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August 12, 2017 18:06

Waterproof laminate : composition, types , manufacturers, installation and assembly

Water-resistant laminate for bathroom
  • requirements
  • Composition
  • advantages in comparison with tiles
  • Differences moisture resistant from water resistant laminate
  • Species
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Overview manufacturers
    • AquaStep
    • Berry Floor
    • Dumafloor
  • laying and installation
  • Care

When it comes to flooring in the bathroom, the first thing comes to mind is ceramic tile.And if instead of cold stone flooring use of laminated boards?At first glance it seems a bit crazy idea, but the clock is ticking, and the production of materials for flooring technology is changing for the better.Today, the success enjoyed waterproof laminate flooring for the bathroom, which is able to withstand even the flood.

Laminate is resistant to water,


More recently spilled water on the floor from a laminate seemed a disaster.Even wash the floors had to be extremely careful that the excess moisture from the coating is not swollen.So how does such a floor may be suitable for a bath?

The thing is that for rooms with high humidity levels using a laminate

floor with special characteristics.The base board is made of PVC, and all joints are sealed and securely locks wax.Precisely because of this exposure to moisture it is absolutely not scary.Thus, provided the basic requirements put forward to the floor covering in the bathroom: strength, durability and high resistance to moisture.

Waterproof laminate

features and improved performance waterproof laminate:

  • strength, so mechanical damages when falling jars, combs and other things he was not afraid;
  • resistance to moisture - with prolonged exposure to water or steam is not deformed and does not absorb moisture;
  • does not slip, as coated with a special layer, providing security on such a walking floor;
  • withstand temperature extremes, it does not change its structure under its influence and is not deformed;
  • antistatic properties of this type of laminate prevent settling and accumulation of dust on its surface, and pet hair;
  • hygienic coating - laminate is not subject to defeat by a fungus or mold, bacteria does not accumulate and do not absorb odors;
  • environmental safety - materials used for its manufacture, comply with all safety standards and are not tanned harmful substances, even when heated.
Laminate Bathroom

main drawback waterproof laminate is its high cost.However, the use of this type of coverage has undeniable advantages.Investments pay off due to long term operation of the material, its aesthetic appeal as well as a sense of comfort and coziness.


Secret improved laminate performance lies in its composition. fact that unlike a conventional laminate, this type of coating contains in its PVC plate instead wallboard.Most often it has a honeycomb structure, which provides additional thermal and acoustic insulation.Special waterproof padded floor provides protection against leakage in the event of a flood.Over PVC plate superimposed decorative film, which determines the color of the board.To protect the laminate from damage it further strengthens the protective coating.The structure of the surface determines the upper layer of the film.Despite the fact that the plastic is used, the look is incredibly attractive and expensive to produce it.

Water-resistant laminate for bathroom

To protect the floor from the spread of mold and mildew waterproof laminate is further processed antibacterial agent.The secret of the main characteristics of this coating - resistance to moisture - lies in the technology of its manufacture.The fact that all the locks, joints and the surface itself treated protective layer of wax.The process of formation boards occurs at high pressure that provides absolute tightness of adhesion layers.Additional polymer layer protects the surface laminated board from water and moist air, as well as from mechanical damage.

The composition and characteristics of waterproof laminate

advantages in comparison with tiles

Comparing waterproof laminate with a more traditional bathroom floors - ceramic tiles, you can select the indisputable advantages of using it.

Firstly, it is much more pleasant to walk on the laminate, rather than on the cold tiles.Even if the floor will not be provided with a heating system, the board retains heat better and therefore more pleasant to the touch.

Second, the wet laminate risk of slipping tends to zero.But on the ceramic does not always save even a special anti-slip coating.

Third, the appearance of laminate flooring at times superior to the tiles.Moreover, choosing between the two types of coverage, it should be noted that the price of high-quality ceramic tiles and a water-resistant laminate is not so widely.It should also be added that the installation of the board is much easier than laying tiles and does not require additional costs.A variety of sizes and shapes of elements may even mimic tiles.

Laminate Bathroom
Waterproof laminate
Laminate Bathroom

Differences from moisture resistant waterproof laminate

much earlier in the market appeared waterproof laminate.It costs less waterproof, due to its differences.The first fundamental difference between these two kinds - base.

If water resistant laminate - it is the basis of cellular PVC, it consists of a moisture-resistant HDF boards.

protective properties of waterproof laminate is much higher due to the embossed hot wax, as well as the presence of an additional polymer layer.And airbags provide better retain heat, sound insulation and durability.


Mostly made waterproof laminate honeycomb type.Airbags provide better protection from moisture penetration, increase the insulating properties of the material, and also provide sound insulation.

However, full-bodied versions of PVC coating is also present in the market.They are somewhat thinner than the hollow, but are also able to retain heat.

