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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sliding doors to the bathroom : wooden , plastic accordion .Installation and assembly

Sliding doors in the bathroom
  • Pros and cons
  • choice of material
  • Selecting fittings and guide
  • Installing your own hands, and features mounting
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  • Care sliding doors

Howwe solve problems, making repairs in the bathroom?Probably every one of you will be able to call them at least a dozen.One of the most important, perhaps, is the choice of the door to the bathroom.After all, it helps us not only to protect a review of the premises from prying eyes, but also to solve design challenges, which will help make the interior of the room more functional and convenient.Sliding doors to the bathroom to help solve the problem of small space and save space.Their advantage is not only compact, but also in the original design decisions.

Sliding doors in the interior of the bathroom

Pros and cons

advantage of the sliding door system, of course, is considered a big saving usable space.This type of doors do not take up much space and partitions off the passage.

Advantages of sliding doors

ideal solution for those doors will be much bulk openings - this kind of do

or can enclose it completely.Number of wings from sliding mechanisms can vary from one to three, respectively, can be set designs of any complexity.And, most importantly, with such a door it will look really attractive and will fit in almost any design.

Sliding doors in a large bathtub

serious drawback of these doors is very complicated installation process. Swing doors on this matter is much simpler and cheaper.

insufficient tightness of the room - one of the weaknesses of the sliding doors.Because of the mechanism of the door leaf is loosely fitted to the opening door, so sounds poorly insulated.This disadvantage is very easy to remove by putting mounting sliding design a special lining for insulation.

The narrow sliding door

choice of material

Materials of construction for sliding doors can be divided into two groups: low-end models and doors more expensive price segment.Another criterion - the durability of sliding doors.Let's take a closer look, with all their diversity.

Sliding Doors for bathroom

Doors made of fibreboard, chipboard and MDF - quite economical and a good option. And it will last for a long time, provided the processing of doors with special means of protection against humidity and temperature changes, or coating them with a protective film.Otherwise, such a door may swell, disintegrate and deform.The design of these doors is very diverse in color, shape, texture.Based on this you can choose a door model, which perfectly fit into any stylistic design of the bathroom.

Sliding doors

Doors made of plastic, glass and solid wood are more expensive, but the quality and durability of these doors is significantly higher.You can choose from ready-made models or make-to-order - the quality of any door does not disappoint, because thethey are subject to scrutiny and inspected visually. sliding design, made from plastic, is very practical, becausethey do not need to be protected from moisture and temperature extremes.

Plastic sliding doors

most popular today are the sliding door construction from glass and wood with glass inserts .

sliding door can be made from a single web and have a sufficiently high weight and high strength.

But there are more subtle and easy option, however, not less strong, if made of quality materials - the door-accordion. Which one of these models to choose - you decide, asthe choice depends on whether the bathroom is done in some stylistic vein.

Doors with glass inserts
Glass sliding doors
Door - Folding

Selecting fittings and guide

So when you have decided on the design, size and number of door leaves, it's time to go to the acquisition of door hardwareand guides.The second set consists of two guide profiles (even they are called "rails"), a stopper roller mechanism and stopper.

accessories kit

top and bottom rails are located, on which construction will move. elements that allow you to limit the distance of movement of the entire mechanism is also installed.The limiter is fixed on a floor, and a stopper - the top wall.

fastening element

If the doors are sufficiently massive (75 kg and more), it would take four rollers.For lighter constructions (40 to 75 kg), only two rollers.Do not skimp on the door mechanism, asthe poor quality of rail kit may adversely affect the movement of the door.It is advisable to purchase a door leaf and a sliding mechanism in one firm.

Sliding doors

sliding design in the bathroom have special pens that differ from the classical pieces for conventional doors.They should be placed in special recesses of the door leaf, so as not to impede the free movement of the flaps.

Door handle on hinged doors

Typically, handles are installed by the manufacturer, but if you need a custom design or built-in lock, the handle can be made to order.

