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August 12, 2017 18:06

Floor tiles for the bathroom - the choice of experts

Floor tiles in the bathroom
  • Forms tiles
  • main characteristics and requirements
  • quality standards read symbols on the packaging
  • Choice of colors and design
  • leader in the production of tiles
  • Trends
  • Prices
  • Laying

floor tile in the modern world of advanced technology occupies a special place.Afford to buy floor tiles from exclusive manufacturers, not everyone can.But this disadvantage is easily compensated by the presence on the market of inexpensive collections of Russian producers.Any style bathroom with the help of floor tiles will be transformed, add originality.And excellent quality only appreciate and not take any unnecessary trouble.All their dreams can be realized, and the color palette, and in the drawing or mosaic.Even geometric shapes on the bathroom floor will emphasize the uniqueness of the interior.

English style tiling

Ceramic tile is quite durable and water-resistant manner walls and floor, and is characterized by a hygienic and environmentally friendly product.In the market of construction materials is

available a large selection of tiles for the floor, so each customer can buy ceramic tiles, relying entirely on your taste.

Forms tiles

floor tiles for the bathroom has become so popular that every hardware store offers a great variety. But, nevertheless, there are four main types:

  • Clinker is the strongest kind of tile, because it is produced by extrusion method.This tile is characterized by a smooth and even surface, but the color scheme is provided only to natural colors.The clinker may be coated with the glaze.
  • Cotto is also quite durable material, the main feature of which is the porosity.If you buy this type of tile, it should always be covered with special hydrophobic materials for the floor bathroom.This is to prevent the appearance of spots on the cover of the water ingress.
  • Monokottura a tile, which is covered with icing and passed one firing.The main properties owned by high wear resistance and low water absorption.It can be used safely for vannogo premises.
  • Stoneware is particularly popular.This is the most reliable floor covering, so it is used not only for bathrooms but also line the bottom of the pools.After all, it has a high resistance to changes in temperature regimes, and does not absorb water.
Paving tiles for the bathroom
Cotto tiles in the design of the bathroom floor
Monokottura in floor design
The flooring in the bathroom of granite in stock

If among the above types of tiles to choose the most suitable for vannogo premises, the in the first place will be granite tiles and clinker.Although often used monokottura thanks to its decoration.

main characteristics and requirements

flooring in the bathroom must have specific properties in order to have a long life.

For floor tiles put forward specific requirements:

  • Resistance floor to absorb the water. This condition is essential because in the water bath frequently falls on the floor.To prevent water absorption, ceramic tiles held a special firing technology.In this way the tiles becomes microporous, so no water gets inside.
  • to chemicals Resistance. vannogo to clean the room, various household chemicals, especially floors.And also there is a high possibility of getting on hygiene flooring.
  • Resistance to sudden changes in temperature and humidity in the room.
  • high resistance to slip. Flooring should be non-slip.On the packaging after the letter R always specify a figure.If the number is more than 9, then this type of floor tile is perfect for use in the bathroom.Experts advise to opt for a matte tile, because its surface is a little rough.
  • resistance action abrasives.
  • Good resistance to bending.
  • Smooth surface back of the tile.Sometimes there floor tiles, which has a small depression in the middle.This tile will not be long, because the void left in which glue will not fall.In this void the moisture will accumulate over time, which affect the mounting adhesive to the tile.
  • Good quality face of the tile. Ceramic tiles should be smooth.If you feel the roughness of the glossy surface, which means that the tiles are made for obsolete technology.Make sure that there are no bubbles in the enamel.tile color should be uniform.If you see even small inaccuracies in the color shade, this tile is of poor quality, it is not worth buying.
  • floor tile for the bathroom should be characterized by stable color , that as a result there was no leaching or burning the coating.

To determine how much tile is hardy to chemicals, enough to read on the package labeling material.AA The letters mean the most resistant tiles, then goes and B - for the middle C and the D - the lowest tolerance chemicals.

Rough floor tiles in the bathroom
The reverse side of floor tiles
Ceramic tile with a picture

quality standards

Classification of floor tiles varied on the basis of several criteria.If well-versed in it, you can easily select the desired option with the appropriate parameters for the bathroom.

On the packaging tile is always available information about frost. AI or BI means that the tiles can be used outdoors.Marking AIII BIII or possible only for laying tiles indoors.

Flooring ceramic tile

Building on the durability test, or abrasion, there is a certain tile marking:

  • group of PEI I - it is less resistant to abrasion, so we recommend its use for the bathroom, because therepeople do not go to the shoe, which is used for the street;
  • group PEI IІ - is also unstable, so used in the rooms where the permeability is low.Its use is not possible for the kitchen and corridor;
  • group PEI IІІ - designed for the kitchen floor, a corridor or a gazebo, as has the average;
  • group PEI IV - involves using in the sales rooms or offices where people walk in outdoor shoes;
  • group PEI V - intended for areas with lots of people and the outdoors.Tiles of this group is not limited, so it is the best option for the floor in the bathroom.
Options for floor tiles

When buying ceramic tiles it is necessary to consider more variety.Tile Class I games defects up to 5%;second group - up to 25%;the last group - more than 25%.Aware of the possible defects of each marking, you can easily calculate how much more you need to buy a tile on the floor.

Stylized floor tiles in the interior

Read the symbols on the packaging

Before buying tiles for any room, you must carefully examine the packaging, because there exists a lot of useful information which will tell about the tile all, of course, if you know the symbols.

