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August 12, 2017 18:06

Errors in the calculation of the size of the door in the bathroom

Calculating the size of the bathroom door
  • Common Mistakes
  • Standard sizes
  • Bivalve
  • rules for calculating leaf size
  • Aperture less than needed
  • Doorway more than you need

How often have we witnessedmismanagement door installation.Inattention and carelessness in choosing a suitable door usually causes frustration and often additional costs.But do not despair.Calculating the size of the door to the bathroom - it is laborious, requires special attention and patience.

Common Mistakes

It may seem trite, often there are cases when the installation of doors is found out that the door is less than you need, or on the contrary, more.

reason, most likely, will be incorrect measurements or errors in ordering or at work.Therefore, follow our advice in determining the size of the door and carefully check the documents before payment order.

If the error was caused by the manufacturer, contact the sales office where you sign the contract.Most likely, you either return the money or the door again will make for your size.

If an error occurs on your fault, options for correction will be:

  • Changing the size of the door.
  • Changing the size of the doorway.

To avoid such cases it is better to invite professionals to accurately determine the correct size of the door.Generally, this service is free of charge.

Beautiful bathroom door

Another common problem is that the door will not open. Therefore, the store check every door close, press down on the handle, feel whether it opens smoothly.Sellers can say that the problem will take place and the door will disperse over time.But we recommend to buy at once the door without defects.

common mistake is the wrong choice of the bathroom door, causing it to become worthless.Keep in mind that the bathroom - a room with high humidity, so the door must be chosen with extreme care.

Especially for those who want to choose a door to the bathroom, we have compiled a list of demands, and considered various types of materials in a previous article.

The door to the bathroom

Standard sizes

Some naively believe that all doors are standard size.In fact, the so-called "standard" does not occur so often.The standard is considered the door of 200 cm in height, width 60 or 70 cm

Of course, the most popular sizes of the doors are similar to the standard:

  • size kitchen opening typically 200 by 70 cm,
  • bedrooms and hallways - 200 by 70 cm.
  • bathroom and toilet - 190 cm to 55/60 cm

as you can see, the doorway bathroom and toilet, as a rule, than in other rooms..

Door Custom Size
Door Custom Size 200 x 70
Sliding door Custom Size


most often prefer to install double doors with dimensions: 200 cm * 120 cm or 200 cm to 160 cm...: each flap has a value of 60 or 80 cm

opening thickness varies from 5 to 8 cm

remember that custom door panels typically cost almost in 2 times more expensive than standard models...If you have non-standard door, it is possible to make a little effort and adjust the door.

These doors can be installed in any room in the presence of a wide opening. and a bathroom - is no exception.Of course, in typical homes, it is unlikely to be in demand, and in the spacious luxury apartments or private homes with a bathroom area of ​​15 m².it will look very impressive.

A narrow double doors to the bathroom
Double doors in the bathroom
Glass double doors to the bathroom

rules for calculating the size of the door leaf

How, then measure the doorway?To do this, we need some values: height, width and thickness of the box.First you need to disassemble the door trim (if you have not put new flooring or other material, be sure to leave a small margin).

  • tape measure our height from floor to top of the wall.
  • width measured from one wall to the other.

Do not forget that the door frame must be removed before making measurements.

thickness or depth of the doorway - in other words, it is the thickness of the wall. If we talk about the thickness of the walls of the bathroom in comparison with the thickness of the wall in the living room or bedroom, it is usually on the order of less than about 5 cm).Also, a couple of centimeters should be added to assembling the door (on each side).

Now we have to calculate the size of the opening to our door. There is a simple algorithm for calculating the size of the door:

  1. Measure the width of the opening, adding 1 - 1.5 cm (gap between the frame and the wall) and 3 cm (at the gap between the door and frame).
  2. To calculate the width, it is necessary to add the value of the width of the web thickness of the box multiplied by 2, and gaps.

height is calculated in the same way, but should take into account the threshold (if any), whose value is about 1.5 cm.

transoms is required in the case, if the width of the box more than 8 cm. This means that you need to"ramp up" of the wall, which is not enough for the installation of doors.

Installation of doors

Aperture less than needed

If the door was less than the door size, to remedy the situation, the following options:

  • door can be cut - a process that we examined in detail in a previous article.The disadvantage of the method is the fact that it is often extremely negatively affects not only the appearance, but also leads to a reduction in service life of the door;
  • expand opening.This option is more expensive, but it is quite acceptable.His we rassmorim on.

Both options are possible, but the best is said to measure seven times and cut once!

Doorway more than you need

This procedure is to reduce the doorway using drywall:

  1. produce dismantling of the old door frame.
  2. We clean the opening.
  3. edge of the wall adjacent to the 30 cm. Door to reception, clean off the plaster on and so forth.
  4. Guide profiles set in the opening and on the floor.Note that subsequently installed drywall will need to keep pace with the wall (including finishes).
  5. Set the profile to the ceiling opening.
  6. Along the edges of the door opening set profiles.Another profile is in the middle.
  7. Cut drywall sheets are the correct size and fasten them to the profile by means of screws.
  8. Similar operations are carried out from the other side.
Reducing the doorway drywall

Thus, we are convinced you that there is nothing difficult in calculating the size of the bathroom door.Therefore, I wish you a creative mood and new experiments!