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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mirrored ceiling in the bathroom: the selection and installation

Mirrored ceiling in the bathroom
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Mirrored ceiling is considered one of the most unusual and spectacular options for interior decoration in the bathroom.Even if the room itself is decorated quite generally, the ceiling with a smooth surface will allow to transform the interior.But many

set mirrored ceiling, not only because of its original appearance, but in order to visually expand the size of a small room - is reflected in the mirrors, if the size of the room will be doubled.

If you plan to install a mirrored ceiling, is a responsible approach to the choice of the theme and explore all the possible advantages and disadvantages.


considered the main advantages:

  • Mirrored ceiling will look great on uneven ceiling and close all the roughness and the joints;
  • Glass is considered environmentally friendly material, so you do not have to worry that this mater
    ial can adversely affect the health of people living in the apartment;
  • With a wide range of design variations at registration, can easily choose the option that is in harmony with the interior;
  • This ceiling is easy to install, it does not have to wash the bathroom after the "dirty" work;
  • Care mirrored ceiling does not require much time and effort, contamination is easily removed with cleaning products for windows;
  • Mirror surface will increase the illumination of the room, and even if there is no window in the bathroom, it is easy to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere.
Mirrored ceiling in the bathroom
Mirrored ceiling bathroom
Mirrored ceiling lighting


But do not forget about the shortcomings, which include a lot of weight, which requires a secure fit.To ceiling is securely fastened and does not hit, it is necessary to invest in the production of a metal frame.

Besides heavy weight, mirroring the ceiling to the downside can be attributed to the high cost, in comparison with, for example, with plastic panels.Not everyone is ready to spend a lot of money, but, thanks to the fact that a mirror ceiling, you can do it yourself by following the instructions, this design is available to almost everyone.

If you have not yet decided on the type of ceiling, we advise you to read our article on choosing a shelf in the bathroom.


ceiling can be made of different materials.For example, it may be strip of aluminum, which is applied to a mirror plating. In this case, such strips can not be called just a mirror, but they are among the most sought after to create a mirrored ceiling.

Mirrored ceiling

In addition, use of mirror tiles, which are usually attached to the construction of plasterboard on the ceiling.As ceiling mirror can be made of a film which is glued to the ceiling, but in this case it is desirable that the ceiling surface is as flat as possible.

Mirrored ceiling tiles in the bathroom

Glass is very rarely used to make a mirror ceiling, as its installation is quite complex and labor-intensive.Install mirrored ceiling a large area, which will consist entirely of glass, it is not necessary for security purposes.Such a ceiling of the weight is too heavy, and after a while the construction could collapse, which can be very dangerous to your health.

Mirrored ceiling in the bathroom


Total can distinguish 4 types of structures mirrored ceiling, which look spectacular and are in great demand:

  • ceiling made from assembled beforehand frame, which attached mirrorplate of suitable size by means of screws;
  • suspended ceiling Armstrong special system, which also consists of a frame, but the mirror plates are not attached, as in the first type, and inserted into the cell.With this kind of ceiling much easier zaplitochnomu provide access to space and, if necessary, can simply remove one of the tiles;
Beautiful mirrored ceiling in the bathroom
  • ceiling made of a frame, to which are glued decorative tiles. This type of construction is the most expensive, in comparison with the three previous versions, and is used to create an exclusive interior;
Mirrored ceiling bathroom
  • also found ceiling, a mirror which is placed in a pattern and is inserts.In this case the mirror surface is not the primary.
Mirrored ceiling in the form of inserts
  • ceiling tension type, when the frame is tensioned film, but, as a rule, the installation of this type of ceiling by means of special equipment by yourself is impossible because of the expensive cost of the tools.


On the ceiling can be installed not only one mirror plate, but also, for example, combined with wooden tiles or made of other materials. more choices will create unusual interior in the bathroom, which will be admired.

Besides the classical idea of ​​a mirror ceiling, you can buy mirror with a picture or a facet of various colors and shapes, they also can be combined at their discretion.Drawing a mosaic and mirror panels on the ceiling or your logo.

Mirrored ceiling in the bathroom , pool lighting
Mirrored ceiling in the bathroom with the signs of the zodiac
Mirrored ceilings and tile


to ceiling served for a long time, no need to hurry with the decision-making, and, before you opt for the first firmshould study the market of companies engaged in the production of mirrored ceiling.

