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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tiles on the floor in the bathroom : types, characteristics , manufacturers , styling

Floor tiles for bathroom
  • Explanation of signs
  • Types
  • main characteristics and requirements
    • hardness and resistance
    • Moisture resistance
    • Chemical resistance
    • degree of slip
  • quality standards
  • Choice of colors and design,fashion trends
  • Manufacturers
  • Prices
  • Laying

diversity of species, types, shapes and colors just rolls over ceramic tiles in recent years.To say that some tiles will approach better than others - is subjective.many options suitable to each particular place.But more information will bow down to one of the decisions that will have to depend only on your choice.

Explanation of signs

On the back of each pack tile is often applied to the icons in a list or table.

Draw educational program for novice repairman:

  • sign of foot or the hand on a black background divides tiles into two main types: floor tiles or tiles for walls.If the picture is shaded foot, then so is given information about the increased resistance to abrasion.
  • elongated pryamougolnichek with arrows above a
    nd below denotes
    tile thickness.
  • digit flames 1 or 2 indicates the number of firing the tiles.
  • grid of squares of different colors warns of possible shades of color non-uniformity of tiles within the same package.
  • Three similar cube icon with inscriptions Kg., Mg., Pozzi. report about the weight of the whole package, the total area contained within the tiles and their quantities.
  • icon with the letters Ag Au Pt informed about the content of noble metals such as silver, gold and platinum.

In addition to these characteristics, it will be interesting to learn about the tile properties:

  • frost, denoted silhouette snowflakes ,
  • resistance to chemically active substances portrayed as figure laboratoryflasks,
  • sign shoe on an inclined surface tell about the degree of slipperiness of the tile surface.A similar icon, but with a smooth surface, the buyer will assure a heightened ability to delay glide.
  • sharp scalpel on the surface - surface hardness,
  • drill, part of tile - resistance to abrasion,
  • icon halves of the sun, rolling in the half snowflakes, confident in the stability of the tiles to temperature.

Some icons are with digital information, some just the absence or presence of the talk about the qualities of the selected product.

doubling or tripling a pictogram indicates that the characteristics of the tiles is enhanced.

So resistance to abrasion may be referred to as an icon toothed saw blade, double this icon, and can be given to specific degrees of the scale.Similarly

- faceted diamond icon, indicating the degree of hardness and strength cover.

There pictogram resistance to bending, which is also clear from the picture.

Some manufacturers make life easier for customers in advance and draw icons to the specific designation of places where it is recommended to use a tiled floor.

signs on the packaging

airplane icons silhouette of factory buildings, sports rings, medical cross, or hotel beds speak for themselves.

tile packing


terms of composition and method for the production of tiles can be divided into types:

  • majolica, faience, kottoforte, Terral, monoporosa, biokottura - those species that are easier to remember,but only for a total or erudition or to not take them for bathroom stacking as indicators of water resistance, porosity and resistance to abrasion have less than required in this type of environment.
  • But if you read the names of Sotto or monoculture, then think on this subject is already possible.
  • If inscriptions cotto, clinker or especially granite - seriously consider these options.The quality of these tiles have just the right bathroom.
granite in the bathroom

main characteristics and requirements

Let us consider what the values ​​of the characteristics necessary to be limited when selecting the coating on the floor bathroom.

For fans of the exact figures and information: there is a standard document that defines standards for tiling characteristics values ​​- EN ISO 13006.

In accordance with this document, there are several items related to a particular index.

hardness and resistance

EN101 is responsible for the surface hardness.

The existing table hardness materials are 10 substances placed on the rise of the strength of 1, corresponding to the hardness of talc and 10 - which has a diamond.Since the scratches on the floor most often applied because of the sand, brought in to outdoor shoes, it is easy to calculate that the tiles should be softer this sand.


translated into the language of geology, no less than the hardness of quartz, ie - 8, 9 or 10.

ideal head of the document is devoted to the EN154 tiles resistance to abrasion or abrasion.

Accordingly, the tiles are divided into 5 categories.

weakest resistance - PEI I, followed by PEI II, PEI III, PEI IV, and the most resistant tiles - PEI V.

abrasion resistant tiles

first type of tile may only be used in places where attendancesmall, and the probability of hitting abrasives almost excluded.For example, bathrooms.

second type can be recommended for places where cross-over, and damaging factors have more.(It bedrooms, rooms, cabinets)

third category is expedient to use in hallways, kitchens, hallways, because it can withstand significant throughput and the number of damaging factors.

fourth most reasonable plank where attendance is not personal, and the mass, that is, offices, shops and so on.

And finally, if you select the fifth type, it is universal.And even suitable for airports, railway stations and other similar locations.

tiles in the bathroom

Choosing tile for this characteristic, it is possible to purchase a tile baths 1 and 2 points.

Moisture resistance

Far more than would be the study of indicators waterpermeability tiles, in turn strongly dependent on the porosity of the material, due to the fact that the installed cover is in a place where steam and water are present all the time, in contrast to theother domestic premises.It is expressed as a percentage.

The smaller the number, the more suitable for the use of tiles in the bathroom.

For comparison: the majolica tiles of 15-25% moisture absorption, so it is not seen as a contender for the purchase in all bathrooms and floor - especially.Numbers 7 - 15% - this is a very good performance, and from 0 to 6% - just perfect.

have granite value vlogonepronitsaemosti extent - on the border of 0, 05%, which makes it very attractive to the desired option..

Chemical resistance

chemical resistance are known, such graduation:

  • AA (the higher, the first degree of stability).According to the results of tests carried out, it has no modifications of the surface layer.
  • A (group when when tests were minor changes).
  • B (according to the degree of damage can be considered average).
  • C (poor resistance to chemicals, the changes after the tests reach the partial destruction).
  • D (very weak resistance, in which as a result of the impact of aggressive chemicals, tiles completely destroyed).

