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August 12, 2017 18:06

Stone for the tank to the laundry basket : the size and design

Stone for the tank with built-in laundry basket
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Bathroom - this is one of the most haunted places in the house.Although it is usually a small isolated space for it.How to arrange this room so that it was both a pleasure to be comfortable and to carry out hygienic procedures?There are many ways a rational arrangement of the bathroom.This very well help multifunction pedestals.One such species is the cabinet pedestals with integrated sink and laundry basket.The door, with built-in cabinets special mesh laundry does not open from the side, as ordinary lockers cabinets and leans back on top.

Wooden cabinet with a sink in the bathroom and built-in laundry basket


advantages of such furniture is obvious:

  1. It takes a minimum of space, at the same time placed and washbasin, and laundry basket and a locker to store all sorts of items.
  2. need to buy separate laundry basket, which is usually difficult to find under the interior disappears.
  3. In addition to the baskets, you can store not only dirty laundry, but clean l
    inen, towels, bathrobes, etc.
  4. located in a prominent place dirty laundry does not always look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, much nicer to hide his cabinet.
  5. washbasin cabinet can accommodate a lot of necessary and useful hygiene items, cosmetics and household chemicals.

Despite the fact that the laundry basket installed inside cabinets, has a small size, it benefits from this are not reduced.Therefore, in recent years it is gaining more and more popularity.

Stand in the bathroom with a basket for dirty clothes
Stand in the bathroom with a big basket for dirty laundry


Cabinets with sink can be distinguished by several criteria:

  • shape;
  • by the method of installation;
  • functionality;
  • in size;
  • color;
  • cost.

Form cabinets with a sink can be rectangular, oval, square, irregular (asymmetrical) and corner.In terms of space-saving space is considered the most appropriate warrant a corner cabinet with a sink.

The semicircular pedestal with built-in sink and laundry basket
Cabinet with laundry room sink and built-in laundry basket

Depending on the method of installation are two main groups of furniture with wash basin: Floor and wall (or suspended).simply collect the first group and to put into place, and the second group should be secured to the wall.Floor standing cabinets on legs or on a monolithic framework.

Hanging cabinet with sink and laundry basket

feature set in stone with sink depends on the number of departments, ie the cabinets, drawers and door as provided therein.Today, the furniture manufacturers offer many options.For example, there are cabinets with a sink under the washing machine, a laundry basket, with drawers, etc.In addition, there are options with open shelves, where you can put a shallow basket of laundry or clean folded towels.Cabinets can be equipped with one or two doors.To better take little space cabinets with two doors, because in this case to open the door need less space than one large.It should also be noted that in many pillars sink is mounted on the table top, which in turn is mounted in the cabinet.Worktop provides a convenient working surface and thereby performs an additional function.

Bathroom furniture - cabinet with sink and a pencil case with laundry basket
Cabinet with sink , laundry basket
Corner cabinet with sink and laundry basket


Bathroom furniture should be characterized by a high moisture resistance.This largely depends on the materials from which it is made, the method and the quality of their processing.Cabinets are usually made of particleboard, MDF and chipboard.By themselves, these materials are high quality and durable, but they are without special coating will not be a long time in a high humidity.Therefore, when buying furniture for the bathroom, above all, pay attention to the surface quality of furniture.On special laminating film must present the furniture surface.It provides a protection against water and moisture furniture.Furthermore, the surface is painted furniture.Therefore, note the fact that the paint is lying flat on the surface.Available unpainted or repainted areas of product attributes to marriage.

Tumba of black chipboard bathroom with two laundry baskets
Vanity MDF bathroom with three drawers baskets for sorting dirty laundry

Hands, legs and fasteners must be made of chrome-plated steel.Since the metal parts is much longer than the plastic equivalent.Good looks, if it is combined with a tap, with hooks or rings for towels, as well as with the luminaire.

Cabinet with sink and built-in invoice laundry basket

Popular sizes

Of all cabinets models with a sink and a basket of very popular laundry use tables in widths from 50 cm to 60 cm, height from 70 to 84 cm and a depth of 30 to 40 cm.

