the existing building at its site.However, if it is raised to medium class passenger car, the minimum size of length and width typically take 6 and 4 meters respectively.This will smoothly carry out check-in and check-out and gives more space for maintenance and minor repairs under the roof.

Typical garage size for passenger cars of the middle class

typical size of a garage for cars of the middle class

Many car owners provide, in addition to the entrance gate, more and more the door to enter the garage.It is worth equipping one or even two windows - and for the penetration of daylight and to ensure quality ventilation.

Of course, the specific dimensions of the garage chosen by the existing dimensions of the car.So, if it is built, for example, for a minivan, have and linear dimensions and height to make appropriate.

For vans and trucks need a garage respectable size

for vans or trucks need a garage respectable size

Gates may be conventional, hinged, but in such garages are often used and Rolling their scheme.Such gates securely closed from the inside, which reduces the possibility of unauthorized tampering.

Rolled gates type - the modern solution

Rolled gates type - the modern solution

In addition, they will be in optimal conditions, insufficient space to open a conventional swing doors. shutters can be equipped with electric drive (in this case remains the possibility of opening and manually), connected to a remote control system.

roof can plan gable or pent .In the first case it is somewhat difficult on the device, but allows provide sufficient slope ramps for efficient snow melt.Pent roof easier to install, but it recommend to apply only where not intended to considerable snow load.

and foreign, and domestic producers have mastered the production of finished garage kits from sandwich panels , which are in his part of all necessary mounting elements - panels themselves, metal profiles for the frame, fasteners , seals, optionalshaped parts to protect the joints and etc .This greatly simplifies the self-construction, especially since such sets necessarily accompanied by detailed assembly drawings.There is the possibility of individual orders on a similar set of non-standard - depending on the specific conditions of its installation and wishes of the owner.

Getting Started - preparing the foundation

Whatever easy garage their sandwich panels was, for its construction will require reliable base, especially if its installation is planned for many years.As a base is typically used strip footing - bathed in a solution of any of the laid concrete blocks.

1. If the foundation will be poured from a concrete solution, then under it dug a trench depth of about 500 mm, width - 400 mm.In the "complex" of unstable soils can go deep and up to 700 - 800 mm.

  • At the bottom of the trench is laid and compacted sand cushion thickness of not less than 100 mm - it will help compensate for variations in the soil when it is freezing.
  • followed by fill and tamp the same height of the gravel layer ( gravel ).
  • Set formwork, so that the width of the obtained belt was 300 mm.It stretches the layer of waterproofing, such as dense plastic film, so that it came out on top of the casing and is fixed on it.The height of the formwork can be equal to the height of the foundation of the future - then leveling the concrete will be held along the edges of the upper boards.In this case, the formwork immediately strictly aligned horizontally.
Formwork and reinforcement for strip foundation

formwork and reinforcement for strip foundation

  • height concrete belt above the ground may be different, but not less than 10 mm.
  • Installs reinforcement mesh.In this case will be only two zones of rod Ø 12 - 16 mm - for two or three top and bottom, connected jumpers.
  • formwork filled with concrete, which is carefully leveled by its upper edge or on applied marks (beacons installed).Measures are being taken to the mandatory exit air bubbles ( « shtykovanie » shovel) - they can significantly disturb the strength of the foundations created by the garage.
Pouring the foundation

Pouring the foundation

  • A day filled belt advisable to cover with plastic wrap , and at first it should be a daily moisturizing, for the most complete maturation of the concrete, and set them to the required strength.
  • Fully foundation will be ready for further work only through 3 - 4 weeks.Before mounting the frame parts belt stretches concrete waterproofing layer often - roofing material.
You may wish to immediately fill in screed floor of the garage

You may wish to immediately fill and tie the floor of the garage

If desired, you can immediately fill and tie floor future garage.However, many owners leave it for later, passing to arrangement floor after the construction of the roof - it gives opportunity conduct work without haste, in protected from rain and wind space, especially since oftenat the same time and is equipped with a viewing hole.

2. To accelerate the installation of foundations is possible, if the garage is being built on a dense, stable ground.In this case, it can be put out of prefabricated concrete slabs, also laid in a shallow trench in the sand-gravel cushion.

For the garage of sandwich panels can suffice block foundation

to the garage of the sandwich panels can suffice block foundation

prefabricated block funda reflux internally as closed top layer of waterproofing material.

Mounting frame garage

frame garage of sandwich panels can be executed from metal or wood.

  • In case used wood, timber-section should be not less than 100 × 100 mm.Bars attached together with using metal corners and linings. approximate scheme of a wooden frame given on to below:
Wooden frame garage plan

Wood construction garage plan

  • The metal frame is made of steel profile (corner or rectangular tube) welding or bolting, but very often used galvanized steelU-shaped profiles that are fastened with screws.Such details are often in ready kits prefabricated garages.
Assembling the frame of galvanized profiles

frame assembly of galvanized profiles

Around the perimeter of the foundation is securely fastened ground bolt - for this use anchors or special anchors for concrete.The installation of these structural elements must be accurately verified across - you may need to install a small adjustment shims.

An exemplary diagram of the frame of the garage

exemplary frame garage scheme

wall frame itself inherently is a hard rectangle that has additional vertical uprights and horizontal bridges between them.Bearing reinforced racks should be placed at the corners on periphery of the garage door.Intermediate uniformly disposed between them, maintaining step when using galvanized profiles about 500 - 800 mm. If the structure is being built from rolled steel, the distance may be great, but not exceeding 3000 mm.

Vertical frame rack associated jumpers

vertical frame rack associated jumpers

assembly of each frame wall is recommended to conduct a separate, horizontal, perpendicular joints carefully checked.After preparing all the assemblies, they are mounted in a common "box", fixed to the ground deadbolt and each other at the corners.

A layer of insulating material between the socket and frame.leave allowance for the installation of panels

layer of insulating material between the base and frame.Submitted allowance for installation

panels similar manner and with the same step of preparing and roof elements are assembled - in the case of direct cross a slope, or reinforced by the type of triangular truss design - for a gable.

After a complete frame assembly and test of strength to go mounting sandwich panels .

Video: installation of metal frame profiles

installation of wall and roof sandwich panels

Installation of wall panels can be carried out both horizontally and vertically.However, in this case, the construction of the garage, normally a panel vertically (horizontal method is usually used if the construction height exceeds 6 meters).

During installation consider that the Panel should not have direct contact with the foundation - always stretches the layer of plastic insulation material.

Fixing the panel to the ground girder

Fastening panel to the ground girder

Vertical installation panels are attached with screws to the upper and lower profile and, if necessary, connected to each other by means of metal pads.

only special self-tapping screws are used for fixing panels.