By this point in the repair of the bathroom need to pay special attention, because the bathroom is a large part of the reserves of detergents and cleaning chemicals.And there's a huge possibility that the instability in this regard tiles forms a spot, and even a hole in your beautifully laid out the picture.

degree of slip

But more vitally important to choose antislip floor mostly.

Slip in a confined space - is possible fractures and other tragic consequences.

Make sure that the packaging tile is "anti-slip" icon, and for reinsurance - good advice: apply after installing the floor on top of it an additional structure that protects against the possibility of slipping.

In contrast, the rate of coating thickness - one of the most intuitive and least likely to influence the situation.Less than 7 mm.. Floor tiles just do not produce, threaten to layer more than 1.5 cm is simply meaningless, the optimal floor height will be 10 - 15 mm.

waterproof tiles
chemical resistance
tile slip

quality standards

All manufactured tiles should be of high quality.Otherwise, this is a marriage and it shall be returned and / or destruction.

general standardization in the production of tiles is required.

But self-respecting company, claiming their products according to generally accepted standards, can testify to that all sorts of certificates and other technical documents, adhere to certain boundaries, which are useful to be aware of.

In principle, you can ask to buy the firm and, most durable, frost resistance and moisture-proof.

But for this it will be necessary not only to pay, and pay a premium at times.

quality tiles

for buying, who does not want to overspend, it's important the optimal combination of quality and price of the tiles that will suit him.

But certain high-end tiles will present you less surprises than it can happen to a tile of the lower class.These classes under the standard three and usually distinguish them according to the color of the inscriptions made on the packaging.Red - 1st grade, blue - green and Grade 2 - Grade 3.

One of the most oft-repeated precepts of modernity was the phrase: "Beware of counterfeits."

When shopping in small, untested shops, you risk to buy a tile that does not meet quality standards.In addition, stocks of non-global locations can also be small, and therefore when you try to purchase a tile missing, you may encounter a situation where because of two or three missing tiles broken your whole idea of ​​the pattern.

high quality tiles

Choice of colors and design, fashion trends

When the best quality tiles are planned, comes the most favorable, though no less important moment - the choice of pattern.Once upon a time our consumers have been available only to the Czech tiles, square, standard on the dim color shades.

Now we can say with confidence that no matter what image the buyer is not willed myself to the bathroom, you can choose and the size and shape and color.

If you follow the fashion and want to keep it on, then the best option - to study the catalogs collection of branded companies.They orient you exactly on the latest trends in fashion.It may be added that in recent years, fashionable extremes or that natural or indistinguishable from natural, natural colors of nature - green, bright yellow with a lemon tint, violet and Campanulaceae, color and texture of materials such as wood, leather, iron!

can drool on imitation chocolate or imitation gold.All confidence in vogue practical invoices that have not a solid color that is noticeable every drop of extraneous and "colorful" tiles in the form of small squares in different directions.

To reduce the risk of sliding willingly take tiles from serving fine texture.

other extreme - a super modern as 3D tiles, changing the spatial perception.There

and glass, are very expensive, in the case of a special hardening, but to create a unique species.

glass tile

Want to be original?You are welcome!Your imagination is limited only by your means.

But let me draw your attention that the bathroom is usually finished with a calculation such that at least 5 years will not remember about this problem.

So at the height of fashion can be only one or two years or even less.

more calm classic - is eternal. You can try to reinvent the wheel: to build his own, and only his own version of the pattern, but sometimes it is enough to select pleasing color, and the rest is done by conventional exhaust rules walls lighter floor, moderation in borders and patterns, their appropriateness.



in choosing among the masters of the manufacturer no truths.We must focus on the quality of the tiles.

floor tiles

Speaking of producing countries, then:

  • Italian tile is famous for its quality and variety of collections.
  • Spanish, French, Portuguese and German is more democratic and costs.
  • closely their positions Poland, Turkey, Ukraine.
  • As a rule, manufacturers from Russia and China - are not very reliable manufacturers, material selection of the firms of manufacturers like playing Russian roulette.Maybe lucky, but maybe not.

When choosing tiles be guided not so much by the manufacturer, as the characteristics of the tile.Buy only proven materials stores.

Italian tile


question of price - the most difficult.Experts say that the best budget options floor flooring in the bathroom average size - about 10 thousand.


upper threshold, it is clear there is no.Since the price of the collection and the prices of individual materials differ at times, a lot of financial costs will have to experience to fans of mosaic or decorative inserts.


Bathroom belongs to the premises of increased complexity in laying tiles on the floor.

stop on the main points that are not interested in an experienced repair people, but may be open to America for novice fans.

When you thoughtfully approached to purchase the required number of tiles, glue to it, grout and tools (at least one notched trowel, or better yet two flat, one of which is rubber or silicone grout for application), you can begin to implement the very styling.


Rule №1 : floor must be smooth, firm and clean.

Rule №2: floor in the bathroom is best subjected to waterproofing.Ways to her a lot.For example, fluff special floor structure, including connections with the walls and corners themselves.It makes sense to build a part of the waterproofing tape.

Rule №3: in computer special programs or simply spread out on the floor tiles in the correct order, ensure the correct layout.Do not delay, but do not hurry, do not be mistaken in the details: a smooth spatula to smear glue on the floor in an area less than one square meter, with a notched trowel, apply strips on it.Good advice - plaster and tile, too, but so that at applying it to the floor traces of cloves were not parallel.This is the physical laws provides great durability and portability when changing the inclination of the surface in the process of pressing.