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August 12, 2017 18:06

Suspended ceiling with his hands

Today, a wide range of construction materials allows you to easily create false ceiling with his hands , requires only the ability to use tools and clear instruction.It should be noted that the handle assembly alone can not - you need to take care of at least two helpers.

Suspended ceiling with his hands

Suspended ceiling with his hands

device design

Article Contents

  • 1 device design
  • 2 Stage 1. Preliminary work
  • 3 Step 2. Createproject
  • 4 Step 3. Marking the surface
  • 5 Step 4: Setting false ceiling frame
  • 6 Step 5: Warming
  • 7 Step 6. Boarding plasterboard
    • 7.1 Video - Installationfalse ceiling
  • 8 Stage 7. Final finishing ceiling
    • 8.1 Video - Inset spotlights
  • 9 Features operating
  • 10 Conclusion

Suspended (another name -suspended) ceiling is an iron structure consisting of one or more levels, which is attached to the overlap and is sheathed with plasterboard (spotlights) are set as desired.

Ceiling hanging rack

ceiling hanging rack

frame usually consists of metal profiles or UD CD,

interconnected with screws, and fasteners "crabs."By overlapping attached special frame hangers (they are spring-loaded and direct).

Wiring diagram rack suspended ceiling

Wiring diagram rack ceiling

Attention!The construction sheathed with sheets of drywall 0.95 cm thick and the size of 60h120h150-250 cm (last value - length).Provided the competent installation of the ceiling weight is 13 kg / m².

Now consider the installation of the technology.

Stage 1. Preliminary work

Despite the fact that the false ceilings to hide the whole overlap area, surface preparation will still have to spend.

Step 1. remove old finishes.

How to clean the ceiling

How to clean the ceiling

Step 2. Ceiling inspected for cracks, dents and other defects.

Step 3. If all goes well, the overlap is grounded and puttied.As a result, should get a flat and smooth surface.

How primed ceiling

How primed ceiling

Step 2: Create a project

To create a project, it is desirable to use one of the many architectural programs to get ready circuit with the exact amount of consumables.But if you plan to do everything on paper, time and effort will have to spend a lot more.

Ceilings of plasterboard suspended

Ceilings plasterboard false

Step 1. Initially, the perimeter is defined - there is a special formula (for example, room sizes - 5x3 m):

(5 + 3) x 2 =16 m (P)

resulting figure will also guide length.The calculation results are transferred to graph paper.

Attention!If the length of the opposite wall is different (this is not uncommon), you should take as a basis for greater value.

Step 2. further calculated frame profile.For the carcass will be used profile 2,7h6 see - it is fixed at 60 cm of the profile length should be equal to the width of the room..To calculate the amount of space width straps (300 cm) divided by a step (60 cm), 8.3 turns (rounded to 8).

first and last plank must be set to 10 cm from the wall, the other - with the above step.By the way, the step length is not random, t. To. The standard gypsum boards have a width of 60 cm or 120 cm.

Area bars indicated in the draft.



Step 3. determined number of hangers which are fixed to the same steps of 60 cm. 300/60 x 8 = 40 pieces.The first and the last of them are set to 30 cm from the walls.Location suspensions indicated in the draft crosses.

Attention!In most cases, it is recommended to use a spring suspensions.Using direct acceptable if:

  • height hinged design exceeds 12 cm;
  • ceiling surface is completely smooth.

Step 4. Calculate the number of connecting bridges (necessary to increase the rigidity):

((300/60) - 1) x 8 = 32 pieces

Step 5. It remains only to calculate the amount of drywall screws.Nothing complicated about it, because the total area of ​​the room is already known (15 m²), and the area of ​​the page (defined by size) is 3 m².Therefore, a total of five sheets required.

Calculating the number of screws consists of several stages.

  1. 6h60 products are used for ceiling (step - 60 cm) and a wall (step - 30 cm).
  2. Samorezy- "thirty" would be required to fix the drywall (step - 25 cm).
  3. fittings attached, two pieces self-tapping screws LN-11 to the profiles and hangers, four - for profiles and "crabs."

After that, the project marks the lighting is determined by the amount of wiring.

Step 3. Marking the surface

first step is to mark the ceiling, which will require a marker and tape measure.

Step 1. Measure out the false ceiling height (the thickness of the drywall is not considered).made three or four marks on each wall, which are connected with the use of a paint strands in a continuous line.Further along this line will be installed guide profile.

