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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mansard roof with his hands

house with attic - is not just additional living space, but also respectable appearance of the building.Even if the room under the roof made unheated and used only in the summer, it is still all creates a powerful "air cushion", which contributes to heat retention in buildings throughout the capital.

Mansard roof with his hands

mansard roof with his hands

mansard roof with his hands, in principle, can be built, but only with the help of an experienced, knowledgeable masters, as it - is complex and massive construction.

attic room can be arranged for different types of roofs, but the most popular are gable or polygonal design.Under the scheme of their structure, they differ somewhat among themselves.

to determine which of the designs are more suitable for certain home and it will be easier to install, more need to consider both the most used options.

In addition, the master, which will build the attic must figure out which of the two existing types of roof system designs to choose from.

Types of roof systems

Article Contents

  • 1 Types of roof systems
    • 1.1 Hanging design
    • 1.2 Naslonnaya system
    • 1.3 types of roofs with attic
    • 1.4 Video: truss system mansard sloping roof
  • 2 project attic
    • 2.1 Video: professional calculation mansard roof with the help of special software
  • 3 parameters of materials for the construction of a mansard roof
    • 3.1 What section are required rafters
    • 3.2 Tools
  • 4 Stages mounting
    • 4.1 mount mauerlat
    • 4.2 installation of truss construction
    • 4.3 Waterproofing mansard roof
    • 4.4 installation of roofcover
    • 4.5 video: comprehensive video tutorial on building a mansard roof

Any roof belongs to one of two types of roof systems - is hanging and naslonnaya design.Each of them has its own peculiarity, and some of them choose - will depend on how the buildings are arranged bearing walls.

Hanging design

Hanging rafters design called a system, which relies only on the extreme main walls.This occurs when, in the building, except for the outer walls of the house, there is no longer the capital of partitions.

Driving hanging roof system

scheme hanging truss system

This design can be used only if the two main walls distance will no longer 8 meters, as this system gives large load on the foundation bearing walls.

To ease this burden, to the hanging system using various elements, such as the grandmother, and tightening, girders and struts.

example, struts, as if to tighten joist rafters and grandmother hangs tightness to the ridge connection.

The hanging system is used for joists are thick enough bars or hewn logs, aligning to the edge.Their cross-section must be at least 100 × 200 mm.To avoid mistakes in the parameters, as the floor of the attic should be very reliable , recommended charge calculations made by specialists.

Erect mansard roof with his hands?

rafter system Recommended necessarily familiar with the material - about how to make the rafters with his hands, except that you need to read, as the calculation is performed rafters.

Also recommend that you read an article about how to calculate the angle of inclination of the roof.

Naslonnaya system

Unlike the suspension system, naslonnaya rests not only on the two outer supporting walls, but also on the capital partitions, which are installed on a foundation.Therefore , planning the construction of the attic, you need to think in advance the construction of the foundation, if arranged his belt version, which will be built capital partitions. Naslonnaya system is ideally suited for the device underneath the attic, as withstand much greater load than the hanging version.It gives reliable basis for floor beams and means - and the floor of the attic.

Naslonnaya system has additional support for capital partitions

Naslonnaya system has additional support for capital partitions

If the option to build a mansard roof broken, it can be used by a combined system of roofing, ie .rafter ridge arranged in the form of a hanging system and the side - on naslonnomu type.

types of roofs with attic

When building a house made of bricks or blocks with attic often its front side is immediately being built from the same material.It is very convenient because they do not have calculate the parameters of these elements of the roof and collect them from the bars, and then lift the wall.However, we must remember that the wall structure must stand on on reliably foundation and have a proper thickness, as a gable gives a very large load on the main structure.

The house with a gable mansard roof

house with a gable mansard roof

If the attic will play the role of still one floor of the house all year round, the built of brick or foam blocks gable walls - is the perfect variation nt to I create under the roof of the dwelling.

to attic room with a gable roof had normal height and spacious rooms, the angle of the roof slopes should be approximately 45 - 50 degrees, depending on the width of the front part of the building.If we take the angle of less - significantly reduced the amount of useful space.Increasing the steepness of ramps lead to unreasonably high roof, its weighting, large sailing with strong wind load, overrun materials.

The dependence of the size of the attic space from the corner of the gable roof

dependence sized attic room on the angle of the gable roof

Installation gable roof is definitely easier than polygonal design as used straight rafters from the edge of the walls and up to the ridge, without any kinks, and additional links.However, a broken design gives you the opportunity to facilities in this part of the house more spacious and ceilings - higher.

Bent truss Roof System

Bent truss Roof System

Bent rafters system and calculations, and performance, and in the stack of roofing is much more difficult, but it is not only creates under the roof of a larger space, but also gives all solid structure.

complexity of a broken system is to more fairly complex communication nodes.All bundles must be met by the existing rules - only in this case, the roof will be arranged stably and reliably .

When a broken system - a large number of complex compounds details

When a broken system - a large number of complex compounds parts

If the walls are built of stone or brick, then, as in the first embodiment of the attic, the front part can be lined advance in the process of general masonry.In this case, to create a truss system, will remain exactly ready gables, set intermediate rafters and retaining attachment to them.

Video: truss system mansard sloping roof

Before you buy and prepare the material for any of the presented system, you must create a design project with dimensioned - it will be the main guideline for the preparation and assembly of all elements in the process of installation.

