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August 12, 2017 18:06

Spanish tiles for the bathroom : Aparici, Venis, Absolut, Azahar, Grespania

Elite Spanish ceramic tiles
  • most famous brands
    • Absolut Keramika Cobsa
    • Aparici
    • APE Ceramica
    • Aranda
    • Azahar
    • Grespania
    • Venis
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doing repairs in the bathroom, many as choose a ceramic tile finish.And it is no wonder, since it absorbs moisture, copes with temperature changes and can withstand heavy loads.Plus, tile manufacturers offer a huge range of colors, sizes and shapes.By the high quality category is the Spanish tiles, which in many ways can outperform their competitors from other countries.This high quality is achieved by using special technology, well-established tradition of production and use as raw material unique clay that produces a solid tile, resistant to external influences.

Collection Vermont by brand Azulindus
Collection of Medea
Brand Keros tiles Maybe collection

Skins bathroom tiles were covered in detail in another article.

most famous brands

tile in Spain made various manufacturers, among which there is fierce competition.However, our consumer does not suffer, because the competition helps to improve producti

on and quality technology.

Consider the most well-known Spanish manufacturers that have gained popularity all over the world.

Collection of Spanish tiles

Absolut Keramika Cobsa

This brand produces ceramic tiles, having a classical European style.Most often it is the average size, but its design reminiscent of the elegance of the Victorian era with a touch trend of the country.This will add to the bathroom tiles room comfort and aesthetics.

Floor tiles


manufacturer is ready to offer more than two thousand different types of tiles that can satisfy any taste.The brand is good because it allows you to select a tile, completely different in style, and in the design registration.Thus Aparici manufacturing process uses only natural materials, creating a hi-tech product.

Tolstoy Collection
Steam Collection
Collection Statuario
Collection of tiles Aparici Spinner
Brand Collection Aparici Scarlett
Tile from Firenze collection

APE Ceramica

This brand is well known to fans of luxury tiles.The proposed collections are noble traits with the addition of noble notes.

Tile by brand


brand has long gained worldwide fame.In particular, and in our country.Aranda is constantly expanding its range of collections, delighting consumers a variety of tile styles.

main "highlight" of the manufacturer is that the tile manufacturing process involves the most modern technologies, which are constantly being improved.

Tiles of the brand collection
The Best of Collection brand
Tiles in the national style


This manufacturer has recently entered the world market, but has gained momentum and was able to interest the consumer.Just like Aranda, Azahar company constantly introduces into the production process of innovative technology, ensuring high quality ceramic tiles.And I caught a manufacturer that tile edges have unique handling and smoothness, thereby lay it becomes much easier and the final coat looks much better.

Floor tiles for the brand


In fact, this brand dictates fashion trends in the industry for the production of ceramic tiles.Consumers respect and love for the unique Grespania unique design, which is not inherent to each manufacturer.

Collection color of coffee with milk and gold
Black and white tiles 3D collection
The collection from the brand


not always want to spread in the room tiles in standard sizes.In addition, if the bathroom area, you can select the tiles of non-standard sizes.It Venis help translate this desire into reality, as the manufacturer takes into account all the requirements of consumers and manufactures tiles with non-standard dimensions.In this design the finished product is always striking in its unusualness.

Marrakech Collection by brand


design ideas Spanish producers meet the most refined tastes, combining aesthetics and aristocracy.Through constantly developing ideas it became possible to create tiles and mural paintings.

But the Spanish flavor can still be traced in many collections.This gives the tile a certain "flavor", which can not be other manufacturers.This is manifested in the use of bright and rich colors as well as festive decoration.Popular green, purple, pink tone, but different manufacturers and come back to the classics - sand and beige shades.

Tiles in the pastel colors
Bright colors of the Spanish tile
Floral motifs in the tile collections

in the collections of many famous brands are present on vegetation patterns, but use a lot of love and monograms, rosettes.Increasingly, manufacturers started making glass inclusions or simulate embossed texture.

Tiles under the skin


It would seem to choose a tile is not too difficult, but in fact it turns out that we are faced with a number of different problems.