If you choose among domestic products, one of the majors is "Albes".

Among foreign firms can be distinguished company Donn Armstrong from Germany and England.

As a rule, prices for Russian firms will be slightly less than that of foreign producers.


There are several ways that, in accordance with the type of mirrored ceiling, used for mounting.

  • For the first method can be attributed mirror surface mount with screws to the ceiling or the frame. This option is considered more difficult than the others, and may take longer.
Installation of a mirror ceiling

Landing mirrored ceiling on glue is a second method, and is much faster than using the mounting screws.But it is only suitable if the ceiling in a perfectly flat condition, otherwise all the bumps will attract attention.

And finally, the third way - it using special harnesses, are attached to the base of the ceiling, and mirrored plates are inserted into the cells formed.

Installation and alignment of a mirror ceiling

Generally, in order to establish a mirrored ceiling at home does not require special skills and cope with this business, anyone who knows how to work with construction tools.

Mounting own hands

Before you install a ceiling, you need to clearly calculate the required amount of material.Once you have verified that the material is available, you can proceed to the preparation process of eliminating irregularities in the ceiling, they must be sure to smooth out using a moisture-proof gypsum board.

Fastening drywall ceiling

If you plan to use a method of bonding the mirror plate, the next step should be the application of the adhesive to the surface of the tiles. After that it is necessary to press the ceiling and hold for some time to tile stuck firmly enough.Now you can proceed to the next plate, and so on until the very end, until the entire ceiling will not be issued.

little different with ceiling fixing screws. In this case, it is necessary that your set of construction tools consisted of a punch and screwdriver.To start installation of drywall should be attached to the ceiling, then make holes in the corner of the tile.Then secure the tiles on the ceiling surface with screws.And continue to attach tiles until the ceiling is ready.


Adjustment of lighting on the ceiling should occur during installation, into the holes made in the plates, and in any case not after the installation of the ceiling is completed.

Selection of lighting devices and their location in the bathroom with mirrored ceiling should be given special attention.It must be remembered that the mirror surface will increase the level of lighting in half, therefore, you should not choose too bright when choosing a power light bulbs.

If the mirror ceiling of a drawing, it is best to place the lamps so that the pattern was illuminated evenly on each side.

Generally, you can use any type of lighting fixtures, but do not forget that the main emphasis will be sent to the bathroom on the ceiling and light fixtures should only complement the interior, and not pull all the attention on himself.

Mirrored ceiling lighting

Design tips registration

In general, mirrored ceilings easily blend with almost any decor and only decorate it. But, in order to give the final decorative touch, is to make registration of all the mirrors in the room in the same style.For example, the same as the inlay must be repeated at the ceiling of mirror plates, and the mirror at the sink and shower walls.But if the bathroom ragged walls, old tiles and a long time does not make repairs, such an option will look quite ridiculous.

With mirror panels may be different colors to differentiate the space of the bathroom for a few areas, but this is only possible if the size of the bathroom larger than the standard.

Design mirror ceiling

To the furniture in the room combined with ceiling harmoniously, can be pasted on her mirror decorative elements that are easy to do yourself with the help of pieces of mirrors and glue.Or just buy furniture with a glossy surface, but do not overdo it - the focus should remain on the ceiling.


At first glance, it is very difficult to take care of a mirrored ceiling, and that any contamination will be immediately evident.In fact enough to wipe a ceiling once a week using cleaning agents that are usually used for washing windows.If you have a steam cleaner, the withdrawal will take even less time.

But if your kids love to take bath with games and spray, then remove streaks on the ceiling, you may have a little more often.However, due to the fact that it is enough to put the detergent on the dirty place and wipe with a napkin, such care will not take much time.

Do not forget that mirrored ceiling looks good only with proper care, but if it is visible stains or drops of water, its appearance does not seem so attractive. Only thorough and weekly maintenance will give a ceiling a brilliant and well-groomed appearance.

Net mirrored ceiling


No matter what type of ceiling you choose, and whether to do it yourself or contact professional help, your bathroom will look spectacular always, thanks to a large number of reflective surfaces Bathroomis light and airy.

Do not be afraid to experiment and let the new interior in the bathroom is only to please you!