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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to glue the ceiling tiles with their hands : options milestones

Making the ceiling in the bathroom ceiling tile
  • Benefits
  • Preparation ceiling
  • Tools for
  • adhesive Choice
  • Options gluing
    • Diagonal
    • Rombach
    • parallel wall
  • Stages
  • Sticking ceiling moldings

high concentration of moisture in the bathroom needs to have been used in the repair of water resistant material.In the role of alternatives for finishing the ceiling, you can see the ceiling tile.It is made of polystyrene foam, which gives it many advantages.

The range of ceiling tiles


. Pros use ceiling tiles as follows:

  • she just glued, whereby it is possible to make finishing the ceiling on its own, without attracting specialists;
  • and adhesive and tiles are very cheap enough.Compare the cost of consumables with the price of suspended ceilings, and you will see the difference;
  • it will last a long time, without being subject to deformation and moisture;
  • of a tile is easy enough to take care of;
  • fungus and mold is very easy to prevent;
  • manufacturers offer various options of colors and patterns, so the tile is suitable for any design.
Tiles on the ceiling

If you decide to carry out the ceiling tiles finish it, then consider all the steps that will help get the job done efficiently.

Preparation ceiling

Although polystyrene, more simply, the foam is a fairly undemanding material that can be glued anywhere, it does not mean that the ceiling does not need to prepare to finish.

old wallpaper or paint must be removed.If the ceiling has the remnants of putty, then from them, too, need to get rid of.If something is impossible to remove, it is recommended not to touch the surface, but then you have to consider what should be the thickness of the tile.Thin and smooth tiles underline once again the places that process did not work, as they will shine through it.The best way out - zashpatlevat ceiling with a thin layer, so that he at least was a uniform color.

Prepare the ceiling for pasting

If the tile is thick or has patterns and embossing, the problem areas neobodrannyh itself disappears.Cracks and uneven ceiling is also desirable zashpatlevat.It is not necessary to achieve an absolute smoothness.And finally walk across the ceiling primer mix concrete.It will help to consolidate the top layer of putty and remove dust.

Beginning of gluing tiles to the ceiling

Tools for

set of tools for gluing foam tiles:

  • sharp knife or construction of office facilities;
  • long line;
  • pencil;
  • gun, with which you will apply the adhesive;
  • level;
  • stool, ladder or other items that will help you to be near the ceiling;
  • clean cloth;
  • rope.
tiles Trimming

adhesive Choice

If solvent-based adhesive contains - bypass his party, the foam will not sustain its action.Try conventional drip glue "Moment" on the tile and immediately see how the material starts to melt, until there is a hole.

for foam tiles ideal option will be "liquid nails", or, in other words, transparent adhesive. find it absolutely in any store building materials.It is necessary to consider such brands as "torque-Installation", "Titan Wild".In principle, it can go even PVA.

By setting the speed and the ability to stick together all the glues not much different.But the same "moment-Installation" is sold in tubes that are easy to fill in the gun.And the quality is noticeably better, but its price is higher, and greater consumption.

Adhesive for ceiling tiles


gluing Gluing the tiles on the ceiling is acceptable in many ways.For example, if the sticking is carried out from the bath center of the room, the result looks very aesthetically pleasing.But the center is not always easy to find, and at the base of the lamp to work not too easy.Therefore, you can start a chat with her.The most offensive - is if one of the walls will go a narrow strip of tiles, which are of different widths.

You can use the method of gluing on the angle of the bathroom.This is not always the best option, and the better it looks in asymmetrical rooms.Begin to glue usually from the opposite angle of entry.

Bonding of tiles on the center of the room

Consider the types of ceiling tiles arrangement.


necessary to mark the ceiling right before gluing.Take two ropes and pull them between opposite corners of the bathroom.At the intersection of the ropes will be the geometric center of the room.After marking, you can start gluing the tiles.

Ceiling tiles diagonally


For this method, there is a very well-known scheme: from the center of the ceiling, measure a certain number of squares.Each of them should go diagonal lines.Corner tiles must be in the center of the ceiling, and side - lying along the line.This method of gluing requires increased material consumption compared with the rest.

Ceiling tiles diamond

parallel wall

This is one of the easiest ways of gluing the tiles.But it is appropriate in that case, when you are sure that the bathroom wall smooth.This scheme is laid out along the walls of the first row of tiles, and the next is already glued in parallel rows.

Ceiling tiles horizontally


pokleit tile is a snap.But the first thing need to start - is to determine the number of tiles.To do this, you need the room and size of the tile size.Then quite easy to calculate how many tiles squares need to paste over its ceiling. Take stock of material, as may be necessary to cut the tiles, or to let the walls along narrow strips to fill the gap.

All the work can be divided into a certain sequence of steps:

  • decide to start with what all the same way you glue the tiles.Other actions carried out has given the decision that you took.
  • Mark out a pencil ceiling.Take the time to complete this milestone, as it will be a shame if the tile suddenly move out when glueing.It is better to spend a little more time, but get high quality results.For the convenience of layout stretch diagonally from one corner of the room to the other rope.At the intersection of the two ropes, you'll find the center of the bathroom.And from him markup easier to do.
  • mark the ceiling?Well, proceed to step gluing.Carefully apply glue around the perimeter of the tile and diagonally crosswise.For applying the adhesive, you can use a gun, and it is possible to squeeze out the old-fashioned it out of the tube.
  • Push the tile to the ceiling and secure it to the designated place for a few seconds.The first tiles should take the exact location.Her hand corner and should be in accordance with the markings.This point is very important, as it depends from the first follow-sticking tiles.If it is placed unevenly, the rest of you will not be able to align.While the glue did not have time to grab, the tiles can still be moved a little bit, if necessary.
  • Alternately glue the rest of the tiles according to the markings.Try to arrange them more tightly to each other that there was no noticeable seams or gaps.
  • If the seams have turned out quite noticeable that after the gluing can be zashpatlevat.Or is there a better way out - silicone sealant, which fills the gap.By covering it will appear seamless.
Layout ceiling for gluing tiles
Apply the adhesive on the tile
Ready ceiling

Sticking ceiling moldings

Ceiling plinth - is not only beautiful.They attach finality repair bath rooms, and also have a purely practical value: they can be used to hide the irregularities when gluing tiles or failed joints with the wall.If somewhere there was a messy cropped tiles, the uneven edge can also close the ceiling moldings.

glue them easy.Before starting work, you need to calculate the required amount of materials. Stages do not take up a lot of time:

  • Plinths should be evenly trimmed, so attach a strap to the corner of one wall and at a distance of 10 cm from the angle of slide on the bar with a pencil line.In the adjacent walls do all the same with the other strap.They are then in turn applied to the angle between adjacent walls and a pencil mark abutment seats.After skirting is cut at an angle of 45 degrees to make a mark.
  • glued plinth as tiles on the "liquid nails".
  • plinth is applied to the corner at the junction of wall and ceiling and pressed for a few seconds.If there is any excess glue, then they should immediately be removed with a clean cloth.
  • Observe the integrity of the picture, if it is available on the baseboards.There are obstacles on the site of installation plinth, cut it, the appropriate size of the obstacles form.

If the walls in the bathroom is not very smooth, if you will press strongly to the corner of the plinth - it deforms.It is better to leave a gap, and then repaired it with putty.

Trimming the plinth
Apply the adhesive on the plinth
Bonding ceiling moldings