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August 12, 2017 18:06

White tile bathroom .White-black and white- red design .design rules

The white tile bathroom
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Classic combination
    • White-black
    • White-red
  • combination with other shades and colors
  • Skins
  • Play with textures, textures andrhythm
  • How to give comfort

white color used in the decoration of bathrooms more than one decade.Opponents of the design of this color is compared with a bath chamber in the hospital and confidently state that such premises repellent coldness.White tile for the bathroom, they believe, is impractical and Marco material.

However, there are many owners of houses and apartments who want to decorate your bath is in white color.Especially because when combined with other colors, the use of accents and playing with light, as well as the right selection of plumbing and decor white bathroom is fully capable to become a cozy and warm room.

White tiles in the bathroom


already facing a very long time white tile refers to the popular variants bathroom finishes.Although there are people who think white tile whimsical and impractical material, the majorit

y perceives white tiles, as the basis for a stylish modern design, because it can be diluted as desired with other colors as well as using a variety of other designs.

White tiles

Caring for white coating easily, and besides, such a tile is less visible plaque, which appears after the water drops.White tiles can serve as a universal backdrop for absolutely any decor. only to replace accessories, you can transform radically the bathroom at least every month.

White tiles in the bathroom

white tile is non-irritating and discreet material, so it is often chosen for decoration of the room in which spend a lot of time - a bathroom, kitchen and others. Precisely because many associate white with purity, this tile is often chosen to decorate the bathroom.The psychological impact of the white tiles in the interior appears a sense of peace and comfort.In such an interior felt lightness, transparency and freedom.

White tiles in the bathroom


main advantages:

  1. bathroom becomes more spacious and bright.
  2. Promotes visual expansion space.
  3. Corrects view disproportionate space: if the room is narrow and elongated, the walls, which I would like to make a visually wider veneer white tiles, walls and other trim materials darker shade.
  4. ability to create the bathroom of any interior style. White is the perfect backdrop against which will be advantageous to look any decorative items and accessories.
  5. Easy interior transformation. This suite can never get bored, because simply adding any bright colors or Genuine Accessories immediately transforms it into a completely different perceptual space.
White bathroom floor
Decorating the bathroom
Accessories in white bathroom

Classic combination

Consider the classic combination that is very often used in the design.As a contrast, they make bright accents and make the design more interesting.


This combination is very fortunate and how can visually enlarge the space bath, and add to it the originality and style.

Lining in white and black tones can be presented several options:

  1. white walls and black floor. This interior is different rigor shape.Sanitary equipment in a bathroom in white is chosen more often.
  2. Finishes and walls, and the floor of black and white ceramic tiles. banding can be with single splashes of black tiles or with its symmetrical placement.Such interior belong to rather extravagant and spectacular.
  3. trim the bottom of the wall black tiles and top of the walls - white, with the division of their decorative frieze. This design looks very elegant.The black area can have different height - and sufficiently large, and a minimum.
The white bathroom with black floor
Wall tiles black
Decorative frieze in white bathroom


Red in the white bathroom can be added by mounting a bright bathroom equipment, accessories and furniture, and using red tilewith white in wall covering.

Red and white design of the bathroom

For example, you can draw a border wall in red or highlight red tile mirror.This color combination invigorates and improves mood.

Red furniture in white bathroom
White with red tile
The red color in the white bathroom

The combination of red and white can be added to other shades such as gold, coffee, silver, chocolate, turquoise.

White tiles with gold in the bathroom

combination with other shades and colors

addition to the classic white and black and white and red combination of the bathroom you can decorate as you wish by using other colors. white ceramic tile is combined with orange, yellow, green or blue tiles. on a white background any bright color will look even brighter and more colorful.

Combining white tiles
White- orange bathroom
White bathroom with photo panels

White tile wonderful combined with all the pastel shades, allowing you to create classic interiors.

White tiles in classic bathroom

When combined with white sand, brown and beige shades, you can arrange the room in the Egyptian style.

Wanting to arrange a bath in a country style, and choosing a combination of white + brown.

The combination of white tile with beige and brown


selected primary color for the interior of the white bathroom, in front of you there is a lot of interesting variations of the design.Using white tile provides a huge scope for creativity.

adding gloss, you will get a glamorous bathroom, applying fittings and accessories golden color, create a classic interior, and using the wood trim and placing live plants, can transform a room into a home spa.

The classic white bathroom
Option decoration white tiles
White bathroom with gold decoration

decision to decorate the bathroom with white tiles beneficial not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical.In the future, thinking about the radically new style of the room, you will not need to completely change the lining, but only to change the d├ęcor and will use other accents.

Decor white bath

Of course, the option of finishing the bathroom when the walls only white ceramic tiles and bathroom furniture and wash basin also white, looks uncomfortable and not very attractive. Getting into a bathroom, you will immediately recall the medical establishments or industrial buildings.

Completely white bathroom

first way to avoid this, if you still want to completely white bathroom - use is not white, and almost white. If you want a cool, buy white tiles with a bluish tinge, but if you want to make the interior "warm" stop on a white tile, which has a beige color.

White tiles with a blue tint

You can also buy a white ceramic tile finished "under a rock" - the space will remain white, but it will not be similar to the interior of the hospital.

Tile under a stone

Transform white bathroom can add a small amount of a different color. It may be a small mosaic border, or - even small color highlights the interior will look quite different.

About tile design options in bathroom Read our other article.

Tile under CAS

interesting idea is the use of colored grout.

Colored grout white tiles

Play with textures, textures and rhythms

Those who do not wish to dilute the pure white interior of a different color, is available to avoid association with the hospital, if the play on the features of the surface of the tile. Now DIY stores wall and floor tiles white represented by a number of species, different pattern, texture, imitation.

The texture of white tiles
Example textures white tiles
The texture of white tiles

decorate the walls of smooth white tiles, adding to it a little tile with different monochromatic ornaments and patterns.You can combine smooth surface and texture, or try to play with the rhythm - combine in one interior of the white tiles of different sizes (large tiles combine with small tiles, like a mosaic).

How to give comfort

completely white or white-black bathroom looks cold and white to make the bathroom a cozy and warm, you can use these tricks:

  • To finish the white tile to choose the original texture and texture.Consider a combination of matte and glossy, add tiles with patterns, choice of tiles with an imitation stone or similar techniques.
The original texture tiles
  • add splashes of bright white walls, for example, tiles or colored decorative frieze, stripes, mosaics and other elements.
White walls with decorative frieze
  • trim bathroom kipelno not white, and close to the white shade of the tiles (for the "warm" interior choose beige, cream, milk).
Dairy tiles in the bathroom
Cream color bath
Beige tiles in the bathroom
  • Add bright accents and colored decorations (rugs, towels, curtains, baskets, soap dish, etc.), as well as color plumbing.
The decor in white bathroom
  • Affect lighting.You can add more colors with sconces on the walls and more fixtures on the ceiling.You can also add colors to lighting, whereby the white ceramic tiles will look in a different tone.
Lighting in the bathroom
  • If the walls are white, the floor is covered with a neutral color or finishing material.