White standard size MDF cabinet with sink and laundry basket


design and color cabinets with sink should be in harmony with the overall color scheme and stylistic bathroom.

Using strict rectangular models for areas with numerous smooth lines and rounded shapes will look at least inappropriate.This furniture will immediately stand out from the background.For the interior in a classical style would be appropriate cabinet made of solid wood with carved, gilded, silvered or bronze bathroom fixtures and fittings.

With a choice of case color is not so simple as it might seem at first glance, since the selection of furniture in the color of the walls of the room will look too boring or too provocatively.Color contrasting with the color of the walls of the premises does not guarantee the beautiful design, as not all colors are combined with each other.In the furniture market, very often you can find furniture with washbasin in white.White is a versatile and easy to fit to different interior styles.

Stand MDF material with coloring under a tree with white drawers and built-in laundry basket
Beige cabinet with built-in sink and laundry basket

How to choose?

When buying cabinets with a sink for the bathroom should be guided by the following recommendations to help you buy appropriate furniture and fixtures of good quality:

  1. Make sure that the selected bathroom furniture suitable size.
  2. Note the degree of water resistance of furniture.To do this, make sure that the paint was applied uniformly, there were no smudges and scratches, including on the sink.Remember that it is a special film protects furniture from water and moisture.Made of natural wood and MDF furniture is characterized by greater moisture resistance and a longer service life.However, the tables of the EAF are slightly cheaper.
  3. Check the strength of hardware products.It is better that it is made of chrome-plated steel.Arms, legs, and the loop made of plastic and coated with silver or gold plating, will spend their initial external quality after a short time.
  4. In order to make sure there are no cracks, chips and scratches on the sink, tap on it.Voiced sound evidence of their absence.
  5. Remember that if you buy a cabinet of dark color, you will have to wipe it frequently, as the dark furniture are immediately visible traces of the stains.On pedestals lighter streaks tones are less visible, so in terms of washing tables, they are more practical.
Cabinet with built-in sink with pull-out laundry basket and a box under the bathroom accessories
Tumba dark bathroom with extendable laundry basket
Stand in the bathroom with three plastic baskets for sorting dirty laundry

How to install?

Install finished cabinet with sink on its own is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.Carefully following all the steps and rules, you can easily and successfully be able to carry out installation of cabinets of all sizes and shapes.

  • Selecting a location. New cabinet with sink can be installed on the site of an old sink or in a new location.Determination of the place under the sink cabinet and any kind of exercise is better at the stage of pre-plan bathroom.Otherwise, install cabinets with sink materials require additional costs and effort.Fitting cabinets with sink must match the size of the product, if you have already decided on the furniture.But a much better and wiser to determine first place, measure the width and depth of the proposed location, and only if the long-awaited purchase furniture.
  • Carrying water and sewage systems. If you decide to install a pedestal sink in a new place, all communications - hot and cold water, and sewer.
  • Preparation of furniture, sanitary ware, tools and spare parts. If the cabinet is not assembled, unpack it and reassemble according to the instructions.Then, prepare all the necessary tools, screws and other details.Putting a stand, make sure that each screw and the screw is tightened as much as possible.Since after installing bollards in place to correct the unsafe installation components will be more difficult, and in some cases and does not work.
  • Implementation of layouts. After assembly and the preparatory phase need to make markings on the wall, if there is a need to attach a sink or cabinet to the wall.If you are installing a hanging cabinet, here without the help of other hands can not do.Determine the height of basin and put the crosses, where you will make holes for mounting the product.Verify the accuracy of the markings.To do this, you can make a stand or move up to the sink to the wall and check mark on the wall with the holes in the sink.
  • Mounting cabinets with sink. Set mixer on sink surfaces or tables.Acceded to the water pipes.Experts in the field of plumbing advised to take corrugated tubes made of stainless steel or plastic, but verified by manufacturers.Then screw the siphon and drill holes in the marked locations on the wall.Install the cabinet in a selected location and connect the sewerage and water-supply pipes.
  • system is OK. After installing cabinets with sink and connection of all systems, make sure that the structure is installed securely and no leak, and when the hot water is hot, when the cold is cold.
Installing cabinets with sink and laundry basket
Cabinet with sink and laundry basket