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August 12, 2017 18:06

Gambrel roof with his hands drawings

hipped roof is often used in architectural decisions of country houses, built in the European style. Its design not only reliable , but also very aesthetic. And , taking as a basis for even the simplest its option, it is possible to diversify the various elements, which will be for the whole structure of the original decoration and a sign of elegance style.

Gambrel roof with his hands drawings

hipped roof with his hands drawings

hipped roof with his hands drawings that need to pick up or to prepare in advance, and can be performed alone, but one master with volume and complexity of the work is clearly not cope.

What hipped roof?

Article Contents

  • 1 What hipped roof?
    • 1.1 Basics design gambrel roof
  • 2 Stages of installation hipped roof
    • 2.1 Training schemes roof
    • 2.2 Calculation of system parameters
    • 2.3 materials for the construction of the roof
    • 2.4 Tools for
    • 2.5 Carrying out installation work
    • 2.6 decking roofing material
    • 2.7 Complex nodes system hipped roof
    • 2.8 Video: design secrets hipped roof
It looks simple hipped roof

It looks simple hipped roof

most common simple circuit type hipped roof consists of four rays, two of which have the shape of a triangle - they are called "hips".They are located at the ends of the building and connected horse with cornice.Two frontal plane in the form of a trapezoid have a large area and a ramp, which is also located on the ridge and to the eaves.

Gambrel roof - top view

hipped roof - top view

should be noted that there are poluvalmovaya roof - their still referred to as the Dutch mind.In this case, the construction of eaves end rays have much higher than the front.Installation of a roof, as a rule, is carried out in those cases where it attic space suit premises.

And this is called the roof poluvalmovaya

And this is called the roof poluvalmovaya

Basics design gambrel roof

Traditional hipped system consists of certain nodes and elements, which are mounted always the same and are the basis for more complex roofs of this kind.On this figure represented just such a design, which includes the following components:

The approximate scheme gambrel roof

approximate scheme hipped roof

1 - angular or chevron rib always have a smaller angle than the same, but the intermediate elements of the system.For such a roof construction as of side and intermediate trusses suit boards having 50 section × 150 mm.

2 - Short rafters are fixed not on the ridge, and to the corner rafter board.They should have the same slope as the intermediate rafters.

3 - Skate in this case is the same size in cross-section, and that the rafters.

4 - Rafters, which converge and are joined at the ridge corners with three sides, called the central rafters.

5 - intermediate rafters are called legs, joining horse and harness extending along the top of the structure, and forming a ledge.

following diagram, besides those already mentioned, one can see the device other structural elements.

Components gambrel roof

Components hipped roof

  • After the trusses can be considered a rack that supports horse and installed at the junction of the two rafters and ridge beams.These elements are not always used, sometimes simply replace other retaining parts, for example, in cases where the space under the roof must be free, if it planned to arrange the room.
  • Tightening rafters is a bonding element.Most often, it is also serves as a ceiling beam.
  • filly mounted to the rafters set to increase the overhang of the roof, which will be protected from atmospheric precipitation for the period under the roof and upper parts of the walls.
  • windscreen beam is attached to the rafters obliquely on the side of the roof, which is considered to be windy.Sometimes it set and two trapezoidal slope.
  • Narozhnik or short rafter foot is only used in hip designs and attached to the corner rafters.
  • mauerlat present any truss system and is a bar, which is mounted around the perimeter of the building walls.
  • Sprengel - is still one part of the system, makes it stiffness and the load is removed from the walls.It is set on the diagonal with respect to the corners of the building and secured to mauerlat.
  • struts mounted at different angles to the rafters, depending on whether the involved attic to create extra room.
  • rib, lateral or diagonal trusses may be set as the one end side of the roof or on both sides it, depending on the planned design.
  • runs in this case is called the distance between the attachment of rafters to the ridge beam - it will depend on the weight of the selected material of the roof and anticipated snow load in construction areas.

Stages of installation hipped roof

If hipped roof of the house is selected design, you work on it you need to keep in strict sequence:

  • Any project starts with a scheme of roof system.
Always start with the drawing of the base plan gambrel roof

Always start with the drawing of the base plan hipped roof

  • next step is calculation of all parameters, that will depend on the width of the distance between the walls of the house and the presence in the structure of capital walls.
  • Further, according to calculations , purchased necessary materials and prepare the necessary work tools.
  • followed by preparation for tying walls to install rafter system - flooring waterproofing material.
  • Running marking the walls of the installation of roof system.
  • most important step - installing the entire system in accordance with the project.
  • The final stage - a device roof.

Training schemes roof

scheme roof may be different - it will depend on the imagination and possibilities homeowner as well as the location of the construction of the walls.In preparing the plan must take into account the fact that the more complex the design of the roof is, the more material for her need, and will last longer than the installation of the system.

If the design is very complicated, then the best option is to seek help from professionals who can help to calculate the thickness and quantity required for reliability elements of the system.Of course, in the preparation of such a project will take some time and will be spent certain financial means, but better to use development specialists than to act at random and get unreliable design.

Calculation parameters

system if the decision to rely on their own strength, the producing calculations , must take into account the following factors:

  • Reliability bearing walls and the structure of the foundation, on which will be builtroof.
  • type truss system ( naslonnaya or hinged).
  • -sectional size of the rafters and bars for the other elements of the system.
  • angle of rays and the distance run between the rafters.
  • dimensions of elements such as tabs and apertures for chimney pipes, ventilation, windows.

can use specially designed for this formula for calculating the accurate design proportions that will make the roof reliable and durable.Key parameters in the formulas:

S - total area of ​​the roof slopes;

h - the height of the system from the ceiling to the ceiling;

d - the length of the side or diagonal rafters;

e - the length of the intermediate rafters;

a - distance between the rafters along the length of the building;

α - angle of slope;

b - distance between the rafters with the hip socket side.

