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August 12, 2017 18:06

Wallpaper for the bathroom : liquid , other , features dressing like glue

Wallpaper in the bathroom interior
  • Should I use the wallpaper in the bathroom decoration?
  • Features selection
  • How and where to hang wallpaper in the bathroom?
  • Useful tips
  • Prices

For many choices of wallpaper as a wall decoration in a bathroom may seem not just bizarre but risky move.Indeed, at first glance, paste paper wallpaper in a room with high humidity seems very rash step.However, this is only at first glance.In fact, with the advent of new building materials on the market, including a huge variety of wallpaper, not only on paper but also on a paper basis, we can realize almost any of your design ideas in the interior.

Should I use the wallpaper in the bathroom decoration?

Should I hang wallpaper in the bathroom or not, everyone decides for himself.We only dare to assure you that the adoption of such a decision does not turn into a disaster for you. Moreover, the use of wallpaper in the bathroom has its own advantages:

  • square meter wallpaper, in most cases less expensive than a meter of ceramic tiles for
    the bathroom.
  • Unlike ceramic tiles, wallpaper can pokleit even a layman.The walls under the wallpaper is not necessarily aligned.
  • If you think newly renovated bathroom, peel old wallpaper and pokleit new will be much easier than replacing the tiles.
Case wallpaper pasting bath room
  • assortment of wallpapers of different colors, patterns and ornaments is much wider compared with a range of other decorative materials.
  • In addition, the wallpaper can be combined with other finishing materials: tiles, plasterboard, plastic panels, etc.

course, wallpaper is not the most durable material.But the fear that they exfoliate and peeling off in a week, it is not necessary.

Features selection

As manufacturing techniques are distinguished paper, sound-proof and washable wallpaper.It's about a washable wallpaper can be used in the decoration of the bathroom.

In addition, we recommend that you pay attention to the washable wallpaper: they are easier to clean up from all sorts of pollution and their protective coating protects the material from peeling due to moisture.

Later in this article we will talk more about these types of wallpaper as liquid, vinyl, non-woven, non-woven self-adhesive, fiberglass, and finally wallpapers.

Beautiful wallpaper in the bathroom

Liquid Liquid wallpaper appeared relatively recently and immediately gained much popularity.However, even the wallpaper can be called a very arbitrary.Liquid wallpaper - decorative covering for walls and ceiling, bringing together the best features of the wallpaper and plaster.

This pulp mixture, which is diluted with water and applied to the wall with a spatula after priming.At the same time you can buy a ready-made liquid wallpaper of colors and textures that you need, to which you just add water, or buy the white wallpaper and experimenting with dyes and decorative elements on their own.

Palette liquid wallpaper
Liquid wallpaper in the bathroom
The process of applying liquid wallpaper

If you can not find a ready variant of liquid wallpaper in the sale, we still recommend that you ask for help in creating the necessary texture to the professionals, asthis case requires certain skills.

Advantages of liquid wallpaper in the bathroom:

  • they are easy to apply, even in tight spaces and on uneven surfaces
  • you will not have seams and joints on walls
  • wall beforehand is not necessarily align
  • easily create a variety of decorativeelements
  • if the wallpaper on some area are damaged, it is easy to fix

Note that the liquid wallpaper dry an average of about two days and prior to the application of the wall surface should be primed, and always white.


Vinyl wallpaper got its name due to the fact that their second, upper layer is made of PVC or simply vinyl.First, the lower layer can be paper or flizelinovye.These wallpapers are not cheap and stable enough even to direct ingress of water, but they can delaminate from the high humidity.

Vinyl wallpaper layers

advantages of vinyl wallcovering:

  • moisture resistance
  • they can be washed: a damp cloth or a brush, and some even wet vacuum
  • do not need to align the walls before they are pasting
  • diversitygraphics, colors, textures, as well as the ability to make imitation of stone, plaster or textiles.
Vinyl wallpaper in the interior of a bathroom

Remember that in the room, papered with vinyl wallpaper should be good ventilation, as airtight and vinyl wallpaper can give a specific smell.

adhesive moisture

This kind of vinyl wallcoverings.Their difference lies only in the fact that the wallpaper is initially saturated with moisture-resistant glue, and all that is required of you - only slightly moisten the underside surface of the lukewarm water and stick them to the wall.

