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August 12, 2017 18:06

Stretch ceiling in the bathroom - the pros and cons , especially the choice of

Stretch ceiling in the bathroom
  • Features
  • choice for quality and benefits
  • materials manufacturing requirements
  • Installation - sequence
  • mounting How to prevent errors during installation?
  • Care
  • Designer Tips - colors, fashion trends
  • lighting options

use of stretch ceiling in the bathroom is a very correct decision.The colors and textures of a large range of films allow you to create a work of art in his bathroom.

Features selection

Depending on your financial opportunities in the construction market there are different manufacturers of suspended ceilings.These include companies in China, Germany, France, Belgium and even Russia. the highest quality are the German and French ceilings. Further, the quality of the film are Belgian.And most are cheap Chinese-made ceilings.

Stretch ceiling in the bathroom

Before you make a choice manufacturer stretch ceiling, it should be borne in mind that the film French and German production has a width of no more than two meters .Therefore, if your bathroom is large, it is necessary to make cros

s-linking of the film. Stretch ceilings of other manufacturers have a width of film of 4 meters .We believe that this is a very important factor when choosing a stretch ceiling.

Weld on Stretch Ceilings

next criterion is the color palette of films.It is important that the ceiling in harmony with the tone of the whole room, complement the design of the bathroom.

main color selection criteria:

  • Shade selection to match tiles.Many buyers adheres to this criterion.This solution is standard and looks nice, but the room is becoming common.And so you want to look original bathroom.
  • color Selecting a tone frieze.If frieze has the same hue as the tiles, but also a ceiling to pick up in the same color scheme, everything merges into a single mass.A good solution would be a combination of ceiling frieze and tile from the tile then be displayed in a different color.
  • Selecting the color tone of plumbing and furniture. It should be borne in mind that most of the sanitary equipment is white, so it is not desirable to use a white film.According to this rule, you can make a choice of the ceiling of the film, if the ceramic tile and sanitary ware and furniture products are presented in different color shades.
  • color selection depending on the tone of decorative elements. If bathroom decor you use the horizontal or vertical stripes of contrasting colors, the ceiling, you can pick up the tone of this band.This room will look modern and original.
  • Choice of color depending on the color of the flooring. To visually expand the space the bathroom ceiling and the floor should be submitted in opposite colors. This technique is often used by professional designers , to enlarge a small or a small bathroom.
The ceiling in tone tiles
Stretch ceiling in tone frieze
The ceiling in the color of the furniture in the bathroom
The ceiling in the color of the decor
The ceiling in the color of the flooring

quality and benefits

use in the bathroom of a stretch ceiling requirements is gaining more and morepopularity, because it is perfectly suited to this room, and do not have drawbacks.Is it possible to note only one drawback, which is sharp and pointed objects can damage it.

stretch ceiling has a lot of advantages that allow it to use it in the bathroom.

These include:

  • he is not afraid of water and high humidity. This is a major plus in choosing this type of ceiling.The film is a stretch ceiling is not only does not change its properties under high humidity, but also be able to keep the room from flooding from above.Stretch ceiling can withstand a very large volume of water based on the fact that one square meter is able to hold up to one hundred liters of water.If suddenly there will be flooding the bathroom above, then all the water will keep the film and turn into a bubble.Then you need only pierce it to flush, and the film will be in its place;
  • long life. If properly carry out an installation of a stretch ceiling, even the ceiling of Chinese production will last 15 years.For years, your ceiling will look perfect, you forget about the possibility of shedding plaster or that can crack the paint;
  • huge opportunities in terms of aesthetics. Variety film allows you to decorate any bathroom design.You can use glossy or matte ceiling, monochromatic or use several color tones.Also, the huge popularity of the ceiling with a pattern, which is applied by printing.This figure will be the highlight of the bathroom and perfectly fit into any style.If the bathroom space is large enough, you can use the suspended ceiling in several levels;
  • does not require special care. to stretch the presence of antistatic properties is characteristic ceilings, so they do not remain any dust or dirt.And to make cleaning a simple, damp sponge or soft cloth;
  • Installation of suspended ceilings is carried out quite simply. If you have all the necessary tools for installation, it is possible to perform the installation yourself without the involvement of professionals;
  • prior to installation of stretch ceiling is not necessary to align the surface. All that is needed before mounting the film - is the construction of the frame.
Stretch ceiling pink
Colorful ceiling in the bathroom
stretch ceiling for Care
Multi-level frame under the suspended ceiling

materials manufacturing

For the manufacture of suspended ceilings used a very strong film of polyvinyl chloride, which is pulled over the mounting frame.PVC film has advantages and disadvantages in use.

main advantages of PVC material:

  • ability to withstand heavy loads, without changing its properties. Water leakage from the neighbors above will not spoil your repair.You are free to pump out the water, after which the ceiling will return to its original appearance.A can be contacted with a team that produced the installation of your ceiling, and employees quickly eliminate all the consequences of flooding.
  • PVC has a huge range of colors textures and colors .So stretch ceiling perfectly accentuate and enhance any interior design bathroom.It all depends on your taste and choice.The ceiling can be matte or glossy, perforated, mirror, embossed, silk, leather, marble, wood or plaster to imitate, and many other materials.
The water in the top of stretch ceilings
Sagging stretch ceiling

Minor cons PVC material:

  • Ceiling PVC is not installed in unheated rooms, because at least five degrees it loses its properties andIt cracks.
  • small web width contributes to the fact that for large bathrooms glue material, as a result may be visible seams.They are virtually invisible.If you use a tape of satin, the seams, generally invisible.
Satin stretch ceiling in the bathroom

huge popularity of seamless ceilings.They are made of polyester, which is further impregnated with polyurethane.Material also pull on the frame.Seamless stretch ceiling is very similar to stained.

