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August 12, 2017 18:06

Gable roof of the house with his own hands

gable roof design is very convenient both in installation and in its operation.This design can not only provide a reliable covering home, but also become an additional room, if you choose the right its internal structure and the optimum angle stingrays.Gable roof of the house with his own hands can be set in the case, if you have skills in working with wood, and the basic concepts of engineering design schemes, as well as the presence of assistants ready take part in this rather laborious process.

Gable roof of the house with his own hands

gable roof of the house with his own hands

There are several types of structures gable roof and before decide and choose the right one, you need to think about what will be located under the roof - a loft or living room.

Under the gable roof can be organized and living room

under a gable roof can be organized and living room

gable roof of the house with his own hands - design options

Article Contents

  • 1 gable roof of the house with his own hands - design options
    • 1.1 Video: the basic elements of roof system roof
    • 1.2 hanging truss roof structure
    • 1.3 Video: installation of hanging roof system
    • 1.4 Naslonnaya design a gable roof
  • 2 decking roofing with insulation
    • 2.1 Video: installation of insulated roofing "pie»
  • 3 Making pediment gable roof
    • 3.1 Video: gable trim option

gable roof can be pendant or naslonnuyu design.They differ in the arrangement of retaining and fixing elements.

rafter system Erect gable roof with his hands?

Recommended necessarily familiar with the material - about how to make the rafters with his hands, except that you need to read, as the calculation is performed rafters.

Also recommend that you read an article about how to calculate the angle of inclination of the roof.

Video: basic elements of roof system roof

Hanging truss roof structure

If the home is no capital partitions and rafter system will be based only on the side walls, is used more pendant light roof construction. It can be used if the distance between the walls is from 6 to 14 m .Anyway, hanging rafters provide a large enough load on the side walls of the capital, so that it reduced by using various horizontal or diagonal connecting elements.They are bonded to each other rafters and have different names: braces, tightening, grandmother or bolt.

The main circuit hanging truss construction

main circuit

hanging truss construction Supporting system elements can be fixed to the rafters or ridge beam anywhere in the system.For example, inhaling, mounted in the lower part of the rafters can be used as a building joists.

should be noted that for the rafters and puffs should be chosen thick enough blanks, especially if the attic is located premises.Boards for selected trusses measuring approximately 55 × 200 mm, but to accurately calculate the cross-section of the system and all its elements can only be a specialist.

Fastening the rafters and puffs to mauerlat

Fixing to rafters and puffs mauerlat

Installation hanging rafter system is carried out in sequence:

  • on opposite walls bearing structure is laid waterproofing material - typically roofing material in several layers .
  • Top it fixed anchors mauerlat.It is a powerful beam, which will be supported and secured the rafters.At the same it keeps tightening the bar, which will also be the joists.Usually size mauerlat bar section selected 120 × 120 or 150 × 150 mm.
  • Next at a distance from each other in the 500 ÷ 600 cm butt to mauerlat, the supporting wall, stacked beam attic ceilings.
  • boardwalk fit for comfort and safety of further work on the floor beams.Received an excellent platform on which can be bound to each other rafters.
  • Rafters may be secured in two ways.The first of these angles of these elements are cut at a selected angle and are held together by wooden plates or mounting plates.
  • In the second case at the ends of the rafters are cut grooves in a half-tree, which are superimposed on each other and held together by a bolt.For stiffness parts can be attached bolt.Sometimes slots are not cut, but simply rafters fastened together, also using bolts - this way is called mounting overlapping .
Methods for mounting a pair of trusses together

methods of fastening a pair of trusses together

  • When will the first two rafters are attached, they should be carefully put on mauerlat, as this will depend on the evenness of exhibiting and fixing all the other rafters.
  • order for the first and subsequent pairs installed correctly, they cut a groove that will stand firmly on the rafter mauerlat.
The groove in the rafters for docking with mauerlat

groove on the rafters for docking with mauerlat

  • Also seam connection to stiffening trusses installation using metal corners, which are fixed to the mauerlat using screws.
  • After installing the first pair of opposing rafters, the second set the same "bundle" on the other side of the structure.
  • from one pair to another on top tensioned cord - he will be the level at which it will be possible to equate remaining truss pair.

Fixing to rafters mauerlat Fixing to rafters mauerlat

To article about gable roof remained fold step by step directions step by step information on fastening to the rafters mauerlat we have learned in a separate step by step technique - a reference to the material.

And about, how the roof cover floorings - please visit our website.

  • After rafters are installed, they are bonded to each ridge beam, which is mounted at the bottom.
Ridge beams connecting the rafters

ridge beam, rafters connecting

  • Further, the rafters are mounted tightening.If the loft space is the living, then tightening a high, so that later they became the basis for the ceiling.
  • If the room will be an ordinary attic, the tightening can be installed and used below, or other reinforcing elements such as rack or slopes that connect the rafters and floor beams.
and other elements may be used to enhance the design

To enhance the design can be used and other elements

  • For stiffness all connections are fixed construction not only nails or screws, but also reinforced with metal plates, brackets and braces.

  • After truss system is completed, the attic floor boards are screwed or nailed to the overlapping beams, and then you can proceed to the arrangement of the roof.

Video: installation of hanging roof system

Naslonnaya design a gable roof

In the case where there are internal capital partitions in the building, the more to him suitable naslonnaya raftersystem, because it can have not only the lateral stress-bearing walls, but also on the internal. Naslonnaya system is mounted easier hanging, and the main point of reference for her is horse .But before attempting installation of trusses, as well as in a hanging system on wall waterproofing and fit mauerlat.

