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August 12, 2017 18:06

Weir from the roof of his own hands

Without drainage systems, fixed on the roof, do not possible if you do not want to rain streams flowing down from the roof height, were sprayed on the walls and wash away the foundations.Weir from the roof of their own hands can be collected by purchasing ready-made system of well-known companies, and you can do it yourself, for example, of galvanized steel or even plastic sewer pipes.

Weir from the roof of his own hands

weir from the roof with his hands

purchasing professionally made and structurally designed kits, they can pick up all the necessary elements - from small fasteners to complex angles and connections.

If you decided to make your own gutters, you have to try and think over, from what will be made elements of the system and how they become functional.

What made drainage systems

Article Contents

  • 1 What made drainage systems
  • 2 Key elements of gutter system
    • 2.1 Video: example of installation of the finished gutter system GAMRAT
  • 3 independent production elements gutter
    • 3.1 Video: production of gutters of plastic sewer pipe
  • 4 installation of drainage system
    • 4.1 Video: example of calculation and installation of drainage system at home
    • 4.2 Video: an important element of drainage system - a grid to protect against coarse dirt
Very broad popular plastic gutter systems

very broad popular plastic gutter system

most popular materials for the manufacture of gutters now are special polymers thatsafely withstand low and high temperatures, as well as their sharp differences.Such systems are manufactured by companies that profiled involved in the development of plastic products for construction and exterior decoration of buildings.Complete, professionally manufactured systems are expensive, and they are mainly installed on the roof and less respectable mansions in - ordinary homes of the private sector, although they are able to transform any structure.

Водостоки из оцинкованной стали - своеобразная "классика жанра"

Drains of galvanized steel - a kind of "classics of the genre»

Since ancient times gutter system made of galvanized metal.Such elements are usually bought from the masters, tinsmiths or acquire in specialized stores.Metal gutters are more affordable and therefore more likely to apply. Despite low, compared to other systems, price, and perhaps not as aesthetically pleasing appearance, have their drains galvanized positive side on which they are even higher than those kits, made of plastic or metal alloys.The main disadvantage of systems of galvanizing be called divergence joints at differences temperature regimes.However, much depends on the skill of tinsmith, who makes them.

Galvanized gutter system can be protective and decorative polymer coating

Galvanized gutter system can be protective and decorative polymer coating

Steel gutters can be applied to layer highly durable polymer paint.This significantly improves their ornamental characteristics and gives extra protection against corrosion.

Практически "вечные" водостоки из сплава цинк-титан

practically "eternal" gutters of titanium zinc alloy

Gutters made of a metal alloy also called zinc-titanium, which are at the final stage of production and coated polymer paints.The content of pure zinc in the alloy reaches 98 - 99% - guarantee corrosion resistance, titanium additive - this condition durability of products and very small inclusions of aluminum and copper give this material a high plasticity during processing.

look is such drainage systems as aesthetically pleasing as well as plastic, but have a higher reliability , since better withstand the impact of the external environment.These external shortcomings, while low-quality coating relates possible delamination of the polymeric coating, so , stay on this option, it is better to acquire a proven kits manufacturer, enjoys stable authority.

All of these materials are well suited for sewers - they are easily processed, assembled and carefully look, organically merging with the exterior of the building and becoming with functional and necessary part of the structure, and an important addition to its design registration.

main elements of the system drain

If drains are purchased in the store, not have wonder how and what to do is one of the elements system - manufacturer already thought through all the details of the roof structure. measuring and refined in in ce parameters on your own home, you can buy all the necessary details.

Despite the variety of options for drainage systems, they all have some common structure and consist of similar structural parts:

Exemplary general scheme of the system of spillway

approximate general scheme of the system of spillway

1. trough - bulk of the gutter that collects drained fromroof water stingrays.Usually gutters are made of up to 4 meters.

2. Hooks-holders, which are placed trough .Plastic brackets are commonly used for systems, also made from polymers.

3. Plug for gutter edges to the right and left sides.

4. funnels mounted on the edges of the gutters.

5. The central funnel is fixed with an adhesive or with grooves and seals (5a).

6. Connection piece (coupling) for gutter.It can also be mounted on the glue or thoughtful slot connection with the use of seals (6a) ..

7. Universal connector 90º angle in the outer and inner (7a).

8. drainpipes with connecting clutch

9. Screw clamp, tightening threaded pipe connection and other elements.

10. Tee, which provides connection between two drain pipes.

11. Reduction socket - is used when connections of pipes of different diameters.

12 and 13. Taps (knee) for the connection of drain pipes.Usually they have an angle of .60 ÷ 70º - different manufacturers may use their own standards.It is understood that the same system should be the elements with the same values ​​of the angle.

14. Withdrawal terminating with 45 º - to guide waste water Street inlet stormwater.This item is otherwise also called otmёtom.

15. The hook-holder made of metal.

addition presented elements for some drainage systems instead of brackets per set kt Rin Odita Cornice strip, which is an additional holder brackets or even itself performs its function.

The relative position of the image of the roof , eaves and gutter straps

relative position of the cut of the roof, eaves and gutter straps

Before you go to the store, you need to create a drawing edge of the roof with all the twists and projections, measured at the angles.Figure with detailed parameters gutter need to provide specialist, which should help to pick up all the necessary elements for a complete set.

Video: example of installation of the finished gutter system GAMRAT

independent production elements gutter

1. If the system is installed, made of galvanized metal, then, in order to save, gutters canmake your own, since the material sheets are much cheaper ready-made elements.

galvanized steel can be made semi-circular or square trough , but traditional still considered a semi-circular shape.

