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August 12, 2017 18:06

To align the walls with his own hands

durability and appearance of finishing walls largely depend on the quality and correctness of the pre-alignment base.Before finishing wall tiles, wallpaper, paint and other materials, it is necessary to eliminate the irregularities and any kind of surface defects.Even the slightest flaws over time, will lead to a marked deterioration in the appearance of the finish, and you have to repair again.

To align the walls with his own hands

How to align the wall with his hands

Methods of alignment of the walls

Article Contents

  • 1 Methods of alignment of the walls
    • 1.1 Levelling plaster
    • 1.2 Alignment plasterboard
  • 2 Preparing walls to equalize
  • 3 Alignment walls using plaster
    • 3.1 first step
    • 3.2 second step
    • 3.3 third step
    • 3.4 fourth step
  • 4 align the base with drywall
    • 4.1 Construction frame
    • 4.2 Installation sheets
    • 4.3 Video - How to align the wall with his hands

curvature of the walls can be leveled in two main ways, namely:

  • wet, providing for the use of all sorts of mixtures;
  • dry running through the arrangement of drywall constructions.

has many advantages and some disadvantages of both methods.

Levelling plaster

Levelling plaster

Levelling plaster

Plaster is commonly used to resolve minor differences (up to 30-50 mm) wall a small area.If desired, of course, using a mixture of plaster and can eliminate a significant defects in large areas, but this will lead to inefficient labor and financial costs.Mortars

not reduce the space, and it is their major advantage.However, the wet alignment is inevitably accompanied by the formation of dust and dirt.

Alignment plasterboard

Alignment of plasterboard


plasterboard Plasterboard can eliminate large variations and uneven surfaces.

main advantage of drywall constructions is no need to pre-align the base to the frame assembly and the shell plates directly.What is important is to avoid crumbling sections of trim.

In addition, the support structure of the cell can be filled with sound and thermal insulation materials.If necessary, drywall constructions easy to hide all sorts of communications.

At the same time frame and setting sheets leads to some reduction in the usable space of the room.

On sale represented a simple modification and water-resistant drywall.Material with a moisture resistant properties usually is green, the simple gray plasterboard.

thickness Size Area Weight
12,5 mm 1200h2500 mm 3 m 28,9 kg
12,5 mm 1200h2700 mm 3,24 m 31,2 kg
12,5 mm 1200h3000 mm 3,6 m 34,7 kg

Waterproof plasterboardsheets recommended for use in kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity.

The alignment of the walls

Alignment walls

Preparing walls to equalize

Before leveling walls, the surface must be properly prepared.Particularly important training base before plastering.In the case of arrangement of drywall constructions of prior training in most situations can be dispensed with.

Preparing walls

Preparing walls

Training is to remove the existing finish and old plaster.Further surface progruntovyvaetsya.For the application of the primer layer can be used brushes and rollers, but the highest quality results are achieved when using the nebulizer.Thanks to the quality of plaster primer adhesion to the base surface will be improved.

Priming the walls

Primer walls

primer dries about 12 hours.After this time you can begin to spray plaster structure.

Alignment walls using plaster

work begins with the installation of special Beacon lines.They will apply the plaster maximum quality.

Dry mixes for plaster walls

Dry mixes for plaster walls

first step

Secure beacons on different sides of the wall to be treated.Check the verticality of plumb installation profiles.

Installation beacons

Installation Beacons

Secure beacons

Secure beacons

second step

Cook about 10 liters of grout (greater number of you simply do not have time to be used before the arrival of the mixture into disrepair).other existing mixture can be used instead of cement plaster.

Preparation of plaster

preparation plaster

third step

Apply plaster large strokes on the surface between the flashing profiles.

fourth step

Carefully align the deposited mixture along Beacon profiles.To align, use a rule or a simple flat rack of suitable length.

The alignment of the walls

Alignment walls

Add mixture and distribute it on the surface, while the base will not be leveled on beacons.

Mechanized plastering works

Mechanized plastering works

Carefully Trim corners spatula.

If you choose to use the factory dry mix, prepare and apply it on the manufacturer's instructions.While selecting such a mixture be sure to pay attention to the kind of "binding" component.

Thus gypsum-based mix intended for use in living rooms, asGypsum does not disturb the normal atmosphere in the room.Cement plaster is better suited for bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms with high levels of humidity.



Align the base with drywall

If irregularities base sizes exceed 50 mm, rational will use the method of leveling walls, involving improvement drywall constructions.

any special training is required - the main thing that was not on the walls of crumbling fragments.Clean these areas if they are detected.

Construction frame

The construction of the frame

Construction frame

frame for fixing plasterboard sheets is assembled from specially designed galvanized profile.Used profiles of several types.

to the ceiling, the floor and the adjacent walls mounted primary UD-profile.Jumper Functions performs CD-profile.

Mounting profile

Installation Profile

first step. Attach the vertical profile of the surfaces listed above.To fix, use dowels.As a result, you should get a solid base frame.

first profile should be set directly at the side of the wall.The following profiles are fixed at 60 cm. The second extreme profile must also be secured against a wall, even if the distance between it and the nearest profile is less than 60 cm.

standard width of the sheet cladding is 120 cm. Plaster panel said profiles placement step willfixed at the edges and in the center.The distance is measured from the center of the profiles.

Crate for gypsum board

Crate under the drywall

second step. attempting to install from CD-jumper guide.These profiles will be attached cladding sheets.

Profiles attach the edges to the surface of the base, turning their broad face into the room.

To connect profiles using self-tapping screws.

To strengthen the structure in its composition to include special hangers.In the center of the suspensions are arranged stiffening ribs, the ends of the products are perforated.

suspension to bend U-shaped and attached to the wall at each vertical profile.Mounting place in the center of the suspension."Ears" hangers attach to profiles.

Control evenness installation profiles.

The construction of the frame

Construction frame

Installation sheets

attempting to install the shell plates.For fixing, use screws.At this point, you will come in handy electric screwdriver - with the help of work will be easier and faster.

Mounting plates

Installation sheets

A method of assembling angle

method of assembling angle

Caps screws recessed into the material.Screws place in increments of 100-150 mm.Fixing is carried out on the center of the sheet and along its perimeter.Typically, on the front of the gypsum boards are present central line to facilitate fixation.

Fastening drywall to the metal profile

Fastening drywall to metal profile

If the sheet length is not enough to cover the entire height of the surface, add the pieces of drywall missing in places.Cutting Technology Sheet is as follows: you cut the top layer of paper, gently breaks the sheet into the desired position and cut the second paper layer.

Additional pieces are attached to the jumper from the CD-profile, fixed between the uprights.

Mounting plates

Installation sheets

After plating the entire frame you will only putty joints sheets, treat the surface with primer and perform finishing the chosen material.

Little loft , finished with plasterboard

small attic, finished with plasterboard

Successful work!

Video - How to align the wall with his hands