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August 12, 2017 18:06

Adhesive tape and stickers for the bathroom - Recommendations for pasting

Adhesive tape in the bathroom
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • What materials are suitable for pasting
  • Recommendations
  • Preparations
  • How to cut the film
  • Room Decorating
  • Fast application on metal and glass surfaces
  • Troubleshootingwhen adhered to the surface and their decision
  • Care

Sometimes you want to change the interior design, but the time and money for a full repair is sorely lacking.You can use low cost materials, however, if the "change of scenery" is planned in the bathroom, not all of them will be suitable.Constant humidity, steam and temperature extremes can ruin the surface with irregular finish.But in any situation you can find a way out, and in the case of the bathroom they will all have long known ordinary adhesive tape for the bathroom.

Adhesive tape in the bathroom


Adhesive tape and stickers for the bathroom have many premuschestvo, so they are quite often used in the interior:

  • Variety of colors - for films and labelsthere are no restrictions in terms of color or patterns.The market is facing materials can be found w
    ith a self-adhesive gloss or matte finish, one-color or pattern, pearl and imitation of various materials: crumpled paper, wood, stone, marble, ruffled foil, leather, etc.
  • high level of resistance to aggressive conditions environment - the film is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature, absolutely waterproof.It can withstand heat up to 80 ° C. This is perfect for the bathroom, because the properties of resistance to water and steam can be equated to a ceramic tile.
  • durability and ease of care - for many years it does not fade and is not washed away.Various pollution, even cooking oil, is fairly easy to clean off the film surface.As measures for care enough to wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Low cost - in comparison with other facing materials, self-adhesive film is the budget option.Its low cost does not mean that decrease the attractiveness pasted surface.
  • Easy gluing - it can be quite quick and easy to paste, and if necessary - to remove.This allows you to change from time to time covering the tiled surface of the film.A huge plus for fans of the changes.In addition, it is suitable for gluing on any kind of material.
  • variety of options gluing - it can help to create a variety of shapes and patterns on the surfaces, zoned space, and hang tabs and rounding without difficulty.Ability to acquire just the right amount of material rather than solid rolls various embodiments can combine colors in a room.


  • main drawback of self-adhesive film is pasted over surface requirements: it must be perfectly smooth and clean.
  • also does not always work pokleit own film on the surface of large dimensions.

Labels such shortcomings are not.

The film adhesive in the bathroom

Adhesive tape (or, as it is called, "self-adhesive") is the best material for a "quick repair", including in areas with frequently changing the temperature and humidity regime.

Stickers for the bathroom

will look interesting and volume labels, which can always be peeled off and re-stick to another place, and on the surface of them will be over.

Volumetric stickers for bathroom

What materials are suitable for pasting

self-adhesive tape and stickers can be used for any kind of surfaces and materials. is equally suitable for both wood and metal.It is perfectly glued to the plastered walls, ceramic tile, doors, cabinets, glass and even cork.Synthetic materials are best to moisten before pasting it allows you to quickly and easily align the film.

Stickers for the bathroom
Adhesive tape in the bathroom
Film and stickers in the bathroom


Like any other material, self-adhesive film has a few nuances in terms of installation.If you know them all, gluing process does not take a lot of time and work will be done efficiently and effectively.

First and foremost - the surface to be papered, must be perfectly smooth and free of dust and grease. Failure to comply with this requirement, self-adhesive will fall unevenly, will be visible all the bulges and dimples, and a dust layer between the materials will contribute to the fact that the film quickly fall behind or be pasted at all.For best primer to use acrylic compositions.

To help smooth the material, using a spatula, squeegee or a felt squeegee.


first phase of surface finishing of self-adhesive film - the alignment of the surface and its purification. main condition for quality of work done by pasting - a well-prepared surface: clean and thoroughly degreased.

walls and drywall need to proshpaklevat, then wipe fine mesh, wash off the dust and apply primer.

Wood often polished and revealed a layer of lacquer.

Glass and metal recommend slightly wet.

Preparatory work before the glue film

How to cut the film

Properly chopped material - half the success of the work performed. to competently produce the film cuts, not necessarily be an expert in this matter.It is necessary to take a longer ruler, pencil and cutter knife or scissors.The main condition - self-adhesive edge must be perfectly aligned.

Depending on the type of color film is cut at the front (for a self-adhesive pattern or pattern) or the reverse side.Ruler Measure out the required dimensions, making a pencil mark at several places.Draw a line and cut off a piece of the desired size with a margin of a few centimeters.

In the case when using the film I want to create a decorative element or applications, you must circle the desired pattern using a stencil, and then carefully cut with scissors.

a tear adhesive tape

Room Decorating

usually on the reverse side can be found a statement with an action sequence.

First, you need to take the cut material and to separate the film from the corner of the paper substrate.Is applied to the surface and begin to glue, gradually separating the film from the paper remaining in the first few centimeters from the edge, and then completely.To film lay flat, gently smoothes her squeegee, squeegee from the center to the edges of the air bubbles and smoothing wrinkles.

When pasted angles, the film is cut at an angle of 45 degrees, that there was no lining layers.And for gluing film on round and convex surfaces can be used building or even an ordinary hair dryer.With the help of self-adhesive is heated and becomes more elastic, allowing it to gain a foothold on the surface of any shape.In general, the film heating contributes to better its adhesion to the base material.

Sticking adhesive tape or stickers

Fast application on metal and glass surfaces

There is also a quick method of bonding self-adhesive film. It is mainly used for lining film of glass and metal surfaces.For this purpose the water.It preferred to use a spray bottle.The surface should be well wet, and then attach it to the film, is completely separated from the substrate.Thanks to the water, it will be pasted at once, which will allow it to smooth the surface.Then a soft spatula need to expel excess water and smooth out wrinkles and bubbles.

Glue self-adhesive film with water

Possible problems when adhered to the surface and their decision

In the process of laminating adhesive film surfaces do not always go smoothly, especially if it is done for the first time in my life.Minor defects can be removed fairly easily.

Thus, air bubbles are removed using an ordinary needle. is enough to pierce a small hole and gently press the film to her left through the air, and then smooth it with a spatula.

Jams and wrinkles can be removed within a few hours after gluing.To do this, you need to peel the film abruptly (but accurately enough to avoid tearing), and then glued back.

Pasted adhesive tape

If the film for a few hours after gluing behind the surface, most likely it was not sufficiently clear.Perhaps, it remained dust particles or grease stains.In this case, you can try to re-conduct measures for surface preparation and glue film back.But if on the sticky side of the film was a layer of dust, it is unlikely that it will stick again.In this scenario, you have to replace the film on the problem area.


in care adhesive tape completely unpretentious.This is its great advantage.

It is best to clean the adhesive film applied liquid soap and warm water.

To remove grease, you can use dishwashing detergent.The film is absolutely not afraid of water, as it is covered with a protective layer of PVC.Therefore, we can not worry about what it is rolled up like paper under the influence of moisture, if it is rubbed.

If the above methods are not effective, then you can resort to the help of vodka or ethyl alcohol.

In no case can not use aggressive abrasives or strong solvents of various kinds.They can damage the coating is scratched or dilute the paint.

Adhesive tape - the best material for the bathroom, because it is able to withstand the conditions of the premises and the care it will not be difficult.This inexpensive material allows you to turn a boring bathroom into a stylish and vivid room according to the latest trends in the design world.