The classic trench is considered in the form of a half-cylinder

classic considered the trough in the form of a half-cylinder

thin sheet of metal is easy to shape through the pipe of the desired diameter, making special folds at the edges, so that they securely kept on mounting-brackets.

If it will make gutter for drainage, then the brackets also do not make reflux ore.Their semi-circle must have a slightly larger radius as trough should easily be placed and secured in the bracket.

Often used and box-shaped gutters

chute used often and box-shaped

is easy to make the galvanized metal and a box-shaped chute .Its shape is derived from a block of wood to size.One side is a little more, and bent to the side, to flowing water gets to the right place.Then, the edges are folded in a special way.

The box gutter can also be made ​​independently , based on these dimensions

The box gutter can also be made independently, based on these dimensions

2. If you want to make only a drain on the direct participation to to ryshi then chute can be made of plastic sewer pipes.Such gutters will cost, in terms of price, almost nothing, since one of the two pipes obtained immediately gutter.

  • pipe at the beginning and the end is fixed on the two boards using screws in the upper its part, exactly opposite the lower fixing points, do not end up screwed still one screw.On their protruding parts is stretched thin rope , for it marked a flat line.For this layout using polishers pipe is cut from start to finish.Then
  • tube inverted and repeat the process.Thus, it turns out the two halves, which will serve as gutters.When parts of the assembly can twist the screws on the inside.Using pipes, from the same system, you can take and angle pieces, also sawn them along.

Video: production of gutters of plastic sewer pipe

course, home-made items will not have such spectacular species as a professional manufacturer, but but this can save a decent amount.

3. Optionally , you can pick up and other components to assemble the entire complex, as is currently possible to find many suitable materials that will serve as blanks.The only details that still have order or buy - this funnel.Independently make it, having no experience of sheet metal, it is difficult enough.


drainage system Installation of drainage system n roizvoditsya in different ways, depending on the selected fixtures and installation period.

Ideally, installation of drainage system should be carried out before the flooring roofing

Ideally, installation of drainage system should be carried out before the flooring roofing

The optimal installation of the extreme bar or rafter pitched roof to the deck and secure roofing.

Location brackets , eaves and slats of the gutter

Location brackets, eaves and slats of the gutter

The diagram is shown clearly seen as brackets are fixed and closed Cornice strip.In this case, it is a shield to the soffit, which protects it from direct exposure to moisture.

In other cases, Cornice strip is made of planks, and if the brackets are not fastened to the roof laying, they are attached to it .

Sometimes mounts gutters fixed on the bottom of the slope straight to the roof, but it is not the right option.

Wherever nor were fixed brackets for gutters, their location should be calculated in such a way that the water flowing from the roof of a large flow, it fell into the canal, and not be shed on it .

This parameter depends on how the edge of the roof acts.If it goes far enough, sometimes there smy seq etc. name variation nt cr epleniya installed on the roof itself.

Video: example of calculation and installation of drainage system at home

So purchasing or make a suitable drainage system, you can start it installation.

1. The first step is process of installing the brackets-holders sewage gutters .

Their record at a distance of 550 - 600 mm apart, with a slight slope towards the drain.Brackets must be secured so that the overhang of the roof found on trough on 1/3 the size of a semicircle, and 2/3 trough will "catch" the water from the roof.

Location image slope of the roof above the gutter

Location trimming the roof slope of the gutter

If the brackets are fixed on a wooden eaves strip, in order to visualize the slope and secure the line, perform the following steps:

- First install the bracket that will support the mosthigh edge gutter, taking into account all the rules and recommendations.

- The next step is fixing bracket in the last row.Its fixed sloping 4 - 5 mm per meter.Improperly designed and installed system will not work effectively, and eventually it will certainly appear leakage.

- Further, between the two arms stretched thin twine , and it noted the base assembly line.Then on it mark the location of the remaining brackets.

- Then, the brackets are fixed at the marked locations. Thus will met the required common bias drip trough

  • stowed and going trough , and raised him to the edge of the cap is set.
Setting caps on the top end of the chute

Setting caps on the top end of the gutter

  • If at the end and in the middle of gutters will be installed funnel for her need to make a hole corresponding to the size of the funnel, then its mounted on trough and fixed.
An exemplary diagram of the installation of the funnel with a net - trap large debris

approximate funnel installation diagram with grid-trap large debris

  • General Median funnel installed in the case of the house longer than 12 meters.If it is shorter, it is sufficient to establish this element reflux nly at the end trough in the lower part.
  • Fixing gutters is done by putting the groove at its edge on the bracket projection.
  • If the water drainage system is installed ready, the individual parts gutters are fastened together with special connecting pieces, which provided current pair and the corresponding seal.If the system is made independently, then trough stacked lap and twisted screws.Superfluous in this case also provided a thin gasket for example of rubber strips.
  • When the drain channel and laid him in a funnel installed, they are installed sewers and lateral knee joints which are tightened with clamps.For wall gutters are fastened with clamps.Using taps allow positioned along the pipe wall to the rack clamps were too bulging.
The approximate scheme of fixing the drain pipe along the wall of the house

approximate scheme of fixing the drain pipe along the wall of the house

  • If the water from the roof will go into the ground, the sewer, fixed the wall should end at 300 - 350 mm from the ground.
  • If collection and diversion rainwater or melt water around the house is arranged storm drainage, the pipe from the roof sometimes connect directly with it or arranged edge drainpipe with otmёtom directly over the hole gullies or catchment tray.

What about that many people forget or simply do not know.