If you select Use the following rules:

  • Decide on the size of the tiles. standard size products of 15 cm or more.But this is a square tile.You might like a custom version of it in the form of a rectangle.The bathroom is quite original and fresh look Spanish tiles with a length of 50 cm and a width of 20 cm In general, when selecting the size it is worth considering one major factor:. The more tiles, the faster the laying.However, there is a caveat: at the junction of tiles, will likely have to be cut.
  • Pick kind of tile.
  • Think about what material to choose.
Tiles of different sizes
Colorful Spanish tiles
textured tiles

In choosing has its own nuances, because the tile is of two varieties:

  1. With glazed (enamel) coating:a tile is available in a rich set of colors and styles, while it happens and glossy and matte;
  2. With the absence of the coating: a tile has a matte surface.This type of pottery is porous and very often this feature it is necessary to consider the purchase and installation.
Matte tiles

Spanish manufacturers tiles provide a rich assortment of materials, which together have a visible difference:

  • Majolica - this tiles with glazed coating, color base which has a porous surface.Most often, majolica tiles laid on the wall.
  • Faience - from this base tile is also porous, but just has it has a white color, but the glaze covering the surface, can be of different colors.
  • Cotto - the unglazed tiles laid on the floor mainly due to high resilience.The base had also porous.
  • Clinker - too often laid on the floor, but in contrast to the terracotta tiles, this is also unglazed.
  • Gres - one more representative of the tiles for floor and wall coverings sometimes.In its manufacture uses a special kind of clay, whereby the granite has a high hardness and strength.
Majolica in the interior
Gaudi Collection
Collection of Spanish tiles - porcelain tiles and mosaic
Glossy clinker with monograms


So, why the bathroom is best to use a tile is Spanish producers?And the thing is that for the manufacture of tiles using local raw materials.And it just so happened that in the local clay deposits, the lowest content of various organic impurities, so the Spanish ceramic tiles and has such a high quality.

But there she and other distinctive features:

  • increased resistance to environmental influences, and they include both mechanical and chemical influences;
  • hardness and resistance to the appearance of chips and cracks;
  • nonsusceptibility temperature changes, and this is a very big plus when using Spanish tiles in the bathroom.
Collection Roux Chambon
Spanish tile collection
Black and white collection of Celine
Tile Collection - a combination of floral motifs and different shades
Brand Ecoceramic
Tiles decorated with gold

tiles Spanish production is not easy to crack, and even harder to break the layer of enamelabrasive action.In addition, due to the low content of the organic raw material - the risk of fungus on it is reduced to almost zero.

Porcelain tiles for walls and floors


Definitely call price is difficult, because the producers are guided by the needs of different segments of the population.It is clear that the elite tile, released almost piece copies, will cost substantially more expensive tiles line production.

If we compare with the Russian or Polish producers, the Spanish tiles will be significantly more expensive, but again, we must remember that the quality of her order of magnitude higher.

Some confusing as it may tile, produced using the latest technology and environmentally friendly materials cost is not very high?But this is a trick of the Spanish brand, which practically do not invest in advertising, because they already know that the tiles in their country has the best quality.

Floral motifs
Tiles and mosaics from the same collection
Elite Spanish tiles


Spanish ceramics have long historical roots.Initially, the use of tiles for decoration was witnessed in ancient Persia, and then later took over the pottery manufacturing secret Spanish artisans.

very first material that was used to finish was glazed brick.But he was considered quite expensive, so they trimmed their homes only wealthy people or church.

Tile Trend

In the Middle Ages were able to make some pottery monks living in secluded monasteries far from secrets carefully guarded, and the monks passed it down from generation to generation without using any notes.It was believed that the secret can steal, so all the valuable information saved in the master head.

The basis of modern quality laid laid back in the medieval tradition, thanks to which tiles, manufactured in Spain, is considered one of the best in the world.Even the phrase "Spanish tile" is associated with the elite coating.And it is not only about its quality, but also on the design, which will satisfy any taste.

Tile for traditional technologies
Traditional Spanish tiles
Floor tiles in Japanese traditional colors