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August 12, 2017 18:06

Vanity sink Bathroom : pendant , corner options , with a mirror , installation , dimensions

Vanity sink Bathroom
  • Features
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Types
    • Cabinets legged
    • Bedside socket
    • Corner cabinets
    • Wash-Moidodyr
    • Hanging pedestals
  • Popular sizes
  • Design
  • Materials
  • Advice on buying
  • Installation
  • Making its own

Of course, none of the bathroom can not be imagined without the shell.The cosiness and comfort in this room will be able to add just the right kind furniture.In view of the fact that in this room, as a rule, there is very little space, the ideal choice for furniture it is a cabinet with a built-in sink it.

Stand with built-in sink for a small bathroom


Cupboard with wash basin called design consisting of a small cabinet with a built-top sink and mixer. drain and water pipes are held inside cabinets.A tap hole is on the sink or on the countertop surface.

The cabinet may be provided a few shelves with doors, drawers and retractable drawers, units with baskets for dirty clothes or towels.Of course, the more boxes, the higher the capacity and functionality of the design.And if the room size allows, the furnitur

e inserted two sinks, which is very convenient for a large family.

Wooden cabinet with two built-in sinks in the bathroom


  1. is a rational solution from the perspective of saving space, since the cabinet takes normally unused space under the sink.
  2. It hides the drain and water pipes.
  3. Inside tables can be placed numerous bathroom accessories: cosmetics, household chemicals, towels, washcloths, dirty laundry, etc.
  4. looks stylish.Wide range of different shapes and design allows you to choose for any bathroom interior design.
  5. countertop by the sink provides additional comfort during the hygiene procedures.
  6. in large cabinet can be set basket of dirty laundry and even a washing machine.
Large outdoor cabinet with built-in sink in bathroom
Large hanging cabinet with two built-in sinks in the bathroom


Deficiencies at tables with built-in sink, in general, no.But they can show up when you select the wrong model for your bathroom.For example, if in a small bathroom to put an overall bedside table with table top.Some people absolutely do not like the outdoor tables with solid legs.In their view, such a sink cabinets inconvenient to use because the legs can not move freely.In addition, sometimes the fix faulty plumbing, installed inside the furniture is not always possible and convenient.

Cupboard with plinth with integrated sink - its shortcomings


Now you can find many kinds of furniture with washbasin.They have different shapes, sizes and installation methods, are made of different materials and parts.

Depending on the method of attachment are two types of cabinets with vanity bowl:

  • floor;
  • suspended.
Floor cabinet for the bathroom with glass sink
Suspended stand in a dark color with a white sink in the bathroom waybill

advantage of the first group of thumbs is that:

  1. them simple and easy to install;
  2. can be moved to different parts of the room as much as necessary;
  3. there are so many models of outdoor cabinets are decorated in different ways;
  4. they are able to withstand the enormous weight, so it is on the floor pedestals, you can see bowls of marble washbasins.

Floor cabinets may have different bases, for example, the model on legs or plinth.The second subspecies is also called the tables on the monolithic frame.

A large black cabinet with two integrated sinks for the bathroom

Cabinets legged

The installation of such a simple model.If the design does not need to be mounted on the wall, it is sufficient to collect and just put in the right place.Such models can be placed in rooms with floor heating system.They do not interfere with the legs move freely, easily and perform janitorial freely.The most reliable are those tables patterns on the legs, material which is chrome-plated metal.

White floor cupboard on metal legs with built-in sink
Floor cabinet for the bathroom sinks with built- on wooden legs

Bedside socket

They are very comfortable in use, and they can just put in the right place.Such tables are reliable if the base is made of robust materials are protected from moisture.Otherwise, the entire structure over time can lose its integrity.

Floor stand with base and with two superimposed shells
Floor cabinet with built-in sink and plinth
Floor stand with base and two built-in sinks

Corner cabinets

Ideal for small spaces.Takes up little space and at the same time perfectly perform their tasks.Looks quite stylish and very carefully.Despite what looks compact, they can be placed in many subjects.Corner model furniture with washbasin and there are floor and wall.These are the tables today are increasingly in demand, as they are installed on most of unused space - space corners.

Corner floor pedestal sink with cover for a small bathroom
Corner cabinet with built-in sink and large mirror


It is a wash basin with a large mirror, with integrated bowl vanity and storage lockers with legs underneath.

