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August 12, 2017 18:06

Red ceramic tiles for the bathroom: the design and choice of nuances.Red mosaic

Red tiles for bathroom
  • Secrets use
  • Red mosaic
  • Subtleties combination
  • Choose a tile according to the area of ​​the room
  • known manufacturers
  • bathroom in red and white colors
  • combination of red and black
  • Popular
  • styles
  • tips from designers

often selected to design the bathroom dim and bright colors.This trend is quite common, because it is often in this room want to relax, relax, gain strength.But among the designers proposals appear bold experiments, one of which can be called a bright red color.Red bath invigorates, improves mood, looks unusual and fashionable.

in creating effective design red bath will help contrasting tiles.

Red tiles in the bathroom design

Secrets use

Red Tile impressed by the bold and decisive personalities.This finishing material is filled with cheerfulness in the morning, but at the same time also increases blood pressure.Also, red is associated with sexual arousal and erotic, so the red suite is able to make the relationship more passionate pair.

about different variants of the bathroom tiles

read our other article.Take the ideas adopted and applied in practice.

Red tiles in the bathroom

Psychologists suggest that red tiles interested people who love spontaneity, strong-willed and self-confident.Material that color to their liking extroverts, impulsive, sociable and emotional personages. Even with local decoration red ceramic bathroom can add luxury and glamor. use in the decoration of red color allows you to experiment by changing the texture, color combinations and accessories used.

Red ceramics in the bathroom

Facing red tiles can be performed on the entire surface of the floor or the wall, but most of the material used locally or for finishing a certain area (for example, part of the wall above the sink or a corner where a bathtub).An excellent idea would be use of a decor tiles of different colors, by performing band, ornaments or borders.Also in demand tiles with a pattern or coincident with it in color or a contrasting color (yellow, white or black). striking combination of a matte red background and intricate pattern red glossy.

Red tile pattern

Modern trends imitation ceramics many natural textures allow to decorate the bathroom tiles in red like a fabric, leather or other textured surface. For bright monochrome tile is most often added to a mixture of red trowel.

Red tiles under the skin

But the application of grout color contrast is also the best one.

Red tiles with contrasting grout

can make the bathroom in the Scottish style: such tiles "on a national Scottish fabric" create unusual interior.

Red tiles in the Scottish style

Red mosaic

looks very stylish.Often used the contrast of glossy and matt surface, which creates the effect of "overflowing" bathtub.

A similar effect can be dorstignut, use red and bright mosaic.

Red mosaic - glossy and matte

Mosaic can be of different shapes.Unusually looks mosaic with round elements.

Background can be anything.But as a rule, it is a bright white or beige, gold.

also possible to combine the red and mosaic tiles.They will complement each other, See original: reappears "contrasting sizes of the game."

Red tiles and tiles in the bathroom
Red mosaic on a beige background
Red round mosaic

Subtleties combination

Selection companion to the red tile is a simple task, since tile manufacturers produce a rich palette of shades of red, which allows you to find the desired combination- unobtrusive or contrast.

Red ceramics can have cool shade, for example, cranberry, burgundy, raspberry, cranberry, fuchsia.

Muted reds, which are close to brown - bronze, dark cherry, terracotta.

H he most magnificent view in the pure colors - magenta, ruby, garnet, scarlet.

If you want to add a little accent of red in the bathroom with a calm design, you can look at the tiles with red patterns.For example, ceramics with images of coral, or poppies.

If you want to warm shades, close to orange, fiery choose tile, strawberry, salmon, peach, tomato hues.

classic complement to red are white and black.Often there are extravagant combination with bright colors: green, blue, yellow.

Red tile
Red tiles and warm colors
The combination of red and yellow tiles

Effectively looks red pattern on the surface of the base color.The result is a stylish "dose" accents, which are applicable in the design of a small bathroom.

Tile with a red pattern in the design of a small bathroom

Do not forget about the "red-white-and-black" combined: these colors complement each other and make the interior of the original.

combination with other colors of red and yellow palette is also applicable.In combination with white, you can create an original and eye-catching design.

juicy red tinge can perfectly complement any calm color, such as gray or beige.

White-red- black tiles in the bathroom
Design red and white tiles in a bathroom with yellow tones
Beige and red tiles in the bathroom

Choose a tile according to the area of ​​the room

Interior in red tones more effectively it will look for a large bathtub. If the room your bathroom almost turn red tile will "crush" on you, making the space even more limited. From this bathroom you will always want to go out as soon as possible.

