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August 12, 2017 18:06

The layout of the tiles in the bathroom : stacking options and their features , choice of tiles

The layout of the tiles in the bathroom
  • Tips for Choosing tiles
    • Indicators
      • Wicking moisture
      • Resistance to chemicals
      • tiles Purpose
      • shape and design
  • options combining
    • Direct
    • vrazbezhku
    • diagonal
    • Modular
    • Art
    • Horizontal
    • Vertical
  • Zoning bathroom using tile
  • Tips for choosing tiles
    • small bathroom
    • Low ceilings
  • Popular options stacking
  • Drawing plan
  • Calculating the number of tiles

repair is not done as often as the annual replacement tile is a matter of very energy-consuming and troublesome in the bathroom.It is much easier and more profitable to think in advance the original version of the layout of tiles to the room you are happy for several years.

Tips for Choosing tiles

Tile - a modern finishing material for bathrooms.And it's not so much in its aesthetic qualities as the advantages over other materials.Ceramic tile is resistant to bacteria and dust, it is easy to clean, to the same range of tiles in stores today is different widest variety.In addition, it has a very low electrical co

nductivity, which is essential for the room where it is always humid.

Tile in the bathroom

Today on the shelves you can see a huge variety of tiles, but not every model is suitable for the repair of the bathroom.This is due to the fact that universal tiles, suitable for any surface finish, there is simply no.Therefore, the selection of finishing materials necessary to focus on the data label located on the product.

Stylish tiles for bathroom


choosing tile for the bathroom, consider the following indicators.

Wicking moisture

Since the bathroom is the bathroom, where humidity is always increased, it is imperative to choose for lining waterproof material, which eventually did not lose its attractive appearance.

By the ability to absorb moisture, all ceramic tile is divided into 8 groups.To repair the bathroom need to choose tile, referring to the 1st, 2nd or 3rd group.4-I and the rest of the group, following after it, are characterized by high porosity and are not suitable for wet areas.

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom

Resistance to chemicals

Since the bathroom needs to be fairly frequent cleaning, the tiles in any case will get all sorts of cosmetics.The ability of the surface of the tiles withstand household chemicals marked with Latin letters.tile with «AA» marking is ideal for the bathroom.

Resistant to chemicals tiles for bathroom

tiles Purpose

Based on the purpose for which used flooring material is released, which only trim the walls, and floor material.The first is marked by an icon in the form of a drawing hand.

tile flooring different icon as a picture of the foot, and is also divided into classes depending on the level of resistance to abrasion.As you know, the home enjoys a bath is usually a very small number of people, so it will be enough to buy a tile 2nd class strength (indicated «PEI II»).

Buy material more resistant to abrasion, it is not necessary - the higher strength class, the more expensive the price.Oboznacheniyaetihi other pisktogramm you can see in the image below.

Symbols on the tile ( icon )

shape and design

To determine the size of the tiles, it is necessary to rely not only on your taste - should take into account the fact that a large tile is suitable only for large spaces and small can be very usefulfor finishing curved surfaces.

As for texture, glossy tiles are excellent for small size premises, because it can make them visually more spacious.

But matte tile has several advantages: it is not as visible pollution and flaws.Regarding the color of the material, there is already need to trust your own taste.But many designers are advised as a framework calm bright colors.Tile saturated colors should be used for emphasis.

Glossy tiles in the bathroom and color accents

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options combining

tile layout options are many.Each of them has its own advantages.Consider the main types.


most common and at the same time, the easiest way to laying tile is a straight - terracotta is parallel to the floor, ceiling and walls.This option is suitable and square tiles, and rectangular.

Direct layout of the tiles


layout vrazbezhku used when necessary to achieve the effect of imitation masonry.Particularly advantageously, it would look like in the case where the width of the tile is less than twice its length.

Раскладка плитки "вразбежку"


most complex version of the calculations - the diagonal. here often enough to trim the tiles, so that, without appropriate skills to undertake such a process should not be.Laying "on the diagonal" - a beautiful way to tile layout, compared to the previous, but more complex in design.Its features consist in the fact that the tile rows must not go parallel to the walls, but at an angle (usually 45 °).

diagonal styling is suitable not for every room.For example, a small area it should be avoided because it will reduce room and visually emphasize its shortcomings.For large bathroom tiles, laid a diagonal manner, can create a miracle.

If you choose the right texture and pattern tiles, you can easily provide the necessary elements of your decor;besides using the correct color can hide any flaws plan.

The diagonal layout of the tiles


If you are using tiles of different sizes, this type of calculations is called "modular".It is possible with this method to form an unusual pattern.

Modular type of tile layout


This top craftsmanship - art layout, combining straight and diagonal, and the tiles of different colors.