Formula for calculations device simple hipped roof, are as follows:

  • height skate:
Formula height of the ridge

Formula height of the ridge

  • length intermediate front rafters:
Determining the length of the rafters

length Definitionrafters

  • length end, hipped rafters:
The length of the rafter hipped

length hipped rafter

  • area rays roof:
Determination of the area of the roof slopes

Determination Square roof slopes

calculating the basic parameters of the system, it is possible,relying on them to purchase materials for the construction.

materials for the construction of the roof

For mounting truss system need not only well dried quality wood, but metal fixtures, as well as roofing nails, screws and anchor bolts.

Metal fastening system for connecting structural elements

Metal fasteners for connection

  • system design elements from the metallic elements will need to purchase brackets and fastening of various configurations that will make the design more robust and strong.
The floating mount for connection to the rafters mauerlat

floating mount for connection to the rafters mauerlat

One of them is a sliding bracket.It is set at the bottom of the rafters, fixing them so to mauerlat.By installing it, you can eliminate the risk of deformation of the roof system shrinkage bearing walls.

The floating mounting prevents the deformation of the roof system of walls shrinkage

Floating fixing prevent deformation of the roof system of walls shrinkage

More a long time are used mount bracket.They connect the different parts of the system, for example, rafters and ceiling joists mauerlat or if the roof is raised, for example, a building that has long made it shrink.

In some cases, you can do the usual staples

In some cases, you can do the usual staples

  • required for the manufacture of wooden elements:
Special attention - the quality of the wood for the system installation

special attention - the quality of wood for

mounting system - bar will be needed for laying mauerlat having a cross-section of 100 ×150 mm;

- rafters and horse made from a bar section 50 × 150 mm.Builders, construction of roof systems, it is recommended to make installation of the entire system of beams or boards that have the same cross-section - it gives guarantee durability and reliability construction;

- on top of the rafters system stuffed lathing of boards, the section of which must be 25 × 150 mm.

choosing wood for the rafters of the system, you can rely on the specially composed for this table.It shows the permissible line length (in meters) from softwood (larch, spruce, cedar, pine), depending on its quality section bar and the average value of snow load in this region.

Grade cross section distance between the rafters in mm
mm 300 400 600 300 400 600
Snowload 1,0 kPa 1,5 kPa
Supreme 38 × 89 3.22 2.92 2.55 2.81 2.55 2.23
38 × 140 5.06 4.60 4.02 4.42 4.02 3.54
38 × 184 6.65 6.05 5.28 5.81 5.28 4.61
38 × 235 8.50 7.72 6.74 7.42 6.74 5.89
38 × 286 10.34 9.40 8.21 9.03 8.21 7.17
1 and 2 38 × 89 3.11 2.83 2.47 2.72 2.47 2.16
38 × 140 4.90 4.45 3.89 4.28 3.89 3.40
38 × 184 6.44 5.85 5.11 5.62 5.11 4.41
38 × 235 8.22 7.47 6.38 7.18 6.52 5.39
38 × 286 10.00 9.06 7.40 8.74 7.66 6.25
3 38 × 89 3.06 2.78 2.31 2.67 2.39 1.95
38 × 140 4.67 4.04 3.30 3.95 3.42 2.79
38 × 184 5.68 4.92 4.02 4.80 4.16 3.40
38 × 235 6.95 6.02 4.91 5.87 5.08 4.15
38 × 286 8.06 6.98 6.70 6.81 5.90 4.82
Snow load 2,0 kPa 2,5 kPa
Supreme 38 × 89 4.02 3.65 3.19 3.73 3.39 2.96
38× 140 5.28 4.80 4.19 4.90 4.45 3.89
38 × 184 6.74 6.13 5.35 6.26 5.69 4.97
38× 235 8.21 7.46 6.52 7.62 6.92 5.90
38 × 286 2.47 2.24 1.96 2.29 2.08 1.82
1and 2 38 × 89 3.89 3.53 3.08 3.61 3.28 2.86
38 × 140 5.11 4.64 3.89 4.74 4.31 3.52
38 × 184 6.52 5.82 4.75 6.06 5.27 4.30
38 × 235 7.80 6.76 5.52 7.06 6.11 4.99
38 × 286 2.43 2.11 1.72 2.21 1.91 1.56
3 38 × 89 3.48 3.01 2.46 3.15 2.73 2.23
38 × 140 4.23 3.67 2.99 3.83 3.32 2.71
38 × 184 5.18 4.48 3.66 4.68 4.06 3.31
38 × 235 6.01 5.20 4.25 5.43 4.71 3.84
38 × 286 6.52 5.82 4.75 6.06 5.27 4.30
  • In addition, it will be necessary to buy a roofing material, insulation and vapor barrier film, which is laid on the rafters under crate .As a roofing material for the gambrel roof construction traditionally chosen soft coating - it easier to attach to the complex configuration of such a truss system.Under this roof will need to do the flooring of plywood.
  • also need to purchase an antiseptic composition for the treatment of wood before installation.
  • may need steel wire 4 mm in diameter, to secure some elements in the supporting wall.