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August 12, 2017 18:06

Wardrobe for a washing machine in the bathroom , closet under the built-in washing machine

Wardrobe for a washing machine in the bathroom
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If your bathroom is large, then it will be placed freely, furniture, washing machine, dryer and many other items.The same bath owners who have to appreciate every square centimeter in this room, we can advise this option to save space, a closet for the washing machine.

Wardrobe for a washing machine in the bathroom

Such furniture will replace hanging shelves, cabinets and hooks, as well as help hide the body art.Which features of the cabinet for washing machines should know in advance whether it is possible to make this furniture with their hands and how to install it?

Large closet for the washing machine and dryer in the bathroom


  • presence of such a cabinet to help restore order in the room.You can easily place inside detergents, stocks of toiletries, cloth, paper, and other items that are stored in the bathroom.
  • In addition, the bathroom is much easier to clean, as sprays, boxes, cans, bottles of cosmetics can be kept out of sight, where they
    quickly gather dust, and inside the cabinet.
  • You no longer have to put the washing machine on small items, removing them during washing.All the little things can be hidden inside the cabinet.
  • If your closet is built-in laundry basket, you will be able to hide from prying eyes dirty laundry.
  • For washing machine will no longer drop cloths and other items.
  • By installing the cabinet noise from the operation of the apparatus will be reduced.
  • washing machine can be protected against abuse of children or animals.
Wardrobe is open to the washing machine in the bathroom
Built-in closet for the washing machine in the bathroom
Wardrobe with shelves and space for washing machine and dryer in the bathroom


for cabinets in the bathroom it is important to choose materials that are not afraid of water and high humidity.Thus they should be attractive in appearance.

For enclosure, hiding in the bathroom washing machine, often use:

  • Glass. that can be mirrored, frosted or transparent and decorated with paintings or engravings.It is resistant to moisture material that blends perfectly with any interior.The truth is a wardrobe of expensive glass, and in many cases the design has to be ordered, which further increases costs.
  • of plate material. most often in our bathrooms meets MDF, because these boards have a protective water-resistant film.Danger only ingress of water in place of fasteners and joints parts.It should be a case for the washing machine from MDF quite moderate, but little diversity among the models you will not find.
  • tree. such material in the bathroom we used to avoid, but in our time, the wood may well be used for cabinets with a washing machine, because it is treated with special impregnation and lacquer.At the same time keep in mind that a quality cabinet made of wood can not be cheap.
  • Plastic.This is frugal material that is not afraid of water and cleaning products, as well as cheaper others.In addition, he represented a wide variety of colors and decorative elements.This cabinet can be selected as an interim measure on a limited budget.
Cabinet made ​​of wood for a washing machine
White MDF cabinet for a washing machine in the bathroom
Cabinet made ​​of wood and plastic for a washing machine in the bathroom


Most often, this type of furniture is a rectangular or square cabinet.If you choose a corner variant, it is possible to install the cabinet with semicircular doors.


Wardrobe, combined with a washing machine, can be:

  • freestanding.In this case the equipment is installed under the sink, and the closet is more like a cabinet, inside which the machine next to the can dryer, laundry basket, shelves for household chemicals, hidden from the eyes of the pipe.In addition, the table top of the cabinet may continue and include a wash basin, more profitable to save space.
  • vertically.Standard cabinet with hinged doors, where there is no bottom and hidden washing machine.Technology in this cabinet can be raised for easy loading / unloading.
  • embedded.This option is expensive, and very difficult to implement, because it requires a redesign and repair work.
  • corner.An excellent choice for the owner of a small bathroom, which has a free angle.
Wardrobe cabinet with countertop and built-in sink for washing machine in the bathroom
Built in a niche in the wall closet for the washing machine in the bathroom
Corner cabinet made ​​of white chipboard for a washing machine in the bathroom

whether mounted option possible?

This variant of the cabinet, which will be located under the washing machine, and introduced to the market.The wall cabinet is easy to hide counters and communication, as well as place a variety of small items.Between the washing machine and the bottom of the cabinet should be a small space.Often the visual expansion space model cupboard in the bathroom complemented by a glass door.

White wall cabinet with three shelves above the washing machine in the bathroom
Wardrobe mounted above the washing machine in the bathroom


Often closet, inside which is a washing machine, bought individually for the right size, but there are options and ready for sale.For example, the popular IKEA offers a convenient model of the cabinet, made of particleboard with a protective film.The model is called Lillongen and is represented in white and black and brown.

This is a tall, narrow cabinet width 64 cm, inside which set two shelves (they can be adjusted in height) and two towel rails.The product is also characterized by the presence of adjustable plastic legs for greater stability and protection cabinet model from moisture.

Белый шкаф с полками "Лиллоген" от ИКЕА для стиральной машины в ванной

Wall cabinet model for the washing machine performs a Russian company Vod-ok.Body width is 60 cm, and made a cabinet of MDF.He has two shelves and upper compartment with hinged doors, door closers and extended for a smooth closing.

How to make your own hands?

If you did not accept the range of ready-made cabinets for the bathroom in the shops, you can always build your own product.However, this requires to have at least basic skills joinery and special tools.

first draw a draft of the future cabinet, calculate all sizes and refer to furniture manufacturers in the city.Book a chipboard or MDF with saw cut and collect the finished parts.Houses bind them together using metal brackets and screws, and then install the cabinet in its place.If desired, this cabinet can be fitted with shelves or drawers.

Homemade closet for the washing machine in the bathroom

Installation tips

  • sure to leave a free space (at least 2-3 cm) between the washing machine and cabinet walls to the machine vibrations do not damage furniture.
  • Let closet for the washing machine and has a moisture protection, try to install such furniture far away from the places where the water falls regularly, especially hot.
  • If your cabinet has a plinth, it is important to make sure that it does not interfere with the work of the machine.
Cupboard under the washer and dryer in the bathroom
Built for a washing machine in the bathroom
Large spacious closet for the washing machine and dryer in the bathroom