Seamless tension ceiling

advantages of seamless tension ceilings:

  • Seamless tension ceiling is used in unheated rooms , as it is able to withstand temperatures of up to minus forty degrees.Very popular is the ceiling on loggias and balconies, or in country houses where no one lives in the winter, and so the room and not heated.
  • in widths up to three meters , and this length is almost always enough for the bathroom ceiling, so you can forget about the seams.
  • not use heat gun when installing seamless ceiling. It is mounted in the cold-preset ceiling baguette.
Installation seamless ceiling

Disadvantages seamless stretch ceilings:

  • small range of color palette and textures.Most of these ceilings can be in white, beige, black, green or gray.
  • After flooding seamless ceiling requires complete replacement.If the leak is small and its time to liquidate, there is a chance that it will not affect the film properties.But the big flood a huge area he would not survive.

  • only dry cleaning is acceptable.The use of wet cloths should be forgotten.

Installation - sequence

mounting Assemble the stretch ceiling alone is difficult, almost impossible, only because of the use of special equipment during assembly.mounting technology is fairly simple, but it is necessary to pay special attention to tools to carry out these works.Not everyone can boast of having tools such as a gas gun or a hammer.Another requires a screwdriver, grinders, drills and special spatula.So it is better to give up the installation of stretch ceiling professionals.

sequence stretch ceiling installation has several stages:

first step is to carry out installation profiles. Its installation is made only in the level of the horizon.It is necessary to take note of some important points:

  • fixture profile to the wall should be carried out every 10-15 cm;
  • in the corners of the profile is only possible to make an incision and bend, complete cutting should not be done;
  • to seal the joints of the profiles, a special metallic tape;
  • all joints of the profile, which had been cut off, a good clean and remove burrs.
Mounting profile

If you want to create the lighting on the ceiling in the bathroom, it is necessary to make a bookmark required details and pre-wiring to conduct electricity cables.

  • for mounting spotlights used a special plastic ring, which is attached to the ceiling plates.Fasteners should be in the area of ​​the ceiling.
  • Now you can pull the ceiling.To begin, it is suspended by its corners, and then the gas should be heated gun indoor air.
  • After softening the film, it should be attached on the perimeter of the profile.To fill all the corners and the middle of all sides, using a spatula.If the film remains non-directional, then it should be divided in half and then fill in the profile.So there is a tension ceiling molding to the profile.
Wiring a stretch ceiling
Ceiling heating gun
Installation of the ceiling around the perimeter

The final step is the installation of a stretch ceiling installation baguettes on the perimeter profile.It's all happening pretty fast and easy.Pressing baguette profile covers the connection of the ceiling of the film with all the walls.

How to prevent errors during installation?

There are several points that you should pay attention to avoid mistakes when mounting tension ceiling.First, we should be particularly careful with the electrical wiring, because the bathroom has a lot of electrical appliances.Wiring is always for ceramic tiles. Therefore, when installing the profile should be very careful not to touch wiring.

Particular attention should be paid to lighting.Lamps should be placed evenly, then the ceiling will not be gray spots.

Lights in the construction of a stretch ceiling


Tension ceiling does not need special care.His film does not collect dust, it does not remain on the condensate.If you still somewhere, and formed a smudge, it is easy to remove with a conventional soft cloth.It can be dry or lightly moistened with water.

The cleaning of the ceiling can not use abrasive cleaners, as well as prohibited to use iron scouring pads or sharp objects.They can damage the finish stretch ceiling, create a scratch.

Designer Tips - colors, fashion trends

use of stretch ceiling in the bathroom will allow you to realize any fantasy.Very original solution is to use a multi-level structure tension, at each level which you can set the number of lamps.This ceiling will create a bright light in the bathroom.

Multilevel suspended ceiling

There are many design solutions for the decoration of the ceiling in the bathroom.For example, can create starry sky , which uses a special combination of fixtures.

Потолок "звездное небо"

also for the design of suspended ceilings can be applied printing.Any figure will be the highlight of the bathroom.

Tension ceilings in the bathroom

To choose the right color for the stretch ceiling, should take note of the fact that for small bathrooms are not recommended to use warm colors like red, yellow or orange. These colors visually reduce the height of the room.But the cool colors like blue, purple or blue, will help expand the room, and the room ceiling will seem higher than is actually.

to create harmony in the bathroom, you need to repeat the ceiling bright colors on the various elements of the room. For example, a single tone for the ceiling and the floor can be used to emphasize or shade suspended ceiling with the help of matching curtains to match.

the latest fashion trends is the installation of suspended ceilings reflect. This option is perfect for small spaces, as the glossy surface increases the optical space, making it lighter.

For classic style is better to use matte stretch ceiling.This type is perfectly suitable set of fixtures, so you can rely entirely on your taste.

Matt suspended ceiling
Mirrored ceilings for bathroom
Purple suspended ceiling in the bathroom

lighting options

If properly installed holes in stretch ceilings, the fixtures installation will not take much time and effort.In order to prevent divergence of the web when cutting holes for the lighting to be glued plastic ring under the mortgage details.Then cut out middle, ring, and the opening takes place tab spotlights.

Mounting tension ceiling fixtures

to the bathroom in quality and aesthetics as the best option for finishing the ceiling would be the use of construction of a stretch ceiling.It will serve you long and will create a cozy atmosphere vannogo premises.

Lighting in the bathroom