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August 12, 2017 18:06

Belarusian tiles - the pros and leading Belarusian manufacturers

Belarusian ceramic tiles for the bathroom
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All buyers are looking at facing sanitary quality and inexpensive ceramic tiles.A good solution would be the acquisition of the Belarusian tile, because it has many properties that are beneficial to distinguish it on the market of construction and finishing materials.Specialty stores selling tiles from Belarus offer a huge range of different collections, which help to create a unique, unique and stylish interior design indoor bathrooms.You can create a creative interiors using several color schemes, or apply decorative elements that have colorful pictures or ornaments.

Collection of Alberto Keramin
Collection Belarusian tiles Antalya
Cappuccino Collection of brand Kerabel

Advantages Belarusian tiles

Belarusian ceramics enjoys great interest among customers for wall and floor tiling in bathrooms or toilets,after all has indisputable advantages:

  • Belarusian ceramics is
    not afraid to severe shocks or other mechanical loads
    , which indicates the high quality ceramic products.
  • Tile is reliably protected from moisture inside , and also serves as a barrier and prevents the penetration of moisture in the wall or floor.
  • Pottery does not react with chemical substances , so a variety of detergents can be used to clean it.
  • Ceramic tile flooring is slip , so you can not be afraid to fall and safely walk on it.Also, tiles laying can be carried out on a heated floor, because it is very pleasant to walk barefoot on the warm floor.
  • entire ceramic tile is the process of using a special glaze processing , which protects the tiles covering from sudden temperature changes, it's important enough for the bathroom.As a result, a tile is characterized by long life.
  • tile has a high rate of heat transfer , so when using it can significantly save on electricity, because the floor tile is a long time to keep warm.
  • tile manufactured in Belarus has a smooth surface , so dirt on it is not delayed, and cleaning product - a pleasure, because there is quick and easy.Just wipe with a wet cloth and tile shines again purity.
  • Ceramic tile is made only from environmentally friendly materials.Special control produce more at the initial stage - the selection of raw materials.
  • at the plant in Belarus for the manufacture of tiles only employs highly qualified staff , are engaged in product development design to harmoniously combine style, practicality and attractiveness of ceramics.
Belarusian tiles from the collection Wave
Belarusian floor tiles Ibiza
Floor tile production in Belarus
Floor tiles from Madeira Collection
Porcelain tiles for floor from the collection Raspolano
Floor tiles Travertine
Porcelain floor of the Chateau Collection
Collection of Modern Belarusian company Keramin


to create a bathroom, toilet or kitchen original design should carefully consider what the tile is better to use for finishing the walls and floor.Belarusian manufacturers of ceramic tiles have already done the work for its customers, because providing a huge range of collections, where all elements are thought to detail to create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

Floor tiles for the bathroom from the collection of the Imperial


This factory is among the three largest factories in Belarus and has a worthy second place. The name of the company was due to the fact that the plant for the production of ceramic products was placed in the town of Bereza.

«Berёzakeramika" successfully works in the market of ceramic products for 34 years and offers its customers only high-quality goods, because the tile production occurs only in the Italian Sacmi equipment.Each year the company produces about six million square meters of tiles.It is engaged in production of chic modern collections, as well as manufactures and samples of individual floor tiles.

Tiles made of Birch collection
Collection Elena
Capri Collection
Tile combination of two collections of magic and Mriya
Collection Mriya
Collection Rondo from the Belarusian producer

great success deserve the collection of "Narcissus", "Style""Azalea" and "Jazz."But the present furore has produced a collection of "Jam", because the tile surface perfectly mimics the structure of cork.

Tiles made of cork collection


biggest factory for the production of Belarusian ceramics is "Keramin". This plant has long won the love of consumers, because the operating successfully on the market for over 60 years.

In the former Soviet Union "Keramin" is a leader in the production of tiles, and now does not reduce the speed, and constantly evolving, seeking extraordinary textures, colors and ideas for new collections.