Fixing to rafters mauerlat Fixing to rafters mauerlat

To article about gable roof remained fold step by step directions step by step information on fastening to the rafters mauerlat we have learned in a separate step by step technique - a reference to the material.

And about, how the roof cover floorings - please visit our website.

Project attic

drawing up construction scheme of the attic, it is best to do it in different projections, to see and understand the placement of all the elements of roof system.It is important to calculate the height of the roof ridge, as on it will depend directly on the size of the area under it.

The height and length of the racks puffs determine the height and width of a residential attic spaces

height of the racks and the length of puffs will determine the height and width of a residential attic

composing circuit construction project mansard roofs need to calculate the height of the ridge, the ceiling and the total area of ​​the premises.

Minimum height from the floor to the ridge must be 2,5 - 2, 7 m , if this distance is less than that, the room is not a loft, it can only be called a loft.This parameter set the rules SNIP .

Available sizes for gable mansard roof

Available sizes for gable mansard roof

to all the elements were drawn accurately and had the desired location in the common system should be to start from the figures with right angles, that is, a rectangle or square - section created an attic room.Based on the parties (the height and width of the room of the future), it will be almost impossible to go wrong with values ​​of the angles at which placed eaves, with the location of the ridge, rafters and all retaining elements.By defining these parameters, they need to immediately put them in the drawing .

First we need to find the middle of the width of the front wall.Starting from this point, the height determined by the parameters of the ridge, the future of the ceiling of the attic, the location of the rack-size walls and eaves.

Due to the fact that each designs has certain number of connecting nodes that have different configurations, a good idea to each these ligaments draw the individually to understand their features interface between all the elements are combined inthis point.

The main elements of a mansard roof truss system

Key elements of a mansard roof truss system

Any truss system consists of the main elements and additional, which may not be in every design.The main components of a mansard roof are.

  • joists, which are the basis for the other elements of the truss system.They are placed on the walls of the capital structure.
  • Rafter leg, straight to the gable roof system consisting of two or departments - in a broken circuit.In this case, the upper ridge rafter called as the very highest forms point roof - horse , and rafters, which form the walls of the attic, called side.
  • Ridge board or beam - mandatory ale nt to I gable roof, but not always used in the device model sloping roof.
  • mauerlat - a powerful beam, fixed to the structure of the side walls of the capital.This element is set rafters.
  • Racks - this support elements needed to strengthen gable and sloping design.In the latter case, it is attached to the ridge and lateral rafter, and in the first - desk is reliable backup for long rafters.In addition, the racks are framed for insulation and cladding of attic.
  • diagonal connecting elements or bevels further fasten the rack or the longitudinal beams and rafters, making the design more robust.
  • attic floor beams used in all variants of the attic - their associated rack, and they are also the framework for ceilings.
  • Mezhstropilnye girders are installed in the form of broken roof for rigidity design.

To be sure that the prepared project is designed right , you need to show it to a specialist.Only he will be able to determine the correct parameters of the attic if matched to the length and width of the structure of the walls.

Video: professional calculation mansard roof with the help of special software

parameters of materials for the construction of a mansard roof

If graphic design is ready, then, starting from affixed on it sizes, it is possible to calculate amount of materials needed for the construction of a mansard roof.Choosing materials needed for their performance, to meet the requirements of fire-prevention and environmental safety.For the wood necessary to provide special treatment retardants , which will reduce the flammability of the material.So, for construction need:

  • boards rafters.Their cross-section - selected based on the results of special calculations - this will be discussed more below.
  • beam having a cross section of 100 × 150 or 150 × 200 mm - for joists, depending on the truss system and the selected width between the supporting walls, and for Runs, legs or diagonal valleys - if any construction.
  • beam cross-section of 100 × 150 mm or 150 × 150 mm for laying mauerlat .For
  • timber racks 100 used commonly × 100 or 150 × 150 mm.
  • Unedged board flooring sub-floor and some fastening elements.
  • annealed steel wire diameter 3 - 4mm - to bond with each other some of the details.
  • Nails, screws, staples of different sizes, angles, and other various configurations fixing elements.
  • Metal fox reflux Thickness not less than 1 mm - for cutting pads.
  • timber battens and kontrobreshetki for roofing material - depending on the type of roof.
  • insulation material - thermal insulation for the roof.
  • waterproofing and vapor barrier membrane.
  • Roofing and fixing elements for it.

What section are required rafters

Rafters - elements of the roof, which will take the main external loads, so their demands very special cross-section.

required timber size will depend on many factors - from the pitch between the rafter feet, the length of the leg between the points of support, by precipitating them snow and wind loads.

geometrical parameters of structure truss system is easy to identify in the drawing.But with other parameters - have refer to the reference material and do some calculations .

Snow load

Snow load varies for different regions of our country.The figure below shows a map on which all the territory of Russia is divided into the snow load on the intensity zone.

Map calculated snow loads on the territory of the Russian Federation

map calculated snow loads on the territory of the Russian Federation

total of such zones - eight (the last, eighth, relates rather to the extreme, and its not be considered for the construction of a mansard roof).

Zoning largest
snow load
value in kPa value in kg / m²
I 0.8 kPa 80 kg / m²
II 1.2kPa 120 kg / m²
III 1.8 kPa 180 kg / m²
IV 2.4 kPa 240 kg / m²
V 3.2 kPa 320 kg