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August 12, 2017 18:06

Stretch ceiling in the bathroom with their hands : installation, PVC panels , rack , suspended

Stretch ceiling for the bathroom
  • Benefits
  • types
    • From panels PVC
    • Pinion
    • Tile
    • plasterboard or gipsovolokna
    • Stretch
  • choice of material
  • Installation

Owners bathroomsRooms can breathe a sigh of relief: the eternal nightmare ceilings with peeling paint and plaster and with the same red stains can say "goodbye."They were replaced by modern, aesthetic, design and variety are available to all suspended ceilings.


Suspended ceilings can safely be called wand wand to repair the bathroom. They are able to solve not only the component designer finishes, but also a number of technical issues:

  • Align surface .If the bathroom uneven ceiling, and you've always wanted to eliminate this flaw building, the ceiling is perfect for your desires.Suffice it to note the correct level, and it will mount the frame on special hangers.And yet!Secure the panel to the frame not be easy even for a beginner.And after a maximum of 2 days bathroom will shine a brand new, perfectly flat ceiling.
  • Hide wiring .For any of the ceiling are a sore point protruding wires.Clumsily concealed grid is able to ruin any artistic design.But the false ceiling to avoid "collective farm."Posting easily be located within the frame between the old and the new ceiling.Installation of lighting systems from multiple spotlights generally only possible in a hinged design.
  • insulate the room .Suspended ceilings can be called a universal solution to the issue of warming any room.By itself, the air gap will have to perform a heat insulating function.If the room needs major insulation, the inside of the carcass can lay mineral wool or other insulation.
Warming the stretch ceiling
Stretch ceiling


By way of installation and hanging ceiling materials used are divided into several types.To finish the bathroom best suited type 4, which we will now take a closer look.


panels claims to be the most cost ceilings that preserve the high aesthetic quality.

Panels have a length of 2.5 - 3 m and a width of 10 to 40 cm, this finishing material appeared relatively recently, but already has a strong position in the construction market..Low cost in the amount of a variety of colors and textures allow you to implement any design ideas.In addition, the material is not afraid of moisture and easy to clean.In DIY stores a wide range of panels from budget to exclusive collections.

Suspended PVC ceiling panels


steel or aluminum slats with a special coating are used in their construction.Steel mirror slats give the interior solidity and rigor.The material is durable, easy to process and allows you to build complex multilevel ceilings composition.However rack ceiling will be costly.

Rack suspended ceilings


This type of ceiling became customary to furnish offices and other public institutions.But for the repair of the bathroom tile ceiling is also relevant.

design is easy for installation: ceiling mounted frame, in which the cell is set appropriately sized square tiles.

Make tiled ceiling of water-resistant materials: plastic, water-resistant drywall, metal, and even mirrors.

Tiled false ceilings

plasterboard or gipsovolokna

Pros: gipsovolokno drywall and do not require special skills to cutting and assembly, but they can be used to realize the most incredible architectural plans and designs.It looks expensive and stylish.

downside can be called that plasterboard is heavy (9.5 mm thick sheet will weigh about 22 kg), and the installation of the ceiling of plasterboard only by 2 or even 3 masters.Also, such a ceiling requires professional finishing.Spackling and priming - consuming and dusty process and to achieve perfect surface quality of each layer must be dry for 1 - 2 days and sanded.

sure to use water-resistant grades of these materials.

Suspended plasterboard ceilings


gaining popularity, and this is no accident.

can choose ready-made solution, but you can order prints of their own pattern on the material.Therefore ceilings truly open endless possibilities in the design of the bathroom.

But this kind of false ceiling is hardly suitable for self-installation, as it requires special skills.

Stretch ceilings in the bathroom

choice of material

The choice of material is determined by the type of false ceiling, which you choose to install in your bathroom. main requirement - all the elements of design and finish must be water-resistant. Also, look at the appearance of the material and pick the right color design for the entire bathroom.

Also mounted, there is a huge selection of other types of ceilings.If you are still in the search and do not know what to choose, we recommend you to read our article on choosing a ceiling in the bathroom.


most affordable and easy to install a false ceiling made of PVC panels.Therefore, we will consider it in detail installation of false ceiling of PVC.

Requires minimal set of tools:

  • gidrouroven,
  • cord for marking,
  • screwdriver or a staple gun (if mounted wooden frame, panels can be fixed brackets).
Installation of suspended ceilings

should carefully prepare the surface Before starting the installation frame.The right thing would be to remove old layers of paint or plaster, exposing the concrete floor.Then, clean the surface from dust and handle special septic solution.Pay special attention to places with streaks.Of course, false ceiling will hide all cosmetic flaws, but if you leave the old ceiling "as is", there is a risk of mold.

first stage of false ceiling installation - marking.For this purpose gidrouroven and otbivochnogo cord (choklayn).After determining the lowest point of the ceiling, on the wall make a mark.Next, from this mark recede down for at least 3 cm (the width of the profile) and transferred to all levels of the wall.With choklayna on marks discourage line.

around the room on the dowel-nails securing the starter profile (UD).The lower edge of the profile must coincide with a broken line.Next on the ceiling in increments of 40-50 cm and with a cord is applied to the markup for the ceiling profile CD.To lock the profile marked by lines at a distance of 50-60 cm from each other set suspensions, they are the same U-shaped bracket (peshki).

Installation of suspended ceiling in the bathroom

From the distance between the opposing starting profiles must subtract 1 cm - this will be the length of the guide profile (CD).The guide profiles of the required length is inserted into the starter profile.Pendants from both sides are folded down (suspension takes the form of the letter "P") and by means of small screws securing the profile to them.Suspension ends, protruding below the profile is folded up.

If significant differences ceiling, "peshki" is used to its full length, fixing one side to the ceiling with two suspension points for each profile fixing.In large rooms, in order to avoid sagging ceiling in the center of the room transversely to the direction of profiles pull a cord.The height profile is controlled by U-shaped brackets.

Mounting tension ceilings


  • Under frame mounted around the room fixed U-shaped plastic profiles ends or ceiling PVC skirting with fillets. panels mounted on the frame of each other, each screwing screws to the profiles with a wide flat hat.
  • When installing the last panel in the polyurethane moldings have a little trick: panel is reduced in width by exactly the width of the castle, and at length - on the depth of the groove fillet.That is, if the width of the lock 1 cm, and the fillet depth of 2 cm, the panel made narrower by 1 cm and shorter than 2 cm. In this panel easily inserted into the plinth, and then simply slid in the right direction, to eliminateclearances.In the corners using special compounds or plinth in zapilivajut miter box at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • As mounting panels they make holes for the installation of ceiling light fixtures. After fixing the panel to the right hole for Safita output wiring.
Mounting tension ceiling in the bathroom

Installation slatted false ceilings or ceiling drywall does not differ from the installation of PVC panels.

In some cases, the frame unit under the false ceiling using wooden slats. But in the bathroom from them should be abandoned. Under the influence of a damp environment rails certainly deformed, and ceiling lead.

Installation of suspended ceilings with wooden slats not recommended

Suspended ceilings are perfect for the bathroom.Select the type of ceiling and materials depends on your preferences and financial capabilities.However, even from inexpensive PVC ceiling panels will look dignified and will further save on gang masters.

Stretch ceiling in the bathroom