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August 12, 2017 18:06

Wooden stairs with his hands

Often vacation homes being built in two floors or more.And in suburban areas, where often acutely is a need to save space for planting, by the pool or recreational, two-storey buildings, too, ceased to be a rarity.But any building higher than one floor already requires installation of stairs.

Wooden stairs with his hands

wooden ladder with your hands

wooden ladder with your hands can be made after you select one of the existing structures, careful calculation all parameters, and, of course, at available in a host house of high stability operation skills with carpentry andlocksmith tools .

If this element is not installed in the suburban small house, and in a large country house, you need to immediately select and accurately mount reliable and robust design.It should be easy to maintain rise massive headroom for quite a furniture size.In addition, the ladder should be comfortable for lifting and lowering, especially if in the house there are small children or people with disabilities.Therefore , recommended to do as much as possible as much as possible flat, of course, if you allow room area, where it will be installed.In addition, for safety ladder should always be equipped with a guardrail.

To make the right choice stairs, to take seriously not only by its design and area of ​​the room where it will be installed.It is necessary to understand the types of structures, the names and purpose of all the main parts and assemblies.

design elements stairs

Article Contents

  • 1 elements stair design
  • 2 main types of stair designs
    • 2.1 Spiral staircases
    • 2.2 Video: the first independentmanufacturing spiral staircase experience
    • 2.3 Open staircases
  • 3 calculations ladder design
    • 3.1 ladder height
    • 3.2 height riser
    • 3.3 number of steps
    • 3.4 stage width
    • 3.5 Width ladder
    • 3.6 ladder length in terms
    • 3.7 stairs slope and size of the ceiling opening
    • 3.8 length kosoura
  • 4 materials for wooden staircases
  • 5 Manufacturingparts and assembling stairs
    • 5.1 Bowstring or stringers
    • 5.2 Installation risers and steps (treads)
    • 5.3 Installing supporting pillars and balusters
    • 5.4 Video: Mounting kit wooden half-pace stairs

ladder consists of one or more or march flown .Marsh called the department ladder between the two platforms.

The main elements of wooden stairs assembly

Key elements of wooden stairs assembly

Any flight of stairs ( flight ) consists of a number of basic elements, each of which has its name and functional purpose.

Thumbnail element name functional elements purpose
stringers stringers This bearing beam with a sawn top comb, which are fixed steps and risers.This element should have a particular strength since it falls heavy loads.
bowstring Bowstring Instead kosoura sometimes used string, which also performs the function of carrier.If the selected string fixing steps, its mark out carefully in order to perfect stage were set horizontally.Stands for them is remote plugs or cross bars.In most cases this support is used when one of the sides of the ladder will be adjacent to a wall.
straight stairs stage Any ladder can not do without steps, which are attached to one of the selected bearing beams (kosour or string).
Radius stage 1 radius stage This kind of step is not flat, but curved front edge.Details can be semicircular, have rounded corners or be sawn "wave".
winders winders This kind of step is a non-standard form, and is set at the beginning of the flight of stairs.
riser straight riser This element is optional, but you need to bear in mind that it attaches to the stairs increased strength, as is supporting the middle of the workpiece stage.They close the space under the stairs.Secured with a riser on the remote plug.
Radius riser 1 Radius Radius riser view of the riser is installed under the stage, having a semi-circular shape.
Curved risers Radius curved riser curved riser is installed under the ground or under the marches between stages with the appropriate form.
Baluster baluster balusters - retaining it for handrail poles, which create for the flights of stairs side protection.They can have different shapes, depending on the style of the ladder.
support post supporting pillars supporting columns set at the beginning and end of the stairs and along the edges of fields between the marches.They are an extreme support for the handrail and provide strength around the fence.
balloon 1 Bowl Balls installed on top of the supporting pillars.They are decorative elements.In addition, they cover the sharp edges of the bar, which is made of a column.
handrail Handrail Without this element in the construction of the stairs can not be avoided, especially if the design has several marches.Supports for the railing are the supporting columns and balusters.This part must be perfectly smooth surface to holding her, not hurt idli not splinter palm of the hand
bar stand Spacer sleeve, bar stand-bars needed in the design of any stairs, having two or more marches.Even if used for mounting the steps stringers supporting sleeves required for installation sites between marches.

main types of structures stairs

always the first thing to consider when choosing the design stairs - size is allocated for her site.A second criterion can be called easy to design, comfort raising and lowering it, especially if ladder will be used in everyday life is not just from once, but constantly.The third thing that should influence the choice of - is the aesthetic appearance of the interior element, because it should perfectly fit into the style of the room.

Stairs made of wood, is divided into two main groups - march and screw.To find out what they look like and what are, you need to consider briefly each of the options.

Spiral staircases

Spiral staircases have a rather complicated structure, but their main advantage is that they take up a minimum of useful space in the room.

Spiral staircases - minimum space requirements , but not always easy to use

Spiral staircases - minimum space requirements, but not always easy to use

I must say that they are installed frequently enough, compared with the mid-flight.The reason is simple - because they are much more difficult to assemble, and it is not very comfortable to go up and down, and the more - lift to the upper floor of large pieces of furniture or household appliances.

However , there are also plenty of adherents - screw design can become a real decoration of the interior, because they are very compact, elegant shape.

