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August 12, 2017 18:06

The doors for the bathroom : what is better to choose the material and the manufacturer

Doors in the bathroom
  • choice of material
    • Glass
    • Plastic
    • Tree
    • chipboard and MDF
  • Choosing opening method
  • leading Russian manufacturers
    • Dera
    • Volhovets
    • Alexandria Doors
    • Stendor
    • Sophia
  • Foreign producers
    • Via Plast
    • Rehau
  • basic requirements and care

Select the door to the bathroom is much more difficult than for a conventional building.Due to the high humidity and possible condensation to the bathroom door should be made of high quality materials that can withstand moisture and steam, and will help it last for a long time without losing their appearance.But this is not enough: in order the bathroom not walked drafts, the door should have a high thermal insulation properties.And if you do not want to hear the splash of water from the other room, you will need to take care of a good sound insulation.

Doors made of colored glass in the bathroom

choice of material

terms of high humidity confrontation several materials suitable for the bathroom, which in the process of exposure to steam and moisture will not lose their q


consider every material detail.


This option is good in that the glass door is absolutely not afraid of water, is not subject to deformation and does not react to-heat.Glass is an environmentally friendly material that has some good properties of sound and heat insulation.For the safety of the glass door can not be afraid.Manufacturers produce products made from high-strength glass, which is not so easy to break in a familiar environment.

Among consumers glass doors for bathrooms are popular, because they are also aesthetically pleasing look, fitting in almost any design.Custom models are available with different types of coatings and decoration.Glass doors increase the space visually, making even a small bathroom more.Among the disadvantages of such doors high price products, quite a lot of weight and, whatever you say, demand heightened caution, especially during transport.

Stained glass in the design of doors
Frosted glass
Decor Door mirror


This material is well suited for the door to the bathroom.Plastic doors will not rot and become deformed due to high humidity and hot steam.Moreover, they are light in weight and have a sufficiently long useful service life.Manufacturers offer a wide range of doors of different shapes and colors.Of course, in comparison with the same glass door PVC will not be as elegant look, but for the price it will definitely be available to anyone.In this environmentally friendly plastic and has high heat and sound insulation properties.

Plastic doors for the bathroom

By cons include excessive tightness of the door, because of which in the bathroom would be stuffy and not very presentable.

Plastic bathroom door
A door from the plastic decorative inserts
Plastic doors decorated with murals


In fact, it can be called "classics of the genre."Despite the fact that the tree may itself lead capriciously with respect to moisture, it does not mean that the material is not suitable for the bathroom.The wooden door is elegant and noble look.A good manufacturer will offer a model made from top grade wood that is dried and harvested in compliance with all technologies.

to wooden door to the bathroom for a long time served, it must be varnished and processed antiseptic.If all processing regulations door made of wood will last a long time and provide high sound insulation and environmental friendliness.However, this option is quite expensive.If the manufacturer of "faked" to the moisture resistant materials, the door may swell or become covered by a fungus.

Wooden doors of the bathroom

chipboard and MDF

Doors made of similar materials laminated to resist moist environment.They can be used for a long time and have many design options.Pretty cheap and available to any customer.However, not always possible to guarantee a really good workmanship doors of these materials.

The doors to the bathroom MDF

The choice of opening

Choose how to open the door, you should considering the fact that you value more: the ease of installation and space savings.

can distinguish the following categories of the doors opening on their type:

