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August 12, 2017 18:06

Plastic ceiling with his hands

plastic panels for ceilings are a good alternative to drywall constructions.Easy to install, durable in use, they are perfectly camouflage the defects ceiling surface and give the room an attractive appearance.Assemble the plastic ceiling with his hands is not difficult, if you carefully study the technology.

Plastic ceiling with his hands

plastic ceiling with his hands

Tools and materials for

Article Contents

  • 1 Tools and materials for
  • 2 material quantity calculation
  • 3 technology assembly of plasticceilings
    • 3.1 surface preparation
    • 3.2 marking a start profile
    • 3.3 Mount UD profile
    • 3.4 frame Mounting
    • 3.5 wiring Laying
    • 3.6 installation of plastic panels
    • 3.7 Video - Plastic ceiling with his hands

order in the process not to be distracted by the search for all the necessary tools and materials should be prepared in advance:

  • level;
  • weaning;
  • screwdriver;
  • square;
  • drill and dowel-nails;
  • aluminum profiles or wooden slats;
  • UD profile 28 mm;
  • hacksaw with fine teeth;
  • screws;
  • suspensions;
  • primer;
  • ceiling moldings;
  • plastic panels.

    Installation tools

    Tools for mounting

level best to use the water, so the markup will be performed faster and with greater accuracy.The frame of the rails can be installed only in a dry room, in the bathroom or in the kitchen is better to fix the aluminum profile.If the ceiling height is greater than the length of the panels, it will require an additional H-shaped connecting molding.Its design allows you to securely attach the two adjacent panels and to avoid sagging in the joints.

Calculation of materials

Plastic ceiling

Plastic ceiling

planning the repair of the ceiling, it is important to correctly calculate the amount of materials needed.This will help to avoid unnecessary costs and reduce the amount of waste after repair.The first step is to calculate the ceiling area by multiplying the length by the width.Similarly, define the area of ​​one panel, and then divide the area of ​​the ceiling panel area and the resulting value shall be rounded in a big way.

Since during assembly will be trimming the panels, and the material may not be enough, it is recommended to increase the area of ​​the calculation of the ceiling by at least 10%.If the ceiling surface has a complex configuration for trimming is better to add 15%.In addition to the panels and rails needed for the frame;to find out the total length of rails, the width of the ceiling should be divided by 0.3 and multiply its length.



When fixing rails to the ceiling anchors and screws located at a distance of 40 cm from each other.Starting profile mounted every 0.5 m., Calculate the number of fasteners is not difficult Knowing the length of rods and profiles.The total length is equal to UD Profile perimeter of the ceiling plus the 10% in the joints.The same length should be and ceiling moldings.Consumption primer mixture is usually specified by the manufacturer on the packaging, so when you buy you need to know the ceiling area.

important point: buying plastic panels, you should immediately check the integrity of the packaging and in the absence of the defective elements.It often happens that the printing house purchase, people are discovering defective, or the broken curved panel, free replacement that is very difficult to achieve.

plastic ceiling mount technology

Surface preparation

surface preparation

Surface preparation

Connection panels thick enough, but not tight, and therefore can penetrate through the seams of the smallest particles of dust, lime and plaster from the ceiling surface.Moreover, on the ceiling, especially in the corners, there is often a mold, fungus spores and also fall within the room and are inhaled by people.To eliminate such troubles, it is necessary to properly prepare everything.

Align the ceiling is not necessary, but remove all loose plaster or whitewash must necessarily.It is best to walk on the ceiling with a stiff bristled brush, then wipe with a damp cloth dust.Cracks and vias are buried putty or cement mortar.At the end of the ceiling twice primed antifungal deep penetration of the composition.

marking a start profile



to ceiling was flat, the panel should be located in the same horizontal plane.To this end, the perimeter of the walls make the exact layout for starter profile.Depending on the curvature of the working surface and wire thickness recede down from the ceiling of 5-10 cm. Note the pencil point on the wall and away from the counting start level.Label put in each corner and in the middle wall, and are then connected by means of spacing.

Mount UD Profile

Rack- plastic ceiling frame

Rack Plastic ceiling frame

Mounting profile

Fixing Profile

the concrete wall starting profile is attached dowels, nails or anchor bolts, pre-drilled holes on linemarkup.By the wooden surface frame bolted long screws.mounting Step equals 50 cm. The profile is applied to the markup, dub horizontally and bolted.In the joints, as well as throughout the length should be no gaps between the wall and the profile.

frame Mounting

Ceiling Battens under the PVC panels

Crate under the ceiling PVC panel

Reiki crates are placed in parallel rows every 30-40 cm. First draw a straight line, departing from one of the walls of 30 cm. In increments of 35 According to these lines-40 cm screwed to the ceiling metal hangers.On hangers mounted furring strips or profile, the ends of which are led into the starting profile along the perimeter, then checked the building design level.All items must be strictly in the same plane, any irregularities and deviations from the horizontal will result in deformation of the ceiling.

How to build rack ceiling

How to collect rack ceiling

wiring Laying

When the frame is securely fixed, proceed to the installation of electrical wiring.Carefully think through the location of the cables, the point O lamps, ventilation ducts.Each system must be isolated from other possible, and cables, wires, hoses and carefully secured in bundles by plastic clips.It is desirable that the wires were in the ripple and firmly attached to the ceiling;sagging cabling components is unacceptable.Where will be installed lighting device, it is necessary to further strengthen the crate guide.In conclusion, once again check the horizontality and crates tightness, lack of pro-frame border parts.


plastic panels Prepare the L-shaped bar and the first panel: measure the distance between the walls and cut the plastic with a hacksaw.The ends of the outer strips are cut at an angle of 45 degrees.It should be noted that the panels are mounted perpendicular to the guide profile.First mount the L-shaped bar;it is fixed with screws to the rails located on the perimeter of the ceiling.Stand side where the skin will come to an end, the bar is not necessary to fasten.Next, one side of the first panel is inserted into the profile, holding it in a horizontal position throughout.

Installation of PVC panels

installation PVC panels

Paste PVC panel in the groove of the previous

Paste PVC panel in the groove previous

If the ceiling has a larger area to work better with the assistant as to hold the panel in the weight and at the same time to strengthen it to the crate pretty uncomfortable.The free side edge of the panel is fixed with screws to the support profile or rail.A thin plastic can be fastened to the wooden rails with the help of construction stapler.Each subsequent plate mounted just gently inserting the ends into L-shaped bar.

Installation of the plastic ceiling

Mounting plastic ceiling

When using panels shorter length transverse seams is recommended to shift the staggered.Since the ceiling will look more attractive.Trim each item is produced in series, as soon as the previous fixed.This helps to reduce material consumption and a more precise fitting of joints.

Installation of plastic panels

installation of plastic panels

When installing panels in places where the electrical wiring in plastic pre-cut holes of the desired diameter.This can be done with a sharp knife stationery.The latter is adjusted by first strap width of the opening, and then inserted into the L-shaped profile, and the edge coat with adhesive and inserted into the ceiling.If instead of the profile you plan to use the ceiling moldings, edge of the panel can be fixed with screws - a baguette can not be seen.

Making plastic ceiling

Making the plastic ceiling

During sticking baguettes should be very careful to put them to the ceiling so as not to stain the plastic.If this happens, you should immediately wipe with a clean cloth glue, because clean it after drying is difficult.This plastic ceiling installation is considered complete.

Plastic ceiling

Plastic ceiling

Plastic ceiling with his hands

plastic ceiling with his hands

Video - Plastic ceiling with his hands