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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tile wood : floor , wall .Features selection and placement

Tile wood bathroom design
  • Features
  • manufacturing techno
    logy advantages and disadvantages
  • Scope
  • tiles under wood in the interior
  • Selection Rules
  • Features laying

Wood is a beautiful material, sobecause it is often selected as flooring.However, natural wood trim in the bathroom rarely used, but among the materials that mimic it, popular leading ceramic tile wood.


The main feature of this material is that by selecting it, you get all the advantages of ceramic tile, and an outer coating looks like wood. Since the tile with a picture under the tree also supply relief texture, thanks to this material even more resembles an ordinary parquet.

Relief texture tile wood

Floor tiles under wood is produced in 2 variations - dies are:

  • rectangular;
  • square.

Rectangular cost more, but are more suited to simulate the parquet laying.Natural wood is a lot of different textures and patterns, and tiles, which mimics the tree, too, is represented in the same variety of options.

Square tiles wood
Rectangular tiles wood
Floor tiles wood

manufacturing technology

Note that imitates wood tile, depending on the manufacturing is ceramic and granite.

basis for both options is clay, but clay for ceramic analogue prefabricated simply pressed and baked, as in the production of stoneware tiles pressing takes place at a higher pressure, and firing is performed at a higher temperature.This leads to greater strength stoneware material.

Gres Wood

Visually these two options tiles are not too different, but if you need high strength products, it is preferable to be granite.

Advantages and disadvantages

have ceramic tiles, there are many functional benefits under the tree:

  • wear;
  • easily tolerate the action of aggressive chemicals (detergents are not afraid of handling);
  • perfect for underfloor heating (heat stores and withstands high temperature);
  • improves waterproofing floor (less risk of flooding below the apartments);
  • this unique material, which is due to the drawing of wood, natural colors and velvety texture, has a very attractive appearance;
  • if the portion of the coating will be damaged, replace tile fairly easily (no need to disassemble the entire floor);
  • lower cost in comparison with natural wooden floors, especially if the ceramic will imitate rare wood.
The advantages of wood tile
Tiles Wood - texture
Advantages tile wood

have tiles imitating wood, and disadvantages:

  • It is cool to the touch, if you do not arrange a warm floor.
  • It is quite difficult to style.
  • Because the material is durable, over its long service life can get bored.


imitating wood tiles and is for walls and the flooring. important to monitor the destination of the acquired material, because the strength of tiles more it is more resistant to mechanical stress.Also produced high-strength tile, which can be used in public places, and for laying in the street.

on design bathroom tiles room read another article.You will find many interesting ways of combining tiles.

wall tiles wood
floor tiles wood
Tile Wood Outdoor

tiles under wood in the interior

tiles under wood is so similar to natural wood, the difference is only seen at very close inspection. This coating is suitable for almost any decor - understated and high-tech, and a cozy country, and to the strict classics. is best tiling wood looks eco-interiors.

Tile in the bathroom high-tech
Country style
In the style of a classic

Unlike real wood floor tiles can be painted in any color (now very popular shades of brown). Such tiles can imitate expensive exotic wood - rosewood, wenge, mahogany and others. In fact, without spending a lot of money, you get a respectable and elegant finish.

If a small bathroom, floor tiles under the tree should be light-colored. In this case, the tiles fit birch, bleached wood, pine, teak, maple, ash, light oak.The preferred material is not too pronounced texture, as if the transitions and the line will be sharp, it would interfere with the visual effect of the expansion of space.

Tile mahogany

The large bathroom can afford to furnish vivid colors. In such areas looks nice tiling cherry, wenge, zebrawood, pink maple or stained oak.

Tile Axel Novogres
Bright tile wood
Tile under light tree
Tile imitating wood
Tile wenge
Tile wood

Universal shades of ceramic simulating wood are bleached wood,and wenge. They are suitable for almost any style and furniture.The room is tiled whitewashed under a tree, it looks warm and expressive.Tile color wenge the best fit for the spacious bathroom.For decorated in the style of hi-tech bathroom perfect shade of gray tiles.

There are also tiles that mimic the made old wood.

Tile under aged wood

Selection Rules When selecting tiles imitating wood note on its labeling.

If you need a floor tile, consider:

  • abrasion resistance (PEI) - best III and IV;
  • chemical resistance - optimal AA or A;
  • friction coefficient (R) - choose 11.

tile cost under the tree depends precisely on these characteristics - they are higher than, the more expensive it will be material.Domestic ceramics for wood is a bit cheaper.

Among foreign manufacturers leaders in the production of stylized pottery tree are companies from Spain and Italy.

Spanish tile wood
Collection of tiles
Italian tile wood

Features laying

Laying tiles imitating wood carried out in the same way as other variants of ceramic tiles. Since the coating relief, the base should be carefully aligned.It can be represented and traditional concrete screed, and wooden version of waterproof plywood.In the case of veneer logs should be placed often enough that the base does not flex.On top of the plywood can be covered with gypsum fibrous plates (they can be used separately by replacing the plywood).

Laying porcelain tiles

To make the most of outdoor tiled floor like parquet, pay attention to the seams between pictures.Ideally, they should be omitted, but if this is not possible, use the thinnest crosses and grout pick the same color as the tile itself.

If the texture pattern on the tile very pronounced fit material requires more effort and attention. is desirable to match the line, especially if you cut the material (by the way, cut a tile to be on the wrong side).As you can see, qualification depositing floor tiles wood wizard should be fairly high.