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August 12, 2017 18:06

Ceiling panel for the bathroom: selection and installation

ceiling tiles in the bathroom
  • Benefits of ceiling panels
  • Disadvantages ceiling of
  • panels difference between the ceiling panels of the wall
  • Forms ceiling panels
  • Calculation consumables
  • Mount Technology ceiling panels
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The ceiling in the bathroom should be resistant to various influences, or will soon have to start from the beginning of repair.It should be borne in mind that only some of the materials can withstand high humidity and sudden changes in temperature regimes.Such materials are usually expensive.Not every consumer can afford them.A good solution to this problem are the ceiling tiles for the bathroom.

Benefits of ceiling panels

Ceiling panels have many advantages compared with other materials for the bathroom ceiling:

  • main quality of the panels - a water resistance and moisture resistance, because they are covered with a special film, which does not allow moisturepenetrate the panel.
  • ceiling panels do not deform - do not change shape, they are no cracks.
  • They can not be the appearanc
    e of mold and bacterial growth, which often occur in areas with high humidity.
  • panels perfectly conceal uneven ceiling.
  • All materials ceiling panels are environmentally friendly.
  • They are not afraid of the rapid fluctuations of temperature conditions that normally lead to the formation of cracks and deformations.
  • They are well cleaned with detergent and do not require constant care.
  • Prolonged use of panels provides a unique opportunity to make quality repairs only once and forget about it.
  • With a variety of panels of colors can choose the desired shade for any style.
Plastic ceiling panels

Disadvantages ceiling panels

  1. condensate accumulation on the formation of vapor in the bathroom.Wipe it with a damp cloth and leave the space open for ventilation.
  2. Ceiling panels are made of plastic and therefore may ignite, and they emit very toxic gas.Therefore, you should try to ensure that the panel did not have close contact with the devices that are very hot.
  3. panels exposed to mechanical damage, especially in the spot-kick.In order to avoid cracks, should take into account this feature.
  4. from direct sunlight picture fade with time, and snow-white panel begins to turn yellow.
  5. Many people do not want to use the ceiling panels at home as plastic have been associated with the office space.They do not feel the atmosphere of home comfort.But it's all a matter of taste.
Plastic panels on the ceiling duplex

If you have not yet decided on the type of ceiling finishes, we advise you to read our article on the ceiling in the bathroom.

difference between the ceiling panels of the wall

All panels are divided into two great classes: the ceiling and wall.

should consider their application When buying panels.

Wall panels are characterized by the rigid structure and high weight.

Ceiling panels are inferior in strength, but are characterized by must do everything gently and slowly in order to maintain the original appearance when transporting the ceiling panels.

ceiling tiles in the bathroom general view

All panels have a huge variety of surfaces, textures, color din, width, can mimic natural materials.So they perfectly fit into any interior.

Forms ceiling panels

ceiling panels are astonishingly varied.You can choose the colors and texture of the panels to emphasize the chosen style.

If you want to visually enlarge the bathroom, use ceiling panels only light and warm colors. They can mimic ceramic tile, brick laying, and even the texture of wood.

You can also make a variety of ways using mounting: vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

ceiling tiles in the bathroom

should take into account their size When choosing panels. rack panels have different sizes, tile - made squares of different sizes, and leafy - take the form of large sheets that are perfect for bathrooms that have a considerable area.You can also experiment and use multiple invoices for a single room.

to manufacture panels for the ceiling used polyvinyl chloride (PVC) .This type of panels has become very popular among consumers, after all can withstand heavy loads and can not be deformed.Operation is approximately 20-40 years.

also very often used MDF (medium density fiberboard) for the manufacture of ceiling panels.They are very easy to mount, with no need to make surface preparation before the actual fixture.

PVC ceiling panel

Rekomeduem read our article about the plastic panels for the bathroom.

Perforated panels for ceiling

not interfere with ventilation bathroom.Various figures will help to create an unusual design.Colors are endless.

Perfect if you do not have to insert mezhreechnye insert.With a ceiling height of at least 5 m. This is the perfect solution.

Perforated panels to the ceiling

Pinion ceilings

characterized by a unique surface that perfectly mimics the natural wood, cloth, stone, and even the skin.Colors and variety of textures will become indispensable in any bathroom interior.

ceilings of this type are characterized by low weight and do not require the construction of frame systems.Therefore, they are widely used for everything ceilings throughout the house, as well as for public spaces - offices, swimming pools and other facilities.

ceiling panels Pinion

Tiled false ceilings

represented as a skeleton, which is going to the lattice.It is in every cell of the lattice to put tiles of a material that you like.With it you can create glass, metal or mirrored ceiling.

details about them you can read in our article about the mirrored ceiling.

tiled ceiling

Sheet panel

have a beautiful aesthetic appearance, because they do not have so-called "seams".They are characterized by high resistance to moisture, so they are well washed.Besides the huge palette of colors, decorative panels have different textures.Housewives will be pleased with the panel "aprons", because they will give the originality and uniqueness to any kitchen decor.For bathroom perfect "mosaic", which will give a kind of elegant.For the cottages can be ceilings that mimic brick, slate or natural stone.

