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August 12, 2017 18:06

Cupboard under the sink washing machine : types, sizes and models

Cupboard under the sink in the bathroom washing machine
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so called structure consisting of small tables with built-inin her sink and a washing machine.This is a very convenient and economical in terms of space construction.It is the optimal solution for the bathroom and the small size of the kitchen.

Cupboard under the sink washing machine with marble top


  1. largely saves space, creating additional jobs in the bathroom or in the kitchen.
  2. Washing Machine, Built-in furniture looks more aesthetically pleasing and tidy, if for no other reason that plumbing taps are hidden behind a cupboard.This decision will create a laconic interior design.
  3. furniture, combining and washbasin, and washing machine, as well as storing a set of bath and kitchen accessories, very easy to use.
  4. placing equipment for washing inside the cabinets, you thereby minimize the number of sharp corners in the room.
  5. furniture washing machine creates an additional sound insulation during operation.
  6. If the room is installed und
    erfloor heating system, then stand on the legs to avoid unnecessary heating of furniture and appliances.
Wooden cabinet with a sink and a door which closes the washing machine
Hinged cabinet under the sink washing machine


There are a lot of options with built-in cabinets under the sink washing machine.They can be suspended, floor and on the legs.Furthermore, they differ in their dimensions, materials used in their manufacture, the purpose, the appearance, and finally price.Cabinets, as the washing machine can be placed either in the kitchen or bathroom.In the bathroom, as a rule, place a simple standard size cabinet with a sink and a special opening for the washing machine.In the kitchen prefer to put more complex options of furniture.Washer and tables, which are applied on top of the countertop, will create additional work space for food preparation processes.

White large cabinet with a sink with an aperture for the washing machine
Simple cabinet with sink opening with a washing machine

In addition, there are options for these types of cabinets that have a door that hides the washing machine when it is not needed.This will create a single style of the room.If the room is more spacious, you can safely choose a washing machine cabinet with extra drawers, laundry basket, shelves, etc.In them you will be able to hide the huge number of items of household chemicals, cosmetics, towels, dirty laundry and other necessary accessories.

Cabinet with sink and a door for a washing machine

Popular sizes

most compact cabinet for a washing machine in width up to 1100 mm in height 878 mm, and 616 mm in depth. consists of such a pedestal sink, a small drawer for storage space under the sink and opening for the washing machine.Sink with compartment are on the legs, and the washing machine is installed directly on the floor.This furniture thanks to its compact design and affordable price is a very popular furniture for the bathroom.

Compact cabinet with sink for washing machine

for bigger rooms, you can choose cabinets 1300 mm wide, 600 mm deep and 900 mm high. This cabinet with sink would be more convenient to use due to a large work surface and two drawers and one large drawer where you can store more things.The kitchens are usually tables of kitchen units and washing machine covered with a single tabletop.In this case, they will appear as one large cabinet with lots of drawers and cabinets to store items.The size of this table top can be different and depends on the size of the kitchen.

Cupboard under the sink washing machine
Large cabinet with sink for washing machine and dryer


Today it is impossible to imagine our life without a washing machine.By becoming a mandatory attribute of nearly every home, it is usually placed either in the bathroom or in the kitchen, thereby disturbs the harmony of the design solution space.That is why it becomes necessary to find a bedside table, which will hide the equipment for washing and other items that do not allow to issue the room perfectly.Furniture for the washing machine and you can buy and enjoy at your leisure.The second will take slightly longer than the first, but in this case, the likelihood that you will get exactly what they wanted more.At the same time it should be noted that today in furniture stores represented a wide range of cabinets that among them you will find something suitable.

Simple small cabinet under the sink washing machine

If you want to spend the least money, and are looking for a simple option is only to save space and for somewhere to hide the kitchen or bathroom accessories, can immediately turn their attention to the small and inexpensive cabinetswashbasin with a washing machine.Typically they are colored bright shades and they lack any decorating elements.These tables look though imperceptibly, they will perfectly cope with the task.

Cabinet with rounded edges and a sink for washing machine
Stand with worktop made ​​of artificial stone from the sink top for the washing machine

More expensive models of cabinets are different in that they are made of a more noble and durable materials.They may have different sizes and designs.