Напольная тумба с раковиной и зеркалом для ванной - "умывальник-мойдодыр"

Hanging pedestals

As angular models, suspended cabinets have become increasingly popular among buyers.

Their advantages are obvious:

  1. They can be installed in small bathrooms.At the same time they are able to visually enlarge the space.
  2. They are easy to use.
  3. absolutely do not interfere with cleaning.
  4. case where flooding occurs, they, including objects stored within them, in no way affected.
  5. looks very fashionable and stylish.

The only drawback is the need for a very strong attachment to the wall.These tables need to be sure to install using dowels or anchors.The surface should be a capital plate or brick wall.

Hanging pedestal with black consignment sink in the bathroom
Hanging cabinet with integrated sink and worktop large bathroom
Hanging cabinet with a large built-in sink

Popular sizes

most compact cupboard with wash-bowl is a corner model, with the following parameters: width 34cm * depth 29cm * height 79cm.

The simplest and smallest option among ordinary cabinets cabinet is 40 cm wide, 32.5 cm deep and 80 cm in height. This option is suitable for small spaces.However, the most popular size among the options are compact stone size 50 * 44.8 * 80 cm For more spacious bathrooms can choose tables with more voluminous dimensions:. 90 * 46 * 84 cm, 120 * 45 * 82 cm, and so size may also be different.

The most common option is the cup size from 50 to 80 centimeters.

Hinged cabinet standard size with cover deep sink in the bathroom


Choosing furniture for any room, it is necessary to pay attention to the appearance of the furniture.It must match the design of the room.Make it easy enough to know some of the features of different styles in the interior.For example, for the premises, which is designed in a classical style, great fit: a marble countertop, sink made of porcelain, pedestal made of wood with elegant legs.Gold-plated faucet complement the luxurious interior.

Floor cabinet with built-in sink in the bathroom in a classic style

to the bathroom in the high-tech style is fine large rectangular floor or hanging cabinet white chipboard with white acrylic shell.For the interior, decorated in the style of fusion, we can safely choose bright and saturated colors more pedestals of the same shape.To the warm and cozy rustic country style can be purchased Moidodyr made of red wood with open shelves under the washbasin.Oval mirror with shelves, two lamps with fabric shades and drawers, cupboards mahogany perfectly complement the image Moidodir.

Hinged cabinet with sink in the bathroom in style hi -tech
Bright outdoor cabinet with built-in sinks in the bathroom in the style of fusion
Floor stand on legs with the bathroom sink in a rustic style

For those who want to create a more modern style air advise you to pay your attention to the glass model cabinets.Fittings for furniture with sink better to choose another color, not the same, but in harmony with the color of the furniture.For example, if a safe light, then stick to it better to choose dark colors, if the dark cupboard, then pick up the elements of light shades.Thus, if you decide to buy a cabinet with a sink, we must do it carefully and with love that was not only comfortable in the bathroom, but also be comfortable.Allow yourself to feel free to experiment with different styles of pre-acquainted with their features.

Glass cabinet , washbasin with built-in sink for the bathroom


furniture with wash basin should be functional and beautiful, but if it is made of substandard materials, then all her benefits reduced to zero.Since it depends on the material quality and life of the entire structure.The main requirements for materials cabinets are their ability to experience the sharp drop in temperature and humidity.Materials which possess these qualities are MDF panels, particle board, artificial stone and wood. surface of furniture, made of MDF, usually handled by two methods:

  1. painting. first material on a surface primed, and then painted with paint it in several layers.This makes the furniture is highly protected.
  2. Treatment with a special compound. material, both outside and inside, processed by a special moisture-resistant fluid that prevents the reproduction and distribution process of fungi, mold, etc ..
White hinged cabinet made ​​of MDF with shells

cupboard made of chipboard is cheaperand a variety of mechanical damage to it scary.The surface of the material is covered by a plastic sheet which prevents delamination and swelling material.The reliability of furniture and sinks made of artificial stone can not doubt.It is unique, it is important that the surface of the furniture lacked any damage, including scratches, which can destroy the integrity of the material.If the furniture is made of wood, it must necessarily be covered by a special moisture-resistant agent.At a cost of furniture made of natural wood, it is more expensive than those that are made of MDF or chipboard.

