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August 12, 2017 18:06

Plastic doors for bathroom and toilet : choosing how to install PVC door

Plastic paneled door to bathroom
  • Pros
  • Design
  • Variety of designs and specifications
  • Useful advice when choosing a product
  • Installing sliding doors
  • Installation swing designs
  • Installation-accordion doors

Choosingthe door to the bathroom, you need to remember about the moist environment of the premises.Common interior door is not very suitable for this and needs to be replaced in a few years.On such a door and the water temperature is adversely affected - absorbing moisture, the material is destroyed doors, hinges and handles start to become covered with rust, and on the door leaf mold appears.Modern and budgetary choice is plastic door to the bathroom and toilet.Therefore, replacing the door during a routine repair toilets and bathroom should instead deformable soon buy a wooden door leaf made of PVC.

Doors solid PVC in the interior of a bathroom


This door is best suited to the conditions of frequent changes in temperature and increased humidity, typical for the bathroom. main advantages of plastic as a base material for the door in the bat


  • ease.Plastic door has a hollow structure inside which reinforcing ribs, which reduces the weight of the material.This door is less load on the door frame and the fasteners that extend service life.In addition, due to the low weight of the door of PVC less traumatic, that is valuable for families with children.
  • strength .For doors of bathrooms used plastic, which increased the thickness of the side panels.Also in the web of such doors have reinforcing ribs, which strengthens the door structure and improves its ability to withstand shocks.Although we note that the total shock-resistance at low plastic - so the door can be easily damaged when a strong impact, especially if it is low cost and without a reinforcing frame.
  • Fire protection. Modern plastic doors only ignite at temperatures above 1000 degrees.In case of fire this material only oplavitsya doors that would be an obstacle to the spread of fire.
  • resistance to moisture. on plastic is not affected by condensation and hot steam.Cloth such doors does not absorb water, so its volume and shape for the entire period of operation remain unchanged.
  • Easy care.Plastic quite unpretentious in the care and easy to clean.At smaller plastic doors accumulate dirt and clean such a door can be any detergent in liquid form, in which the soap base.
  • Isolation from sounds.Due to the sealing stroke along the contour of the door, in a residential area will not hear the noise of falling water behind the closed bathroom door.
  • Diverse design. PVC doors are made in different colors and with a large variance decor, so the product is easy to pick up the overall design of the room.
Plastic door to the bathroom with a large glass
Plastic door with glass inserts
High-quality plastic doors
PVC bathroom door

We invite you to read our other article on the door to the bathroom and toilet.Learn doors with what characteristics suited to the bathroom and how to choose the best door.


accepted that the plastic doors must be white.This is not so. The doors can be big and small glass inserts (transparent and opaque, corrugated, and even stained glass).

Plastic doors for bathroom and toilet in the interior hallway

plastic itself can be laminated - covered with colored film or a film on the wood.

Plastic door PVC wood

Variety of designs and specifications

Differences between the stores offer doors of PVC are in the process of opening.

The model number of doors made of plastic isolated:

  • sliding,
  • swing,
  • folding doors.
Hinged plastic doors
Sliding plastic doors
Door - Folding bathroom

classical model considered hinged doors , after they meet in homes more often than others.These designs demand and builders, and homeowners.In such a door is not required to spend a lot of finance and installation time.

Sliding doors PVC option is similar to a door in the wardrobe. Folds such doors open doorway to exit, when pushed aside.The sliding model may be a single sheet, which moves in the direction (called a sliding door) or more.This door draws a minimum of space in the open form, as well as a stylish and modern look.It is recommended for small bathrooms as saving space.

Foldable design too is committed advantages such as attractive design and improved functionality.Cloth a door going into the "accordion", opening the passage to the bathroom.This door can be monochromatic or with contrasting inserts.

Along with a large selection of doors, completely made of PVC manufacturers also offer a combined and framed model. plastic paneled wooden door replaces analogue and can be matched to any style.

Very impressive looking proposals that combine plastic, glass or metal.Such doors presentable and respectable appearance.

choosing a plastic door with glass inserts, remember the great weight of the inserts and a small plastic carrying capacity. Be especially careful with glass mount (installation reliability).If you want a combination of PVC wood door with additives, well, check the joints for leaks.Choose a model in which the insertion of wood treated with water-repellent.

Inserts made ​​of glass plastic doors for bathrooms and toilets
Plastic door with glass bathroom

Useful advice when choosing a product

correctly measure the opening to pick up the door of PVC as accurately .Then when installing between the opening and the frame does not appear significant gaps and crevices.Often, the door to the bathroom presents the standardized size models, suitable for the most popular plan.Choosing the swing doors, round up your measurements in millimeters in the smaller side (for example, the width of your opening 670 mm, then try to trim the door leaf width of 600 mm).But for the sliding door should be rounded to the next higher (as our example - up to 700 mm).When measuring the height of the threshold is required to consider, which is provided in all bathrooms for water retention in the event of flooding.

The threshold in the doorway of the bathroom

Check the quality of the hardware. to reduce the final cost of plastic doors unscrupulous manufacturers often save exactly on it, installing low-quality hinges, locks and other details.Choosing the door, look at the quality of the accessories attachment.Remember that metal parts have to be presented, or stainless steel, or other metals with special treatment against the influence of moisture.

Door - book of high quality plastic for bathroom

Decide on the surface texture of PVC doors. best to choose a model that has a smooth surface.But the door clean with a fine-grained texture is harder to maintain.Due to high temperature and humidity in shallow depressions may accumulate dirt and bacteria.

The smooth plastic web for the door in the bathroom

Check the perfect seal the door to the opening, which ensures that the sealing gum.However, since this causes deterioration of ventilation, more preferred model plastic doors with bars or special holes for ventilation at the bottom.

Look to the thickness of the plastic in the proposed door.If good material, its thickness is greater than 1 cm. High quality plastic finger is pressed will not be bent.If possible, check the section of the door, looking at the location and number of ribs.Also study the thickness of the side sheets of PVC.

Ventilation grille for plastic doors

picked a design, consider not only the interior of the bathroom, but the view of the other doors in the house. advise to buy the door a little bit darker than the overall design of the room to create a little contrast.

Metal doors for the bathroom

Installing sliding doors

Installing any design bathroom door made of plastic includes the preparation of the opening (cleaning, processing antifungal agent), mount the box, then mount the door and its accessories, and then remainsadjust.

Design PVC sliding-door consists of two rails, wall supports, rollers, door leaf handle.To install this door models will need an assistant.

first carried out the installation stops and guides, which are fixed with dowels or screws.Further reinforcing the door leaf inserted into the rollers and guides.Finally, after checking the quietness and ease of travel to the door handle set and latch.

Installation swing designs

install such doors is easiest by delivering fully assembled.After removing the old door opening and cleaning it set a new plastic door duct.If necessary, expand the opening, using a hammer and chisel.

to secure the boxes used wedges and assembly foam, resistant to moisture.Slots can also gloss over the grout.Next checked ease of opening and closing the door.If manipulation is carried out without difficulty on the swing door mounted handles and latches.

Installation of doors in the bathroom

Installation of doors-accordion

Since installing PVC doors of this design is complex for the average user, it is to trust a specialist.For installation you need to provide the door itself and its accessories, as well as tools (hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, etc.), screws, cement and assembly foam.

Payment for the work of a specialist to provide you quality installation folding doors made of plastic, will justify the length of service of this model PVC doors.

Installed door - accordion bathroom