Installing your own hands, and features mounting

less complex system installation sliding design in the bathroom is to use invoice system, by which the doors slide along the length of the wall on a special "rails". disadvantage of this system is that the wall can not be anything close to place, and tightly closed these doors will not.

The advantage of this system is its low cost and ease of installation, which can be realized independently.This system includes several components - a rail which is installed above the doorway;two rollers, which are cut into the bottom end of the door, and lower stress, which does not allow the web to move from side to side.This kit is sufficient that the system is functioning properly.

Sliding doors with invoice system
Sliding glass doors

Stages of installation invoice system for sliding structures:

  • At the lower end of the door leaf must be installed rollers, which are included in the box guide.The process is fairly simple, becauseembed videos in the door itself is not required.They must be imposed on the screws and tighten.
  • The lower end of door structure needs to make a small slit 15 mm deep and 3 mm wide.To do this, use a circular saw, if it is, or grinders, after setting her special nozzle on wood.
Installation diagram of sliding doors
  • To find out how high to set the guide, measure the height of the door based on rollers plus a centimeter at a distance under the door.Install the guide can be different.Sometimes using angle brackets (but this option is not very reliable) or fix the design on beams of wood, which must be installed in advance.The second option is more reliable, and the timber can be masked, painted it in the color of the door.When choosing a sliding mechanism, pay great attention to its size (width of the door leaf must be twice its width).
  • to establish the door leaf on the guide structure is necessary to have a roller mechanism in her side.
  • next step is to carry out the adjustment.For this purpose, the guide stops are set to the door held in a desired position.
  • Now proceed to install the lower stop.To insert the fence into the groove on the left and firmly press it to the floor need to fully open the door.Next Zadvinie emphasis in the slot by only 1 cm, it should not go far out of the door.With the help of dowels fasten emphasis to the floor, carefully aligning the canvas vertically.
Adjusting the door

Principles of razvizhnoy door systems discussed in detail in the following video.

Mounting sliding design to the bathroom on their own using the consignment system - a fairly simple process.Cassette-way sliding door mounted more difficult. about it and will be discussed further.Sliding Cassette construction hidden from view, and take up little space, it is their main advantage.Set cassette system inside the walls, and made it a single unit (cassette).

Door with a cassette system

only drawback of sliding structures, perhaps, can be called that when they are installed to carry a fragment of the wall, however, it may not in all apartments.For example, in homes with the old layout of the bathroom configuration has a beveled shape, so to establish a cassette system in this room have to change the design of the bath on the rectangle.

installation cassette system is performed as follows:

  • First you need to cook in the wall opening, the appropriate size cassette, preferably slightly larger to in no way prevent the establishment of a door.
  • in prepared opening set the cassette door by sticking it on the perimeter.It is very important to put everything clearly on the level, aseven small imbalances may adversely affect the durability of the installed door.Given the cost of such doors and problematic installation, repair or replacement of the mechanism will be costly.
  • last stage - the inside of the masking tape under ordinary wall.The easiest way is to build a structure made of plasterboard, which from the outside space will overlap the wallpaper and inside is laid out with tiles.
Installation of the cassette system

details about installing sliding doors you can learn from the video.

-in Sliding Doors

Of course, the door coupe is not designed for rooms with high humidity, but are sometimes used there.It is reasonable to place them in areas with a large area, which do not require space-saving.All due to the fact that the doors are wide enough coupe (one leaf length of 60 cm, and they need two or even three).

The advantage of such doors in their weightlessness and lightness, asThey are equipped with mostly glass. In this area of ​​the room visually increases.

Door Coupe

Set sliding door coupe is very simple.Beforehand you must carefully prepare the opening, completing its final finish.Next, assemble the top and bottom guide and set and adjust the doors themselves.

Care sliding doors

Usually breaking sliding structures happens due to the fact that, due to debris falling into the guide rollers out of order. Very often such a problem faced by pet owners, wool which can be hammered into the mechanisms and remove them from the system.Therefore, to eliminate the problem with a sliding compartment is easy, just thoroughly clean the guide mechanism with a vacuum cleaner.

Caring for the door

for door leaf Care should be implemented in accordance with the material from which they are made.