Step 2. Next ceiling is marked for suspension and main profile (2,7h6 cm).From wall is indented by a distance specified above, is put a few marks and fighting off line (the same as in the previous paragraph).The procedure is repeated for all planks, ie every 60 cm. In the lines marked attachment points of hangers.

Step 4. Installation frame false ceiling

Details for ceiling mounting

Details for ceiling mounting

required to prepare the following materials for the frame assembly:

  • profiles (guide forceilings);
  • dowels;
  • screws all these types;
  • suspensions;
  • X-shaped brackets.

Step 1. The entire perimeter is established guiding profile.Through done previously drilled holes for dowels, and doing similar profiles.Then, holes are driven anchors and screwed profile.

Attention!It is advisable to use the screwdriver, t. To. Have to twist a lot of different screws.And this tool will greatly facilitate the work.

Step 2. Next fixed suspensions.Each suspension is applied to the label strictly on the center line, then marked places for the dowels and caves.Then the anchors are driven and fixed suspension.A similar procedure is carried out for each of the forty-hangers.

Fixing hangers

mount hangers

Attention!For mounting of each element can be used as one or two screws.It depends on the desired structural strength.

Step 3. Fits frame.All suspensions mustache bent down so that between them could enter the profile.Profiles are got inside and fixed with screws at the desired height.

Step 4. After mounting brackets marked places "crabs" fixation (tape required)."Crabs" plant tendrils down over the strips and tightly pressed as long as the snap.

Step 5. sliced ​​jumper profile 2,7h6 see. First, a profile is cut into pieces with a grinder so that each finished bridge between the guide came close.

Step 6. After cutting the jumper installed.Each jumper is put under the "crab" and pressed against him so that he snaps.After setting all the jumpers should be aligned in accordance with the scheme drawn up.

Step 7. profiles are connected to the "crab" with four screws.



Step 5. Warming

Option ceiling insulation

ceiling insulation Option

If desired, you can insulate the false ceiling, which would require a dense mineral wool and a special fastening system for it, known as the"fungus".

Step 6. Boarding plasterboard

Sheathing plasterboard

Sheathing plasterboard

Fastening drywall

Fastening drywall

plating procedure is quite simple and does not require detailed description.For ready-assembled carcase applied gypsum boards and screwed to the profiles with screws.Be sure that the edge of the fabric to fit the profile exactly.

Attention!For reliability of drywall can be fastened "vrazbezhku", which is why some of the sheets have a little trim.Make it easy: on the one hand the material is cut under the line, then broken plaster, and after that cut cardboard from the back side.

Video - Installation of suspended ceilings

Stage 7. Final finishing ceiling

Upon completion of the installation can only conduct a final finish.

Step 1. Initially, all the joints between the sheets carefully shpaklyuyut and aligned.

Step 2. After the plaster dries, cover layer of finishing material (for example, paint, plaster, etc.).

Step 3. lighting devices are installed.

How to install spotlights

How to install spotlights

Installing light fixtures in the ceiling

Adjustment of lighting in suspended ceilings

Installing light fixtures in the ceiling

Adjustment of lighting in suspended ceilings

Video - Inset spotlights

Features Operating

  1. To increase the service life of the false ceilings requires timely cleaning of the surface.Cleaning can be dry (remove dust cloth) and wet (use a sponge dampened with diluted detergent water).
  2. Never use any abrasive materials to clean the ceiling.

    How to wash the ceiling

    How to wash the ceiling

  3. To remove stains from a pencil, you can use a simple eraser.
  4. space between the ceiling and the basic structure must be well ventilated.Therefore, it is necessary to leave a gap.

    Do not forget about the gaps for ventilation

    Do not forget about the gaps for ventilation

  5. avoid temperature differences between the inside false ceiling and the rest of the room plasterboard panels must be removed immediately after installation.It will require installation of a vapor barrier.If there is a thermal insulation layer on the reverse side of the design, and requires vapor proof material.
  6. Quality false ceiling depends on its moisture resistance.The indoor humidity level may vary from 45ᵒ to 75ᵒ, so you need regular airing.

    Most ventilate

    Most ventilate


As it turned out, work on installing the false ceiling are simple enough and can cope with them, even people with no experience in the construction trade.It requires only quality materials and strict adherence to technology.

Stretch ceiling

Suspended ceiling