  • Swing. simplest and most affordable option that does not require separate installation costs and the deformation of the door opening.However, if you plan to install the glass door, then this option you do not really fit in terms of aesthetics.Therefore, we must remember that swing door looks only for materials such as wood or plastic.
  • Folding. in clear folding doors almost no space, but their design is quite shaky and does not provide adequate noise and heat insulation.Door thickness will also be small.Therefore, this variant is suitable when only a limited space.
  • or sliding-door coupe. Very stylish and convenient option for large bathrooms.It requires a rather complex installation and significant investments.Again, isolation is not completely achieved through the gapping of the door leaf to the box.But the door-coupe looks very modern and space-saving.
  • Pendulum. In something like the hinged doors, once they are opened and closed in both directions.Not very convenient option for small bathrooms, since there is the risk of accident is something to hurt the door.
Swing doors in the bathroom
Folding doors
folding doors
Pendulum door for the bathroom
Door coupe in the bathroom
Bathroom doors that open in both directions

leading Russian manufacturers

Doors Bathroom ExcellenceIt can be purchased from the Russian manufacturer.In our production we have long been implemented the most effective and advanced technologies, which we share with the German and Italian counterparts. About the most famous Russian brands discussed below.


This manufacturer of Penza for almost 20 years has been producing doors.During this time the company has gained highly qualified specialists with excellent knowledge of the wood processing industry, and value for money door suits any consumer.Products are sold through the company dealers, with experts not only provide a warranty, but after-sales service throughout Russia.

Doors for toilets from the company Dera


more than 15 years' Volhovets "ranks high in the industry.The company is located in Velikiy Novgorod and offers consumers unique design and great quality features at an affordable price.If you have your own project, the specialists of the company are ready to make the web-to-order in any style.To cover the veneer doors used of the highest quality wood species.

The doors to the bathroom from the company Volhovets
Doors from the White Company Volhovets
Combined doors of MDF and glass from the manufacturer

Alexandria Doors

The company is located in Ulyanovsk.The doors of this manufacturer can give odds even to their foreign counterparts.Wood and veneer are prepared in compliance with all the nuances of the process and are imported from Italy and Germany.The company is trying to focus on the European quality standards and successfully maintains its reputation.

Doors for bathroom from the company Alexandria Doors


Factory is located in St. Petersburg and produces the doors of high quality at reasonable prices.Finished products are of elegance and practicality.The manufacturing process of the company tweaked to the max, and all specialists are highly qualified working there.In the manufacture of doors used European equipment, so the products meet all quality standards.

Doors from the company Stendor


This Tver factory successfully operating for over 20 years.At the time, the company held a complete modernization of the equipment, so now the doors are manufactured on the latest technologies and comply with international standards.Factory production has been presented in various exhibitions world-class.

Doors for bathroom from the company Sophia

Foreign producers

Foreign manufacturers of doors have their own advantages: first of all, is the availability of modern equipment and high level of organization of the production process, as well as focus on the taste preferences of consumers.

Via Plast

This Ukrainian manufacturer specialized in the production of various metal structures.Plastic doors Via Plast has a unique style and very high quality.The company produces a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors.In its manufacturing process the company has long been stood up on a par with European manufacturers.

Doors for bathroom sliding


It is the largest German manufacturer, for which the door is one of the areas for development.The company uses its own innovations, which is why it has achieved such a high level in the market, replacing the weaker competitors.Rehau Doors will last you a long time and provide ease of use.Door systems manufacturer represented in the classical and contemporary style.

Doors metal-plastic Rehau

basic requirements and care

When you select the door to the bathroom, it is worth to take into account a number of highlights:

  • on the size and location of the bathrooms will be dependent way to the door opening;
  • in a small bathroom is not very good ventilation, so it is best to set the door of moisture-resistant material.If the bathroom is large and well ventilated, the usual door is quite right to install;
  • width of the aperture affects the size of the door.The standard doorway suit swing door, and if the opening is wide, the sliding door will look better.
Glass non-standard door for the bathroom

the door Care depends directly on the material used:

  • PVC doors are easy to clean by conventional means, or simply with a damp cloth without using any special cleaners;
  • to wooden doors was no formation of cracks, it is necessary from time to time to process the surface of a special compound or polish.Wash the wooden doors need funds for furniture, then they need to be dry it thoroughly with a dry cloth;
  • glass door should be treated periodically with special means.All movable parts and mechanisms should be oiled occasionally.
Care for doors from MDF in the bathroom