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August 12, 2017 18:06

The annex to the house with his own hands

Over time, some private buildings require extended for various reasons.For example, increasing the number to sit, holding a sewage house or the need to close the door from direct cold.Therefore there is a need for more room, kitchen extension, device rooms for bathrooms, or just the construction of the porch.

The annex to the house with his own hands

extension to the house with his own hands

extension to the house with your own hands can be made of wood, brick, or in a combined form, which includes a number of building materials.

Requirements for premises

Article Contents

  • 1 Requirements for premises
  • 2 foundation device for extension
    • 2.1 Strip foundation
    • 2.2 Video - erection of an extension to the houseon strip foundations
    • 2.3 pier foundation
  • 3 gender based devices extension
    • 3.1 concrete floor
    • 3.2 floor on wooden beams
    • 3.3 Video: construction framing annex with a wooden floor
  • 4 Walling extension
    • 4.1 Frame walls
    • 4.2 Video: another example of the construction of an easy extension
      to the house
    • 4.3 Brick walls
  • 5 Overlap extension and roofing
  • 6 Warming extension inside
    • 6.1 floor Warming on the beams
    • 6.2 concrete floor
    • 6.3 Frame walls
    • 6.4 Brick walls

to not have already in the attachedroom to make additional changes, it is better to think about all the nuances of an extension, because each of them requires a special approach.

Bonus Room

If you want to attach to another house one living room, have to try, because this work is almost equivalent to the construction of a small house.The floors, walls and ceiling of the structure should be well insulated, or heating, spent in it, will not be effective - is one of the main conditions for the dwelling.The second important condition for normal living - is the lack of moisture in the room, and then , need reliable waterproofing.

kitchen or bathroom

When the device of the premises before setting the foundation, to the place of construction is supplied utilities - in particular - sewers.Perhaps, have separately carried out and water.

Moreover, it should also pay attention to insulation of all elements of the structure, think about reliable floor waterproofing.


Veranda - it easy structure which serves mainly the protection of the main entrance to the house from the wind and rain, or use the same for the summer holidays.It can be closed the door and have one or more windows , and can be and completely open, that is, be a floor, low walls and roof raised on pillars.

This structure does not require a special insulation, waterproofing for the foundations but spend all still have .

foundation device for extension

Foundation for the extension can be a belt, lined with brick or stone blocks, or columnar.Each has its advantages and disadvantages.To dwell on one of them, you need to learn how to construct each design, and choose the one that is more suitable to certain annexe.

Strip foundation for gazebo

information about the construction of the foundation

recommend you review the material about the construction of strip foundation.Detailed picture of the foundation construction technology for each stage will enable you to master the technology to perfection.

Also recommend to review the information on the construction of pier foundation - a reference to the material.

Strip foundation

So, strip foundation arranged in the following sequence:

  • First you need to partition and trace places where the extension will be delivered.This is done with the help of ropes , which stretched on the ground and fastened with pegs.
The trench for strip foundation

trench for strip foundation

  • Next by marking a trench dug to the same depth, which is arranged on the funda nt Sun his house.Not bad will before pouring the concrete, to fix the valve that combines the foundations of the main building and annex.
  • Trench width should be greater than the thickness of the wall of the planned 100 - 150 mm.
  • After trench will be dug goes further its preparation.First is filling to the bottom of a sand cushion thickness of 100 - 120 mm. Its definitely need to stamp carefully.
  • next layer poured gravel or broken bricks, which also sealed hand-rammer.
  • Next around the perimeter of the trench is laid waterproof, which should go on the soil surface at 40 - 50 cm, as it should be shut down not only the inside of the foundation, but also the formwork for aboveground its parts.
  • on waterproof film set Welded reinforcing structure, which should follow the shape of the foundation, and full height.
  • then filled with coarse concrete reinforcement solution from cement and gravel, by ⅓ the height of the trench, and after solidification of this layer is poured next - one second remaining height.
Installing formwork for strip foundation

Installing formwork for strip foundation

  • After pouring of this layer, you can enjoy the wooden formwork of a device for the formation of the aerial part of the foundation - the cap.Waterproofing film left inside the casing, straighten it by walls and fixed on top of them, so that it does not slip into the concrete.
  • In the prepared formwork concrete is poured to the brim.Then the solution was pierced in multiple locations shovel to avoid air pockets remain inside it.You can lightly tap the formwork - such vibration will help thicken the concrete as possible.
The process of pouring the foundation tape

process of filling strip foundation

  • finished pouring the foundation concrete is leveled at the required level and allowed to dry, daily sprinkling water to harden.
  • After the final pour of concrete, formwork is removed and transferred to the waterproofing of the basement from outside.
  • Before begin the erection of walls, it is recommended to cover the additional foundation waterproofing compounds or roll materials.This process uses a liquid rubber, tar, and asphalt roofing mastic.
Strip foundation requires waterproofing

Strip foundation waterproofing requires

  • space inside the strip foundation can be equipped in different ways - concrete screed or flooring of floor beams and log the device on him the wooden floor.

Video - erection of an extension to the house on the tape base

pier foundation

Also strip foundation can be arranged columnar, which is being built of brick or concrete, as well as a combination of these materials.Basically, this variation nt etc. imenyayut for building porches or more living rooms as well as communications related to water supply or wastewater disposal, in the non-insulated or even open underground require additional insulation.

