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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mosaic bathroom : design features and finishes.Mosaic own hands

Mosaic in the bathroom
  • specifications and types
  • mosaic for finishing the floor
  • option walls
  • mosaic choice Secrets
  • mosaic Benefits
  • Laying his hands
  • options decoration mosaic - sinks, shower trays,countertops, mirrors
  • Mosaics
  • Care
  • Mosaic own hands

Mosaic - an ancient art form;is an image made from the same or different particle size and structure.Today, more and more you can find a private home or apartment, the interior of which is decorated with mosaic compositions.The use of this type of finish is especially important for repairs in the bathroom.

Mosaic in the bathroom of loose mosaic

specifications and types

Mosaic is made of different materials.Most of all - it's ceramics, glass, natural stone, artificial granite, metal, smalt and Venetian glass.However, you can find stuff that used balsa wood and beads.

planning a bathroom renovation, you need to choose a material that meets the requirements that apply when operating in a room with high humidity.Scope of this material is also quite wide.It is used for walls, floor f

inishes, niches and built-in shelves, clearance of individual surfaces, creating around apron sinks.

The wall above the sink lined with mosaics
Design a bathroom with a mosaic mural

use of mosaic in the bathroom can not only decorate the room, but also to conceal possible shortcomings, carry out all work in the same architectural style.To carry out the finish is quite simple, the process is similar to the use of ceramic tile, which is recognized as the best finishing materials.

Decorating the bathroom with mosaic and mosaic

mosaic for finishing the floor

As we have said, the mosaic is used not only as a decorative element of the walls, but also to create a reliable, yet attractive flooring, which has a higher wear resistance,including moisture.Excellent choice - glass mosaic.It is a reliable, bright and provides a sophisticated coating.

Glass mosaic
The floor in the bathroom .decorated with mosaics

But this only applies to a private home or apartment.This is due to the fact that in a public place where there is a high permeability, the coating will experience increased stress, so better to use a mosaic of ceramic or stone.I would also like to note that the design will depend not only on the invoice, but also the color of the material.For flooring is suitable not very bright shades, as the floor gets dirty, so it is best to choose the tiles for decoration of dark colors.

Mosaic designs for the floor in the bathroom

option walls

known a lot of ways the zoning of any room.Starting from the construction of additional walls and finishing with the use of accessories.

can experiment with color, texture, etc. In order to achieve maximum effect For example, to visually highlight shower, bathroom or other area using a combination of multi-colored mosaic floor cloths.In addition, duplicate the border on the ceiling in the same pattern.To use the distinction as the color contrast method, and a combination of different textures.

Zoning mosaic bathroom facilities
The combination of mosaic and ceramic tiles wood
Mirror mosaic-tiled

Having mosaic tiles in the partition combination bathroom can be achieved not only a visual separation of the toilet area, but improve the aesthetics of the room. curious way to share space - one wall decorated with colored mosaic pattern, and to the other at the same time to use the mirror panels.This is especially significant for similar zoning of the premises with a small area.

to form in a small room visually separate areas, can be decorated with mosaic mirror located opposite the entrance.When this wall on one side of the mirror decorated bright shades and the other darker.

Decorating the entire room this material - quite expensive, so often this material is combined with the other. designers recommend the use of a mosaic to create panels or registration edge.

Mosaic in the bathroom design
Mosaic in the bathroom design
Panels made of mosaic in the bath design
Panels made of mosaic in the bath design

Since mosaic is small, this material is suitable for lining curved surfaces.

mosaic choice Secrets

Here are some of the requirements that apply to the quality characteristics mosaic and coating them it:

  • material from which made the mosaic, should be water resistant.The best option - glass and stone.Also suitable ceramic mosaic.
  • Mosaic flooring is chosen based on the fact that it must be absolutely safe and does not have sharp edges.
  • color scale, which is used for decorating a bathroom is better to choose light colors: peach, blue and others.No need to choose a bright and aggressive colors such as red, black.They can quickly get bored and start to cause irritation and discomfort.However, these colors can please the expressive and vibrant nature.
  • choosing mosaic story, pay attention to the dimensions of the room.If the room is small, then the figures should not be large.Experts recommend choosing bathroom floral, marine theme, decorative motifs.
Mosaic flooring
Gorgeous mosaic bathroom
Decorating with mosaics curved surfaces

mosaic Benefits

Mosaic has a number of indisputable advantages:

