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August 12, 2017 18:06

Rack and pinion ceiling in the bathroom with their hands : mounting and installation

Multi-level rack ceiling in the bathroom
  • What is a rack ceiling?
  • design features and characteristics
  • Benefits
  • Texture and color
  • Mounting own hands
  • Fixtures
  • design options
  • main brands and manufacturers
  • price of materials and installation

Repair in the bathroom is alwaysmatter of a long, time-consuming and costly.The mere laying of floor tiles is worth something!That is why today, many are trying to save time, effort and money, self-mounting the rack ceiling in the bathroom.The fact that this kind of ceiling and you need to know about them before you buy, we will discuss in this article.

Rack and pinion ceiling in the bathroom

What is a rack ceiling?

Rack ceiling - this is one of the varieties of suspended ceilings, which consist of several modules (rails), connected by a close or with additional inserts, and suspended from the ceiling on a special bus.In many respects, such ceilings are very similar to suspended ceilings from plastic panels or lining, but differ in material manufacturing and mounting technology.

Fasteners for strip ceiling

length of one module r

ack ceiling can vary widely, but in most cases, the standard length of three or four meters.. The width of the standard panel - about 10 cm

Rack and pinion ceiling in the bathroom mat

design features and characteristics

Depending on the type of construction, there are three main types of racks:

  • Open slats. between them has a width of about 1.5 cm air gap, which is closed by a decorative profile.This ceiling organically and looks good only on large will look out of place in a small bathroom.
  • Closed slats. They are closely attached to each other, creating a single fabric with minimal gaps between the slats.
  • Reiki with inserts. When mounting this type of ceiling, the gaps between the slats are filled with metal strips.The surface turns out perfectly flat and looks very original in terms of design.
Closed rack pinion ceiling in the bathroom
Aluminum suspended ceilings for bathroom

Depending on the manufacturing material, suspended ceilings are made of metal, usually made of aluminum - it is light and almost no rust, which is ideal for rooms with highhumidity, and plastic.


main advantages:

  • simplicity of design. Pinion ceilings quite easy to install, even without having a rich experience in this field.Furthermore, the materials used to manufacture slats usually are so light that the handle assembly is not too difficult even alone.
  • ventilation. Due to the fact that between the rails usually have a large width clearances, it provides additional ventilation.For the bathroom, for areas with high humidity, it is very important and useful addition.
  • The rack easy to install ceiling light fixtures.
  • durability. Some vendors promise up to 25 or more years of successful operation of their ceilings.
  • These ceilings are fire resistant.
  • suspended ceilings provide additional heat and sound insulation.
  • under any false ceiling convenient to mount the wiring.However, an advantage strip ceilings, made of aluminum panels, is that in the event of any problems with the wiring has been, part of the ceiling can be easily taken apart and see what was the cause of the problem.Unlike, for example, suspended ceilings.
  • When used ceilings with a reflective surface, it is possible to expand the space visually.
  • If desired, using rails can perform zoning premises.
  • Low cost .Although rack ceiling is more expensive than, for example, a ceiling made of plastic PVC panels, it is more durable and longer retains its original appearance.
  • Behind them easy to care for and clean.
Mirrored ceiling rack in bathroom
Lamps mounted in rack ceiling
White ceiling in the bathroom

Texture and color

When installing suspended ceilings is important to consider the direction of mounting rails.As you know, the rack can be positioned vertically or horizontally.An important factor here is the length of the rail and the maximum length of the ceiling.

One of the tangible advantages of such ceilings is the variety of different colors and shades.If desired, the rack can be painted conventional waterproof paint on the color that the customer's interests.However, in most cases, customers prefer the ceiling, made by chrome, copper or gold - they reflect the surface, give interesting play of light and are able to visually expand the space.

Silver rack ceiling in the bathroom

Mounting own hands

Before starting the installation, you will need to buy the following materials in the hardware store:

  • directly rails you need the length and in the required amount.To determine how many strips you need, first measure and the length and width of the ceiling in the bathroom, and then divide it by the length or width of the rack, depending on how you plan to lay rail - along or across.
  • Guide profiles, which simultaneously perform the function of decorative moldings.
  • Suspended elements.
  • Fastening yokes for the rails.
  • Fasteners.
Driving rack ceiling mounting

In addition, you'll need to work:

  • Drill or punch;
  • Roulette;
  • Building level;
  • Screwdriver Set;
  • screwdriver.
Mounting rack ceiling

Installation is carried out in several stages:

  1. Prepare the ceiling for installation - Thoughtful the places where you plan to place lights.Cut the profiles and slats required length you, treat bevels.Prepare holes for light fixtures.
  2. With the construction level put on the wall marking the places where will be located the guides and fix them on the walls around the room.
  3. Install hangers on the corresponding guide height.On average, the suspensions are set at a distance of 0.7-1.5 m from each other.
  4. Fasten yoke (or as they are called stringers or bus), which will be mounted rails.
  5. Remove the protective film strips, and attach the rail to the guide and to traverse.
  6. Mask the joints (if necessary).


Usually used with slatted ceiling spotlights - they do an excellent job with their task and it does not conceal the extra space.However, if you wish, you can use conventional lamps or chandeliers.But be careful - rack ceiling due to their design reduces the height of the ceiling in the bathroom an average of 10-15 cm If you are already low ceilings, better still give preference to built-in lights..

Built- in rack ceiling lamps

design options

There are two common variants of design suspended ceilings:

  • German design - characterized by clear lines and shapes.Used, including, in the manufacture of multilevel ceilings.
  • Italian design - is characterized by rounded shapes.Usually used for mounting monolithic ceiling with the joints sealed.
German multi-level Ceiling design

However, there is also the so-called Christmas tree design - a kind way of rails arrangement, in which the panels are located on the ceiling of a herringbone pattern.If skillfully combine different colors and textures in this design can be achieved quite an interesting effect.

Option stacking rack ceiling

main brands and manufacturers

The abundance of different brands and manufacturers of building materials is now dazzled.The pioneers in relation to suspended ceilings in the domestic market has become a Dutch company HUNTER DOUGLAS.

Another popular manufacturer of suspended ceilings is an Italian company PROMETAL.

Earlier Italy in our market was also represented by CATENA, but its share in the domestic market has been steadily declining due to high competition.

gaining increasing popularity ARMSTRONG company, whose history goes back more than 150 years.

most popular domestic manufacturer of suspended ceilings is a company Albes.Also worth mentioning is the company LyumSvet, Bard and SCANDY.

Rack ceiling of Russian production

price of materials and installation

cost rack ceiling installation composed of several factors: the cost directly themselves consumables, ceiling area and the cost of installation.

cost panels depends primarily on the country and the manufacturer.The cost of one rail three meters in length starting at 120 rubles and above.

installation work cost is difficult to predict because it depends on which city you live in, as well as on your ability to negotiate.Installation rack ceiling services are provided by a professional construction companies that charge for their services more, but offer some sort of guarantee the quality of their work, as well as private construction crews.Before you make a choice in favor of a construction crew, carefully review the price range for the related service in your city and if possible read the reviews about her work on the Internet.

Ready rack ceiling in the bathroom