Collection Herbarium
Collection Deluxe
Collection Arizona
Iris Collection
Collection Antares
Collection Hellas

In the beginning, the plant produced ceramic bricks, but after tenyears has actively produced and tiles for walls and floors.To correspond to the quality of all conventional standards, all the old equipment was changed to the new Italian line for production of tiles, porcelain and stoneware.

company "Keramin" expanded production and now has three factories, which produce ceramic tiles, bricks and sanitary ware for bathrooms and toilets.

Collection Organza

tile made in the collections, to create a stylish and original interior design.They are in addition to the background tiles for walls and floors, presents luxurious decorations, creative borders and stunning mural.A particular demand among consumers enjoy such collections as "Bavaria", "Monroe", "Plaza", "Tweed", "Organza".

Collection Romano


leading position for the production of ceramic tiles in Belarus occupies a small plant in the city of Brest, under the brand "Kerabel". For 27 years the company has encouraged its customers only high-quality and stylish collections of tiles.All products are made only on the Italian equipment."Kerabel" continuously monitor the fashion and releases new stylish collection for floor and wall use, which is mainly used for interior decoration.

Tiles from the Belarusian brand Kerabel from Rimini collection
Domino Collection
Antique Collection

best collections of Belarusian brands

Belarusian manufacturers of ceramics is constantly being improved, are looking for new materials and ideas to create original collections to meet all the needscustomers. designers are not afraid to experiment with new textures, colors and patterns.

Azalea Collection of Berezakeramika

best collections from "Berёzakeramika»

  • Collection «Azalea» represented in the colors of spring, because here the emphasis is on the white and light green hue.The perfect complement is the decorative elements, that have the gentle and romantic designs.Such a bathroom or bathroom will always uplift and delight in bright colors.
  • Pottery "Jazz» - the perfect solution for classic interior bathrooms.Tiles designed in brown and beige color scheme.It blends practical and decorative.You can experiment with shades to create an original design of the room.
  • Collection "Sevilla» will embody the sense of style and elegance of scenery.The contrasting combination of colors, patterns and multi-faceted luxury lines are the distinguishing characteristics of the tile.
  • Tile "Narcissus» made in light green and beige color scheme.Any interior bathrooms or bathroom will look both simple and elegant.
  • Pottery "Retro» combines many colors: black, blue, green, brown and orange, which is harmoniously complemented by decorative elements.autumn leaves and bamboo are represented in the decor.This collection creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any room.
Jazz Collection
Retro Collection
Collection Narcissus
Collection Sevilla
Collection Narcissus Berёzakeramika

bright collection company "Keramin»

  • Tile "Palazzo» fineIt conveys the texture of natural marble.It is designed in the styles of the Renaissance and is only used bright saturated colors: the main emphasis is on the orange.The original complement of the collection are decorative motifs, which are made for floor and wall coverings.
  • Collection "Valencia» presented in Spanish style.Although the main emphasis is on the brown, but the room does not look dark, as well as used tiles beige color and decors in gray version.A wonderful combination of color ideas creates a refined and unique interior.

above describes only some of the collection of the Belarusian production, their range is so vast and varied that each customer will be able to choose the collection to create a luxurious interior bathroom or toilet.

Collection Palazzo
Collection Concept


One of the main advantages of ceramics produced in Belarus is accessible pricing. low prices can not be considered an indicator of poor quality tiles, because tile is made in accordance with all European quality standards. great influence on pricing is inexpensive transportation tiles to neighboring countries, as well as Belarus producers set reasonable prices for their products.

Sakura Collection

Excellent combination of price and quality of ceramic tiles from Belarus has already appreciated by many Russian citizens.Number of Belarusian tile buyers is constantly growing and manufacturers are developing new and unique collection for the wealthy and stylish interiors.

Collection Sierra
Collection Gloria
Collection Florian