The extension will be constructed on the pier foundation

Annex will be erected on the pier foundation

pier foundation often satisfied in the case, if you plan to mount the boardwalk.

Work is performed in several stages:

  • first step is layout chosen for the extension area.Columns must be within one and a half meters from each other.
The approximate scheme of pier foundation

approximate scheme columnar foundation

  • dig pits for each post individually.Their depth should be 500 - 600 mm square with a 500 × 500 mm. to the top of the hole should be somewhat expanded - approximately 100 mm on each side.
The scheme of installation of the foundation pillars

scheme of installation of the foundation pillars

  • Next spend strengthening the bottom as well as at the device strip foundation, using sand and gravel , lay waterproofing.
  • If post-support will be built of brick, the bottom is recommended to put a layer of coarse cement mortar.Just waiting for it pour, make the brickwork.
  • If the columns are concrete, the bottom of the wells installed reinforcing structure and the formwork to a height of a future column. film waterproofing allowed inside formwork and fix it on top ;
  • in formwork concrete is poured in layers.Each layer should be adequate time to cure before the next filled ;
  • Be px Article olba well leveled and sprinkled daily with water to pour ;
  • After poles will be ready with their formwork is removed and they are waterproofed roofing material, which is bonded to the heated bitumen mastic.
  • the remainder between the ground and make the pillars gap backfill, tamping every 100 - 150 mm covered with soil, mixed with gravel.
  • For each of the pillars lay several layers of roofing material - it is necessary for waterproofing wooden bars that are stacked on top of the pillars.

device bases floor annexe

If selected strip foundation, it can be arranged as a wooden and concrete floor.Columnar same foundation without bridges involves wooden floor device.

concrete floor

To make reliable and warm floor screed inside the strip foundation, it is necessary to carry out work gradually, adhering to certain technology.

  • For starters, once the ground is chosen inside the finished tape foundations. His first loosened and then removed to a depth of approximately 250 - 350 mm.
  • At the bottom of the resulting pit is poured and compacted sand desyatisantimetrovyh cushion.On top of it can be laid rubble, but for warming ties instead gravel using concrete block, poured a layer of 15 -. 20 cm
Preparations for pouring concrete floor

Preparations for pouring concrete floor

  • Keramzit leveled, and it is laid reinforcing grille .After its installation, on top arrange beacons system for the selected horizontal level.Some facilities, such as a bathroom or outdoor terrace, and may require a certain slope surface for a smooth run-off has fallen to the floor water to the catchment system.
  • Next to the prepared surface is laid mortar and leveled with a rule.A day it can cover with plastic wrap - then concrete will ripen more evenly, which will give it extra strength.

When the extension walls will be erected on the resulting concrete foundation can be laid at any decorative coating or wood floor.

floor on wooden beams

  • beams overlap - is wooden blocks large enough thickness on the order of 150 × 100 mm in cross-section.They can not save, because of their reliability will depend on the overall strength of the floor.
Supporting floor joists of the bar foundation

Supporting floor joists on the pier foundation

  • beams laid on the pillars or strip foundation, behavior p sd elannoy ruberoidnyj substrate, and can be fixed to the concrete in different ways - via through-fasteners, corners andother metal fixtures.Between a beam at the intersection locations also fastened by means of powerful parts.
The beams are stacked on a substrate ruberoidnyj

beams stacked on a substrate ruberoidnyj

  • They will stay securely , since wood flooring " black" and "white" floor also serves as a binding attachment.

Video: construction framing annex with wooden floors

Walling extension

for finished strip foundation masonry or framed wall, columnar also mainly used to frame buildings can be arranged.If you plan to do in the columns masonry, the have to make additional concrete bridge between the pillars.

Frame walls

  • frame for the future of the walls being built of timber and attached to the previously mounted coronal joists.Bars can be secured to the beams individually, but sometimes much more convenient to collect the elements of the walls in a horizontal position, on level ground, and then placing them in a vertical position already assembled.
One of the options frame extension

One option framing extension

  • To connect the frame to the wall at home, it is perfectly accurate vertical markings on it, and on which is secured a separate bar or assembled frame member.
Connection frame of wooden parts

Connection frame wooden parts

  • For reliability all bars are interconnected with metal corners.
Installation of the wall frame

Installing wall frame

  • install the entire frame extension, better immediately sheathe its boards or plywood (OSB) from the outside.Sheathing immediately make the structure more rigid .
The frame is better just outside sheathing boards or plywood

frame is better to sheathe the outside board or plywood

  • upper horizontal bar running along the house attached to the main wall by a reliable metal parts or anchors.
  • Wall insulation is made after the roof unit.

Video: another example of the construction of an extension to the light house

Brick walls

How to put a brick

How to make a wall of brick extension?

Before the erection of brick walls, we recommend you read the article on our website which explains in detail how to lay bricks.

Also see information about wall insulation.

Extension of bricks

Annex brick

  • Before you begin to build a brick wall, you need to carefully check the levelness of the foundation surface and, if necessary, to align its to the ideal.If basis be uneven, the clutch can be cracked by shrinkage deformation.
  • It should be noted that the brick annex is best done as a brick house.To associate an extension to the main wall in it during the construction of the wall, drill holes at two-thirds of the depth, every two or three rows of masonry.They build into valves, which must protrude from the wall by about half a meter.It should be in the future masonry joints.To seams on these series were not overly broad, reinforcement is necessary to choose not too thick or have in a number of bricks, which will be laid fittings, make indentation.