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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mural in the bathroom : water-resistant , the design and interior

Wallpapers for the bathroom
  • Pros Cons
  • Should I use them in a small room?
  • requirements
  • Moisture
  • Types
    • Washable
    • Vinyl
    • adhesive
    • Smart Stick
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Modern trends
  • How to stick?

Decorating a bathroom is the final stage of repair.That it makes the room a spectacular style and come with him.It is not necessary in this case to use expensive finishing materials, enough to show imagination by using, for example, plastic panels, paint or wallpapers.The last option is the best alternative to the traditional glazed tiles, it will help to realize any, the most extraordinary ideas.Moreover, the method cladding may serve not only as main background areas, but also as a complement to the general interior tub.

Mural in the bathroom


consider what other advantages do wallpapers just for the bathroom:

  • moisture;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • safety and durability;
  • easy care;
  • immunity to sunlight (do not burn);
  • resistance to mildew and all kinds of fungus;
  • service life up to 10 years or more;
  • easy assembly and di
  • affordable price;
  • widest range;
  • well with other finishing materials.
Benefits photowall bathroom
Advantages photowall bathroom


photowall main disadvantage is that they can keep up with the walls. But this happens only if the process works is broken bonding technology.

can also cause problems if the wallpaper was chosen incorrectly. That is, they have a paper base, which is easy to absorb moisture.At the same time it destroyed the wallpaper paste and as a consequence, the material itself is deformed.

Should I use them in a small room?

For small bathrooms wallpapers suit, can be very useful.Firstly, they do not conceal the precious centimeters already small space.Secondly, using the available drawing area of ​​the room visually increase. But it is worth considering that this figure should be medium-sized, and colors - light.

Photo wall-papers for a small bathroom


This type of finishing material, it is not just wall decoration for the bathroom and part of the interior, the quality of which must be beyond reproach.First of all you need to enjoy design idea was fully reflected. On this affects image clarity and realistic color reproduction wallpaper.Of course, the material itself and must conform.And once wallpaper designed for rooms with high humidity, so its moisture resistance is required to be very high.

Mural to the requirements for bathroom
Bathroom design with photo wallpapers


If you want to transform your room for the adoption of water treatments and at the same time preserve the tapestry, this just fit wallpapers designed specifically for roomswith high humidity. Their main argument - the confrontation moisture. Some manufacturers offer such products, which humidity is almost 100%. But it all depends on the type of wallpaper, a material which is more or less corresponds to this requirement.

Moisture wallpaper for the bathroom


Variety photowall simply amazing.Now even you can order your own portrait, as long as the sample quality for the future picture was highest.Fotoprint applied to absolutely any invoice, including paper.Even so, it would seem quite inappropriate finishing material can be used to bath.But in this case, the decorated surface is covered by glass, which is attached to the wall.All gaps are sealed by using a sealant that protects the wallpaper from any moisture on them.

But let's still consider those wallpapers that do not need than ever to close or cover.


They have a special coating that prevents moisture penetration into the texture and thereby prevents deformation of the fabric.Wallpaper resistant to water and are easy to clean, if necessary.The price of this option is quite accessible.

Washable wallpapers for bathroom
Washable wallpapers for bathroom


common decision when choosing wallpaper for the bathroom, but more expensive.They are made of polymer-based, which can withstand high temperatures, steam and direct water ingress.Extend the life of this material may, if its fining use special adhesive with high adhesion.

Vinyl wallpapers in the bathroom

It's worth noting that the species is still desirable to glue in places where direct contact with water, to avoid darkening of the material.This also applies washable wallpaper.


Is a water-repellent film is moisture, with the back side of which has an adhesive base.Their price is small, but the selection is small.The choice is limited to monochromatic canvases or imitation of natural materials - wood and stone.

Self-adhesive wallpapers for the bathroom

Smart Stick

Durable wallpapers with fabric texture based on the adhesive - ideally suited for bathroom.They are quite dense, which allows you to hide minor irregularities on the planes.Thickness and strength of material forming part due to the fibers.Nice wallpaper that is easy to glue a lot of time and is resistant to the folds that are formed by pasting.

Photo Wall Mural Smartstick bathroom

Tips for Choosing

order not to be disappointed in the selected wallpapers, you must take into account some of the nuances right before buying:

  • As has been mentioned, a primary and important factor is moisture wallpaper.This should indicate the available labeling on the packaging material.A symbol in the form of a wave, says the stability of wallpaper to moisture, but the mechanical impact of their damage.Variety with two waves suitable for rooms with high humidity, but in addition to that they can be washed when dirty, soft cloth.And three waves - it is good washable wallpaper for whom even mild detergents suitable.
  • also important part of the wallpaper.Option based on paper, of course, is not suitable, unless you plan to replace it in the near future.It is better to give preference to their vinyl.
  • choosing a subject for future photowall pay attention to the print quality and color resolution wallpapers.
Tips for choosing a wallpaper for the bathroom
Recommendations for choosing a photo wallpaper in the bathroom

Modern trends

Wallpapers fotoprint - a great help in creating a new bathroom design.The variety of subjects provides a very interesting solution.Sometimes such an abundance interferes with the right choice pattern, and considering that the bathroom is not a specific room and each image will be appropriate to it, the choice becomes even more difficult.

Below we suggest to familiarize with options suitable for the bath namely:

most common theme for the room, of course, the sea. Palma, beach, sea, shells, boat or underwater world - it all fits perfectly and not only give the desired psychological effect.

Photo Wall Murals with marine issues Bathroom
Marine theme in the wallpapers in the bathroom
Wallpapers for the bathroom with marine issues

Subject wildlife - varied vegetation, animals or even insects, also in demand among buyers.

The theme of nature in the bathroom on the Mural
Photo Wall Mural Bath with nature theme

for bathroom design, you can use any stylistic direction. Oriental style, for example, will help to create an image of stones, bamboo waterfall.For a classic - you can use fabric with elegant "curls" accentuate the style and design with brickwork.

Photo Wall Mural bathroom in a classic style
Wallpapers for the bathroom - modern trends

A Mural can be combined with any other finishing material, by any chance you do not want to paste over the room a bright cloth.Incidentally, this will significantly reduce the cost of the basic material.

To convey the full picture on the wallpaper, do not forget about lighting, which should be maximized.

Photo wall in the bathroom and lighting

How to stick?

for wall cladding bathroom photo wallpapers do not need a lot of time and effort.This material is very easy and quickly catch on, especially if it has a basis glue.

consider this process in stages:

  • first need to decide - whether you want to decorate the wall with wallpaper, or part of it;
  • if necessary to align the surface, considering the pattern - the smoother corners and walls of the room, the better and easier it will be to go to the material;
  • to extend the life of the photo wallpapers can be impregnated with the plane prepared for pasting water-repellent solution;
  • if in the process it is necessary to use an adhesive, it should be special;
  • glued wallpaper as well as in every room - from the top down, and smoothed with a roller, expelling air bubbles;
  • reliability gluing walk a few times along the seams between the paintings.

I would also like to note that despite the high rate of moisture resistance of certain types of photo wallpapers, hang them places of direct contact with the water is still not recommended in order to avoid delamination of the material.

How to paste Mural in the bathroom