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August 12, 2017 18:06

Self-leveling floor for the bathroom : types, manufacturers , consumption calculation , prices

Self-leveling floor in the bathroom
  • Types
    • On
    • cement based on polyurethane
    • Plastics basis
    • Epoxy
    • 3D
  • Manufacturers
  • rate per 1 sq.meter
  • Drying time
  • Prices

We are accustomed to the fact that the floors are usually lay.And you know that they can also be poured?These floors are therefore referred to as liquid and are seamless finish which resembles a regular linoleum, but smooth like a tile.

sex Pouring

Self-leveling floors can be in different colors, and their thickness is typically in the range of 1-7 mm.Usually advised to do the coating 1.5 mm thick, as thicker floors are expensive and thinner lose all practicality.


There are 4 types of self-leveling floors:

  • cement and acrylic;
  • polyurethane;
  • floors metimetakrilovyh based resins (methyl methacrylate);
  • floors based on epoxy resins (epoxy).

consider each of these in more detail.

Cement- acrylic floor
Polyurethane floor
methyl methacrylate floor
Epoxy flooring

cement based

As part of such a coating contains a filler of high strength, polyacrylate copolymer and cement.Original acrylic cement floor

s intended for industrial use, in particular in the food industry, where constantly sex drive heavy trucks and spill various liquids. coating on cement-based acrylic is highly resistant to mechanical stress, it is not so easy to erase or corrupt. However, they do not respond to them shedding large amounts of fluid.

Arrangement of cement - acrylic floor

also an advantage of this floor include:

  • resistance to delamination even the appearance of cracks in the ground;
  • matte surface with antislip properties;
  • versatility, since this coating is suitable for freezers and for the device in a building or outside it;
  • no need too rigorous alignment;
  • impressive thickness of 8 mm.

However, such flooring is rather difficult to install, so the need to install them should be justified.

Gender - acrylic cement

based on polyurethane

floors based on polyurethane are often used in homes.

advantages of this coating following:

  • themselves floors have a long life, ease and elegance;
  • strength and durability of the floor is not no room for doubt;
  • floors are resistant to mechanical stress, shock.They are not subject to wear and do not absorb water, so they are also a good option for office or commercial premises;
  • this floor is absolutely insensitive to-heat and has a high degree of hygiene, so it can be installed in rooms where work with food or medicines.
The device polyurethane floors

But mounting polyurethane floors quite "picky".It is necessary to observe a certain humidity, which in any case should not be high.When installed in a large number of material is consumed, which is quite costly, and moreover, the coating requires a very painstaking preparation of the base.

Ready polyurethane floor


polymer-based The basis of such coverage are metilmetakrilatovye resin.Through the use of different amounts of additives can change the properties of the floor, for example, to make it more or less flexible, solid, thermally stable. The advantages of such floors include:

  • versatility: they are mounted in the manufacturing and industrial premises, where representatives can work perfectly all areas.Thus such a coating can be made on the streets;
  • resistance to temperature changes and UV rays, so this floor can be installed even in a freezer industrial facility;
  • ease of installation, which can be carried out during the cold season.
Polymer floor based on methyl acrylate

However, also here there are drawbacks:

  • coating hardens very quickly and because of this you need to very quickly be assembled;
  • sharp unpleasant odor, which requires constant ventilation of the room.
The device methyl acrylate floors


As already clear from the title, epoxy resins are the main components of such a coating.Conveniently, as the base may come not only the concrete but also wood or metal.Most often, epoxy self-leveling coatings find their application in industrial facilities where there is a high probability of falling to the floor chemicals.Such coverage is universal for laboratories, workshops, space food or pharmaceutical industry.

to other advantages of epoxy floor include:

  • high chemical resistance, as has become clear from the scope of such coverage;
  • environmentally friendly, enabling even put such coverage in a residential area;
  • practicality and easy care.

But epoxy floor has low elasticity, so there, where heavy mechanical damage, such coatings are not suitable.

Epoxy flooring in the bathroom
Epoxy floor with coins
Epoxy floor 3D


This form should be described separately.Most often used 3D floors still in residential areas, as they have a fairly original appearance.Thanks to a special finishing layer can obtain excellent three-dimensional images, which will cause the admiration of all who see this spectacle.

can use ready-made images of sufficient quality or independently draw something for 3D coating.This gives a lot of room to the imagination, allowing you to create artistic works of art.

Read more in our article about 3D floors in the bathroom.

Sex with a pattern filler

expedient 3D flooring installed over a large area to a three-dimensional image look more realistic.

Self-leveling floor with a pattern 3D
Sex with a 3D pattern in the bathroom
Self-leveling floor with interior motion picture in the bathroom


development of the construction industry has given wide scope to manufacturers, so now you can buy a mixture of self-leveling floors of different brands.Of course, you always want to save money, but it is better still to buy flooring from more or less well-known brands that are not the first year trading at the market today.

High quality different dry mixtures for leveling floors from the following manufacturers:

  • Knauf : offers an optimal price-quality ratio.German brand cherishes its global name, so guarantees the use of the best materials;
  • Basics : the company more than 10 years, there is the market mortars and offers decent materials for self-leveling floor;
  • Horizon : under this denomination are produced mixture for leveling floors from "Eunice."In the construction market maker holds more than 20 years, and its products are known throughout Russia and CIS countries;
  • GLIMS : another Russian producer to which consumers trust since 1994.It has a wide range of mortars, including the self-leveling floor;
  • Weber-Vetonit : world-class producer of dry mixes.It is part of the French production company;
  • Volma : Volgograd Corporation, which achieved a recognized level of quality in the production of dry building mixtures.
Self-leveling floors Knauf

rate per 1 sq.meter

consumption leveling floors per square meter depends on the manufacturer and the intended coating thickness.Under normal conditions, it consumed approximately 1.3 to 1.7 kg of a mixture of 1 square meter.With the known thickness of the floor will not be difficult to calculate the amount of the mixture used.

Dolphins on the floor - 3D floor 3D floor is spectacular accent design the entire premises

Drying time

Time during which the self-leveling floor has dried, is directly dependent on the manufacturer, the type of self-leveling floors, coating thickness and climatic conditions in the room. If you take a room temperature of 18-20 degrees, and humidity - for 60-65%, the self-leveling floor will dry up quickly enough. Take, for example, a mixture of Knauf.When the layer thickness of 2 to 15 mm need 3 hours for drying the floor to be able to walk on it.But the final drying requires one day per millimeter.

Sea floor pattern in the bathroom

When using a mixture of Horizon and a coating thickness of 1 to 10 mm will require 6 hours to dry for a walk, and from 2 to 7 days prior to the final set.In Weber-Vetonit latter figure is generally 1-3 days.

Ready self-leveling floor in the bathroom
The inlet backlit floor
3D self-leveling floor


cost filler coating also depends on the specific given situation.It plays the role of a manufacturer of the mixture, a variety of floor area of ​​the room.Services professionals on the floor, too, laying everywhere are paid differently.

Self-leveling floor for industrial premises are cheaper than 3D or one-color cover.

If, for example, you plan to put a floor with three-dimensional effect, then get ready, that the total amount can reach up to 1900 dollars for a small room .

for large areas of the inlet floor cost per square meter will be lower.

In plain floors total amount can be up to $ 1,000 for the entire scope of work in the room area of ​​10 square meters.