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August 12, 2017 18:06

Waterproof panel for the decoration of bathrooms, wall , panels , other

Making the bathroom wall panels
  • Types
  • Benefits
  • Methods fixing
  • Preparatory work prior to installation
  • Tools for mounting
  • Installing panels

Bathroom - a room with its own characteristics, itIt can be a high temperature and humidity, which sometimes causes mold and mildew.Caring for the bathroom made using a variety of chemical cleaning agents that create a hostile environment that has a devastating impact on many finishing materials.

Bathroom decorated wall panels

Therefore, as an option of finishing the bathroom often use special water-resistant finishing panels.They are high quality and very reliable material, created from polymers with various other additives.In appearance, these panels do not differ from the expensive cost of materials intended for decoration.

Wall panels marble

panels are not afraid of high humidity and frequent temperature changes, and their cost is currently available for most buyers.Already installed tile panels can be very difficult to distinguish from expensive finishing materials, but in performance they often

outperform even natural stone and wood.

Wall panels for ceramic tiles

Many customers have recognized that this material is an excellent alternative to conventional tiles.The set of patterns and bright colors can bring quite daring design decisions.Waterproof panel to easily change the monotonous boring interior, doing of the usual bathroom masterpiece.


Currently, the Russian market of finishing materials for the decoration of the walls in the bathroom are available such types of water-resistant panels:

  • Tiled panel , which is manufactured in the form of a square and is used for uploadinga wide variety of patterns.
  • rack panels .According to its resembles ordinary finishing battens.Attaching such panels to a wall is carried out by means of staples.
  • Sheet panel .It has a fairly large size and is very easy to install.Most often, these panels are purchased already suffered an ornament or a picture.

tile panels
Waterproof rack panels
Sheet moisture-proof pad

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sheet-type panels are high-quality material for decoration of different spaces with high humidity levels and frequent temperature changes.Most of these panels are purchased for installation in the kitchen or bath and toilet.

They are the foundation slab fiberboard created from eucalyptus fibers, which contain a variety of resins and natural oils.This impregnation gives the panels a special strength and fire resistance.

Sheet panels for walls under a tree

Sheet panels can be made of PVC.They are a plastic sheet size 1220h2440 mm.They are very easy to install, during which formed the minimum number of joints and seams, which is very important for the bathroom.

Bathroom design panels of PVC

Sheet panels coated with a special protective material that protects them from the negative effects of aggressive chemicals appearing scratches and damage others.The variety of patterns and textures applied to graphics panel, allows to easily implement all the design intentions.The shelf life of the coating material is greater than ten years.


rack panels are different from the ordinary wooden or plastic lining only for its water-resistant properties, due to which they are used in rooms with high humidity.With slatted panels, which are produced of various colors, you can make recovery even in the interior of a very small bathroom.

Rack panels in the design of the bathroom

panels installed vertically - visually raise the ceiling, but if you apply a creative approach and try to play with the colors, you will have an original and stylish bathroom.

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Black-and- white version of the clearance rack panels

fixes this panel on the surface of the wall with glue, can be mounted on the frame and fastened with staples or screws.

Tile Tile panels are made of modern materials, mainly of plastic.

Tile panel in a small bathroom under the mosaic covering

They have the shape of squares and are used for finishing the surfaces in the room toilet or bathroom.Tiled panel successfully mimic mosaic coating, decorative plaster, marble and other decorative materials.

Prior to installation of tile panels conducted a thorough pre-alignment of the wall surface.Stack and combine tile panel in various ways, in a checkerboard pattern, to create original compositions and geometric patterns.


panels have many advantages, the most important of which are considered:

  • cost .Compared to other materials, these panels are considered the most accessible, mounting virtually no residue.
  • Increased resistance to the appearance of mold panels. This advantage is considered important enough, as it prevents the appearance on the walls of the bathroom variety of mold formations.
  • With these panels perfectly concealed pipes conducted , as well as various masked defects and roughness of surfaces.
  • The plates can be incorporated various modern lighting .With the work done in these holes are fixed shelves and mirrors.
  • panels are resistant to damage and easily withstand mechanical stresses, shocks and twists.
  • For water-resistant panels are quite easy to maintain. They are easy to clean from pollution by using soapy water and a sponge.
  • diverse range allows you to choose the appropriate types of panels under the brand every taste and the idea, as well as a bathroom sizes.
  • panels are easy to install enough , leaving a minimum of dust and waste products.
Wall panels in the bathroom

fixing methods

Waterproof finishing panels are attached to the walls in several ways.The main method used is their fixation on adhesive mortar.For this installation requires perfectly aligned wall surface.All irregularities previously eliminated using mortar or putties.Panels can be mounted either vertically or horizontally..

When mounting glue - it is applied to the panel in long strips with an intermediate distance of 5 to 10 cm

Installation of the panels on the glue

Before installation, the following steps:

• Measured wall


• moldings and panels are adjusted in size

• In the initial site set starting molding

• turns panels are glued to

wall • Held finish all joints

to secure the panels often used wooden sheathing, which bars previously attached towall plugs.If the material is to be installed vertically, strips of wood lath so fastened horizontally.The current unevenness of wall surface does not become an obstacle for the installation.Planted under the bar in place of the wall recess bar eliminates unevenness of the wall.

Options for fixing the wall panels

Preparatory work prior to installation

installation consists of two stages.Before you install the prepared surface of the walls and all the necessary material.All surfaces of the upcoming consolidation of panels aligned and primed plaster.Count the exact amount of material required for finishing.

The preparatory phase of the work with wall panels

about for a couple of days prior to the installation of the panel shall be made in the room for a full adaptation to the internal temperature and humidity level of the room.The material is then cut according to layout pane safeguard pattern if it is present therein.

Tools for mounting

For quality finishing the interior with modern panels need the following tools:

  • jigsaw and roulette
  • hacksaw with a sufficiently small teeth
  • transparent sealant silicone
  • spatula and various accessories
  • molding
  • special liquid nails
  • strips for joints and edging.
Accessories for wall panels

Installing panels

Before starting the installation work pattern on the panel shall be considered carefully. panels are arranged in the order of drawing on the wall, which will make installation easier.On the panel prepared a special spatula to apply the adhesive mixture.The ideal would be adhesive layer thickness of 6 mm.apotol

The panel is coated with adhesive on its surface is pressed against the wall and held for some time.The uniformity of the panel fit is checked by a level.Emerging from beneath the panels glue gently removed.Installation material continues with the installation of a small gap between the tiles.Pasted panel dry out during the day.Joints between them are sealed with sealant.

installation of panels

If all the rules of the installation of water-resistant panels, they will last a long time.To change individual panel members or modification of the panel pattern can be easily removed and installed in their place new ones.

Installed on the wall panel

Gloss is supported by the use of detergents that do not contain abrasives in its composition.These substances have a mild impact on the tile and its cover, so a bathroom for a long time preserves the effect of novelty.