The process of bonding self-adhesive wallpaper


Fleece Mural executed on a special non-woven base, similar to the paper, but made from a mixture of natural and chemical fibers.

Fleece can be as basic, the only material for wallpaper, and used only as a base.Various types of non-woven wallpaper: simple monophonic wallpaper for painting, wallpaper with a pattern and texture options.


  • ease of gluing - no need to apply an additional layer of adhesive on a roll and wait until it is absorbed.It is enough to cover the adhesive but the wall on which you will glue non-woven wallpaper
  • environmental
  • them easy to remove the next repair;
  • can be painted in any color

Wash non-woven wallpaper is impossible.

Non-woven wallpaper for painting


Not many yet heard of this type of wallpaper.They are woven on special machines from skeklovolokna.Fiberglass is impregnated with a special mixture based on starch.It is believed that this is ideal for a bathroom wallpaper, and in every room.

Glass wall in the bathroom

Benefits Covering:

  • high strength compared to other types of wallpaper
  • environmental cleanliness
  • them not formed a favorable environment for the development of bacteria and mold
  • they can be washed with watereven with the use of detergents
  • very durable.

If you choose to paste over your bathroom skeklooboyami, you have to order forked since the beginning you will need to perfectly align the walls, buy yourself wallpaper, which also are not cheap, but also to buy a large amount of ink, as the fiberglass paint is very thickink layer - they have a high absorption.According to the texture of the wallpaper can be smooth, and relief.

Photo Wall Mural

Mural in the bathroom

Photo wall may be made of any material: paper, vinyl, non-woven fabrics.What makes them different is that the top layer of wallpaper pattern applied by digital printing.These wallpapers are perfect to embody any design ideas: companies involved in the manufacture of wallpaper, printed for you any digital high-quality images of any size.

How and where to hang wallpaper in the bathroom?

to glue the wallpaper in the bathroom, be sure to waterproof glue, unless otherwise provided in the instructions.As a rule, all the recommendations of pasting of a particular type of wallpaper, listed on the packaging glue.

recommended to treat anti-fungal drugs Before mounting your wall - it will prolong the life of the wallpaper.

Wallpaper in the bathroom

Even if you use a water-resistant and adhesive, and the wallpaper, wallpaper glue to the place where they will regularly hit the water, it is impossible.Therefore, the sink, bathtub and shower, if they are placed near a wall, it is better to put a ceramic tile or stone.

Useful tips

  • Try to withstand a single style in the sanitary ware, tiles, wallpaper and other details. using wallpaper in the interior, you run the risk of piling up too much space, not adhering to a single style, and failed by combining different textures.
  • Be careful with the choice of dark and bright wallpapers.Still, bath - this is, first and foremost, a place to rest.Try to focus on the contrast of colors.For example, it looks good bath, in which the bottom wall is formed in a dark color, and the top - in the light.The main thing is that the colors blended together.
The dark bottom, light top bathroom
  • For baths, as well as for any small space, it is better to use wallpaper with a small figure - so the space is more hides.
  • also using wallpaper, you can try to zone premises.
Zoning with the help of wallpaper
  • Make sure your bathroom works well ventilation .Perhaps you will need to clean up the existing ventilation or mount a new one, forced ventilation.This is necessary not only to quickly dry and wallpaper stuck, but also to further flocked them as little moisture as possible.


Prices of different types of wallpaper varies depending on the width, length, manufacturer, etc.

  • fiberglass cost ranges from 3 to 50 dollars per roll.
  • cost of the roll of vinyl and non-woven wallpaper domestic production begins anywhere from 400 rubles per roll, import - from 500 rubles.
  • cost liquid wallpaper ranges from 130-250 rubles per square meter wallpaper mid-range to 300-500 rubles for the elite class.

However, you have the opportunity to save well, if you need a small amount of wallpaper.The fact that the building stores sell expensive wallpaper remnants even at a significant discount.It is better to ask in advance at the store consultants, if they have such a markdown wallpaper.

Creative wallpaper in the bathroom