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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to cover the roof of metal tile

roof of the house can "tell" is very much about his hosts.This architectural element, probably, the first catches the eye, creating a pre-defined opinion about all structure.Not surprisingly, the issue of registration of roofs always paid extra attention, especially now that there are a lot of different options.

How to cover the roof of metal tile

How to cover the roof of metal tile

very advantageous always looked, and Sach with a Motril house covered with tiled roof - they are distinguished by a special solemnity and orderliness. But here's the problem - the real ceramic tile is very expensive, and it styling can not be attributed to cheap or easy-to-self-execution of the process.It is therefore very reasonable way would be for the purchase of his house metal roof, which is very authentically mimics a tiled masonry.And if you still thoroughly understand how to properly cover the roof metal tile on their own, without the involvement of teams of specialists, it is possible for a very reasonable sum to get an excellent

roof, which will reliable and, moreover, will be a real decoration of homes.

Create a roof with metallocherepichnoy coating can be divided into several stages:

- the correct selection of materials;

- calculation of the necessary number of metal and "consumables";

- preparation of the roof structure to the roof deck;

- flooring metallocherepichnoy coating;

- registration complicated roof areas.

How to choose metal roofing?

Article Contents

  • 1 How to choose metal roofing?
    • 1.1 structure metallocherepichnoy sheet
    • 1.2 Species topcoats
    • 1.3 The most common model of metal and their linear dimensions
    • 1.4 Video: some tips for choosing metal
  • 2 How to calculatethe required amount of metal
    • 2.1 Video: the choice of self-tapping screws for mounting metal
  • 3 Preparing roof structure to the deck metal
  • 4 installation of sheet metal
  • 5 assembling the individual elements of the roof
    • 5.1 video: comprehensive video tutorial for installation of the roof metallocherepichnoy

It would seem that the issue is no different sharpness and complexity - pick them up only the most suitable to the planned design of the building.However, it is not so . metal may differ in their configuration, size, coat type, degree of protection and etc .

structure metallocherepichnoy sheet

First of all you need to get an idea of ​​what the stratified structure is the roofing material.

Sample sheet structure metallocherepichnoy

Sample sheet structure metallocherepichnoy

  • basis always is a metal (most often - steel) sheet (item 1.), A thickness of 0.45 to 0.5 mm.It was he who holds the tile imparted shape resists all mechanical stress, stiffness determines cover.

Thicker steel plates lead to unnecessary weighting roof construction without any significant operational benefits.But metal roofing with steel sheet thickness of 0.4 mm and less than better acquire - this coating can quickly jam poured during installation or during operation even under very high load.

Expensive models of metal can be filled with aluminum or copper, but because of the high prices they are especially in demand.

  • order to prevent oxidation of the steel sheet, it is coated on both sides with a corrosion-resistant layer (pos. 2).It can be a regular "galvanizing" Do bo bo Lee perfect alyumotsinkovym coating.
  • On both sides of galvanized steel in high-quality metal tile necessarily applied the so-called passivation layer (3 pos.) - On the basis of silica or phosphate compounds.This layer is almost completely eliminates the chemical oxidation reactions.
  • Next, also on both sides, is layer of epoxy primer.(Pos. 4) This gives additional security metal base and provides reliable adhesion of all other decorative and protective layers .
  • On the back of the sheets are polyester or acrylic cover (Pos. 5).It is, in principle, does not perform a decorative function, and serves only as a reliable protective abroad.
  • From the outside into sheets applied certain decorative polymer coating (pos. 6), which largely determines the class, and the cost of metal.
  • Some kinds of roofing material used, and additional layers.For example, it can be applied layer of basalt aggregate (position 7), giving the kind of coverage, as close as possible to natural.There are models with print, under one or another natural structure or even fancy pattern.But the external transparent coating (eg, Acrylate ), resistant to abrasion and load to ultraviolet rays (pos. 8) with additional decoration of metal has always .

Species topcoats

now - more about the varieties of the outer coating.

The most common and inexpensive - polyester coating , high-gloss ...

most common and inexpensive - polyester coating, high-gloss ...

most low-cost, and therefore - the most common average among developers , a polyester coating.He always bright, saturated colors, the rich diversity.Suitable for almost any Russian climatic zones.Disadvantage - not too "prominent" longevity, although 10 - 15 years without loss of external kaches tv etc. oizvoditeli usually guarantee.

... Or frosted

... or frosted

Introduction polyester paint formulations Teflon component produces a metal with a matte polyester coating.Maybe, unlike the pure polyester, celebrated easy surface roughness, which are much less visible traces of mechanical damage (scratches) or areas of paint burn in the sun.This metal should last longer much longer - up to 25 - 30 years.

Plastisol allows you to create a micro embossed surface texture

plastisol allows you to create a moth-eye surface texture

most dense and thick coating (200 microns) - plastisol .Its main component - the usual polyvinyl chloride (PVC).In a metal excellent quality for the mechanical strength of the coating, but with a temperature range of operation is worse - not like plastisol nor too low, negative, or higher, over + 60 degrees temperature.A great advantage of this coverage - the ability to make him moth-eye structure, simulate the texture of the skin, wood, natural stone and etc .


Puralovoe coating

One of the most modern and reliable coatings considered puralovoe , created on the basis of polyurethane.He - an enviable life of over 30 years, almost complete invulnerability corrosion, resistance to ultraviolet rays. only serious minus metal with puralovym coating - high price.

