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August 12, 2017 18:06

Pent roof with his hands

pent roof is not often used for arrangement of roofs of private homes, while the construction itself, and its installation is much simpler than a gable.It is believed that this type of roof is not well keeps the heat in the house, so , more often it is used in the construction of garages and cottages and barns.However, it should be noted that this construction it is possible to make warm and even arrange for her extra room if mount thermal insulation correctly.

Pent roof with his hands

Pent roof with his hands

Pent roof with his hands made for pre-composed drawings made on the basis of conducted calculations .This is especially important in cases where it is planned to make a dwelling.

main advantages and disadvantages of design

Article Contents

  • 1 main advantages and disadvantages of the construction
    • 1.1 Video: a small country house with a pent roof
  • 2 design calculation pent roof
  • 3 angle calculation of the roof
  • 4 Types of roof systems on the pent roof
  • 5 Installation pent roof
    • 5.1 Video: construction process naslonnoy pent roof
    • 5.2 Video: solid sheathing boards pent roof garage

The advantages of this design include the following:

  • savings on the purchase of building materials.
  • simplicity of design and means , and installation.
  • low weight, compared with gable option - on the walls bear less load.
  • High resistance to the effects of wind and loads of snow accumulated on the roof.
  • design can be built in a different angular range - 5 to 45º.
  • Pent roof, made at a slight angle, allows you to set it on the hot-water container or solar panels, as well as to arrange a place to rest.
  • This structure can be covered by any of the existing roofing materials, of course, with regard conditions its operation and inclination.

Naturally, as with any design, from pent roof has its drawbacks, which also need to know, choose this option:

  • roof with a slope requires more serious insulation than the gable, as no such underneatha large space, which creates air space.Without arrangement reliable insulation in the attic space summer will be hot, and in winter - vyholazhivatsya, and in fact, and in another case, transmitting the temperature in the house.However, if correctly calculate and to instal all the elements, this drawback can be avoided.
  • If we do overlap just below the roof, arranged at a small angle, the house loses not only the upper air layer, but also the attic, and then , the possibility to arrange an extra room - it can be considered a second design flaw.But, if the attic space to plan a little differently, and it is possible to deal with this shortcoming.
One disadvantage of pent roof is the accumulation of masses of snow on it

One disadvantage of pent roof is the accumulation of snow on it mass

  • Esze e drawback pent roof relates only to the design, which has a small slope 5 - 10º is a bad descent from she snow masses.Thus, a large gathering of snow roof have cleaned manually or do a heated roof system using a heating cable.
To solve this problem will help the installation of the roof heating

solve this problem will help the installation of the roof heating

Video: a small country house with a pent roof

Calculation design pent roof

If you decide to arrange Shed roof, then you first need to make calculations and make sure they are correct, seeing firsthand the preliminary result in the drawing.Only in this case can get exactly the option that is ideally suited for certain structure and its occupants.

  • To make such a scheme, you will need to determine the following parameters:
  • Total width of the structure and the length of spans between load-bearing walls.
  • Estimated angle of slope.
  • total length of the roof.
  • Desired material for roofing.
  • height and width of the load-bearing walls.

If the roof is planned for a holiday home or a barn, it is enough to make the front wall construction is slightly higher on the back certain height to display the angle of the ramp.

- From the distance between the inner walls will depend on how much should be reinforced rafters, and a number of beams required.

- Before carrying out the drawing is necessary to determine the order, whether it is planned in the attic room arrange living room - from this decision will depend on the angle of slope and height of the erected gable.

- Also, the angle will depend on how you plan to make trump to to ryshi front and rear of the structure.

- Besides need to determine the location of the veranda or terrace, as the front or rear of the house and the roof can be covered its .

- These factors directly influence the length of the rafters, and the total length of the building - on their number.

- Rafters laid across structure at a distance of 500 to 800 mm apart. wider construction, the need to be longer and more massive rafters.Their cross section varies from 80 × 150 mm and above.For example, if the rafters are fixed on span of 6 ÷ 7 meters, the size of the rafters in the section should be at least 110 × 200 mm.

- For making the rafters selected high-quality, well-dried lumber that does not have cracks and large knots, particularly in the areas of their connections to other parts.Rafters are made of thick planks or beams.

- When the cut length is not enough due to the large width of the structure, they have to join.Connecting two parts rafters in single piece recommended be placed on the supporting beams or, if they are made up of boards, one of which must be on the other not less than 500 mm.

When a large length of the slope is necessary to increase the rafters

At great length slope rafters have to build

- sometimes even from the rafters constitute three parts.In this case, the central portion extends to the extreme rafters and at a distance of 500 mm.

- to the rafters with time not sagged, their prop and fix the various elements of the rafter system - braces, bolts and studs.Such additional parts are used in the case if the width exceeds span distance of 5 meters.

dimensions in cross-section of the reinforcing elements must be at least 50 × 100 mm, while the gaskets and sleepers - 100 × 150 mm.

Reinforcing elements of pent roof structure

reinforcing structural elements pent roof

- With the length of the span in 12m , in the middle of the floor beams is required to set up the stand, which also serves to support rafter.

- If the length between opposite walls exceeds 12 m , then, in addition to the rack, install an additional podstropilnye feet - they give rigidity flooring .

- When the distance between the load-bearing walls in the 15 meters and more, racks should be , least , two, and each of podstropilnyh feet set as close to the middle of flight rafters between the gable wall and backup-resistant.Additionally, in the center of the rack structure are bonded to each bar-fray - this distance should be one-third the width of the structure.