Choose cabinet under the already finished interior is simple enough to take into account the main characteristics of the external design of the room.If it already has furniture with rounded corners and elegant shapes in bright colors, the dark side table with sharp angles will be completely out of place.Or for the bathroom, decorated in a classic style, where there are expensive gold and silver elements, luxurious wooden furniture with carved on it, and so, absolutely not fit a modest stand in high-tech style.It is appropriate to buy or order under the washing machine cabinet with a sink made of artificial stone and always with a door for a washing machine.

To facilitate the purchase of furniture for interior tasks refer to colors and materials of the furniture, which is already present in the room.

Beautiful cabinet with sink for washing machine

Tips for Choosing

When buying furniture for the washing machine with a sink is not necessary to hurry up, because the right choice will depend on many factors.

Therefore, we recommend to stick some rules:

  1. Deciding to buy a cabinet, first decide on a location cabinets.This place can be located in the kitchen and the bathroom.
  2. As with buying any other furniture, should clarify the size of the amount that you're willing to spend on a pedestal.
  3. If you have already bought a washing machine, you should measure the height, width and depth and take them into account when choosing a stand.Since the machine should be, firstly, to fit in the allotted cabinet in place for it, and secondly, to leave a little space around to while working machinery vibration is not transmitted to the furniture.
  4. addition, still need to think about how to be discharged plumbing pipes from sinks and washing machines.
  5. Do not forget about the compatibility of purchased furniture with design style of the room.
  6. Pay attention to the materials from which the product and its accessories are made.For the legs, handles and sang a good option is a chrome-plated metal.Plastic chrome or gold plated fittings within one month may lose its original appearance.Tables, coated with paint, must be perfectly smooth.
  7. It is important that the materials from which the cabinet is made, has been water-resistant.Only in this case it can serve you for a long time and qualitatively.
Cupboard under the sink washing machine and tips on choosing


Currently finished cabinet with sink for washing machine, you can buy a value of 13 000 rubles.It can be purchased as from local producers and from foreign.Domestic manufacturers offer enough quality models of furniture to the washing machine.Cost of bollards, usually starts from 20 000 rubles.Drawers under the sink washing machine for your size (custom) will cost an average of 45 000 rubles.

Белая тумба с раковиной под стиральную машину от компании "Водолей"
Тумба с раковиной под стиральную машину "Верес"


Today, in any furniture showroom or hardware store for free or for a small fee offer assembly and installation of the purchased goods.If you order the production of furniture in the furniture company, is, as a rule, they will carry out the installation for free.

If you do decide on their own to establish a stand under the washing machine with a sink, we recommend to stick to the following rules:

  1. When installing equipment inside the furniture between them should stay at least a couple of centimeters, or vibrating washing machine may damage the integrity of the stoneand interfere with your rest.
  2. placing furniture with closing the door, do not forget to provide easy access to it.No matter how much the door is important that they are freely opened and closed.
  3. Carefully consider the way in which to carry out the technique of electricity and water, as well as a drain pipe.
Cupboard under the sink washing machine and its self-installation

Any furniture you can make on their own, provided that you have the desire, time, and most importantly the experience of a carpenter.Especially today, you can buy any tools and materials in sawn form.But before you start to make a stand with their hands, make cost estimates.This will allow you to be seen whether cheaper to buy or create a stand with their hands.


worth to remember that the furniture to the washing machine will always have to work in conditions of high humidity.Furthermore, it will be exposed to water.Therefore, a requirement for such furniture becomes moisture materials from which it is made.These are made of MDF furniture, treated wood, glass, metal and plastic.MDF plates surface coated with a special waterproof film, but in spite of this water can penetrate into the ends of the mounting portions and, because of which the furniture may soon deteriorate.

Coloured hanging cupboard under the sink washing machine from MDF
Stand made ​​of MDF with a sink under the washing machine

Cupboard made of metal and glass, will be longer than any other options.When this glass may be either matt or specular.Or you can choose a model with transparent glasses.The only disadvantage of such furniture - the high price.On the contrary, plastic furniture are quite cheap.In addition, they are very bright and have a high moisture resistance.The only drawback is that plastic - it is not the most sturdy and reliable material.Furniture made of wood.impregnated with a moisture means it looks very nice and elegant, but it is usually the cost of such furniture is high and moreover, it can also gradually lose their quality as MDF.

Plastic black and white pedestal sink with a washing machine