Hinged stand -painted chipboard with wooden top and with built-in sink
Floor stand with metal legs made ​​of particleboard with a built-in sink

Equally important is the quality of the hardware.Over time, the door may begin to creak and become loose.Therefore, the stronger they are installed, the longer they will serve you.

As for the sink, it can be: ceramic, porcelain, earthenware, iron, steel, stone and glass.This material cabinets and sinks should be combined.

Depending on the materials from which the entire structure is made, changing its value.At the moment, it ranges from 1050 to 325600 rubles.

Outdoor wooden cabinet with integrated sink

Advice on buying

By purchasing bathroom furniture and plumbing should be taken seriously.After all, you buy it not for one year, and a lot more.

order not to be disappointed in your purchase, please note the following recommendations:

  1. Carefully consider the location of the furniture and fixtures in the bathroom.Perform accurate measurement of the place where you want to install cabinet.
  2. examine the proposal on the market types, sizes and shapes of shells and pedestals, make your choice.
  3. Cupboard without solid walls on the back side is convenient from the point of view of the water and sewer system.
  4. choose materials resistant to sudden temperature changes and to high levels of humidity.The presence of any cracks, scratches and other damage, as well as sagging and not dyed seats unacceptable.
  5. Prefer fittings made of nickel-plated metal or aluminum.Such accessories will last longer than one that is made of chromed plastic.
  6. Availability closers on the doors and drawers will prevent the occurrence of a loud knock at the time of closing.
  7. The more cabinet shelves, cabinets and compartments, the higher the functionality of the furniture.The presence of mirrors and baskets for dirty clothes also increases the utility cabinets.
  8. Make sure that the selected furniture matches the selected interior design.
  9. It should be painted with high quality and smooth.
  10. If you intend to buy a corner model cabinets with sink, make sure that the angle of the intended placement cabinets is 90 degrees, otherwise the corner cabinet can not be set until you podkorrektiruete corner of the room.
White Hanging pedestal with black consignment sink bathroom
Black floor stand on legs with metal handles on the drawers and a large built-in white sink
Cupboard made ​​of wood with a built-in sink for the bathroom


Mounting cabinets with built-in sink consists of several stages.To successfully complete all of these steps, you need to follow some rules.

choice of location

accommodation usually new sink installed in place of the old.In this case, you do not need to puzzle over how to carry out water and sanitation.If you want to install the cabinet in a new place, you have to solve this problem.In addition, the furniture should be easy to fit, and its lockers freely opened and closed.If you want to buy a model wall cabinets with sink, check the wall strength.

Hanging cabinet with sink located between the shower and the toilet
Compact cabinet with sink for a small bathroom

product calculations and layouts

product calculations and layouts gives you the opportunity to spend the pipe exactly, without prejudice to the very stone.Fittings, ie connecting pipeline should be on the middle shelf.Incorrect measurement may lead to the fact that they will abut against the wall furniture and shelves.This also applies to the sewage system.For the drain pipe that goes from the floor, it is necessary to drill a hole at the bottom of cabinets and shelves.Then the corrugated hose will stretch from the bottom to the top.It is better to advance all accurately measure and carry out all the pipes through the wall.

Purchase of materials and preparation of the necessary tools

During installation, you will definitely need:

  • wrench;
  • FUM tape;
  • screwdrivers of different sizes;
  • screwdriver;
  • mixer;
  • siphon;
  • corrugated plastic hoses.

If you bought furniture unassembled, you must first collect it using a screwdriver.This will help the enclosed instructions for the assembly of furniture.During this procedure, make sure that every detail has been firmly connected to the other.Because after you install it on the sink, tighten the screws harder it will not be possible.

Tools for installing cabinets with sink

Installing cabinets with sink

After passing the previous steps, and successfully preparing all the necessary objects and tools, you can begin the process of installation of furniture with sink:

  • Turn off the water supply.Connect the mixer with hoses and fasten the tap on the sink.The best mixer for varint tables - modern single lever model.
  • Use FUM-tape (PTFE sealing material) for sealing the connecting parts.
  • Install a siphon on the drain hole.
  • Fasten sink to the surface of the stone.
  • Slide the assembled furniture to the installation site.Do not install the cabinet with sink close to the wall, as the lack of ventilation can cause mold.