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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to put a tile on a wooden floor : the screed and styling options

Option tile laying on the wooden floor

Half successful repair in the bathroom and a long service life of the flooring, lined with ceramic tiles, depend upon the technology and proper training base under the tile.

Wood - a living material and, depending on the environment can change their quality, properties and shape.This was the main reason for the laying of tiles on a wooden floor is considered undesirable.

Today, true professionals, tilers will cope with any difficulties, because in their arsenal is the most modern construction materials and advanced technologies.In this article, we will reveal the secrets and tips on how to tile laying on the wooden floor.

Laying tiles on a wooden base

wooden floor and ceramics - everything!

Wood - material of organic origin, it responds differently to lack or excess moisture in the room.

Usually after installing a wooden floor on the need to shrink about a year, depending on the number of floors and the design features of the house, but even after this period there is more imperceptible movement. Therefore, if lay tile directly on the wooden surface can compromise the integrity of the lining, the loss of connection between the tiles, which leads to their cracking or peeling.

Laying tiles on the bathroom floor

In order to avoid this, the main task is to create a special damping layer between the wood and ceramic, which will act as a shock absorber of possible movements of the wooden base.Hard side layer should be connected to the ceramic tile and elastic floor must be put on the wood to absorb the motion lag and boards.Creating a layer will help prevent mold and mildew, because wood can breathe.

Necessary layers between wooden floors and tiles

preparatory stage - preparing base

Wood flooring is quite complex structure.It is not only a plank floorboards that are visible from the outside, but also characterized by high-power beam, the substrate and lag.

Before making ceramic tile on the floor of the timber must be carefully checked all of its layers.

For quality finishing a new floor is strongly recommended to use grooved boards before laying which should be mandatory to do an audit of all layers of the wooden floor.The absence of creaking boards and precariousness can not guarantee the reliability of the floor, so be sure to make an analysis of gender, in order to prevent possible problems.

Revision of the wooden base

Please note that laying the lag increments of more than 0.5 meters are not suitable for further installation of tile, as the floor is simply not withstand the weight of the screed.In this case, you must add the number of lags.

In order to fully prepare the construction of the floor under the screed and further finishing work, should follow the sequence of actions:

  • Produced Removing flooring.
  • perform the audit and detailed analysis of beams and lags.
  • If necessary the replacement of the elements that come with time worn.
  • With the level of checks on how many floor flat .If you want to make the alignment of the floor covering.To raise the logs, use special wedges of scrap lumber.If this method can not be done, then sewn on the joists plank, and then on the level of all surpluses should be skived.
  • Implemented treatment of wooden planks with special antiseptic impregnation. The best option is to use a paste that is suitable for rooms with high humidity.
  • When impregnation is completely dry, fall asleep small concrete block to fill all the remaining space between joists.Expanded clay acts as a thermal insulation and soundproofing.Expanded clay is not filled up to the edge of the lag and left about five centimeters to the edge and create a cushion of air, which allows air to circulate freely.
  • Then laid floorboard, which will serve as a rough framework. Many manufacturers recommend the use of water-resistant plywood or plasterboard green.These materials can withstand a lot of moisture and constant temperature changes, just be aware that the screed and adhesive layer in this case should be thin enough.
  • If you decide to use to create a sub-floor old docks, you first need to make withdrawals from their surface paint or varnish. To do this, you can use special chemical washes or building a hairdryer is also possible to remove the old layer with abrasive nozzle.
  • After removing varnish or paint a reverse floor boards, gap between them should be about 3 to 5 mm.This gap is needed for a possible expansion of the floor.Fastening boards by using galvanized screws.For each lag screw is used alone, but for the extreme - two.
  • Next, putty all the holes, that remained from the previous fixture.
  • To align uses a special sub-floor sander or just oshkurivaetsya cover, if the floor is smooth.
  • Next, you fill the technological gap around the perimeter of the floor.You can use the foam core.
  • carefully handled all rough floor with the help of heated linseed oil or a special latex impregnation.This action will help to create a reliable insulating layer.Then apply one more layer.
New wooden base
The base of waterproof plywood
new floor treatment antiseptic
Coverage of plasterboard

Options ties

necessary to create a solid and rigid base to the tile laying ceramic on the floor of the timber.To do this, use the standard plate, but it should be easy, because the floor of the timber can not withstand heavy loads. screed on a wooden floor for further laying tile, clinker and porcelain can be made in several ways:

  • With standard cement covering layer which shall not be more than 3 cm First, you need to fix a metal grid on the subfloor using.self-tapping screws.Then made grouting or plastic ties.
  • With universal construction adhesive as covering, which is made on the basis of liquid glass.And you can also use a special polyurethane adhesive.The above options will help to create a flexible adhesive tie that will prevent the negative impact of advances wooden foundations and the appearance of cracks in the ceramic tile or her peeling.The solution is based on liquid glass can be done independently.All that is needed - it is water, clean sand is coarse, liquid glass in the proportion 1: 2: 2.
  • For areas with a low level of humidity, you can use another type of screed - cement particle board or waterproof drywall. Their styling is necessary to produce "vrazbezhku" and at an angle of 30 degrees towards the rough planks tab.Seams on the joints should not coincide.Then the joints need to cover a special tool, which is used for gypsum board.
The cement screed on the wooden floor
Preparation of self-leveling adhesive tie
Dry screed of gypsum boards

How to remove the varnish or paint from the old base

several methods used to remove the varnish or paint from wood floor:

  • method is that a layer of paint or varnish must be softened by a special construction dryer.When the surface is well warmed up, it should be with a spatula scrape off the entire top layer.
  • Underlying chemical method uses a special remover, which is rubbed into the floor.Thus, one has only to wipe the wooden planks and old paint comes off itself.
  • mechanical method is that the hand is taken ordinary skin or metal brush and thus erased all topcoat.
Wooden Floor prepared

about design options bathroom tiles room we wrote in another article.

tiling technology Description

When laying tiles on a wooden floor must adhere to certain rules and implement consistent actions.But first, you must make sure that the floor surface is smooth and solid.If the floor surface is uneven, it is necessary to apply the substrate to line the entire floor.

Finished floor screed

So, to make laying tiles on a wooden floor, it is necessary to follow the following instructions:

  • First, consider the way in which you will lay tile.To arrangement of tiles was smooth, there should be a line from the center of the wall across the room at an angle of 90 degrees.Then spend another line across the entire space from the other side of the room.Do not forget to make the removal of all the door jambs and baseboards before to produce ceramic tiles.
  • layout of tiles need to make in view of the two lines intersected. Sometimes it is possible to shift the line, because the main thing that is less amenable to circumcision tiles around the walls.Clipped tiles spoil the look of the entire room.If the room has large items, then near them should be put ceramic tile symmetrically.Important elements of a bath in the bathroom and a fireplace in the living room.
  • Glue is applied to a small area of ​​the room about 1 m² or you can use the angle that is formed at the intersection of two lines.To the adhesive was applied uniformly, it is necessary to use a spatula or a special lopatku.Dalee produce fasteners for tile flooring.The tile is applied to the rough side of the adhesive, and then strongly pressed against the floor.This action is carried out on each tile.A reference point in the placement of the tiles are marking lines.It is necessary to make laying tiles on one of the lines until the entire area, which is treated with glue, it will not be covered with ceramic tiles.
  • then should be done laying the tiles, moving from the center to the walls of the room, focusing on two lines traversed.When half of the room is ready, you can start laying the tiles on the second part of pola.Sledite to ceramics laying took place on the same level.If some of the tiles have a small thickness, this defect is eliminated by means of the adhesive base under the tile.
  • When the entire surface of the floor Tiled, then you can proceed to fill the gap between the ceramic floor and wall. Void filled with chopped tiles, which are cut using a special cutter.Remember that when cutting the ceramic must be considered a product of distance for further coats.If tiles are used for cutting around putting some particular object (for example, for a door), then you should use the profile.Use it on the tiles are applied to the necessary circuits, and made a special cutting saw.
  • When the glue for ceramic tiles is completely dry, you can cover the tile primer. should be aware that some types of ceramics already have unpaved.Therefore, you first need to read the instructions.
  • then a special solution is filled all the cracks between ceramic tiles, while using a scraper with a rubber lining.Such a scraper to create a solution that is evenly distributed between the tiles.You can also use a sharp angle trowel for applying the solution.While the solution is still fresh, it is necessary to remove any excess with a damp sponge.And then a dry sponge produce polishing tiles.
Laying tile first stage
Apply the adhesive on the tile
Using plastic crosses
cutting tiles
Grouting between tiles

It is worth to note that some ceramics when laying need to save the requiredthe distance between the tiles. as separators can act Plastic crosses, because with their help between the tiles remains the same period.