Regarding colors restrictions virtually non-existent.

Waterproof laminate can imitate:

  • parquet,
  • stone,
  • skin,
  • ceramic tile,
  • mat,
  • marble,
  • metal.

quite unusual looks embossed cover, visually similar to the mat.It provides an additional massaging effect.

Variety of waterproof laminate

Tips for Choosing

Choose quality waterproof laminate flooring for a bathroom is not so difficult.But that money is not proved to be wasted, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances in the selection of laminate bathroom.

First of all, you need to make sure it is water-resistant laminate.It is best to purchase coverage 32-33 class, it will last longer due to better characteristics of strength and durability.

locks must be in perfect condition and bit slippery to the touch.This means that impregnation performed efficiently.Needless to cover the board should also have chips and cracks, corners should be smooth.Any defects will be reflected in its water-repellent properties.

Selecting a waterproof laminate

best to buy waterproof laminate in specialized stores, where you will competently consult and, if necessary, to provide proof of the high quality and characteristics of the claimed coverage.Preference should be given to the known and proven in the practice of manufacturers.

Waterproof laminate bathroom 32 33 Class

substandard surface impregnation can be detected in a simple manner: simply swipe the nail board.If you removed a small layer - sooner or later, such a laminate loses its properties.

purchasing laminate flooring, pay attention to his class, and make sure there is quality certificates.

Before making laminate flooring installation should be kept in a warm room not less than a day.

When installing the coating can additionally be used for the adhesive joints to ensure one hundred percent sealing seams and protection against moisture.

Laminate flooring in the bathroom waterproof type

Overview manufacturers

most popular on the market for floor covering materials are few foreign manufacturers.This Berry Floor, AquaStep and Dumafloor.

Manufacturers waterproof laminate


undisputed leader on sales waterproof laminate are Belgian companies.AquaStep produce laminated cover 32 class, which has high strength and excellent water-repellent properties.Locks are impregnated with a resin composition.Uniclick system provides a strong connection, do not miss a single drop of water under the cover.

Berry Floor

Yet another Belgian company Berry Floor, appeared on the market recently.Their products are high quality materials, as well as an increased level of protection slats from moisture.Even prolonged contact with water does not disturb the structure of the board.


Another leader - the French company Dumafloor.They produce water-resistant laminate of two types: class 31 and 32.Enhanced water repellency by coating treated with electron beam method.Click Lock system ensures quick installation and a secure grip.

All manufacturers offer laminate of different sizes, imitating wood, tiles or other materials.

laying and installation

Waterproof laminate is quite simple to install, so it can be made even laying their own, without help.

First of all, you need to prepare the room.Paul carefully swept out, the surface must be clean and smooth.If there are significant distortions and irregularities, it is better to make an additional screed using self-leveling mixture.

substrate for laminate and serves as a shock absorber provides additional waterproofing.Lay it must be throughout the floor and fix the joint masking tape.Should begin laying the far left corner.Along the walls must be a gap of about 8-10 mm, to cover the expansion of the floor will not warp.At the end of the installation, they will close a plinth.

Installation of water-resistant laminated

Stacking made "brick" that the seams do not match.For cutting boards need a tape measure to measure, pencil and jigsaw.Locks of the type "tongue and groove" provides easy and fast installation of the floor.For better docking joints can use a special sealant.With the help of a piece of wood and a rubber mallet fabric laminates are fitted close to each other.

laminate joints fit together
After the laminate installation, the ignition gaps are closed plinths that are matched to the color of the ground floor.If necessary, the floor can be easily disassembled.

To visually expand the space, you can use a few styling tricks:

  • diagonal - is particularly relevant when using laminate that simulates a square ceramic tile.This method of stacking visually pushes the wall, but it requires a lot of effort and the availability of certain skills.
  • Horizontal - boards placed across the room, thus extending it.
  • Vertical - laminate is mounted longitudinally to visually extend the room.
Vertical stacking waterproof laminate


In terms of care, waterproof laminate flooring is not much different from the usual.In spite of its properties, it is better not to cover once more prolonged exposure to water.Puddles and drop should be wiped dry with a cloth.

Care waterproof laminate

Periodically it is necessary to wash with special caring agents to ensure hygienic cleanliness of the floor.Of course, it is not required, however, so its appearance will remain attractive for longer, the surface will be shiny clean and protected from the negative impact of various factors.A special fragrances in detergents provide a pleasant aroma.

Compared with other types of laminate flooring is always a winner.Waterproof type of coverage ensures protection of the floor against leakage and swelling of the boards.Moreover, the appearance of the laminate are always superior to other materials.With a floor bathroom will acquire an atmosphere of warmth and comfort and will look much more attractive and luxurious.