For reliable construction of a spiral staircase design, you need to make a lot of complex calculations accurate , otherwise when its operation can be obtained serious injury.Article

increasingly devoted to a stairway.And yet, for fans of independent home work - videoinsruktsiya details about the assembly of the spiral staircase.Incidentally, the author shares his first experience in this field - have the opportunity to debate with him.

Video: the first independent experience in manufacturing spiral staircase

Open staircases

marching design has a higher reliability , than spiral. Although any of the stairway takes a much larger area, they are building more often.

In terms of convenience, benefit , of course , FLOATING

In terms of convenience, benefit, of course, FLOATING

Such stairs may have several marches, however, in small private houses often set one - and two boosters options .These elements of the interior is also a great variety of designs.

So that staircase takes as little as possible of useful floor space, often choose half-pace swing design.Turns stairs can be arranged at an angle ranging from 90 degrees and ending with 180.

If the room layout allows (and sometimes even "need") the staircase may have a curved design.When planning the location of the stairs, the main - create comfortable conditions for the approach it tenants.

Slight design curved stairs by installing rotary stages.

Such steps are also sometimes set in the half-pace stairs instead of sites in between.

to represent the look of these stairs and their elements, should be considered the most popular types in interior.

Normal odnomarshevaya staircase

Odnomarshevaya ladder is the easiest option as it has a fairly simple device structure.Stair span can be located against a wall or in the middle of the room.

Very nice , simple odnomarshevaya staircase

Very nice, simple odnomarshevaya staircase

Typically, the area, located a flight of stairs, also used functionally.For example, if the ladder is fixed to the wall, then closing the pad underneath the partition and door setting, it is possible to obtain a small utility room to store older objects or instruments.

It should be noted that this type of stairs to the second floor is the most durable, as does reliable support in the form of walls.

Odnomarshevaya curved design

This type of staircase is mainly used in areas with a large area, as it has even emphasize the spaciousness of the room.For a small country houses, this structure is not suitable , as it takes quite a lot of space and hardly fit into the interior.

Odnomarshevaya curved staircase

Odnomarshevaya curved staircase

Staircase getting more for through smoother rotation and enhanced with an external its side steps (she even really "looks like" thereby the spiral), but these features give it respectability, sothis element of the interior decoration of a spacious hall will be large mansion.

Odnomarshevaya curved staircase in a rectangular opening

When planning the construction of the house is considered the location of the stairs, then lift to the second floor the best option would be to just odnomarshevaya curved design that fits neatly into a rectangular opening .It is quite compact and aesthetic, and quite comfortable for lifting and lowering.In addition, one of its sides on the ground floor can also be arranged in a small storage room.

One flight of stairs in a narrow doorway manages to bend almost 180 degrees

One flight of stairs in a narrow doorway manages to bend almost 180 degrees

Odnomarshevaya with the lower rotary stages

Odnomarshevaya stairs with rotary bottom step is sometimes necessary in the room due to peculiarities of the room layout, or to maintain the selected architecturalstyle.For example, if on allocated for the installation of the landing wall is a window that does not want to close the half-pace design.

Here the required direction is set lower rotary stages

where required direction is set lower rotary stages

For by gradually turning the lower steps, and repeating this line of fences and handrails, stairs becomes a real decorative ornament created by the interior, does without losing functionality.

half-pace simple construction.

Ladder having two flights a turntable between them is convenient because it can be installed over the front door, thereby - saving space and limiting hallway area.

Compact half-pace stairs - convenient for lack of space

compact half-pace stairs - convenient for lack of space

In addition, it is quite compact, and the space under it can also be used for the arrangement of a small closet.

This design is reliable enough , simple and suitable for almost any interior, if properly choose for her color and shape of the balusters fence.

L-shaped half-pace design

This staircase also has two flights, but its location perfectly saves space in the room, as the whole structure is compact located in a rectangular opening , along two perpendicular to each other the walls.Place under it may well be used for the installation of one of the pieces of furniture or device front door.

March along two walls arranged at right angles to each other

march along two walls at right angles to each other

ladder is easy to use, compact, and fits perfectly into the interior design of the room.

U-shaped half-pace stairs with rotary stages and the upper platform.

This construction is set in a luxurious country house, with a very large area of ​​the hall.As can be seen from the massive structure, it does not fit for the cottages, and it device will look simply ridiculous in them.

This - rather from the interior what some palaces

It - most of the interior what some palaces

Trehmarshevaya staircase with two sites

Trehmarshevuyu ladders often set it to save space in the halls, but that its angle lift was comfortable, need a large ceiling height.

Sometimes the best solution is to install and trehmarshevoy ladder

Sometimes the best solution is to install and trehmarshevoy stairs

If the site its installation will be no overlap between the floors, the area of ​​the second floor will be reduced greatly.

This ladder option is also more suitable for the mansion with spacious rooms.

calculations ladder design

If the location for the ladder structure is defined, then, before start making parts for the option chosen, it is necessary to make an accurate calculations , do drawing and put onit all got options.If there is no confidence that everything will turn out perfectly, it is possible to entrust this work to specialists in the design and construction of wooden stairs, working in specialized companies.

ladder height

To determine this value, you need to measure the distance between the floor levels of the first and second floors.