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August 12, 2017 18:06

What used to roof decking

Previously, the most popular material for blood is traditionally considered a slate, but now his confidence displaces decking, which has excellent technical and aesthetic characteristics.To know what kind of roof decking to use for the best, you need to consider its different options.

What used to roof decking

What use profiled roof

This roofing material, you can choose the color and thickness, as well as the size of the sheets that gives him a distinct advantage over the traditional slate floors.In addition, it has a relatively small mass, and thanks to the special coating material compositions or colored polymer protective film - different enough durability.

main advantages corrugated

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  • 1 Main advantages of corrugated
  • 2 What types of corrugated board used in construction
    • 2.1 Video: some tips for choosing quality corrugated
    • 2.2 Video: important thing when choosing a professional flooring
  • 3 Sandwich panels of corrugated
  • 4 Influence roof pitch on the calculation of
    the required amount of corrugated
  • 5 Installation of roof sheeting
    • 5.1 Videohow to Install a roofing sheeting
    • 5.2 Video: what determines the price of corrugated board

Profiled increasingly chosen the owners of houses and cottages as a roofing material, as it has many advantages over other types of coatings.Its positive qualities are:

  • Environmental cleanliness of all components roof, - this is one of the major advantages of this material.
  • Variety of colors allows you to achieve harmony in the design of the exterior home - this criterion for many homeowners is also not in last place.
  • Choice of various protective coatings steel plate and finishing material. if necessary, you can purchase profiled without polymer protection.
  • Affordable roofing material, which is for many the defining factor when choosing.
  • twelve-length sheet of corrugated board allows you to cover the entire length of almost any roof slope without horizontal connections.
  • Easy to install, which you can spend on their own, inviting only one assistant.

What types of corrugated board used in construction

Before buy decking, you must familiarize yourself with the merits of his species, since it is used not only for roofing but also for the device of fences, gatesand even light wall designs.

Profnstil can vary the thickness of the metal sheet , the shape and height of the waves , the coating mind coloring

Profnstil can vary the thickness of the metal sheet, shape and height of the waves, coating mind coloring

1. This material may marked as follows:

  • The letter "H" refers to a carrierroofing material, which is used for roofing or flooring in floor decks.
  • « NA », ie .versatile option, which is used not only for roofing but also for wall cladding as well as installation of fencing .
  • third brand sheeting denoted by the letter "C", that is only a wall material.

2. addition material are distinguished by technical features that deal with metal thickness, wave height, as well as the parameters of curved trapezoidal.

Parameters of various series of corrugated board

parameters of various series of corrugated

is important to note that the height of the corrugations and metal thickness is mainly determined stiffness and strength trapezoidal sheet, what they are above the tougher material.Produced corrugated board having a wave height of 10 to 114 mm.

material thickness may vary between 0.1 and 0.8 mm.It also directly affects the strength of the material.

3. Another one, an important parameter when choosing a type of corrugated sheeting.

  • to cover the roof may well be recommended for use galvanized profile sheet, since it is not only affordable and suitable for this purpose on the quality, but also has the ability to reflect the sun's rays, so less heat in the hot summer days.However, due to the decorative reasons for residential use it rarely, and mostly it is used for the arrangement of the roof garages or outbuildings.

Galvanized steel is applied to whether Article with dv uh parties electrolyte proce ss etc. Gadfly hot way.

  • addition galvanized, coated and silico coating on the thin steel sheets.It gives them great resistance to negative external influences.In addition, these sheets are durable and long duration operation.
  • for coating steel cold rolled sheets used a combination of aluminum-zinc coating.Its lifetime is less than the previous one, since it has a lower strength and resistance to aggressive external atmospheric pressure and humidity resistance.

4. If the roof is chosen not only for reliability material, but also as a decorative element of the exterior of the structure, it is possible to buy corrugated board having a polymer color coating.Its quality depends on the initial polymer:

  • Polyester professional flooring gives a good decorative effect, but unfortunately, the coating is short-lived and susceptible to peeling from the metal substrate.
  • coating on the starting polymer - PVDF is considered the most high-quality material for roofing.It has the highest characteristics of durability and resistance to UV and chemical influences.Therefore, decking, covered with this stuff, quite expensive, but has the longest service life, thus justifying its high price.
  • Pyral be called analogue PVDF , as it has very close to him properties.The advantage of covering sheeting made based on it, are quite high operational performance, and at the same time - more "democratic" price.

5. Diagram of high-quality corrugated board is as follows:

Corrugated structure has a multilayer protective coating

Decking has a multilayer structure of the protective coating

on steel corrugated sheet is applied to one of the anticorrosive coatings mentioned above.Then put another one protective chromate layer that provides good adhesion for subsequent layers .

Further, sheets coated with a primer and then applied to one of the decorative coatings.The colors may be different, therefore, choosing a roof, you can always pick up her color shades to the walls of the house.

Produced corrugated board in different color tones by standard directories

profiled Available in various color tones according to standard directories

6. Connection and fastening of sheets of corrugated board on on guide- crates follows.

Driving to the corrugated sheathing fastening screws

fixing scheme sheeting to the sheathing screws

  • For fixing special screws are used to pick up the color of the flooring.
Screws can be matched to the color of the sheet

Screws can be matched to the color of the sheet

  • for screwing them in floorings in the right place at the pre-drilled hole.Then it using a special hexagon tips on Shurupova Hg VC ruchivaetsya screw.