For small bathrooms use of red color should be dosed.Arrange small accents: inserting rare red tiles or red accessories.

Red tiles in the small bathroom in the form of accents

known manufacturers

tile red shades offered by all manufacturers, since it is fashionable and relevant color. However, some factories (eg, Italian Cerdisa manufacturers, FAP, Atlas Concorde) produced in red the whole collection. This tile is provided with different inserts and drawings.The collections are very diverse, so the Italian red tile can be selected for any interior.

Red tile Atlas Concorde

Note also the Spanish ceramics, features original geometric forms, ornaments and pictures.For example, the factory produces Pamesa tile with a small pattern, which makes it similar to a mosaic, giving the bathroom an unusual stylish look.

Tiles Pamesa

If called domestic manufacturers, the diverse and high-quality ceramics factory offer Kerama Marazzi. Collection of this manufacturer with the name "Sakura" is decorated with graceful red tile pattern.In the collection there are different types of products (including decorating items), allow to decorate the floors and walls.

Плитка "Сакура"

bathroom in red and white colors

combination of red + white is very good. bathroom in such a finish is attractive and unusual.This finish is often chosen creative and young people seeking to add more color to everyday life.This color scheme invigorates the morning, increases vitality and gives vitality and joie de vivre.

Red and white tiles in the bathroom

on white background almost any shade looks profitable.The combination of white and red already tested on a set of bathrooms.The proportion of shades may be different and depend on personal desires.In addition, this combination can be added additional colors - gray, silver, gold, turquoise, chocolate, coffee and others.

Option red- white bathroom

main design options in red and white are such:

  • red - the main and the white of its supplements, while making it more saturated and bright.Furnish the room is performed in red tones, and plumbing, furniture and accessories are chosen white;
  • white interior, and furniture and accessories - red.This approach helps make the bathroom more cozy, romantic and elegant.Red shades in this embodiment, the design can be very bold.Combined with a white base, their views will be very beneficial.The option to add red to the white interior are vertical and horizontal band in red mirror tile decoration red one wall or the bath (curb), red carpet, red towels;
  • white interior and plumbing - red.This is a rare option, as the red acrylic bathtub and sink and toilet in red to find more complex than white sanitary ware.
Red bathroom furniture
Red plumbing in the bathroom

can add to this tandem black - it will make the interior even more contrast and stylish.

White and red bathroom with a black

combination of red and black

This combination makes the interior more elegant and solid.this combination is very harmonious and elegant, but it is often complemented by another color in the large bathroom (white or gray).Note that for such an interior in the bathroom is better to install several lights.

Red and black bathroom

Popular styles

Bathroom design in red room detail has been considered in our other article.Read and implement the most daring design ideas to life!

Before you begin creating a red bath, you need to define the style of future design.Red can be used for different styles so selected as desired one.

reflect on the red bath, just remember the Chinese style. This popular style warm shades of red and stands out among them.This suite looks easy, simple and bright enough.

Bathroom in the Chinese style

Please note that registration for this option is especially important to choose the right accessories.

also red color is well suited to the classic style. very popular in the design of the room English style bathtub.It is to the liking of those who appreciate the elegance and restraint.For such a style is chosen classic bath with original legs, brass accessories and home furnishings made of wood.A suitable supplement to the red curtains or carpet.

Red tiles in the style of a classic

addition to classics and Chinese style red color will be appropriate for bathrooms in Europe, retro, high-tech, Japanese style, modern, and many others.

The Art Nouveau

tips from designers

For both functional and stylish bathroom, you must first create a transformation project premises.The creation of such a project it is important to perform thorough measurements and apply them to the plan.

When all the bathroom space is measured, it is possible to choose a stylistic decision and write down a list of materials that you will need (at the same time to calculate the right amount).At the same time, we should draw up a plan of repair work, if they are carried out on their own.In drawing up the master plan calculated the forthcoming spending.

Tile Red in bath

If leading color is red, other colors that will complement it, do not choose too flashy, not to create a strong contrast. Recall that the designers recommend the red finish for large bathrooms.In a small room, preferably only make red accents to the design is not "squeezed", and added to the atmosphere of cheerfulness.An example of this focus can be a red border around the mirror for a total light decoration.