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August 12, 2017 18:06

Plastic panels for the bathroom: the nuances of selection , finishing and assembly

Plastic panels for the bathroom
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Preparing walls before finishing
  • Installation with glue
  • mounting process, fixing panels
  • Tips Installation
  • ceiling
  • installation steps onframe for finishing the ceiling

Plastic panels are one of the most popular ways of finishing the walls in the bathroom.

This is a very cost-effective option in terms of repair: panels are much cheaper than any other finishing materials for the bathroom.Installation without any problems, but the time spent will be minimal.

Advantages and disadvantages

plastic panels are made on the basis of a solid polyvinyl chloride, which is added to the softener.

Plastic panels

As with any material, PVC panels have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages include:

  • elementary and easy installation. panels are easily assembled and installed independently, so it is quite possible to manage without the help of professionals.In order to install a plastic panel absolutely any suitable surface, an
    d it requires no training.And after work, there is very little waste: shaving and trimming of panels.
  • inexpensive price. If you want a budget repair the premises, PVC panels fit just what we needed.The average value of their costs two times cheaper than the cost of ceramic tiles.
Plastic panels for the bathroom benefits
  • practicality and reliability of the material. plastic panels can be assembled and disassembled many times, which is very convenient when traveling.In addition, they do not fade in the sun and capable over the years to maintain its original appearance.
  • Resistance to moisture. PVC panels are not afraid of water, and therefore are suitable for repairing bathrooms.
  • A wide variety of colors and textures.

Today in the shops you can see a wide range of plastic panels.Material can simulate the texture of stone, wood or leather.

Plastic panels for a variety of bathroom

However, the PVC panels have a number of disadvantages:

  • Plastic panel are environmentally friendly materials, as produced using chemicals.If panels of low quality, they may also allocate a specific smell.
  • allocation of toxic substances in case of fire.
  • panels can not withstand sudden changes in temperature - the material can be damaged.
  • relatively low strength.Plastic panels are very easily exposed to various damages.But fortunately, tainted region is easy to replace.
beautiful plastic panels for the bathroom

On other embodiments, water-resistant panels for the bathroom, read our other article.You will find many interesting solutions.

Tips for Choosing

If you decide to buy plastic panels that focus on quality, size and design. When choosing wall panels should focus on the size of your bathroom.

Usually height is much easier than with the width - PVC panels come in lengths from 2.5 to 3.8 m In order to choose the best option with respect to the width of the room, you must divide the width of the bath by the width of one panel..

As for quality, it is best to choose the panel that have a coating of special protective film on the front side.With this material you will avoid a variety of injuries that can occur during installation.And after the completion of the installation tape is removed.

Bathroom finished with plastic panels
Plastic panels for the bathroom light
The ceiling in the bathroom pvc panels

choosing a color panel, navigate is, of course, to your taste. However, in this case there are some nuances that should be taken into account:

  • If your bathroom is small in size, it is better to choose light colors to make it seem much more spacious.Visually expand the room also helps cool colors - all shades of blue and green.
  • If you want to buy a panel that mimics the surface of the wood, stop as the light colors - light beech, maple, etc.

Preparing walls before finishing

first step in the bathroom decoration using plastic panels is to prepare the walls.And to bypass this process can not be - he ensures long life of PVC panels and their aesthetic appearance.

Preparing walls is the dismantling of the old coating, removing mildew stains, rust and mildew, as well as surface treatment with antiseptic solutions and water-repellent coats.

Installation with glue

This type of panel installation can be carried out only to the bathroom, where all the walls are absolutely smooth. Mount PVC panels on the glue - a very simple and quick way to mount as the panel just glued to the wall with liquid nails.