The most durable and long-lasting - PVDF coating

most durable and long-lasting - coating PVDF

And the biggest "aristocrat" among the metal coating is a composite, based PVDF (80%) and acrylic resin (about 20 % ).Such composition often represent abbreviation PVDF (PVDF).This material is not afraid of any serious mechanical impacts or hot direct sunlight (it is not subject to fading) or aggressive environment - the best choice for areas with high humidity, example , on the sea coast . PVDF-coated always has a fresh new look as well as a very good self-cleaning under the influence of an atmospheric precipitation.

basic operational characteristics of metal coatings are summarized for convenience in the following table:

coating metal
Polyester Matt
plastisol PVDF Pyral
Ustoychisvost corrosion Satisfactory Good Good Good Excellent
Poastichnost cover Satisfactory Satisfactory Good Good Good
resistance to UV rays good Very good good Excellent Very good
Immutability "freshness"
Satisfactory good good good good
coating thickness (microns) 25 35 100 - 200 28 50
operating temperature
- max (° C.)
+120 +120 +60 +120 +120
operating temperature
- minimum (° C.)
-10 -10 +10 -10 -10

metal coating can be monochrome , or may have a drawing made by « Printeh » technology.

Рисунки по технологии "Принтех"

Drawings technology "Printeh»

It also polyester coating, but is coated with imitation masonry, shingles, and other natural materials.On the one hand , of course, it looks original, but if you have a roof at the level of the third floor and above, then all meaning is lost as a long distance such coverage will no longer look.Therefore, most often used for such decoration sheeting, used for fences and facade work.

Слегка размытый "облачный" рисунок придает особый вид кровле

slightly blurred "cloud" picture gives a special kind of roof

rapidly gaining popularity even one type of decoration metallocherepichnoy roof - the use of technology «cloudy» .Such a surface feature fuzzy , blurred shapes applied color shade , as if the roof is "touched by time," or covered with "noble patina".Literally, the name means "cloud" that, in principle, to fully describe the visual effect.

Quite apart is the metal with the «Terra Plegel» unique coating

Quite apart is the metal with a unique coating «Terra Plegel»

More one type of coverage - «Terra Plegel» , with marked rough external texture, almost indistinguishable distance from natural clay tiles. looks such roofing is extremely original, but the price of the material is high.In addition, we must remember two nuances.On this roof slope to a greater extent will accumulate dust, dirt, leaves and the like .And the second - if ordinary metal has a specific pressure on the roof truss system of the order of 5 kg / m², the «Terra Plegel» yes item Sun ie 8 kg / m², which would require a reinforced structure.

most common model metal and their linear dimensions

Before calculate the total cost estimates for the overlapping metal tile roofing, you must immediately decide on its model.The fact that different types of roofing material may have different linear dimensions, the area of ​​overlap of adjacent sheets, the height of the profile, the number of waves and the like .

A variety of metal types, even without accounting color its design, is sufficiently large.Consider a few of the most popular models:

  • « Cascade» - metal, which fit fans clear geometric shapes.Risuno to a rovli will resemble a large "chocolate bar".This profile is most convenient for large-sized roof structures, not teeming with small and complex fragments .
Строгие геометрические формы "Каскада"

Strict geometric shapes "Cascade» ...

«Cascade» is considered to be the most convenient option in terms of efficiency of use - its useful area for by a small overlap, the most significant.

... And the parameters of the sheet

... and parameters sheet

Important: reduced scheme with linear dimensions "cascade» - length and width of each "tile", wave height and step drop, a common and useful width of the sheet and tons.n ., is not compulsory for all types of coatings.Different manufacturers, these figures may vary considerably, and the basis for calculations will need to take real parameters specific to the selected material.This applies to all models of metal - the scheme are given only as an example.

  • «Palma championship» on by with the popularity of "cascade" firmly holds the metal « Monterrey » .
Огромной популярностью пользуется металлочерепица "монтеррей"

Enormous popularity of metal «Monterey»

Its peculiar rounded, somewhat asymmetrical shapes that look great on any slopes, perfectly conveying the atmosphere of the old classic tiles.

  • Metal « Andalusia » - this profile with steep symmetrical rounded waves.
Параметры "андалузии"

Settings "Andalusia»

Good for buildings, in the style of "southern Europe".Some varieties of this model system are accompanied by hidden fasteners for installation without disturbing the surface of the coating.

  • Model « Art » largely repeats the profile of « Monterrey » but differs from it more straightened geometric shapes.
Металлочерепица "модерн"

Metal "modern»

  • Very beautiful, volumetric picture roof gives metal "Banga" with a pronounced high profile.
Очень красиво смотрится кровля с черепицей "банга"

looks very beautiful with the roof tiles "Banga»

As a disadvantage may be noted that this is one of the most "wasteful» models for useful to sheet width.

  • « Joker» - metal with smooth symmetrical wave having a pointed upper ridge. Gives roof Effe ct cl assicheskogo house "Old Europe ».
Профиль и размеры металлочерепицы "джокер"

profile and dimensions of metal "joker»

  • And for those who wish to give to the structure of oriental flavor, it may be advisable metal tile « Shanghai » with distinctive stripes on the bottom of a large circular waves.
Для любителей восточного колорита - профиль "шанхай"

For lovers of oriental flavor - profile «Shanghai»

When choosing metal must take into account the fact that the height of the profile directly affects stiffness and coating resistance - the higher the wave, the stronger material.On the other hand, the higher the profile of the coating, the less usable sheet area.

Different manufacturers of this option may vary considerably - from 22 ÷ 25 mm and 78 mm.The most popular model is characteristic of elevation within 40 - 50 mm.

Now - about the length of the sheets.