  • Splendor patterns will not leave you indifferent, and a room withthis finish will look expensive and presentable.
  • Thanks plitochki mosaic can decorate absolutely any parts of the room: projections, recesses, etc.Fragments of smaller sizes are easily mounted on the curved design, unlike standard decorative panels.
  • This material is perfect for use in high humidity areas.
  • mosaic decoration for a long time does not lose its original form, so do new repair you do not need a very long time.Thus, the purchase and installation of material costs fully repaid due to the long service life.
Shell decorated with mosaics

Watch a video about what it looks like a mosaic in the bathroom.

Laying his hands

Before pasting the walls of the elements of the mosaic, it is recommended to spread them on the floor.Then the elements are measured, and on the wall is applied to the corresponding markings.Installation is best done on a perfectly flat surface, such as a coupler.When laying the adhesive should be applied as a wall, and on the item that you want to paste.The adhesive is distributed over the surface with a spatula, which has teeth, because it is too thick layer can not simply keep the tiles and mosaics can slide down.The adhesive is chosen based on the specific material.

Sticking mosaic on the wall in the bathroom

To cut mosaic covering use metal tongs or a knife construction.Remove the protective coating, which is available on the outside of the mosaic, is possible only after the glue dries well.Overwrite seams only a few days after installation, otherwise there is a risk to move the tiles.

Remove the protective coating

options decoration mosaic - sinks, shower trays, countertops, mirrors

Mosaic can be used not only for decoration, as well as to isolate individual elements or zones in the room:

  • installing a bathroom dull screen, you can decorate it with mosaics.Decorating can be monochromatic or patterned.
  • Effectively looks apron made from a mosaic in the bath or sink.
  • frame mosaic mirror will be a great decoration of all rooms.
  • Decorating shelves, arches, niches and boxes will save tiles.Built-in shelves simply are faced with mosaic modules, thanks to the flexibility base and size of chips.
  • mosaic decoration of the window opening will not only decorate the room, but also protect the slopes of the high humidity.The same window will appear visually more if the rim make wide.
Bathroom decorated with mosaics
The frame of the mosaic mirror
The window in the bathroom decorated with mosaics


Today, panels of mosaics is considered one of the most unusual and beautiful finishing options.It can be as simple and represent a simple geometric pattern, and be quite complex in artistic terms.Among the advantages of the panel - the durability and wear resistance.Although contact with regular water and the temperature drops, a long time it retains its quality and aesthetics.

Mosaic in the bathroom

There are several methods for laying panels: splitting and matrix method.In the first case, the small pieces are used in different sizes.Its cost is higher, however, the use of this technology makes it possible to depict any work of art.When stacking the matrix method used square tiles of the same size.This method makes it possible to assemble simple patterns.

Mosaic by tattoos


Like any other coating, mosaic in need of care. To make it as long as possible please you with its appearance, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  • Do not wipe the surface materials, which is composed of phosphoric acid, wax and oil mixture;
  • Do not use abrasives;
  • to remove dirt from the surface of substance is necessary to use a small amount of acid in the composition or soap;
  • When grease stains on the surface, use degreasing solvent.
for mosaic floors Care

Mosaic own hands

Decorating bathroom mosaic - quite expensive pleasure, and not everyone can afford.But there is a solution!You can make it yourself from the bat tiles.This will and decorate the room, and significant savings.This mosaic is laid out strictly according to the sketch.First you need to visualize what you want to get the result.Then put it on paper and then select the appropriate tile.To chopping with tiles to avoid unnecessary fragments, it should wrap the cloth and break a hammer.Mosaic tiles laid at intervals.

Mosaic fragments of ceramic tiles

elements to firmly entrenched, use tile adhesive.It is applied to a substrate in thin layers.The gaps between the fragments treated with a solution, when the glue dries well.Then you can apply the grout using a rubber spatula.These seams are treated with varnish trowels.

The bathroom floor tile fragments