Features panel mounting with glue:

  • necessary to choose the glue, which included no organic constituents;
  • adhesive is applied to the wall only horizontal lines;
  • glued panels should be a gap in the floor and ceiling (at the end of it shall be closed plinth).
Mounting with adhesive

weakness of this kind of installation is considered to be the difficulty of removing the panels (in the case of the following repair).Mounting

via furring

This method consists in the fact that along the length of the wall mounted rails of wood or metal (preferably made of metal, since the tub - a place where the humidity is increased always), which are then already attached themselvespanel. It is possible to apply and clamp-mount and screws that are screwed into the panels (fixing portions are subsequently hidden).

Mounting with crates

mounting process, fixing panels

crates need to rake, which is the cross section 20X40 mm.It is fixed at an angle of 90 ° relative to the PVC panels by screws.Be sure to check the level, how exactly put the rack, or the panels can be installed smoothly, resulting in a coating will be differences.Reiki crates must be in increments of 40-50 cm. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that if the room walls are uneven, you need to align the crate by placing its plywood or lumber.

installation PVC panels can be started from any angle, but it is necessary to move to a door or window opening. PVC panel is equipped with two mounting flanges: the right is a wide, necessary for attaching the panel to the frame with screws or staples, to the left - a narrow, to insert the previous element in the groove.

installation process

first to crate fastened screws starter plastic profile.Further, the first panel is inserted into the narrow groove of the shelf corner.Then, the plastic panel attached to the sheathing, which may need to staple gun or screws again.The next step - mount panels on a wide shelf.

To insert a second panel, you need to snap it into the first groove.Binding to the crate in the same way as in the case with the first panel.Similarly, set the rest of the panel.

panel Sometimes you want to trim to get around obstacles (battery or heated towel rail).For this fit a Bulgarian, a construction knife or jigsaw.

last panel must slide into the finish profile.In addition it clicks into place in the previous panel it is necessary to align. Where PVC panels are connected, it is necessary to put the F-profile.

Tips Installation


The choice of panel mounting as a whole depends on your preference, but it is worth considering some points:

  • to install panels on the crate using screws youI have to drill a lot of holes in the wall and generally spend on this type of installation a lot of time and effort;installation of panels with glue - a simple and quick option, but later you will run into problems when removing surface (taped material difficulty "torn off" from the walls);
  • easier to consolidate on the surface of the wall "guides" that can be purchased in stroymagazinah.They are mounted horizontally on a ceiling, the bottom and in the middle of the wall.
Installation Tips


As usual whitewashed ceiling certainly many have simply become boring, plastic ceiling panels it is an excellent alternative.In addition, by means of plastic panels, you can hide any defect in this part of the bathroom.

for ceiling mounting of PVC panels need to know the floor area (it is equal to the ceiling area).Knowing this value, a consultant in the hardware store will help you calculate the number of panels that will be required to carry out repairs.

The ceiling in the bathroom of the plastic panels

There are 2 main types of fastening PVC panels to the ceiling:

  1. glue;
  2. on a frame made of metal.

1st method is suitable for those who have absolutely smooth ceiling.First, it is necessary to attach a long rail level and continue to work on it.The panels are glued on liquid nails.

2nd method is considered more reliable and suitable for those who have any defects in the ceiling.

Read more in our article about ceiling tiles for the bathroom.

Stages of installation on a framework for finishing the ceiling

  1. done cage (crate) of the slats (slats can be made of plastic or wood), the thickness of which should be between 11 to 21 mm, and the distance between them - about 50 cm.
  2. Choose how the fixture if the rails are made of plastic, suitable metal clips, if made of wood - special staples or nails.
  3. frame Fixing to the ceiling using dowels and screws.Please join the vertical slats (step - 50-75 cm), they established three horizontal slats.
  4. panels are placed on the frame from corner to corner, iein the corner of the bathroom attached starter or angular profile, and each subsequent panel is placed in the groove prior.
  5. At the end you need to put a border around the perimeter of the ceiling or baseboard.
Stages of installation of the ceiling of the plastic panels on the frame

We hope our article will help you not only competently choose plastic panels for the bathroom, but also carry out installation correctly.

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