- Under no matter what angle was set pent roof trusses stacked on mauerlat, mounted on the walls and on the pediment.

Options for strengthening the rafters pent roof

Options gain pent roof trusses

The diagrams show the options supports in roof systems, with different size spans between the walls.As it can be easy to navigate, making a draft schema for a particular building.

Completion of the drawing should be clear guidance for installation work

Completion of the drawing should be clear guidance for assembly work

drawing roof should encompass all the necessary information on all sizes of structural elements and distances between them.With with such a scheme at hand, for it will be easy to carry out work , so drawing need to be very carefully and accurately.

Calculation angle of the roof

  • calculated angle of slope based on the fact that the roof has the shape of a triangle in which one angle is always a straight line.This angle legs are formed of floor beams and the gable part of the structure, and the rafters in the figure act as the hypotenuse.
How to calculate the angle of slope or height of the pediment ?

How to calculate the angle of slope or height of the pediment?

In the figure, the following conventions apply:

- Lc - length of the rafter;

- Lbc - gable height of the floor beams to the intersection with the plane of the roof;

- Lsd - the width of the house;

- A - chosen or value to be calculated angle of slope.

If you remember the basic school ku pc mp igonometrii and arm calculator, it does not present any difficulty to calculate all the parameters of the future roof, based on the initial value.The width of the building is not difficult to fathom, but as the second parameter can be either the desired height of the gable, or a selected angle of slope of the roof.

So if the basis taken width of the building and the planned height of the pediment, the angle of the ramp is easy to calculate the formula:

Tg A = Lbc : Lsd

Ifbased calculations accepted the selected angle of slope of the roof, the height of the gable will be equal to:

Lbc = Tg A × Lsd

is now easy to calculate, and the length of the rafter:

Lc = Lsd : with os a

You do not forget that the rafter length calculated in this way - it is only up to the intersection with the plane of the wall, without accounting visors from the frontand the back side of the building.

  • slope angle of slope is selected depending on certain criteria, one of which is chosen type of roofing material, as each of them is recommended to choose certain value or setting, as close as possible to it, for example:

- Decking requiresslope of not less than 8º.

- When at Menen metal, it is possible to do pitched roof to 30º.

- For Slate well suited the angle 20 - 30 °.

- For roofing materials such as roofing material, as well as other soft roof recommended angle of slope gradient of 5 - 7 °, but not less.

If the roof has no heating system, and the structure is located in a region where winter time receive higher rainfall, the best option would be pent roof, arranged at an angle of 40 - 45 °, however roofing material it mayIt was covered.

In addition to these data, it is necessary to understand what types of roof systems are.

Types of roof systems pent roof

Rafter system in the regeneration pent roof can be executed in one of three options, the choice of which depends on the type and structure of sizes:

  • Hanging Systemset in the rare cases where between the main load-bearing walls is not capital partitions.During the construction of a roof for the convenience of work, laid on joists temporary flooring from boards.On this basis, and are going to the farm roof system.To the system was hanging reliable , parallel walls, which will be laid floor joists, should be brought to the same height.If necessary, this type design used in houses built of all kinds used in building materials.
Rafter system may be a construct of the type of farm

Rafter system may be a construct of the type of farm

If the attic is scheduled room, ventilation is arranged, for the dwelling.

If the construction will be carried out only part of the attic, the ventilation should be improved, since the room is not heated. Ventilation in this case, should function effectively, it is not to accumulate moisture and there is no dampness and mold, which eventually appears in the house.

  • Naslonnye truss systems are different in that they are placed in buildings with internal capital partitions which are additional supports for the ceiling beams.
Fixing on rafters mauerlat

Fastening the rafters on mauerlat

In naslonnyh systems rafters set rigidly on the gable wall on which advance set mauerlat and the bottom of the edge can be fixed how rigidly , and the sliding mounting .These designs pent roof mainly covered brick or stone houses.

establish additional spacers to rigidity of the structure.There are several systems of their installation, depending on how much should be space in the attic, and the angle of slope of the ramp massive trusses.

  • sliding truss system is mainly used for log house, because it avoids deformation of the roof structure, if the house will shrink.When the device of this type of roof rafters rigidly fixed to the gable wall, mauerlat, and the lower part thereof is attached to mauerlat only sliding mounts , which enable the rafters to take a comfortable position during vibration of the walls of the house.
Moving fixing rafters to mauerlat

Sliding fixing rafters to mauerlat

Installation pent roof

Specify in in se necessary nuances, making the calculations , amounting drawing roof andZákupy in required for materials, you are ready for installation design.

  • To work was easier and safer building should be immediately shut beamed attic floor.They are placed on the sealing strip of roofing material, roofed on the walls.Beams disposed on the same distance from each other as will be further set and rafters - it usually ranges from 500 to 800 mm.
Installing attic joists

Installing attic joists

  • On the back of the bottom wall of the building, across the its length, from the top floor beams are laid mauerlat from massive timber.
  • Further, the beam must be placed on a flooring of boards - on it will be safe to walk and more convenient to continue the construction of the structure.
Boardwalk simplify and secure carrying out further installation work

Boardwalk simplify and secure carrying out further installation work

  • The next step is the construction of gable wall, it is constructed from the same material as that of the entire building, or other, more easy .For example, if the structure is built of brick, the gable can be lifted out of the bars and boards.
  • joists, pre-sealed waterproofing, build into the wall.Pediment raised to a height prescribed in the drawing.