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August 12, 2017 18:06

Self-leveling floors 3D : advantages, disadvantages , types , technology

Self-leveling floors in the bathroom
  • What is self-leveling floors?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Types
  • 3D effect
  • technology
  • for bathroom

making repairs, for some reason, many people make the accent on the walls and ceilings, overlooking the fact that the modern design ideas allowimplement absolutely any fantasy.For one of these ideas are self-leveling floors 3D.They allow you to create individual compositions of figures, flat and three-dimensional objects, bewitching eyes.The images are so realistic that it seems, is about to come to life.The technology of self-leveling floor is not so difficult, if all stages of their installation precisely.However, they can last for decades.

Self-leveling floors in a small bathroom
3D floor and tiled covering in the bathroom
Skate on the floor below in the bathroom

What is self-leveling floors?

Self-leveling floors - this polymer filling, which is applied to the image or picture and then hardens.In this formed seamless coverage.Sam pattern is applied over the base layer, and that the finish polymer casting allows for 3D-effect.The thicker the transparent top layer, the more realist

ic effect.Optionally, use existing drawings, may be made within the decorative covering layer of sand or other natural materials.

The inlet floor of coins

Experts advise to trust the professionals when laying self-leveling floors, but all can be done with your own hands, it is not too difficult.But I have to accurately observe the technology.

River on the floor below
3D self-leveling floor in the toilet
Volumetric bathroom floor

Advantages and disadvantages

Poured floors are very reliable and practical, but the list of their virtues is not over.

can identify the main advantages of this flooring:

  • floor surface is perfectly flat and smooth;
  • coating seamless, so there is no risk of water accumulation and the formation of mold, like the seams between a coating;
  • self-leveling floors are not erased, so they can serve for decades;
  • coating has high waterproofing, which is an important point when laying self-leveling floor in the bathroom;
  • reliability, practicality and impact resistance.The risk of chipping and scratching minimum.This ensures high resistance and chemical resistance;
  • environmental use and toxicity;
  • ease of cleaning and simple stacking technology;
  • resistance to UV radiation;
  • great scope in the implementation of design solutions.
3D bathroom floor

3D Poured floors and have some downsides:

  • drying of long (up to a week);
  • expensive care;
  • price of self-leveling floor "bite";
  • dismantle the flooring is quite difficult;
  • if the floor is wet, it is very high risk of slipping.
floor pattern Option
The inlet floor without drawing
Наливной пол в ванной "Камни"
3D floors in the bathroom
The inlet floor to Khrushchev
Drawing for a spacious bath

But cons overlap advantages, because self-leveling floors are veryhigh service life.And the bulk of the cost it takes to prepare images and subfloor.

Interior with an oil floor


All leveling coatings are divided into two types:

  • Single-.These floors only need to create a perfectly flat surface to finish it later.For such coatings use dry mixes, which are dissolved in water according to instructions.The resulting solution is applied to the prepared surface and leveled.
  • Two-component. Such coatings are already used for decorative purposes.Floors made using the resin and hardener.Sometimes a mixture of quartz sand is added, which gives a high strength property.The resulting solution is applied to the prepared substrate and level.
One-component self-leveling floors
Two- floor in bathroom

3D effect

In fact, 3D stacked floors in much the same way as conventional tankers, but only accounted for some of the nuances.Either the image is applied to the base layer using acrylic paints, or else use the banner or vinyl with a ready pattern.Print the image on such a film can be in a suitable company, which has a similar equipment.Of course, the second method of producing the image will be significantly cheaper than the first one, where it is necessary to use the services of an artist.To learn how the 3D effect is achieved, it will be discussed below.

Sex with interior motion picture world map


technology laying of the floor is not too complicated, but to achieve the 3D effect, you need to take into account the specific details.The air temperature in the room where the flooring will be installed, must not fall below 10 degrees Celsius.

Substrate Preparation. substrate must be perfectly flat.

concrete screed must be prepared in advance. To do this:

  • polished concrete base with a special machine, and all the tabs gently remove the chisel or hammer;
  • get rid of all the cracks and chipping.For this purpose, they are filled with grout or epoxy resin;
  • thoroughly clean from dirt screed and remove accumulated dust with a vacuum cleaner, intended for industrial purposes;
  • make sure that the surface is oily stains, or floor will peel off over time.If you have stains on them, it is necessary to get rid of.
Self-leveling floor screed under
Grinding roughing screed
Primer base

primer base. After thorough cleaning of the concrete screed applied primer.It is necessary to fill all the pores are in the concrete, providing perfect grip ties with the materials.Apply the first coat can be a brush, roller or spatula.It is placed in two layers with small time intervals.After the surface is otgruntovana, must wait at least 4 hours, but not more than a day.

Fill the base layer

Application of the base layer

base layer can serve as a concrete base.And it is possible to use the polymer surface and itself for these purposes.But if the self-leveling floor will include exclusively natural materials, the base layer will serve as the background, so it must be set to maximum quality and appropriately painted.

If used as a base layer polymer flooring itself, it needs to be fixed along the walls damper tape and prepare a solution.It is distributed on the ground and leveled.That the surface had no air bubbles, it is treated with a spiked roller.The level should be checked how exactly ground.

Leveling of the base layer
Remove the bubbles from the base layer
Ready base layer

Work to be performed require a complete lack of drafts and falling to the floor of sunlight.The base layer dries at least 5 days.

Application decor or image

As mentioned above, the image is applied in two ways: acrylics or using the web.If a finished fabric with a pattern, then it is on the area should be slightly larger size of the room that had a small margin, which is much easier to cut later.When using vinyl film, it simply glued to the base.Of course, it should be carefully leveled to underneath no formation of air bubbles.

When using a banner fabric is glued with a very thin layer of the mixture used for the finish.Also unacceptable formation of air bubbles under the cloth.

Putting figure and topcoat

Finishing and coating

For topcoat polymer composition is required, the amount of which is calculated from the thickness of the layer.The minimum thickness must be 3 mm. Applying the final layer is as follows:

  • first mix all the ingredients a dual solution;
  • the resulting mixture is poured and leveled pattern on the surface;
  • until thick mixture should be rolled surface roller to remove air bubbles.

pour mixture different time, it depends on the room temperature and humidity, as well as on the thickness of the coating.While working on the stage should move on the floor in a special shoe.

protective varnish applied over the topcoat after his final solidification.It will provide a floor protection from various injuries and increase its service life.With the help of a special varnish can also be made non-slip surface.In addition, the applied varnish will allow more easy to care for floors, are not afraid of the negative impact of detergents.

Ready self-leveling floor

for bathroom

Selecting images for self-leveling floors in the bathroom depends on the overall design of the room.

Dolphins - self-leveling floors
Dandelions - self-leveling floors
Bricks - Self-leveling floors

More often resorted to the creation of marine subjects, which are applied as a pattern picture shells, seabed, dolphins, algae.You can stay on the image surface of the water, and then it will seem that you are walking on the water surface.Interestingly enough underfoot looked stones from the seabed.It is possible to recreate the illusion of the beach, adding to the sandy beach izobrazheniyu.Vybor optimal pattern is limited only by your imagination.