Sheet panels on ceiling

plastic panels

widely used, because it is fast, cheap and perfect choice.A huge palette of colors and textures perfectly combines panels ceiling panels with wall coverings.

Plastic panels for ceiling

panels of foam

more widespread panels Styrofoam.

main advantages - it is water-resistant, they are not amenable to deformation and resistant to sudden temperature changes.Can boast high levels of waterproofing and insulation.They are very light, so they can do the installation yourself without assistance.they are inexpensive.

ceiling panels , plastic

Calculation consumables

Before choosing a color scheme or a decorative pattern for a ceiling should make counting supplies to the entire ceiling:

  • First, calculate the area of ​​the entire ceiling, which is determined by multiplyingwidth by length.
  • Next on the same principle calculate the area of ​​one of the ceiling panels, all sizes can be found on the packaging.
  • Then divide the total area of ​​the ceiling in one area of ​​the panel.To this number add ten percent for the formation of a certain stock.

To calculate the profile should begin with the establishment of the scheme.For it is necessary vymeryat length of the perimeter of the ceiling and add on parallel lines, using a 50 cm step. That figure, which has turned out, and will be the necessary number of the profile.

Note that the profiles have some markings. Profile UD is usually fixes the material on the perimeter, and the CD profile is used as strips across.

Usually ceiling panels are secured with dowels. To calculate their number did not have to do complex operations.It's simple:. Every 0.5 m profile will need a plug.Therefore, the entire amount of the profile should be divided by 0.5 to get the number of anchors.But do not forget to add 10 per cent to make a small margin.If the ceiling panels are attached with screws, it is necessary to make the same calculation.

Please note that after installation of the ceiling panels, attach the baseboard. To calculate the necessary amount of the plinth should be borne in mind that the length - 3 m length why the perimeter divided by 3 and get a number of skirting..

ceiling panels
fastening with dowels
ceiling panels with a plinth

ceiling panels mounting technology for mounting of ceiling panels you do not need to be a professional.

All that is needed - this is a set of tools for laying:

  • moisture-proof pad;
  • metal profiles;
  • screws;
  • hacksaw;
  • punch or drill;
  • waterproof glue.
Ceiling panel installation

If the ceiling or the wall perfectly aligned, then the panels are mounted on waterproof glue.Roller with adhesive lubricate clean, dry wall, and then attach the panel.

When uneven walls be sure to use metal profiles.

panel surface should be smooth.When connecting the panels should be no gaps.good quality panels are always painted evenly.

Before attaching the panels to the ceiling frame should be built. It is made of profiles for gypsum board, size 27h28 mm.He then fastens the ceiling perimeter.For a ceiling made of plastic is used profile size 27h60 mm, it should be attached every 60 cm You do not have to adhere to this size:. If there are some disadvantages, this step can be increased.

ceiling panels frame

process ceiling mounting with ceiling panels takes place in several stages :

1. It is necessary to begin to take into account that the ceiling panel is harmoniously combined with the walls and the floor.Do not forget to hold the ceiling mounting gasket all the necessary communications.

2. First, around the perimeter of the walls to make a special mark for the future ceiling.Please note that between the main ceiling and plastic should fit insertion or attachment fixtures for decorative elements.

3. Implemented fixing process guide profile for drywall around the perimeter, with dowels or screws are used.If concrete ceiling slab, the crate is secured only dowels.

4. Stick Profile for ceiling inserted in the guide, and then you can fasten it to the user's profile, using a screw with a press washer.

Ceiling panel mount

Under the screws do not need to drill some holes: if we use the screwdriver, then they are hard boiled effortlessly.

5. To guide profile plinth is screwed to the ceiling around the perimeter.Do not forget that the baseboard is cut just below the 45-degree angle.

If the bathroom is relatively small in size, there is no need to use the guide profile, you can simply prikleitplintus.To start counting is done on the walls around the perimeter, and then mounted on a plinth liquid nails.Next on the plinth fit the profile for the ceiling and attached via hangers.

6. Then the entire ceiling of the cover panel.They are inserted into the baseboard and are attached to the ceiling profiles using self-tapping screws to press the puck.

Note! Mounting panels should start with the angle and fasten the joint butt .

7. When is the last panel, using a tape measure, measure the distance which is left to the wall, take 5-6 mm and only if required to cut off a piece.The panel is first inserted in the plinth, and then gently slid back for a good interface with the previous panel.

ceiling panels with a plinth

Sam panel ceiling installation process does not have too much difficulty, so it is safe to do so themselves.Anyone can easily install them, because the ceiling panels are very affordable and easy to use and do not require large expenditures of time and money.First of all, you must decide on the method of installation, which has many variations.

ceiling panels installed


In conclusion, it is worth noting that ceiling panels for bathrooms are modern and inexpensive way to finish.Variety of colors din, and the ability to use different materials only gives them advantages.They fit perfectly and accentuate any style of bathroom.Ceiling panels are good indicators of quality and not fussy in use.And also very important it is that you can independently carry out their installation.You will make repairs once and ceiling panels will serve you for many years.

plastic ceiling panels in the bathroom