Schematic diagram of the construction of sloping roof system

Schematic diagram naslonnoy structure truss system

Bezraspornaya naslonnnaya system can be installed in various ways:

Metal plates for fixing rafters

Metal plates for fastening rafters

  • In this case, rafters are attached to the ridge of metal plates and screws.On the other hand it is connected to the rafters mauerlat movable mount.
Fastening the rafters back to back on both sides of a ridge board

Mount rafters butt on both sides to the ridge board

  • In the second case, the rafters are attached to the ridge on both sides, and to mauerlat - way notching it.Sometimes they additionally fixed by means of wire, to the inside of the wall.
Compound trusses using hard wooden linings

Connection rafters using hard wooden linings

  • third option hard mounting by means of bars or boards, which are mounted horizontally to the rafters, thereby securely connecting them to each other.In the lower part of the rafters can be attached in different ways: mobile connection, metal or using cuttings in mauerlat.
Movable connection rafters with mauerlat

movable connection rafters with mauerlat

Using this system the device with floating roof mounts rafters, can relieve tension with the construction of walls and protect them from premature damage.

This floating mount is the hallmark naslonnoy truss system.

spacer system at the device naslonnoy designs are also sometimes used.In this case, the lower part of the rafters rigidly fixed on mauerlat, and removal of the load from the walls lies with the established tightening and struts.

This system can not be considered fully or hanging or naslonnoy - it is a combined version, includes elements of one and the other.

When the truss system will be installed on it can be fixed to the roofing structure.

decking roofing with insulation

roofing equipment produced in different sequences, but most common and effective system consists of the following layers :

Строение "пирога" утепленной кровли

Structure "pie" insulatedroof

On this figure clearly visible all the materials roofing "pie»:

1. Boarding system inside - it may be plywood, boards or moisture-resistant drywall.This layer will be fixed in the last turn.

2. A layer of vapor barrier film.

3. Rafter.

4. Insulation - usual for this layer is applied a type of mineral wool mats.

5. Waterproofing film.

6. counter-.

7. Slate (or other roofing coating )

  • On rafters plank waterproofing material - is can be one of the advanced composite membranes, which today produces large amounts , and It can be and conventional polyethylene high density film.

Her stretch on for surface of the roof, overlapping stacking 200 ÷ 250 mm, and fix brackets using stepplera to the rafters.

  • Top waterproofing on every rafter stuffed counter-, having a thickness of 30 ÷ 50 mm.It will create a separating ventilation space between the waterproofing and roofing material.
  • Next perpendicular counter- stuffed crate .The distance between its adjacent guides is calculated depending on the length of the sheet material, which will be covered by a roof.
  • Before begin to lay roofing material on the bottom rail crates fix holders of drainage system in the form of hooks or Cornice strip.
Battens , roof and gutter installed

Battens, roof and gutter installed

  • can then move on to the decking roofing material.His start to lay on the Cornice strip, that is, from the bottom, row after row of climbing to the ridge.Roofing sheets are stacked left overlapped on the same wavelength and are fixed to the crate special screws with an elastic attachment, which will cover the hole formed by the penetration of moisture.
  • After the fastening of roofing material, once installed and fastened roofing element of the ridge.For each roofing material made its own version of the ridge cover.
Indoor skate on tiled roof

Indoor skate on a tiled roof

This horse is suitable for a roof of corrugated , metal and slate

This horse is suitable for roof made of corrugated board, metal or slate

After ka to a rovelnoe coating laid, and the attic is no longer threatened with precipitation, you can startto thermal insulation and finishing works inside the building.

  • laid between rafters insulation , from attic floor and gradually climbing up to the ridge.If the attic space is residential, the heater is fixed in two or even three layers.To do this, stuffed to the rafters crate of bars at a distance of the width or length of insulating mats.
Laying insulation mats on the inside surface of the ramps

Laying insulation mats on the inside surface of the ramps

  • Further, the insulation vapor barrier tighten film , which is required to fix brackets on crate .
  • Then the entire inner area of ​​the attic roof is closed finishing material.

About attic insulation

Warming gable roof

gable roof in the manner reminiscent of loft insulation.

About attic insulation, please visit our website - link to the material.

If there is confidence that the entire roof will be covered in one day and it not dampen the rain, you can operate in the reverse order.

Порядок работы "снизу-вверх"

Operation «bottom-up»

  • From inside the attic vapor barrier is stretched and secured decoration material and other works carried out.
  • between rafters fit insulation, in the picture he is shown under number 2 .
  • Further, the insulation is laid on top of windproof, waterproofing material (3).Secured he counter- (4).
  • then stuffed crate (5).
  • followed by laying of roofing (6).

Video: installation of insulated roofing "pie»

If the roof covering is used soft roof, the design of the "pie" will look different.

  • fixed on rafters sheets of plywood on the scheme presented in the figure.This method of attachment is designed to compensatory expansion of the material under the influence of temperature changes.
Installation of plywood sheets for flooring soft roof

Installation of plywood sheets for flooring

  • soft roof Then, on top of the plywood plank waterproofing layer.For this option, the roof is well suited roofing, laid lap .Fabrics lay on the underside of the roof and driven by its upper side to the plywood, and the joints between them (width not less than 100 mm) are coated with mastic.
Laying soft roof - shingles

Laying soft roof - shingles

  • After drying putty, with the bottom of the roof slopes begin to lay a soft roof on a pre-made layouts.The material is laid overlapped and nailed special nails.Each row begin to be laid on one side of the roof, for example, left to right.
Cover soft ridge on the roof

coating on a soft roof ridge

  • finished laying of roofing material on both slopes of the roof, you need to carefully close the gap on the ridge.