Video: some tips for choosing quality corrugated

Video: important thing when choosing a professional flooring

Sandwich panels of corrugated

Apply decking and for the manufacture of sandwich panels, which are ideally suited for creating insulated roof slope, as well as for cladding frame walls.

Particularly useful in insulated sandwich panel made ​​of corrugated board

particularly useful in insulated sandwich panels of corrugated

Sandwich panels consist of two sheets of corrugated board and sandwiched between insulating material.As thermal insulators can be used, Basalt mineral wool, polyurethane or polystyrene.For the use of the roof panel with the outside of the load-bearing profile sheets with high waves, reaching 140 - 160 mm, and the inside of the - even if Article ofnastila etc., can be wall type.

addition of two-layer sandwich panels, manufactured and sandwich options is calculated on the clearance of the inside of the attic.Construction sandwich panels as follows.

The three-layer sandwich panels

three-layer sandwich panels

advantage of this composite material is that it is able to solve at once three problems that arise when roof device - this insulation, sound insulation and safe roof.

If the roof is used for conventional thin corrugated board, then all still have to do insulation of the roof, especially in homes that are located in the colder regions of the country.A sandwich panel rid of extra activities, as well to cope with all tasks that need to be solved by the device of the roof.

Panels intended to cover the roof, necessarily have special locks to help connect the two panels.Most often, they are the same wavelength without insulation sheeting material.

The positive qualities of this roofing material include:

  • economy - in the sense that a single action "t kill t PEX birds";
  • ease of installation;
  • heat resistance, especially when used with mineral wool panels;
  • immediately solve the problem, not only the outer coating of the roof, and interior finishing the attic;
  • low weight, which reduces the load on the load-bearing walls .

addition to using sandwich panels for roofing, they are used for thermal insulation of walls of industrial, residential and commercial buildings, built from different materials.

Influence roof pitch on calculations t t rebuemogo amount corrugated

When selecting a professional flooring is very important to consider the roof pitch as necessary to ensure good drainage of water during the summer precipitation andabundant snow melts.From the angle of inclination it depends on what size of adjacent sheets overlap each other needs to be done if the roof is covered from the ridge to the eaves is not one solid sheet, but composed of several.

The dependence of overlapping sheets of corrugated board and batten spacing on the steepness of the roof

dependence of overlapping sheets of corrugated board and batten spacing on the steepness of the roof

  • For example, if the slope is 10 degrees, the sheets stack overlapping 300 mm and, plus, in order to avoid leakage, in addition towaterproofing sheets overlaps coat with sealant.
  • When deviations from 10 to 15 degrees, the overlap should be at least 200 mm.
  • When a slope of 15 to 30 degrees overlap amount may be reduced to 170 mm.If provided for steeper slopes, it will be enough, even 100 - 150 mm.

Recommended roof slope for the flooring of the roofing material must be at least 20 degrees.In extreme cases, when the roof is covered is already finished, and remodel it impractical slope should not be less than 10 degrees.In this case, as mentioned above, seam sealant necessarily greased.

addition, it is necessary to take into account that if the roof pitch is small, up to 10 degrees, and then the material shall be laid in the width overlapped not one but two waves.

Installation of roof sheeting

For mounting a roof of corrugated board it is best to enlist the aide

For mounting a roof of corrugated board is best to enlist the aide

  • Under flooring roofing material necessarily arranged crate .Her step also depends on the slope gradient.Boards crates packed solid plane, if the roof has a small slope ramp - up to 10 degrees.The angle is greater than, the spacing between the batten wider boards.Usually on the slopes of the average slope is - 450 mm, angles above 30 degrees - 600 mm .
  • Crate stuffed at calving on waterproofing film , which is fixed to the rafters with thin strips kontrobreshetki .All wood used for the roof of the device, must be pre-treated with antiseptic compositions.
  • perpendicular rails kontrobreshetki stuffed with selected step guide crates , which will form the basis for a roof of corrugated board.
  • Before starting the installation, you need to carry out verification of measurement diagonal slope.If they are of different length, they need to align, adding crate additional elements.
  • Installation sheets starts from the end bottom of the roof, if for each vertical row using multiple sheets.Laying continues right to left or vice versa.Having reached the opposite end of the roof, you need to go back to the edge, which fit the previous row.Another option - to lay the sheets in steps, in the sequence shown below:
The order of stacking sheets of corrugated board

order of stacking sheets of corrugated

  • first sheet is not fixed immediately thorough - his first fastens one screw to be able to precisely equalize with a secondleaf on a wave and edged cornice.
  • After flooring the second sheet overlapping at first, they are bonded to each other to deepen the wavelength increments of 350 - 400 mm.
  • screws are screwed too tightly, otherwise the metal underneath can be deformed.
  • Advance fastened to corrugated board is not recommended, in order to avoid his subsidence.It is best to provide for a special ladder that is assigned to horse to to ryshi and rearranged as needed.

Video: How to Install a roofing sheeting

estimated cost of corrugated

Tse on on this material can vary depending on the country.Of course, influence on this factor and specifications of corrugated board:

  • thickness of the metal base plate;
  • material and quality decorative coating;
  • marking sheeting at its destination ( wall or roof);
  • presence insulation sheets;
  • useful area of ​​the sheet;

Tse on to material ranges from 150 to 500 rubles per square meter.

Video: what determines the price of corrugated board

After master of the house will be determined with the necessary kind of corrugated him - his thick, tall waves, coating quality, color and etc, sure to conduct a preliminary calculation, based on the size of the roof, the corners of her ramps and linear parameters of commercially available sheets.Only then can you go to the store to place an order for the desired amount of material.