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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to wash whitewash from the ceiling - the preparation of the solution , cleaning methods

Removal of the old whitewash from the ceiling in the bathroom
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  • surface gently, spot!
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  • technology solution with your hands

Every repair starts with that first removed all the old finish.This includes and whitewashing the ceiling.If you have plans for a suspended or ceiling mounted, then wash off whitewashing optional.But if you're going to repaint the ceiling or even pokleit wallpaper on it, then remove the whitewash need.The process itself is complicated only by the fact that there may be tired hands, because they constantly have to keep raised.For the rest, wash whitewash is not so difficult.To learn how to wash whitewash from the ceiling, read our article.

Removal of whitewash from the ceiling


To remove whitewash from the ceiling, you can use in several ways.All of them are quite simple to execute, and the different solutions used.

  • Flushing whitewash water. The bottom line is that you need to wet the ceiling with plenty of water.Select a certain area, which is moistened with water using a spray gun.The water should be absorbed well,
    you will understand it by swelling of chalk.Then it is recommended for some time to wait, and sprinkle the surface with water again.After that whitewashing is easy to remove with a spatula.However, if it actually begins to drain through it, the water too much.We have to wait until it is completely absorbed by the chalk.Conversely, if a lot of dust from the underlayer, the water was not enough.After removing the whitewash the ceiling with a spatula further washed.
  • Specialized remover. in hardware store, you can find a wash whitewash.In its composition, it is the glue by which hardens whitewash.Remover is sprayed on the ceiling, and after solidification of whitewash easily cleaned off any toolbox.The process is quite simple, though the dirt will still be many.
  • soap solution. Two tablespoons of grated soap dissolved in ten liters of water, they also added and five tablespoons of baking soda.This solution effectively allows sufficient wash whitewash.This happens due to the soda reacts with the chalk.Whitewashing begins to peel off, and it softens the soap, then to it was convenient to remove it with a spatula.
Moisten with water ceiling
Special remover
Soapy water to remove whitewash

Surface preparation

preparatory stage first requires the collection of all relevant instruments.Typically, the main tool used to remove whitewash, this spatula. desirable to have had two spatula: a wide and a narrow blade. Useful dispenser, which will be convenient to humidify the ceiling, but you can use a paint roller.Near must be prepared by a bucket of water.

Humidification water ceiling

required to change into appropriate clothing and safety goggles to close their eyes, so that they do not hit the dirt from the ceiling.The head is also better to close the cap, so as not to dirty hair.

Overalls for working

must try to free up room on the interior parts.If you move all the furniture there is no way, then close the film and fix the result of tape.Flooring is also desirable to cover the film or newspapers, or later have a long and troublesome to wash them from dust and whitewash.Leave space in front of the damp cloth to wipe their feet on it when you leave the room.And then you have to also wash your same tracks.

Ideally, it is necessary to protect the respiratory system and a respirator. Imagine how much dust will crumble.If you breathe it all, it is unlikely that it will end with something good.

Wallpaper is definitely not save.Therefore, if you do not plan to glue them, and you are only interested in the ceiling, you have to somehow protect even the walls of dirt.All the chandeliers and lampshades are dismantled.The windows are protected as a film, which is best mounted on an adhesive tape.

Protect walls from dirt and dust

All work is best done wearing rubber gloves, as chalk very strongly dries the skin.

Caution spot!

When the room has not been renovated for a long time, on the ceiling spots may appear over time.If you at least once flooded neighbors, then there are rusty spots.Most often they appear next to the pipe riser.But whatever their origin, still good enough.Whitewash the ceiling again pointless, because spots are not masked, and will continue to emerge and by fresh layers of whitewash.

Whitewashing in this case should be removed completely.

If you notice traces of mold, then get rid of it would have cleaned the ceiling almost to the ground, and then process it specialized tools.

Stains on the ceiling

We have already mentioned that removing the whitewash for the installation of suspended or false ceilings is not necessary.To mold this principle does not work.If it will, then over time you will notice it is already on the wall.

learn how, read our other article to get rid of mold in the bathroom.

Yellow spots near pipes


Clear ceiling of whitewash in several ways:

  • Using special wash to remove whitewash from the ceiling
  • Wash whitewash the usual water used in large quantities
  • newspapers adhere to the ceiling. Despite the odd name, this method is very effective and easier than flush.Its essence is that whitewashing is not washed off and removed.Spread newspaper conventional adhesive and attach it to the ceiling and let the edge is not glued.After some time, you can pluck the newspaper.Of course, it comes off with it, and whitewash.The method is more convenient that the ceiling will keep clean, and the room will be less dust.What remains of glue and whitewash, washed out a simple mop.
  • application of paste. will take boiled water from the liquid with flour paste.His cooled roller and distributed along the surface.Once it hardens, whitewash easily behind the ceiling and pieces.The method is effective in that the dust is formed not so much.The paste is a kind of analogue of specialized washing, it can only be prepared at home.
The use of special means for washing
Removal of the old whitewash newspaper
Removing whitewash special vacuum cleaner


Consider the stages of traditional wash whitewash from the ceiling.

  • Do you have water and a spray bottle.Now we need to moisten the ceiling.Try to make it evenly.If you pour much water in the same location, it eventually begins to flow down from the ceiling.Whitewashing should it absorb moisture.Only in this case, chalk swell.So take a small area of ​​a few square meters, and start them evenly moistened.If you notice that the water is absorbed, then wait 10 minutes, and then re-moisten the same site.
  • Now you can eliminate the old whitewash.At this stage in handy spatula, and which will have to clean off whitewash.If you properly moisturize the ceiling, the chalk will lag behind it in thin layers.If whitewash flows through spatula, then you have used too much water.
  • to work continuously until one of the ceiling absorbs water before the second run, moisturize the rest areas.As long as you clean off the chalk from one place, the other is already being impregnated with water.
  • At the end of the ceiling should be cleaned.This will help warm water and a sponge foam.Check the quality of work is easy: when the ceiling is dry from the water, share it with your finger.If your finger is not white traces, you did everything correctly.If the surface remains a little chalk, you do not need to re-start the washing.Enough to put on a primer for the ceiling whitewashed surfaces.

solution with their hands

To buy specialized tools to remove the whitewash, try to cook them at home.

  1. Pour into a bucket of five liters of water, add vinegar and two small cap ordinary bath foam.
  2. This solution is applied to the ceiling, then you need to wait until it softens the layer of whitewash.He cleared it with a scraper or spatula.
  3. to chalk whitewash it easier to remove from the ceiling previously in a bucket of hot water, add 1 kg of common salt, and then cool the water to warm, but not cold.
Using a spray bottle
Removing whitewash sponge

lime wash stronger than chalk and wash it much more difficult:

  1. Use recipe soap solution, where a bucket of water dissolve messes couplespoons of grated soap and five spoons of soda.
  2. This composition is not sprayed on the ceiling.They moisten the sponge or roller, which is rubbed and prepared area.

If you prefer to prepare a paste, then dissolve in cold water, flour or starch:

  1. proportion is 2 tablespoons per 200 ml of water.Boil
  2. separately in another vessel water (in the proportion of the prepared solution to a glass 2 L water).
  3. After the water boils add the solution with flour or starch and cook until thick mass.Ostuzhennoy paste is ready for application.