Symbols on the packaging of ceramic tiles

And so, describe some of them:

  • hand drawing - tile is used only for the walls;
  • foot pattern on a background of black - tiles is permissible for laying on the floor;
  • snowflake - tile is frost-resistant, can be used on the street;
  • picture feet on strokes - a high level of wear resistance;
  • figure drawing near fire - how many times tile resisted the effects of the firing;
  • bulb drawing - is not afraid chemical effects;
  • shoes on an inclined line - the coefficient of friction on wet surfaces;
  • image crystal - the hardness of the ceramic tiles.

also on the packaging, you can find information about the thickness of the tile, whether it is strong on a bend, the number of pieces in the package and the area where you can use some resistance to abrasion.

Choice of colors and design

The most practical option is the flooring tiles in bright colors.When off water drops dry up, they will not really noticeable.Such a floor will not require thorough cleaning of the floor.It will be enough just wipe the floor after taking a shower or bath, and cleaning using chemicals may be carried out once a week.

Light floor tiles in the bathroom

tile dark shades requires special care, since it is very visible traces, splashes and even droplets of water.Although a dark floor looks very original and luxurious, but if you do not have time to nursing care, it is best not to buy it.

Some connoisseurs use a glossy black floor tiles for the bathroom.But we should be prepared that each spray will leave a divorce on the tiles.So after taking a bath or shower, be sure to clean the floor.

Although you can adjust the tone a little above and to combine different shades together. example, put dark tiles where the least possible water ingress.Bright tiles should be placed near a bathtub, sink and shower.This combination will help to get the original flooring, and will not have to constantly clean the floor.

The mosaic floor in the design of the bathroom
The black floor tiles
Dark tiles on the bathroom floor

the best option for flooring in the room Wann will use mosaic. It increases the optical space of the bathroom, as well as masks all unevenness in the floor.Mosaic will decorate the room at any design.

became very popular glass mosaics for bathrooms, because it is characterized by a high degree of resistance to chemical attack, is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature regimes, and is water resistant.

Glass mosaic for the floor in the bathroom

leader in the production of tiles

Ceramic tiles are made by many companies from different countries:

  • glazed Italian tiles has long had a good reputation, because it is characterized by excellent quality and luxurious design.Many companies engaged in the production of tiles with white and red clay;
  • tiles Spanish production is also quite in demand in the building materials market.Compared with Italian tiles, it is cheaper, but not as inferior.Tile is characterized by a special design, as mostly used bright colors, as well as a game of contrasting patterns;
  • Turkish tiles is also quite famous among buyers from middle-income countries, because it is much cheaper tiles from Italy or Spain.Kalebodur - a brand of Turkish tiles, which is of excellent quality;
  • tiles Russian production has good quality characteristics, as only Italian equipment is used in almost all industries.The pricing policy will be pleasantly surprised consumers;
  • tiles Ukraine has a good combination of price and quality.Ukrainian clay is popular not only at home, but is also popular in Italian and Turkish production of tiles.

addition to these manufacturers of ceramic tiles, should add more tiles Belarusian, Lithuanian and Slovak.

Polish tile is very popular due to the optimal ratio of "price / quality."

Italian tile
Turkish tile floor
Polish tile floor in the bathroom

Currently, many buyers are choosing tile for the floor of the Italian and the Spanish manufacturer.In every store you can see a large number of posters and leaflets with foreign names for the production of floor tile companies.All of these countries are the leaders in sales of elite finishing materials.China is also not lagging behind in the production of excellent product.

domestic ceramic plants produce a quality product, too.Production takes place on the Italian equipment for a proven Western technology.Price of Russian manufacturers is significantly different, and the quality is in no way inferior to foreign plants.When buying tiles should definitely pay attention to its standardization in accordance with GOST.


considered popular tile that mimics the texture of any of various materials such as wood, leather, plastic, and others.Many customers choose a tile that looks like metal plates that are fastened to the floor with nails.

to create harmony in the bathroom, use wall and floor tile from the same collection.

Today is a very fashionable large format tiles, for example, 30x60 cm and 60x60 cm. It has many advantages.Firstly, laying square tiles will not take a lot of time and effort.Secondly, this tile does not produce noticeable joints, the surface looks solid.Thirdly, it is easy to wash.

Different manufacturers offer many collections of ceramic tiles to create a special design of the bathroom.Designers have begun to move away from the calm colors, the fashion became vivid, contrasting colors and aggressive.For example, Italian-made collection uses a combination of red and black, red and blue or red and green.

The square floor tiles
Tile under metal
White-red- black bathroom

Prices for high-quality floor tiles is quite expensive.But it is not necessary to save on it, because the repair is just 10 or 15 years.If you buy cheap tile for the bathroom space, the service life will not be long, and in three years you will have to buy again tile ceramic floor.

tiles for floor models that are cheap, easily broken by shock.In addition, they do not carry differential temperature conditions that often occur in the bathroom, the surface is easy to come into disrepair from rapid wear.

Although the appearance of a tile like nothing and no different from expensive, be careful.

Plus Mosaic tiles on the floor in the bathroom
Floor tiles
Cracked tiles

To determine the quality tiles on the eye, you should check its flatness, smoothness, absence of cracks or smudges, the back side of the color must be uniform and remindnatural color of clay.


Experts know that there are many ways of laying floor tiles, but emit only two basic:

  • direct way, or it is also called "seam in the seam." Each row of tile is placed exactly over the last tile.Thus, using tiles of different colors, you can create a color strip, or place a tile in a checkerboard pattern.
  • method "in the Extension» .It is used to shift the next row of tiles in comparison with a number that is already laid on the floor.