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August 12, 2017 18:06

Washing machine in the bathroom under the sink : for built-in models , with sink , with his own hands

Washing machine in the bathroom under the sink
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  • mounting Features
  • worktop made of plasterboard with their hands

Washing machines have become commonplace in our homes for a long time, but the problemtheir placement and remains valid to this day.Owners of private houses or apartments free planning can equip in their home laundry and comfortably accommodate all the accessories are there for washing, ironing and drying.Those who dwell in the standard urban apartments, have to go to a variety of tricks in search of a place for a washing machine.

Most often these places are a bathroom or kitchen.And the kitchen area - this is not the most suitable place for the washing machine, since all the pleasure of a meal with the family will be disturbed by noise, rumble and vibrations issued by the device.Bathroom for installation "stiralki" fits most, as in this room we do not have much time, and the sound of a running washing machine will not prevent us.

However, most bathroom can not boast of a large area, and

to find the extra square meter under the washing machine is not easy.That is why designers and engineers are constantly searching for new solutions.Today, the washing machine can be installed under the sink or integrate into the cabinet.One of the most interesting solutions - install the unit under the tabletop.

Washing machine under the sink in the bathroom


  • to the place of installation of the washing machine should be summed up all the necessary communications, namely electricity (spill resistant socket is a prerequisite), water pipes and sewage release.
  • height of countertops should be a few centimeters longer than the height of the washing machine.This condition must be observed for the installation of facilities for the repair and the normal operation of the unit.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the choice of material of construction of the countertop.The ideal solution - it is a natural or artificial stone.The material should be resistant to moisture, temperature changes and mechanical stress.
  • Not every washing machine is suitable for installation under the tabletop.The device must be narrow enough, otherwise it will act because of countertop that looks not very aesthetically pleasing.Moreover, for the installation method is only suitable for washing machines with front loading.
Requirements for the countertop in the bathroom
Requirements for the countertop above the washing machine in the bathroom


  • countertop makes it possible to use use the space on the washing machine.It can take a make-up, shampoo and towels.If storage space for toiletries already provided on the table you can put a vase of flowers, original lamp, candles and any other decorative elements.
  • countertop is used for the washing machine a reliable protection against mechanical damage and other effects.Heavy objects, set to "stiralku" can damage the unit, but the tabletop safely withstand the load.In addition, the table top will protect the device from spilled water or detergent.
  • Finally, a long countertop can make an entire room in the same style.Beautiful countertops serve a unifying element for all elements of the bathroom interior, including bathroom fixtures, appliances and furniture.
Advantages countertop above the washing machine in the bathroom


  • countertops and the washing machine should be selected taking into account the peculiarities of each other.It is necessary to consider not only the size but also the technical features (eg, type of loading) washing machine.Therefore, look at the models of washing machines, designed to be embedded.In addition, furniture and appliances should be combined in style and color scheme.
  • If you buy worktop made of natural or artificial stone - it will cost you quite expensive.And other options, though, and will cost much cheaper, do not look so impressive.However, you can build a beautiful and durable countertop with his hands.For information on how to do this, read below.


Depending on the method of installation, you can select the following types of countertops for the bathroom:

  • suspended - fixed to the wall with brackets;
  • floor - mounted to the floor using the adjustable feet.
Suspended countertops for the bathroom
Floor countertops in the bathroom

also for bathroom countertops vary in type design:

  • cast models are countertop connected to sink into a coherent whole. Made usually of marbles natural or synthetic origin.Solid countertops are not only very beautiful but also easy to operate.The disadvantage of such models are considered to be large size and high price.
  • Equipped with built-in sink countertops are a very practical and functional. The main advantage of such models - a modular, so in addition to sinks worktop can be fitted with drawers for storage hygiene.
  • Equipped overhead washbasin countertops look really impressive. sink, set on the table, looks like an old vase for washing or flower petal.In this case, usually bought sinks made of stone or glass.
Co-molded countertop with sink
Countertop with integrated sink bathroom
Countertops with overlaid washbasin in the bathroom

mounting Features

There are several rules that can not be ignored during the installation of the washing machine under the countertop in the bathroom.

  • It is important to make measurements.It is better to measure several times the washing machine and the table top, so that the installation process did not have to redo everything in a matter of urgency.
  • installing the washing machine, use the building level.Adjustable legs will help to give "stiralka" optimal position.Avoid strong vibrations and as a result, possible damage to countertops, help special rubber pads on the legs of the washing machine.
  • Pay special attention to connecting the unit to the water pipes and sewage release.If the machine is installed under the sink, you will need a special siphon.
Features installation of countertops for the bathroom

worktop made of plasterboard with their hands

  • As in most cases, work begins to conduct measurements.Armed with pencil and meter building, determine the size of future countertops.
  • On the basis of measurements collect frame countertops.It is best suited for this purpose a special metal profile for drywall.
  • then plasterboard cut into component parts for future designs.In the top of the table tops have to cut a hole under the sink.Another form of the same should be cut out of plywood.
  • mount bracket to two wall that will hold the structure.
  • At first fix bracket form plywood, then - a plaster with a cutout for the sink.Bottom mounted integral form of plasterboard.
  • Now strips of drywall you need to make an end of the countertop.To obtain a smooth curved face, the entire length of drywall make cuts every 10 mm.
  • assembled structure should be primed and filled.To counter top were not afraid of water and steam, treat it with sealing compound.
  • One of the best finishes this countertop is ceramic mosaic.mosaic elements are mounted on a special adhesive, and the joints between them are filled with waterproof grout.
Table top made ​​of plasterboard with their hands in the bathroom
How to make a countertop out of the drywall in the bathroom
Homemade worktop made ​​of plasterboard in bathroom