Artistic tile layout


Another popular method of tile layout is the so-called "horizontal", which is a combination of dark bottom and light top. as the transition from dark to bright tiles used border (usually monochromatic).Usually, in order to give a complete view of the space of the room, the same border and fit under the ceiling.It is important to use with this method of laying solid color tile without figures and decoration.

The horizontal layout of the tiles in the bathroom


«Vertical" tile layout variant is characterized in that bright band released tiles should come from the wall to the floor. That decision currently resides at the height of fashion.Through this bag of tricks increasing the height of the bathroom.And if we highlight this contrast stripe any significant, in your opinion, the elements of the interior, the room certainly transformed.

Vertical tile layout

bathroom Zoning using tiles

Zoning bathroom can be called a necessity in any home, because by acquiring housing, people lately prefer to stay in a free lay-out - this allows them to implement zoningpremises.

Zoning - different walls in the bathroom
Color zoning bathroom
Zoning bathroom tiles

One of the most spectacular species bathroom zoning is considered the color zoning.To do this choose one collection tiles and, consequently, make the color layout.The colors in this case can be varied - bright, juicy, contrast, and you can choose one color and tone.With their help it is quite possible to organize the whole composition - for example, "set" bath on the podium, which is decorated with the same tiles as the walls of the room.

If present in the interior of expensive plumbing, you can do it on the emphasis, «placing" it on a tile that has not been used in the decoration.Thus, in general, you can select any element of the interior, decent, in your opinion, attention.

Tips for Choosing tiles

small bathroom

Choosing tile for small bathrooms, experts advise to opt for a small size tile pale, delicate tones. very well suited tile mosaic that can visually expand the space.However, if you still prefer saturated colors, it is best to combine the light tiles with a juicy shades.

to create the illusion of a large space there is a very effective method - a streak of light that will "go" in the middle of the bathroom, as if sharing the space.

It should be remembered that the tiles of light colors will always be visually increase in the size of the room and dark colors - on the contrary reduced.Even if you want to combine light and dark tone, the first should prevail.Floor tile is also better to choose light colors.

Tiles for a small bathroom

As visually enlarge the space and help the mirror, it makes sense to use a mirror tiles.

Mirrors in a small bathroom

Low ceilings

for rooms with low ceilings, it is best to choose a vertical stacking of tiles of light colors - vertical will "pull" the room, and the light color, as mentioned earlier, visually expands the space.

Bright tile bath

Popular options stacking

There are several options for laying tiles.Consider the basic.

seam to seam

most simple basic scheme is called "seam in seam" or "straight rows."The rows of tiles should go exclusively horizontally on a level.Thus tile must be the same size or sizes with minimum scatter.

Laying the tiles in the weld seam


Another method of laying - "Chess", a variation on the theme of "seam in seam", but using two different tile colors.

Chess layout of the tiles in the bathroom


Stacking "vperevyazku" is very similar to the brickwork. done in the following way: in each successive row, each tile is positioned in such a way that it was the middle of the tile seam number lying below.Unlike the previous type, this method is implemented only in horizontal rows and allows some difference in the size of the tile.

The layout of the tiles in the dressing or brickwork


modular method of tiling is to use 3 or more types of tiles of various formats, allowing you to create a dynamic image. It can be anything: the inclusion of bright parts in the monotonous plane, a clear pattern, etc.This method requires no gluing materials layout.

The modular layout of the tiles


plan to pick a spectacular figure, it is necessary to take into account many factors: the shape and size of the bathroom, as well as the type of tiles used.But before you think about how best to expand the tiles in the bathroom need to create the floor plan - draw on paper around, but proportioning, your bathroom.Make a sketch larger to allow for placement of the smallest details.

Then with a tape measure the width and height of your bathroom, the door opening size, niche and so on.. All measurements should be indicated in the figure.Be sure to note on the sketch plumbing, which are going to place, and its size.Then compare the resulting schematic drawing with a real bathroom.Remember that the consequences of miscalculation even a couple of centimeters may consist in the fact that a beautiful element of the tile will be closed and then many of your efforts will be wasted.

Calculating the number of tiles

Since the tiles - the material is not cheap, it is necessary to accurately calculate the necessary amount for its repair, to avoid unnecessary expenses.This requires to measure the surface that are intended oblitsevat.Knowing the length and height of the walls, you can easily calculate the area of ​​the walls and floor.A dividing this value by the area of ​​one tile, you will find the number of tiles in pieces.But keep in mind that the stock never hurts tiles - part of the tiles may have to be cut, and some may be damaged or broken in the process.

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The calculation of the tiles

After the repair and installation of all the necessary plumbing remains only to place the finishing touches and add zest to the interior.

Beautiful bathroom