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August 12, 2017 18:06

Frosted glass doors : the pros , the types of frosted glass , manufacturers and price

Frosted glass door to the bathroom
  • Benefits
  • Pros use the bathroom
  • Types matte
  • Care frosted glass
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door Choosing the bathroom and toilet - very importantand at the same time difficult task.We are all accustomed to, that according to the tradition in the bathrooms usually put wooden doors.But here you need to meticulously choose the manufacturer and look for a decent product to the tree is not damaged by moisture.Metal door blankly looks aesthetically and plastic is used for a long time, but quickly lose presentable appearance.If you want to find a compromise between reliability, functionality and beauty, then pay attention to the frosted glass door.They are available many types of structures, they can be decorated with drawings, stained glass windows, as well as films or sputtering, and so. D. In this case, glass is an ideal option for the bathroom due to its resistance to deformation.

Glass decorative door for WC


dwell in more detail on what dignity is precisely at the glass doors.To their list include:

  • high noise insulation properties.If you do not like loud noise of water, then with a glass door on one problem will be less;
  • passage of sunlight.In this room is a bright and airy;
  • no corrosive effects;
  • resistance to high humidity;
  • resistance to temperature changes;
  • nonsusceptibility fungal and mold formations;
  • easy care and quite fast installation;
  • reliability and environmental friendliness;
  • impact.Modern technologies allow to achieve a high strength glass, which is not so easy to break;
  • visual expansion of space and the ability to create a private environment, because, despite the fact that glass lets light, frosted doors do not allow you to see what is happening to them, and give only a rough idea of ​​the outlines of objects;
  • reasonable prices, which are presented in a very wide range.
Glass doors for saunas and bathrooms

As you can see, the benefits from the glass doors abound, not to mention the fact that they meet the latest trends in design.The fashion for them came to us from Europe, but the idea has taken root firmly and actively continues to develop.

The door to the bath of black glass

Pros use the bathroom

Specifically in relation to the bathroom and have glass doors there are some merits:

  • reliable visual barrier is formed by them.Behind the door is difficult to see anything, but at the expense of the capacity of the light they help to cope with a fear of enclosed spaces;
  • glass doors are not deformed in contact with them water.These parameters remain unchanged regardless of the air temperature and humidity;
  • glass safely and securely.Even if it is a very strong mechanical action is broken, it will not cause any harm to a person;
  • as already mentioned, the glass has a high level of sound insulation;
  • glass door blends with any interior bathroom;
  • can be absolutely sure that the door will not develop harmful bacteria as well as glass hygienically;
  • glass door - it is original and interesting.They give a lot of room for imagination, as they allow to realize the enormous amount of ideas on their decoration.
The doors of frosted glass in the interior
Glass door mat with a pattern

Types matte

Its properties frosted glass doors acquire after passing through the processing, which is carried out using a variety of technologies:

  • sandblasting method. This method of mechanical treatment of glass using special equipment.Needless frosting occurs in the blast chamber.On the whole surface of the glass affect the bulk of the abrasive jet.His tiny particles break down the top layer of the glass, due to what is achieved and matte effect.Sometimes used as abrasives fractional sand or alumina.
  • kilns cover. can achieve the effect of matte, but the surface is not very smooth.Glass coated with calcined coating has a relatively high cost, but the frosting is maintained in the long term.
  • Paints ceramic .By applying paint with polyurethane in the composition as an effect of matting.Such a method is much easier to blast.But the final product is quite expensive due to the high cost of consumables.This coating may wear out over time.
  • Chemical etching. Many chemical treatments have important similarities.Almost everywhere using hydrofluoric acid.Chemical methods can achieve very high quality matte surface.However, the formulations used contain a large number of components, so the method is suitable only for industrial use.There are also simpler and cheaper compositions based on water glass or gelatin, but they are difficult to apply and provide a lower surface quality.
Sandblast drawing
Glass doors with sandblasted pattern
Doors with sandblasted pattern in the bathroom

very popular figures on the glass sandblasting.For this purpose the surface is applied to start processing a stencil pattern.Those portions of the glass, which is subsequently closed orakalom remain transparent and glossy, and the exposed parts are processed.Blasting matting is retained for a long time.It can not be washed off or erased.This glass has a quite affordable price.

Frosted glass doors in the bathroom
Matt door with a color pattern

Care frosted glass

to glass doors served as long as possible, it is necessary to look after them.

should adhere to the following rules:

  • door is a door, whether it is made of glass, wood or plastic.Lubricate hinges and other moving elements still needed.And it is desirable to do so in a timely manner, without having to wait until the door starts to creak;
  • periodically glass should be subjected to disinfection by means of special funds;
  • if the door has a decoration, it requires a completely different treatment.Sputtering and the film can be easily damaged, as well as stained glass patterns, especially if you use cleaners with abrasives;
  • to door does not accumulate condensate, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation of the bathroom.
Caring for the door


Frosted glass doors, made in a refined style, can be purchased from the Italian manufacturers. can identify factory «3ELLE», which is ready to offer the customer not only glass doors, and sliding partitions that will be an excellent option for combined bathroom.

partitions from the company «AG Style» are made taking into account the functional convenience, so they will also be a good option for a bathroom.

But factory «Foa» produces smoky shutters of stained glass. Due to this, in the bathroom will be more light, and the color material will produce colored reflections.

Producer «Casali» manufactures radius glass constructions. This option is ideal for taking a shower.

«3ELLE» Doors
Foa doors
Casali Doors

If you want to use to spend a free space, because it is rather limited in size, you fit cluster system from the company «HenriGlass ».

Among the Russian manufacturers can distinguish «Tyga» , who are ready to offer you a variety of customized solutions made of glass.They can realize an individual project, taking into account all the wishes of the customer.

Tyga Doors


cost of glass doors is in the range of about 4000 rubles and above. At the final price is affected:

  • form of door performance, especially if the product is made to order;
  • material accessories;
  • design type (swing, swing, sliding and sliding);
  • the type of glass;
  • decorations for stained glass pictures or have to pay more, not to mention the different kinds of spraying and so on. Etc .;
  • type of installation.Self installing glass door, of course, you will save, but if you are able to install it - is another matter.
Swing doors
Swing door
Sliding doors

Above different ways of glass matting have been considered.The final cost will depend on the doors of using any technology was achieved matting surface.

most optimal in this regard is the sandblasting method.Of course, no one says that if you use this method, the door will be cheap, but it will serve you for a long time, and the matte finish does not wash off or rub off.

For example, matting of paints via glass provides high cost, but result in this case will not be persistent.Price is dependent on the high cost of materials used.